Three Arrested During Search for Homicide Suspect Zach Harrison

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies remained in the Rancho Sequoia area throughout the night, continuing the investigation into the whereabouts of Alderpoint homicide suspect Zachary Harrison.

During this investigation, deputies arrested three known associates of Harrison.

Marshall Larry Kent, 34, of Redway, was arrested on a felony warrant for violation of probation.Marshall Kent
Haylee Lane Williamson, 24, of Zenia, was arrested on a felony warrant out of Trinity County for failure to appear in court.Haylee Lane Williamson,

Camille Mischell Steele, 34, of Sausilito, was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant for driving on a suspended or revoked license.Camille Mischell Steele

Anyone with information regarding Harrison’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • Taurus Ballzhof

    Time for a bigger jail for this guy’s large crowd of druggie bros…

    • Agreed! These are not ‘mental health’ victims. They are choosing to be criminals with no respect for anything except their criminal friends. With more and more people like this in our society, it is definitely time to enlarge our jails and prisons to keep them off the streets. They have made their own choices!!

      • You do realize that mental health has everything to do with why these people are supposedly choosing to do what they do right? Nobody is responsible for the brain they have or how it is wired. I think you are operating under the allusion of free will. Not saying that we as a society must not protect ourselves from dangerous folks, but nobody is responsible for their own brain chemistry. Those born with brains wired for better success living in a civilized society are simply more fortunate than those who are not. The tricky part is drawing the line of when a person can no longer reasonably be rehabilitated and what to do with those people at that point.

        • well said.

        • Spoken like a true leftist materialist. “We are not responsible for our brains.’ Unbelievable claptrap. Yes, Virginia, there is a Bernie Claus, too.

          • Well, I guess that gives you an out, too.

          • Johnny, while I appreciate you attempt to divert this into a political food fight, I have to tell you that you are totally wrong with your label. This view I stated has everything to do with reading I have done on the subject and nothing at all to do with politics. Just because we are not responsible for our brains doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with the consequences of our actions. I just don’t subscribe to this antiquated thinking that people are good and evil when most of what makes us who we are we had no control in choosing. Certain individuals are certainly not a good fit for our civil society, but we are much less the authors of our own fate, but rather conscious observers of our own experience.

        • Under your reasoning, we should spend money & resources arresting them multiple times, and on attempting to rehab every criminals found guilty of stealing a pack of gum to 1st degree murder. (because they are not responsible for their brain ???). Defense attorneys would love to use that excuse for every case. “Your honor, my client didn’t know his wife would die from the gun shot wound and the beating he gave her. He’s not responsible for his brain!!” You need to crawl out of the bubble you live in and realize that there are people out there who are plain and simple criminals. They have no desire to get (or want) help, change their ways and will be criminals the rest of their lives; and we should not have to continue to be violated by them over and over.

          • Taurus Ballzhof

            Uh, not. Brain is “wired” alright…

          • It costs an average of 47,000 per year to keep someone in prison in CA, so it’s not like that’s any cheaper. You’re going to be paying more in the long run to incarcerate these people for extended amounts of time. Rehab addresses the root of the problem while extended prison sentences do not and clog the jails and prisons. Our crime rate is under the international norm yet we imprison more of our populace than any other country. Think on that and at least try and have a rounded point of view. Do I like these people running around? No. And my first inclination is to say lock them up. But when you step back and look at things logically instead of emotionally, you can realize that that is not the best answer.

            • Furthermore your making up this inadvertent straw man by stating he was proposing rehab for “every criminals found guilty of stealing a pack of gum to 1st degree murder.” Freedom Club is referring to addiction which is widely accepted by those who study this and the medical community to be a problem with the brain and should be treated as such.

              • There is ‘real mental illness’ that would benefit by rehab. As my last sentence says, there are just people who don’t give a s_ _ _; and they are going to be that way the rest of their lives no matter what. They think robbing and stealing from good people, schools and businesses is a way to make a living. That is NOT mental illness!! $47000 a year is a bargain to get them off the streets.

        • You are responsible for your brain chemistry if you are the one altering it with narcotics. And “mental illness” due to prolonged drug abuse is a sham and a insult to people that actually have a REAL mental illness. Being born with the wiring that makes you a schizophrenic is different than doing drugs til you hear voices.

          • You can’t pick and choose when someone is mentally ill. They are or they are not regardless of the cause

            • That’s just it, they aren’t mentally ill thay are having side effects from drugs, like picking at sores or not sleeping for ten days or stealing from your child’s elementary not arguing the right course of action rehab or jail but if you are labeling these people as mentally ill it makes it obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about.

              • You think a person who does all of the things you listed above is considered mentally stable and healthy?

                • no Methhead is. My very simple point is that it is a side effect from the poison they are ingesting. For almost all of them if they Quit doing meth the side effects go away with time. Sometimes it takes allot of time, which is hard so they don’t do it. Not a mental illness, it’s a cause and effect scenario.

                • I see the point you are trying to make and I actually understand why many people think the way you do. There is an extreme attachment to the “self” in this world and a lot of people cling to that and often take too much credit and dish out too much blame for things they attribute to “free will”. There is a lot of new research coming out on how this way of thinking is actually quite antiquated. Trust me I understand why some fine upstanding law abiding citizen would love to take credit for all of their good qualities. Upon close examination and study of neuroscience though we can learn that we can take little to no credit for our brains and the way they work. Why does this man have a brain that would allow him to do something as awful as meth, while people like you and I do not? I did not create nor program my brain so it would be hard for me to take credit. A lot of you will likely not understand where I am coming from, but the more we study this I see us moving towards rehabilitation, prevention, and understanding and away from the punishment and blame model. What if we one day discovered some chemical or lack there of in the brain that is strongly correlated to most all criminal behavior? Lets now say that we came up with a pill that you could take that would correct this. Should we fix all the people with these deficiencies or just let people live out the lives they are born into so that we can throw around labels like good and evil and the fortunate people can feel good about themselves and take credit for their genetic good fortune?

              • Addiction is a mental illness

                • As a person who has taken multiple classes focusing on addiction studies I can say with absolute confidence that addiction is a mental illness and I have a multitude of information to back that statement. As a medical professional who deals with people with addictions I can say it is a mental illness. As to your point regarding symptoms being reversable, sometimes they are, but for long term users the affects of the drugs are most often permanent.

                • Mike, I recommend reading current scientific articles regarding addiction and neuroscience, I think you would find it interesting. I actually still have one of my textbooks regarding addiction studies if you would like it. It’s not super confusing and lays a good foundation on the topic.

                • Addiction is a mental illness? The obesity rate in America is over 30 percent, combine that with addictions to electronics, sex, drugs, alcohol, adrenaline, money, power, control, etc, all of sudden the vast majority of humans on this planet have a addiction problem. No wait, a mental illness. you should just call it the human condition instead. Or does the addiction being a mental illness you are talking about only matter in the filed that you are in? And who reads books anymore? Is it older than me?

                • “And who reads books anymore”. I think that statement explains a lot. You know who reads books? People who want to be educated and informed on the things they speak of. I will say you do make a good point about all of the addictions rampant throughout society. Perhaps the human condition is not as good a thing as most of the species would have you believe. Our large brains could be considered both an evolutionary blessing and a curse. The biggest problem I see is how many people are addicted the the concept of the self. One day we will learn how little power and control we had in shaping who or what we are. A lot of biology is a total crapshoot. Even the things that evolve into massive advantages just started out as random mutations. I think it takes a pretty humble mind to accept how little control we have and how insignificant we are all as individuals. Some of the most biologically defining traits we possess can surely be traced back to something analogous to a lottery. If you happen have a relatively healthy hardware system underneath your skull just be thankful the cards fell in your favor and try and enjoy life.

        • Try reading more criminal psychology. The vast amount of criminals do what they do because THEY LIKE IT. Many people have poorly wired brains and/or have had terribly abusive childhoods, but only a small percentage try to make everyone else pay for it.

          • That is my point exactly. Why do they happen to like things that are frowned upon by society? They certainly didn’t choose to have their brains release pleasure chemicals when committing such acts. I am not saying they should have no responsibility, rather that they didn’t choose to be this way. I think dangerous people need to be dealt with, but I am not going to hold it against them as if they chose to be born this way. If I agree to read more criminal psychology will you read up on modern neuroscience? We aren’t nearly as responsible for what goes on in our brains as people would have you believe. The fact that some people are born with psychopathic tendencies and I am not says nothing about me as a person other than I was fortunate in the genetic lottery that is life.

            • Freedom Club, i am enjoying your thoughts on this matter of what makes an addict/career criminal/ne’er-do-well, and appreciate the humility and downright practical common-sense nature of your repeated statements that we can’t personally take credit for our individual characters and “selves.”
              However, i think you are missing the effects of society and nurture. Why do people get a big rush of pleasure upon doing something generally seen as wrong? Often it’s because it’s a familiar, comfortable scenario. If you grow up in a family or loose community where chaos and misery reign, you are going to choose actions that cause chaos and misery,
              Also (and sorry to be uncharacteristically brief here; i don’t have time for a long essay but wanted to mention this), if it’s true that people are not to “blame” in a moral or personal sense for their transgressions–that they do what they do not because “the devil made them do it” but because something yet barely understood in their mental or systemic wiring causes them to act (as we see it) aberrantly, what about going back, at least some distance, to the old-school belief that people, like dogs, do what rewards them and avoids what hurts them (unless that seeming hurt is familiar, i.e., actually comfy and rewarding, of course). So more harshly punish the wrongdoing, and more clearly reward the desired behavior; put positive role models in front of young people; basically, return to the idea of programming our young to be the kinds of people we want them to be. Assume they are not all angels, but that with very clear expectations and consequences, they will be encouraged to behave like them. Instead your modern medical approach to anti-social behavior suggests that the wrongdoers are just different, not “wrong,” they need treatment, not punishment… i think that misses putting up the huge bright red flags in front of bad behavior that would teach them from a young age that it really just plain isn’t acceptable to do certain things, no matter how you’re wired. You resist the urge to do wrong, because it’s out of the question to act otherwise.
              I have no real appreciation of organized religion except for my growing realization that with a belief system that ties authority to an almighty divinity and eternal reward or punishment, some of the less thoughtful or self-restrained people manage to control their negative impulses. In the moral grey tones that some people (as you suggest, yourself… or i) navigate without anti-social or destructive behavior, many people are adrift. They need a very clear teaching. I think the loss of religion’s power, especially for less educated or less naturally reflective people, without a satisfactory replacement belief system, is a cause of much malfunction and crime. Speaking of replacement value systems:
              Don’t get me started about the role models that videos, virtual gaming, movies, etc., program our young with. If we were aliens visiting this planet, observing how we entertain and babysit our young, then wonder why no moral compass… >extra-terrestrial face-palm<

  • Good riddance to bad rubbish!! But I’m sure they are already released, AGAIN!!! OR or Bail or???!!!

  • Zach beat his girlfriend on the head with a metal bottle. He beat someone almost to death, working an hourly job, in Garberville. That person still suffers from those injuries, all for what, just doing his job? oh wait let’s also not forget, hes also the only loser who ever stabbed someone outside of the Mateel.

    So to those who want to justify Zachs murder… are enablers who helped your friend to this path with your hard drug use, so good job friends! There ‘re empty seats next to Zachs, waiting for you all in hell!

    So go ahead Netflix, glorify a woman beating, murderering, loser! Y’all must be hard up for an actual good story

    • Your facts are totally off… he didn’t stab someone outside the mateal, he pulled a knife on someone inside then steal but never stabbed him. The knife was taken by security. The person beaten inside their job was also not Zach, and that was in redway the movie rental place is probably what you are talking about. And him and his girlfriend got in some pretty knock down drag out fights…she hit him in the knee with a golf club and he was fucked up for months and need physical therapy and all kinds of shit to recover. They were both in the tango and maybe he deserved to but he wasn’t the only one dishing out abuse, also never heard of a metal bottle but OK… and not sure Netflix is trying to glorify anyone. Also My religion doesn’t believe in hell, but we get another chance till we get it right. You are so crazy!!

      • 😂…”It wasn’t outside the Mateel, it was inside!”………..
        …”It was Someone beat in Redway, not Garberville!!…….
        ….”He hit her but she hit him!”…………………………………..
        …..”My religion doesn’t believe in Hell but it supports aiding & abetting a callous murderer, cause we deserve multiple chances till we get it right!”

        Just listen to yourself, Gives A Shit, I’m afraid the above religious nut has more marbles, up top than your arrogant delusional rationalizations.
        2 out of 3 of those stories listed, are on written record from the nights they occured, so all you really did was list off more violent incidents involving your dear good buddy.

        Wake up & smell the coffee, you are an enabler like they said. You take Zach at his word, while he uses you, manipulates you and risks everyone’s livelihoods on that mountain. Seems pretty selfish, & stupid, especially if it was only self-defense. He could of done 5 like a man & been done with this.

        You are all bringing the heat, over a lying, manipulating, man child. Shame on all of you, maybe there is a special spot saved somewhere for you all, after all?

        • I’m not “taking him at his word” and even reading what I wrote you we still getting it wrong… I said that he “didn’t stab anyone at the mateal” but pulled a knife out during an altercation and it was confiscated. Also said that someone was beaten in redway if that’s what you are talking about and that wasn’t him, someone else was charged, no one even ever accused Zach so no idea where you facts are from. And saying anyone who cares st all has a place next to him in hell is also [edit]. You are just spewing hateful non-facts, shame on you! You who knows nothing but half truths and rumor. And you are saying even if it was self defense because he’s running around with tweekers in rancho he still deserves to go to hell and everyone who cares about him too. Shame on you! You just be crazy!

      • Sounds like u know this punk so well maybe the police should investigate you next!!!

        • I have spoken with the cops as far as ME contacting THEM about the best way to bring him in, turn him in/ or help him turn himself in if he finally chooses to if it was ever within my ability. But just because you are close to the person in some way, and know about family history and Zach’s troubles doesn’t mean I’ve ever done anything to warrant investigation… you be crazy!

    • Don’t forget about the killing of Bobby Tennison

  • It’s going to be real fun times for this Zach guy with the other lifers in prison he is really up sh!t creek It dose not matter who likes our dislikes him now .


    Damn! So are property values going to to up or down there?
    Two perspectives.

    Cool,they’re clearing out the tweeks!
    Whoa,there’s hella junkie convicts there!

    Probably already out on probation and getting high in their trailers. No change.

  • They should do this every day, seriously a fuckin zoo down here.

  • Life is good OG

    Ive never been up in that area and I have lived in Humboldt for 40 years. I hope to gawd there are more decent folks up there than the ones we hear about on here. Must be scary as heck living up there.

    • There is still lots of good people here we just don’t make the news, these assholes do. I have lived here my whole life and I’m not scared to go anywhere, but I’m always prepared and I don’t hang around scumbags.

  • such a small community
    seems like everyone there has warrants
    sometimes i guess , its good to clean up and clear out a place searching for someone

  • There are more decent folks. I love rancho its a great place to live.

    • If it is such a wonderful place with “decent people”, why is it referred to as murder Mountain?

      • It is referred to as “Murder Mountain” because law enforcement killed someone out there without provocation, about 40 years ago. Locals gave it that name to mark the killing by law enforcement on an unarmed person. Now it’s been twisted into sensationalist and negative imagery by yellow journalists, and accepted by folks who don’t know their local history or maybe just want to make trollish comments without caring about the origin of the term.

  • There are a lot of good people in our community. There are small pockets of tweakers, and yes it has gotten worse the last couple of years, that need to be taken out We are getting tired of being robbed!! This Marshal guy is a no good THIEF!!! I am so glad they got him, now if they will just keep him for awhile that would be good. Chad is another bad egg, been ripping people off for years and basically getting away with it. He is headed to Trinity County Jail. Hopefully we dont see him for a long time!! Cleaning up the trash!!! Thanks Zach, its because of you that all this trash is being cleaned up!! Now its time for you to turn yourself in, Wait!! Maybe you should keep running for a few more days, there are still a lot of thieving tweakers that need to go!!

    • ^ this!!! Yes! Lots of good people live here. Glad to see the trash finally being taken out and our beautiful area cleaned up! Still more for them to get hopefully they do then this area can finally be peaceful again.

  • he has 3 facebook accounts under “Kent Marshall” that are wide open to scan thru his friends list. he’s friends with the recent McKinleyville Murray road storage thief Gingrich and other loser thieves we see mug shots of.

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