Law Enforcement Continues to Comb the Alderpoint Area Searching for Murder Suspect Zach Harrison

Trinity County Sheriff's and other law enforcement in Alderpoint.

Trinity County Sheriff’s and other law enforcement in Alderpoint. [Photo provided by a reader]

Several law enforcement agencies are combing through the roads around and in the town of Alderpoint area today making what Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, Samantha Karges called “multiple traffic stops.”

She said, “We’re just really saturating the area and trying to put pressure on people to give up information on Zach Harrison.”

In addition, she said, her department was assisting another agency with work they were doing.

“We ran warrants and generally made our presence known,” Karges said.

Harrison is a suspect in the shooting death of 58-year-old Robert James Holtsclaw. He allegedly killed the man on 6th Street in Alderpoint last September.

Zachary Cordell Harrison, zack harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Just recently, he fled law enforcement from a residence on 6th Street and swam the Eel River in very cold temperatures while deputies tried to capture him. Today, law enforcement was on the same street again. As yet though, he hasn’t been caught.

The Sheriff’s Department urged residents earlier, “If Harrison is seen please call 911 immediately. He is to be considered armed and dangerous.”

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  • Wow I’m sure alderpoint loves this. Make a fool of LE. They will make a fool of you. Just in time for start up season too!

  • It’s GREAT to see that local law enforcement is making an effort to catch this criminal. With that said, the local AP code of silence still holds strong in that community and has for years. Why don’t they search his last residence, get clothing items and use a canine unit to search his A** and catch him..? He clearly was flying high as a kite when he jumped in the raging Eel river and was able to evade law enforcement then.. The dog will chew him up and show other town vargarants that HPD is really serious about capturing this MURDERER!!

    • Covelo or busted

      The code of silence in AP is a fantasy…
      Pure and simple bullshit….

      • There used to be a code, but now there is no honor among outlaws. There is a rat on every corner to offer info to get away with their shit. Scum has taken over. It used to be a nice place to live, take you kids to skate at the legion hall, hunt easter eggs, remember little league?? You cant let you kids go anywhere in Alderpoint for all the redneck nascar racers on the streets. It started to go down hill when the Bumsteer was about 3 years old. People used to watch out for the kids, NOT anymore. Really sad to see what has happened to this lil town. Its a shame. What is also a shame is the tribal elders cant try to curb the memory of great people that has moved on to the spirit world and get the rez under some kind of control. A disgrace to them. Anyone who knows, knows this to be true. The powders have totally gotten out of hand. Drop the drugs and try anti-freeze in your juggler. Do us all a favor. Law enforcement is going to get stronger! Word that.

        • I don’t think it’s fair that you assume that Alderpoint is full of scum and Narcs… That’s completely false.. Do you live here? I’m going to guess No. There is a handfull of worthless junkies around here but not all of us are. And to be called a rat is hilarious. There’s a murderer on the loose.. I for one will give any information about anyone to anyone if it means that he will be caught.. So next time maybe think twice about commenting on here about thibgs you do not know. Much appreciated.👍

      • Agreed ! Since Kym won’t post my comments …let me try again… [Edit: No, to promote intelligent discussion, no slurs about other areas are allowed. You can post genuine complaints but not sneers.]

        • As a reminder:

          All civilized organizations or groups have guidelines to encourage productive interactions and discourage unproductive ones. I do post my comment guidelines regularly. Here they are again.
          They are designed to promote civil discussion.

          1. Civility is valued by the moderator.
          2. Insulting other commenters will get you deleted. Do it too often and you will get banned.
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          8. Don’t threaten or encourage violence.

  • Kym is trying to make this guy a star.

    • You are right! How did you figure that out? I should stop reporting on him and the Sheriff’s Department should be ashamed, too. Damn them and their evil ways for chasing after a murder suspect and damn me for publishing his photo so when someone sees him in Miranda he is recognized.

  • Wasn’t he naked? Do you think he got some clothes and shoes?
    Flying high until he dies, somewhere in the river, I would guess.
    Tragic all the way around.

    • He went back for his clothes the low lives on the rez that were hiding him made sure he got them back. Start arresting some of them for their warrants and they will start talking guaranteed.

  • It would be so great if he`s never caught, never seen again and becomes a legend. The legend of ol’Zach. Seen as a silhouette once in a while, perhaps. Anytime someone ventures outside, they can`t be sure that ol’ Zach, toothless, bald, bloodshot eyes big as saucers, isn`t drawing down on them with his rusty old .30-30. The legend of ol’ Zach at Alderpoint. He`ll become almost like Sasquatch.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      More like Baba Yaga

    • That would be great if he was Robin Hood. He murdered a man.


        Maybe if they posted a different mug shot of the dude, he looks like Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard, every red neck would be ropin’ up some nostalgia for him; find a different mugshot already or this will go into season 2!!!

  • Keep it up, I love seeing law enforcement in Alderpoint. The lawlessness is over the top here.

  • He is probably digging an elaborate tunnel system in both directions towards the border this way he can go traveling when ever he wants this way he can go to Mexico or Canada when ever he wants.

  • Anyone connect this guy who is on the run in zenia/ AP area without food or gasoline and the guy who broke into Zenia school to get those things? Maybe not him that did it, but maybe a friend taking things to him ?

  • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

    Just start busting illegal grows someone will turn him in lickity split

  • That won’t do any good I am from zenia used to. Go roller skating in alerpoint my aunts and uncles live there and I hav known that boy as a child and what did the man do to get. Shot obviously something

    • We don’t know what happened but blaming an unarmed man for getting shot seems like a large leap. Anything is possible but as a general rule, I’d avoid victim blaming until you had some solid evidence.

      • Saying he was unarmed is just a rumor, Robert was known to always carry a gun on him and known for pulling his gun on people and threatening them. Just saying…also the fact that it took the sheriff plenty time to show up and investigate crime scene, even if Roberts gun wasn’t recovered at the scene, anyone could have walked off with it before the cops showed up. Did the police ever report he was unarmed?

        • You are right. I was told that he was unarmed and there never has been any official information saying that he was armed. However, the unarmed part was not official and should be classified as a rumor and I shouldn’t have said that.

        • Yes. It was officially said. My dad was unarmed.
          And let’s get something straight, my dad was no angel. But my dad was no coward either. The fact of the matter is, he was in his truck when this all happened, UNARMED.
          And still, 6 months later, the only other person that was there is nowhere to be found.
          So your little town can keep speculating on the crime. No one will ever really know what exactly happened that afternoon.

          • I didn’t find that information in any of the press releases.

            • Well that’s because you are not family, you did not speak to the police personally therefor you do not know the facts! So everyone on here is just assuming! Keep your ridiculous statements to your self being that no one knows facts except the family!

              • Actually, I did speak to the Sheriff’s Department personally. And, I thought I was told the victim was unarmed but I can’t find it in any of the articles that I wrote.

                • You being the person in charge of this newsletter you should know better then to make certain statements! This whole newsletter is a joke! It is nothing but a bunch of cyber bullying and now your starting to join in on it! I’m sure you did speak to them and I’m also positive they are not telling you everything they are releasing to the family! Like my sister said earlier NOBODY knows what happened BUT that PUNK still needs to pay for what he has done! I’d appreciate if you keep your assumptions to yourself along with everyone else on here posting some negative bullshit!

                • This is a news website not a newsletter.

                  The situation began with a possible error I made in stating that your relative was unarmed. I retracted it as soon as I realized that I might have done so. Another commenter who says she is related to the victim (and I believe her) then stated the victim was unarmed. I merely pointed out that the official press releases don’t give that information. I was not cyberbullying. Adding a fact to the conversation isn’t bullying. You might have more information and are welcome to add it of course.

    • That is what we can say if it happens to you.

    • Jesus Christ ……..

  • Chad and Zack brothers in crime .Thank you. Law Enforcement.

  • all he needs to do is denounce his American citizenship and claim to be a emigrant from Mexico and make some anti-trump comments in court and Moonbeam will just pardon him. Simple plan

  • Would someone please explain what is meant by the “rez”. I know this is a colloquialism for “reservation”.However, I don`t think there`s an Indian reservation near Alderpoint. I`ve only been there a few times so someone please enlighten me.

    • the ‘rez’ is a specific residence/homestead on 6th Street in AP. Bit lawlessness going on there for years and now the matriarch is gone who knows what’s going on there. Not that she had much control the past few years, the family had much respect for her.

  • Didn’t read all comments, just tired of low life pieces of shit getting away and thinking they can forever. I was born and raised here for 50 plus years, I’m tired and sick of it. Show up around my place, you’ll beg for cops! I’m tired, just to damn tired. I’ve tried, I’m so done.

  • They need a better comb, perhaps a lice comb will do it.

  • I new Zack’s mother some and she was from a wealthy family back east I heard. She spoke very intelligent and was a nice person.If the guy Zack allegedly shot had anything to do with his mothers murder he should get a metal. I wish Zack all the luck in the world and remains on the loose.

    • That’s a wild new rumor…I haven’t heard anything similar. Do you have any basis for this allegation against the victim?

    • Sounds like something a lawyer would make up to sway a jury, no way it’s true, and he is going to get a metal, metal bracelets, metal bars, even a metal toilet. no medal though.

  • Homercat that is crazy zack was just a young boy when his mom died his mom was a very smart woman but had some serious problems, don’t know where you got your information but I do believe you’re hundred percent wrong

  • Any update with this case?

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