Robert Holtsclaw: In Memoriam of This Weekend’s Shooting Victim

Robert James Holtsclaw

Robert James Holtsclaw

July 26, 1959 – September 23, 2017

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  • So sorry to the victim’s family rest in peace

  • shawn the fisherman

    Pretty intimidating looking guy, I did not know him to be clear. Maybe scared that kid so bad he made such a dumb decision, To pull that trigger. IDK but fear is a pretty powerful emotion. Im sure I dont know shit about this situation but just saying.

    • More like booze and drugs. The kid is a low life

    • You can not justify your fears by one picture! He may have not liked his photo taken. Doesn’t matter. You could be just sayin somewhere else. Geez. Have some decency for his family. May this man Rest in Peace. Blessings to his friends and family.

      • shawn the fisherman

        Did not say he was scary? Said that kid was maybe scarred. Kids do stupid things out of fear, Everybody scarred of a ass kicking these days. Sorry to have offended you Maam.

        • Zach isn’t a kid he’s 27 and drugged out, sadly he made a rash choice to take a life. Bob was a kind man and has been a great friend to me

      • Charles Engebretson

        Thank you…not my family or friend but some people need to just shut up….have some couth

    • Shawn the fisherman I’m pretty sure he didn’t deserved to be killed so if I were you I would keep your [edit] comments off this page it’s a memorial [edit] ! Have some respect for the family!! I’m just saying!

      • shawn the fisherman

        Im not condoning anything, Did not imply he deserved what happened. But thanks for the lesson on proper manners on a memorial page. Have some respect for your self and stop telling others how to be. just saying. Im sure the family has bigger worries currently, Not worried what you or I say.

        • Charles Engebretson

          No…this isn’t the place or time to make uninformed comments…a man died and I’m sure you don’t have to say every little thought that comes to your head…my cousin was killed by a punk with a gun and she was unarmed..just let it go man.Nobody wants to hear what you said when their family member isn’t even in the ground yet…please.Pretty please with sugar on top..

          • He’s just trolling everyone, it’s what he does here. Just ignore him, he’s after attention and is socially inept.
            Rest In Peace Robert.

        • Go harp on the Devil’s Lettuce. Not just socially but also intellectually INEPT!

    • Of late I can only just shake my head in confusion by the comments and actions of so many people. So I thought I would just ask…… Do you not have any control over your mouth or mind? Is compassion and respect something you were never taught? Or is it that you just don’t give a crap and only want to spew crap? Try to speak on the positive and if you continue to do so you may find some relief from all the crap that seems to fill your soul.

      Rest in Peace Bob I will miss having you stop by for wifi :] :[

    • It’s a memorial you idiot. Show some respect and decency, this man was murdered in cold blood by a violent booze head, the man who murdered him looks like a very dangerous predator lunatic!

  • R.I.P. Mr. Holtsclaw, my condolences to your loved ones.

  • Condolences to the family.🕊

  • Whether we die by murder or a accident , or old age. We are all ” star stuff ” ( as Carl Sagan put it )
    We are all part of the universe. Some day our planet will be consumed by the our Sun. aprox. in 5 to 6 billion years. (not by a super nova ) eventually our solar system will be drawn into a Black Hole. Our matter will be born into something new. With physics we can see into the future.Try to Enjoy every minute your alive. I don’t like to see GOOD PEOPLE die, may they rest in peace.

  • shawn the fisherman

    This poor guy murdered on a public street in a heinous way with a firearm, No motive released to the public, And you dont want to address the elephant in the room? Sorry I dont want to talk about flowers and wreaths. Want this guys killer behind bars. I am sorry for the family, But im sure they want this guy caught really bad.

  • Intimidating he may have been. But a coward my dad was not.
    My first love and my last heartbreak.

  • I did know Bob and he was my friend!! Some liked him some didn’t that’s your choice!! He made me feel safer after losing my other friend!!
    My condolences and prayers to his family!! He was a decent, kind man who I was honored to know!!

  • People, this thread is supposed to be a place for people to post remembrances of this man. Speculate on the crime elsewhere please.

  • Rest in Paradise, prayers of comfort to the lost and hurting.

  • I wonder what the argument was about? why they were involved in this horrific Act.

    • First Amendment the right to say what ever you want to,whether it’s the right time or place reflects on the individual. Enough said.

      • Common decency “trumps” first amendment rights in this case. Last time I use any form of the bad word “trump” in the same sentence with common decency.

  • If you live in Alder point keep your eyes out for the loser maggot scum who murdered this kind loving man!
    Hope the authorities get him or the mountain…

  • To me he seems like good, old school humboldt kinda guy; I wish there were more like him, we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in now.

  • Have they found him yet? Might be these mountains just swallowed him up, never to be seen or heard from ever again & we’d all be the better for it. To the family, love knows neither time nor space, they remain within our hearts forever.

  • Nancy Holtsclaw Ezell

    Thank you all for your kind words about my cousin. His dad was my father’s twin brother. James as he is known to the family has always been a great friend, and cousin. He will truly be missed. Rest in peace see you again someday.

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