Rural Reverberations– Pure Schmint’s Humboldt Hippie Epic Vibram Soul

Vibram Soul rehearsal, Al “Owl” Ceraulo, Barry Wicksman, and Joani Rose (Courtesy of HAPA, Joani Rose Collection)

“The master plan to irradiate marijuana growing across the US, that became the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, was conceived and ordered from Reagan administration offices…During that same final post-Sixties summer, as a majority of the country was about to embrace an anti-counterculture crusader as their national leader, southern Humboldt County counterculture was flourishing.”

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Local Weed Debate From 1970’s Explored in New Weekly Column by the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive–Rural Reverberations

Exploring the roots of local marijuana culture: For some growing illegal cannabis was a “duty and privilege,” for others it was a sign of moral corruption–“Using the land to grow a product that easily converts into large amounts of money, whether that product be redwoods or grass, impairs the spirit of the land.”

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Hidden Gems: Local Residents Celebrate Art and Nature

Four women posing in front of a redwood moth and butterfly mural

“I just want to say that I love our town, I love our little community. And it’s got a lot of heart and soul and we’re a part of it, …it’s happening, we’re doing it, and it takes a village to make this village bloom. We’re already blooming but we’re let’s continue to do that,” she said sitting in front of her latest mural in a paint-splattered smock.

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