Sheriff’s Department Arrests Three Associates of Fugitive Murder Suspect, Zach Harrison

Today, three associates of Zachary Harrison, suspected of fatally shooting 58-year-old Robert Holtsclaw in Alderpoint six months ago, were arrested by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department in southeastern Humboldt. In addition, Sgt. Jesse Taylor warned, “Properties in Alderpoint were visited and residents were reminded that anyone suspected of aiding or harboring Harrison will be charged to the fullest extent of the law.”

Taylor said, the three arrested today “were associates of Harrison’s at one time or another.” He explained that they were arrested on other charges than on helping Harrison. “We could not determine if they directly harbored Harrison or assisted him in avoiding capture so we were unable to charge them with harboring,” he said.

Curtis Flowers

Curtis Flowers, [Mugshot from 2013 arrest courtesy of the North Coast Journal.]

“Two subjects, Curtis Flowers and Cidnee Dunkelberger, were arrested on outstanding warrants.  The third, Jesse Herlyck, was arrested for possession of suspected heroin.”

Curtis Flowers was one of three arrested in 2013 after an incident at the Fortuna river allegedly began with Flowers, his father, and a friend shouting “White Pride” as they walked through a crowded party. According to a press release in the North Coast Journal, Flowers allegedly punched two different women in the face, knocking one woman out. One woman had a broken jaw. He also was involved in an altercation with a 16-year-old boy who tried to help the women.

cidnee dunkelberger

Cidnee Dunkelberger from her 2015 arrest.

At the time he was on active Parole after a conviction of assault with a deadly weapon. Flowers fled but was eventually recaptured.
Cidnee Dunkelberger was previously arrested in connection with a marijuana grow and a honey oil lab in 2015.

No photo of Herlyck was available at this time.

All three were booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

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  • I wonder if this Curtis fella had any rolls of quarters?

    • Curits is a neo-nazi punk motherfucker who nearly fatally stabbed my friend it’s about time that piece of shit is found.

  • Definetly more law enforcement needed in alderpoint! Or any, I should say. From what I read, very lawless area. Heroin and meth rule. Law people affraid to go there sounds like. Sad. Our county is so beautiful. Fuck those drugs! They destroy lives. I, many, don’t know the answer. Super sad for this once beautiful country small town taken over by opioids. Check out appalacia mtns opioids utube.

  • Jesse is Cindee’s boyfriend. Both have gone done the dark path of heroin and meth. Sad for the kids…

    • Linda, I think heroin and meth are drug problems, and some good people have those problems, problems, yes, but not ‘dark path’ problems.

      I think the dark path would be their racial hatred.

      • Those drugs are a dark path if they lead to things that negatively impact their life in a big way. I do agree that plenty of decent people struggle with drugs. Doing drugs does not make someone a bad person, but if the drug use leads them mistreating or abusing others then thats different. Racially intolerant beliefs are one thing, it’s when you start acting on them that I draw the line.

  • Obviously three people who have no desire to be a productive part of society, EVER. They shouldn’t be allowed out in public.

    • I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a society where people are bound to be “productive” as that can be a very subjective term. Just respect the rights of others and you are good with me whether that be in a lab trying to cure cancer or sitting at home sticking needles in your arm. Just don’t let your problems become other peoples problems. If you can handle your own business while not interfering with other people’s right to pursue happiness you are fine in my book. Unfortunately from these charges sounds like these folks have gone past that point. It’s one thing to shout out your racial beliefs, its totally another thing to physically assault people.

      • Mr/Ms Freedom exactly how does that work if you have young children, as stated. What? You’ve signed up to be a foster parent? Your selfless service is outstanding!!!!

        • Well if you have children then some of those actions I described would fall under interfering with other’s rights like the child to be brought up by proper parents. There is a big difference between being productive and making sure you take care of your responsibilities. Why should I sign up as a foster parent? I don’t want children and have taken the responsible steps to insure that will never happen. I truly feel bad for these children, but I did not bring them into existence and it certainly is not my responsibility to care for someone else’s mistakes. I hope that answers your questions RW.

      • you are crazy. If you are not productive in our society than you are counterproductive and thats a problem. Productive people are fine with helping people in need and people with disabilities, but not with people such as the ones this story in about

        • I really don’t see the correlation between being productive and helping others. Some of the most. productive people I know are the most selfish and have friends that are total slackers, but would go out of their way to help others. Are you saying that it’s impossible to just be a neutral member of society? What if you just exist and aren’t productive, but also not a burden on anyone? This entire “society” concept is a sham in order to control and dictate people’s lives. Not all of us chose to be born into said society and thus don’t feel a burden to help produce for it. I believe that achieving self preservation without infringing on other’s rights is the pinnacle of existence.

  • No relation

  • Once it gets ya it totally 100% consumes your life watched it swallow up a few now so sad to see how young there getting to worst part it’s all by design were going down people going down !!!!

  • Too bad that white power a.h. won’t be in jail permanently.

  • Jeeezzz where’s all the people standing up for A.P. now?

    • Me!

      Multiple good people who are trying to help law enforcement live in that area. Multiple people who raise kids, have jobs, take care of life. No area is the sum of its worst elements.

      • Thank you Kim you are kind, there is good in every community, bad also, alderpoint isn’t bad if you don’t hang out with the tweakers, I’m sure it’s the same everywhere. Were these two caught in alderpoint? I have never seen them there, or was it somewhere else and they checked alderpoint too?

  • Area of growers.usually females.landowners,male,usually absent.he will be captured,tired of ,and released.just passed around by lonely,heterosexual growers.

  • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

    As s white man I’m so proud my brethren can beat up women and children! Knocked her out like Mike Tyson with one punch!

  • I wonder if these were the people posting on an earlier article admiring Harrison’s ability to get away from the police. They were really off the wall remarks that would sit well with criminal associates.


    See? When the cops get mad about looking bad,they can find all kinds of scum. But until the news shows them looking inept,they just let the roaches crawl all over the table.
    Next…Old Town,please. Eureka is looking pretty bad and I think there’s a jail full of cops right in the center of the red haz-mat bins. It also happens to be #1 tourist destination this year. Help us clean up the junkie-infested,tourist-harassing,bum-poop,drug-fueled,vandal and thief mecca.

  • Am I confused? Flowers was on parole for assault w/ a deadly weapon when he walked through the party and punched women. Then he was caught and…..released? Or put on probation? In any case he was now picked up again on a different warrant? This catch-and-release policy of Humboldt results in these types of people gathering in crime-infested spots like AP. When there is no consequence for crime then why should any of these guys stop? And yes- punching women in 2013 puts him back in Gallegos time of responsibility. Gallegos was a putz.

  • Thanks Chris for giving white people pride. Your such a prime specimen, a credit to your race. Good job white boy.

  • Linda, you mentioned that Cidnee & Jesse have kids. I really hope there’s extended family that is sober & kind to take care of them.

  • Gooooo team. This is the best news. Very happy with SO right now. But I don’t see a single resident from the REZ listed here. All the tweekers that were arrested are people that hang out there. These are some of the quarter thieves. But until they arrest the owners and residents of the Rez not much will change. [edit] Then we will throw a party.

    • SearchingforBobby

      When you refer to the “Rez” do you mean the property on 6th Street in Alderpoint where he shot that man or is this a different place?

      • Yes. It is the same place. Kym took a lot of my comment away. I’m guessing it’s because I name dropped.

        • Yes, you are probably right but, allowing anonymous people to accuse someone of a crime, is not something I allow on my website.

        • SearchingforBobby

          My cousin disappeared in January 2009. He was dropped off there on 6th street and we never saw him again. Thank you for clarifying.

  • We’re is our so-called resident deputy be ??????

    • Likely still trying to find the guy who shot out my window & tried to kill my (House)plant, & NO it was NOT Cannabis!!! Or more likely hiding in Hydesville (no pun intended) where he lives supposedly!!! According to what he said a couple of years back when we had a “Town Hall Meeting here in Bridgeville, at the school gym!!! When he showed up to take a report on my shot out window he had to come back a couple of times to get things he forgot!!! Such as the Bullet that was still laying in my living room floor, & other things I don’t recall!!!

  • he’s dead he said he would not be taken alive. he swam the river in the morning and didn’t make it . RIP

  • he chose not to be rescued .hard to rescue someone who is running from rescuers.SAD

    • Going out like that and sparing society the expense of dealing with him was probably one of the few noble things he ever did.

  • Tears of the Eel river flow, for him and his mother and brother lord have mercy on their souls .

  • NoeNazi = domestic terrorist
    Shouldn’t be treated any differently.

  • Jesse and Cyd do not have kids. They ARE the kids Linda referred to, I believe. I’ve never met Cyd but I went to high school with Jesse’s dad back back in the 70’s and met his mom around then when they got married. They are good, responsible, hard working people. Jesse has grown up with much love and care. I haven’t seen Jesse for a few years but he is intelligent, a fragile heart, not at all a neo Nazi. It is so sad to know this is happening.

  • SearchingforBobby

    Kym, I see someone posting on here that Zach is deceased and drowned in the river. Any confirmation of this?

  • yes, the Hills Have Eyes.

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