Suspected Murderer Zach Harrison Still on the Loose; Netflix Film Crew in the Area Trying to Capture the Incident


Law enforcement searching for Harrison. [Photos provided by a reader]

Today, Zach Harrison is still on the loose and believed to be in the Alderpoint area after barely evading law enforcement on a two-day chase involving a helicopter, a plane, jet skis, a boat, ATVs, and more. Harrison reportedly swam the storm-swollen Eel River and fled officers either naked or nearly so.

Zachary Cordell Harrison, zack harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison is now believed to have lightened his hair.

“[W]e did not catch Harrison last night unfortunately,” said Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. “[U]nless someone was harboring him in their home last night, I imagine he was dangerously cold.”

Although a Sheriff’s deputy was able to actually speak to Harrison about 6 p.m., the 27-year-old suspected murderer escaped into the brush and disappeared.

On Wednesday, an alert citizen spotted Harrison in Miranda getting gas. Law enforcement soon located him driving a stolen vehicle on Elk Creek Road and gave chase. Harrison abandoned his car and fled on foot. In spite of an extensive search and residents of the area receiving reverse 911 calls warning them to stay inside, he managed to escape.

An officer kneels as he looks down to the river where Harrison fled.

Yesterday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department showed up in Alderpoint at a property Harrison was known to frequent. After recieving a tip that he was in the 100 block of 6th Street, they flushed Harrison from his hiding spot and chased him down the street until he leaped into the high and muddy Eel River and swam across.

Fire crews and others were prepared to help.

A helicopter, a plane, jet skis, and a boat were used to search for the suspect and, for a time it was feared that he might have drowned but, according to Karges, “[A]round 6 pm one of our deputies observed Harrison across the river and our deputy attempted to talk with him.” Karges said she doesn’t know what the two said. She explained that eventually, “Harrison took off into the nearby brush before we were able to reach him by jet ski. We deployed a boat and transported units across the river to search for him.”

Sheriff deputy at the scene.

Sheriff deputy at the scene.

Local residents aided in the search. A Netflix film crew that has been in Humboldt traveled out to the remote town when hearing of the pursuit and began filming the efforts.

After hours of not locating the suspect, the Sheriff’s Department left the scene early this morning. Karges said, “Our units cleared the area around 1:30 am.”

Karges asked people to “keep sending in tips when they see him. They have been very helpful and accurate.”

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  • What the hell…LEO….where’s the dogs? Choppers and boats and you still missed! You know this guy is gonna’ run, why can’t you show up with the dog? How hard is it to get a dog into the chopper?

  • He’s making them over paid f_____’s earn this one, run Zack run. The 9ers need a running back as elusive an fast as you

    • Hey 9’ers, You wouldn’t say such stupid things if it was your Father or wife that was killed. Show some respect!

    • The misadventures of bunjee

      9ers don’t draft wanted felons that can’t count their toes and get the same number twice. Zach is a cold wet little hillbilly on the run.

  • This makes me so sad. I remember the moment I met Zach. He was about 5 years old. Cute little bugger back then. Zach, turn yourself in and deal with this, for your own, your family’s and everyone’s sake. Please.

    • I agree. I remember him too when he was little. I’m so sad the way he turned out. He had a VERY tough up bringing but that does not justify the killing. Stop running like a scared boy, be a man and deal with the consequences of your actions.

    • So what’s gonna happen is the same as Arron basslor. The cops are getting made fools. Zack can’t run forever, there just gonna wait and shoot his ass once n for all. Maybe his AP bros should throw one last party for him before pissed off LE blast him.

  • Only a white murder suspect could be talked to by a deputy from across the river, and not shot. Just saying.

    He’s evaded so many times already too.

    It’s mind boggling why that deputy didn’t fire a few shots to try to end this escapade.

    • Call me crazy, but I vastly prefer law enforcement that chooses not to shoot an unarmed man.

      Not to mention we have no idea how far away the suspect was and what the officer was armed with.

      • Veteren's friend

        I’m sure the young man murdered by the police in Sac would agree with you. If he was not dead.

        • You obviously didnt look close enough at the video or you watched PMSNBC’s version, he was clearly in a stance that was threatening with something in his hand I wonder how you would make the decision if faced with something such as that?

      • I wouldn’t call you crazy Kim, point well taken,
        but weren’t we warned that the suspect is considered armed armed and dangerous?

        • Pretty tough to conceal a weapon when you’re naked.

        • If cops shot ever person who is considered armed and dangerous we’d have lots of bodies on our streets. News flash, cops confront these types of people everyday and almost never shoot them statistically speaking.

      • Generally, I agree. My point is more that he’s lucky he’s white than a call for police over-action.

        I’m not completely familiar with this kids story, but, if I’m not mistaken and without checking it seems he:

        -is a murder suspect
        -who has fled
        -evaded police numerous times
        -is putting communities at risk
        -will not stop

        So, at this point, it seems logical that a round fired is justifiable.

        I wasn’t there, but if the HCSO is going to boast that the deputy could talk to the suspect – than he was close enough to fire at. (But maybe he was out of view, I dunno)

        If the deputy was unarmed, chasing a murder suspect, I suggest more training is necessary.

        Alas, I don’t know everything, just making observations that seem common sense with the information given.

        • Your logic is flawed. He was naked and no threat in that moment with a river between them. Cops can’t just fire their weapons.

          • Just because he was momentarily naked, or close to it, does not mean he is not a threat to the community if he continues to evade police.

            • Sure, a threat to the community, but the cops still have no justification to just shoot him. There is a little thing called due process, even in the hills sometimes.

              • A lot of black people are killed for much less than what this kid is doing – by police.

                I think you made my original point.

                And I like police protocols, it’s great when they’re followed properly.

                • I don’t disagree with you. Just looking at the facts that he is white, was naked, and cops are being filmed by Netflix…pretty sure they aren’t going to shoot him unnecessarily in this instance.

                • A lot of people of all Races are unjustly killed by cops every year, not just black people! The average American is much more likely to be shot by a police officer then killed in a mass shooting. And in fact if you actually spent any time researching it you would find more white people are killed by cops than any other race in America.

              • Due process is null and void more often in today’s society. Jeffrey Corner and Anwar al-Awaki were killed extrajudicially.

            • Brian- stop believing the media hype. Thank you for your racist nonsense comment.

          • NiWow anon wish I lived in your world. Go tell that to tommy mcclains family. Or the young mans family in Sacramento. Or the thousands of other people killed by police.
            Sad but true if he was any color other than white he would be dead. Stark reality of our country. If not the cops then they’d just deputize some good ole boy and let them shoot the person just like they used to deputize loggers so the loggers could beat up then arrest earth firsters with no repercussions.

            • Tommy Mc Clain,tweaking with his fake pistol in his belt? Or the guy in Sac, breaking into houses and cars, who ran from numerous cops? Neither one was exactly innocent..

              • PayAttentionToThe2WayStopSigns

                The man in Sacramento might not have been innocent, but he was UNARMED and BROKE INTO CARS, and because some halfwit cops thought his CELL PHONE was a weapon, he is dead. Zach killed someone, has been on the run, allegedly has a weapon, was in a position where the police easily could’ve shot him, and yet he runs free as a bird. Interesting how the white man took a life, yet the black man who allegedly took personal items, broke car windows and had NO weapon is the dead one.

                • Thank you, agreed.

                  And the man in Sac is just this month’s story.

                • I think lumping all law enforcement together is as bad as lumping all black people as criminals. I’m not saying there are no racist deputies in Humboldt County but somehow the way this is phrased seems to blame the officers for not shooting Zack. For God’s sakes, the deputies appear to have handled this with restraint and professionalism. Could we avoid blaming them for what happened in Sacramento?

                  That doesn’t mean to not look at trends in law enforcement nationwide but it does mean to give credit for professionalism when you see it.

                • Kym, I applauded the deputy who climbed down a hill to find a car and rescue a man just weeks ago.

                  I’m NOT so sure that it was professional to not at least try to shoot Zach at the point in reference.

                  I do think a shot should have been fired if it was even slightly possibe to hit him.

                  So I would simply disagree as to what the right call was.

                  With that, I do lump this into questionable police action.

                  Further it’s questionability is in direct contrast to the actions of LEO on unarmed blacks who aren’t wanted for murder.

                  So, it fits into the discussion.

                  How can this be professional if a wanted murderer is escaping their cuffs on multiple occasions?

                  I mean, obviously they tried to catch him. All the resources sent out.

                  But, obviously they failed.

                  *No has blamed HCSO for the recent events in Sac.

                • PayAttentionToThe2WayStopSigns

                  To clarify, I do not think Zach should have been shot by the deputies. Just pointing out the difference in how one race is treated by police vs another race. Kym, I don’t think you meant any harm by this, but remember that cops CHOSE to become cops, while black people did not chose to be born black. We can’t compare calling all cops bad (not what I was implying anyways) to calling all black people criminals. Not even close to the same thing, even if both are sweeping generalizations that aren’t true.

                • Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s 2018 where we can’t go 16 minutes without hearing someone on a soapbox yelling white privelage.

            • Nope, I’ve read your comment with the sad memory of the deliberate murder of David (Gypsy) Chain. May he someday know Justice and, until then, may none of us forget what used to “pass” for it.

          • Except when they do. Like murdering an unarmed woman in a bathrobe, standing on her own property, while talking to the cops. Or, just days ago, shooting10 rounds ata man in his own back yard, who was “armed” with a cell phone. Cops “ just shoot” people all the time. So, they might as well have just shot this crazy, naked, fuck, as not have.

          • the misadventures of bunjee

            That gives him all the reason to break into a home to get some dry clothes. What’s he going to do? Beat up some elderly person for their shoes before he continues his jog?

        • The Sheriff’s office wasn’t boasting. I was told it had happened by a resident. I asked for confirmation and was given it.

          Also no one said the deputy was unarmed. But a deputy with a handgun is not the same as a sniper with a scope. And being 10 feet from a suspect is not the same as being 100 yards.

          • Ok. Not boasting. 10-4

            But kym, people can’t talk 100 yards away over a river.

            Yes the deputy at least had to have had a pistol. And if they could talk he was likely within pistol range..*20-35 yards

            Whatever, maybe not.

            I wont argue a bunch of hypothetical situations, so I’ll just be happy that he’s not in my neighborhood. Sorry to those who are and will be around his future actions.

            • Right, he totally wouldve been shot if he wasnt white.. I pray thats the most ignorant thing I read today because it can’t get much worse than that…

              • Next prayer session please ask your God if he reads the news.

                Pray that he keeps you updated and informed.

                I would, but I wont.

          • The officer could have used a bullhorn?

            • Ya, because that’s what cops carry when running through brush chasing a murder suspect.

              And maybe, besides being naked, Zach had a bullhorn too, so he could talk back.

              And maybe…

      • Really Kym, edit my comment because I point out something factual,,, No threats no personal attacks, just an honest observation. The people you decide to protect and not protect on here boggles my mind completely. If you wanted to help the ignorant you would edit his screen name on here so he doesn’t appear to be a complete laughing stock to everyone who reads his post. I just found the greatest irony in a name like that and his preachy ass posts. You shouldn’t hide people from their mistakes or else how do you expect them to improve and educate themselves? Or are you like the government and would rather just keep everyone stupid and in the dark?

    • It’s only lawful to take a life to save a life. It’s that little thing called, self defense and defense of others. Although he may be guilty, there is still a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. So, to say that LEO should shoot and kill an unarmed, naked suspect is to advocate for murder since self defense would not apply. How does your advocating for murder make you any different than a murderer? It doesn’t.

      • Just because someone is shot, don’t mean they die.

        This kid is running because he killed a man named Robert.

        I’m different from a murderer because I’m not a murderer. I don’t shed a tear for violent crime offenders being punished, even to death.

        • How do you know Robert wasn’t a violent person that was subjected to “community justice”? I didn’t know him at all, but I do know sometimes people do some harm to others, with no repercussions from our legal system. Maybe Zachary has some 411 and just “handled” it. Please enlighten me, anyone?

          • Wish someone would chime in on the fact his mother was murdered a number of years ago, her boyfriend at the time was the man he is acused of killing. This of course is local rumor and not facts. The only people who are in the know are the deceased and possibly Zach. Maybe he knows something no one else does.

            • No this man Robert is new to the area, not his mothers boyfriend at the time. “And the rumors abound”!! Maybe if you pull a gun on someone unarmed, tell them the next time you see him you are going to kill him, then couple days later try to dive onto the property where he lives and works guess what….you might end up dead!!

    • Only a clueless dipshit would think this

    • [edit] More whites, yes, that’s right….take a deep breath because you’re about to get triggered; more whites, than blacks are killed at the hands of police when the FACTS are taken into account. When I link these facts you will go into liberal, triggered mode and say something like: where’d you get that info huh, FOX news? Mind you, you will not debunk any thing that I post that flatly rejects your virtue signaling[edit]. That is because you are a liberal. Facts are irrelevant. All that really matters is that you appear to be a virtuous person. This is why liberalism is such a despicable, hypocritical ideology.

      Sad part is that youtube is currently steering people away from video’s like this; liberals in general, who claim to be advocates of free speech, are the first ones censoring shit. It’s Orwellian. And it’s sickening.

      • Please don’t use insults against other commenters-Then I’ve got to spend time editing your comment.

        • Don’t bother, on my behalf, editing Brian’s comment telling me to: eff off. Doesn’t bother me a bit (I’m serious) and is indeed, a waste of time. Plus, all animals are equal. Some are just more equal than others.

      • YouTube is a company. They have rules.

        If alex jones wants to break those rules, he is liable to their punishment.

        If you want to defend calling school shooting victims “crisis actors”, feel free.

        Now, I watched your vid and read the link.

        The adjustments for violent crime stats are the big difference in his research. That doesnt address the issue of racial bias at all. In fact hd says the same in the end:

        ” The data doesn’t indicate which shootings are justified (the vast majority) and which are cold-blooded murder (not many, but some). And maybe that would vary by race. I don’t know, but I doubt it,” Mr. Moskos wrote on his blog ”

        And the video has too many points, some good, some not. The first cited reseach in it is based off “simulations”.

        Majority of the rest points out that crime is bad, I’m with that.

        There simply are more stories of unarmed black men killed by police.
        All statistical research aside.

        And ‘eff off. I voted for Ron Paul in 08, and no one since.

      • PayAttentionToThe2WayStopSigns

        Hey just curious, why does it make you so triggered to think that cops might be more trigger hungry (no pun intended) around black men then white men? Acknowledging that black men are treated different than white men by police isn’t the same as saying police should shoot more white men. Or that black lives matter more than white lives. Also, of course more white people are shot by police than black people, there are more white people in the US. The fact is that black men are more likely to be killed by police, plain and simple.

        “According to Fatal Encounters, the database created by former Reno News & Review editor and journalism instructor Burghart (which tracks all deaths resulting from interactions with police), a total of 1,388 people were killed by police in 2015, 318 (23%) of them black, and 560 (40%) of them white. So roughly 23 percent of those killed by any police interaction in 2015 were black and just over 40 percent were white. According to those statistics (adjusted for racial demographics), black people had a 2.7 higher likelihood of being killed by police than whites.”

        • Can those statistics show what percentage of people killed by police were above and below the poverty line? Maybe wealth is an even better predictor than race?

        • 2waystopsigns, it makes me “so triggered” because it is propaganda and it is a lie. The article cites several studies that, in classic liberal fashion, you conveniently ignore; one of them is from Harvard, hardly a bastion of right wing radicals. There is no evidence that police are more likely to shoot, even in a dangerous situation, at black men. In fact, the evidence suggests exactly the opposite.

          I cited studies from multiple sources going back multiple years. You cited a web site and named one year; please link me to the data because I can’t find it on the site. Furthermore, your “study” conveniently ignores how many of those shootings were justified. If more black men pull weapons on cops, and they do, then more black men will die at the hands of cops…..and they do.

          All that being said, I believe that cops are out of control in this country. I will concede that the “justified shootings” numbers are likely skewed, especially if it is some bureaucrat determining what is justified. The problem of our militarized, bully police loses all credibility when it becomes aaaaanother…..tired old issue about race. Leave your white guilt out of it and let’s unify to address the REAL problem, which is NOT one of race.

  • The misadventures of bunjee

    Netflix? Filming the next season of The Ranch? Or Stranger Things? Or maybe Trailer Park Boys left Canada and moved to Humboldt?

  • 9ners must be a highschooler with a comment like that!

  • They can’t shoot an un armed person. He has not been proven guilty, he is inoccent until proven guilty.

  • New him from school

    Go zac go from what I hear the guy he shot wasn’t a good person anyway I know it’s not right but makes it more justified

    • You are sick. He is a murderer, suspected yes, but running is not helping his innocence. What if he decides to come after you next? Sounds like he’s lost his marbles since you KNEW him.

  • New him from school

    What’s wrong with you people that want him dead or to drown he’s still a human being every one makes mistakes nobody is perfect I guarantee that

    • I am not perfect. I have made many mistakes. I have never murdered anyone. There is a big damn difference!

    • Oh, but it’s ok for Zach to have killed someone” you heard ” was a bad person. [edit] Seriously….

    • You say it makes it more justifiable that the person that he killed wasnt a good person but you’re upset that people want zach dead? But Zach isn’t a good person… You should google the definition of hypocracy

      • [edit] Nobody is perfect, but there are certain actions one can take that will make many have little to no sympathy for them. Saying that we all make mistakes does not in any way make all mistakes equal.

    • Did you say the same about bullock after he murdered the priest????

      • Bullock was a sick m.fer. He did a lot worse than just shoot someone. That poor preast, was tortured for hours. He only wish he was shot dead, just saying…

    • What’s wrong with you? You’re justifying the murder he committed! I meen your.

  • Marci should be in jail there’s no excuse for that so sad

  • Commented yesterday this could be a good movie if he lives to tell it. Should turn himself in, get paid to tell the story from day 1, and donate the money. Maybe that’s expecting a little too much from this guy.

  • Probably a twaekcicle after last night, brrrrr

  • I dont get it, they know the tweeker land that hes been hiding out on so why aren’t the sheriffs searching it or posting a few sheriffs hidden somewhere to watch for him?? Is netfilx paying the cops to make the whole thing more dramatic?
    Oh alderpoint 8 where are you now!

  • I love how everybody always tries to talk up humboldt. “We arent as bad as everyone thinks” but then half the locals think this cowboy weed grower hometown justice, shooting each other over money is cool. Losers.

    • I hardly think the comments section of a blog can be taken as a scientificly valid sample of the community. This is a troll hangout.

  • wet and almost naked…he must be feeling all chilly cold and bug bitten by now.

  • Wow… Humboldt is trying to build a tourism industry to replace the failing marijuana industry and media is telling another stupid cop drama about murders and a community in crisis. I would have to imagine someone watching this would never want to come here. Talk about a stupid idea that could be very detrimental to the future of this community.

    Just another example of outsiders coming into this community and taking what they can for their own personal gain, not giving anything back and not making any effort to integrate themselves into the culture. I wonder how this story is going to benefit Humboldt County?

    Blasting all of our dirty laundry on national television crosses a line from journalism into gossip. There is no purpose to it.

    • Oh, ok. Let’s pretend crimes don’t happen in Humboldt so Cannabis Tourism is successful. Let’s pretend that the murder rate in Humboldt isnt off the charts. Let’s pretend that the greenrush didn’t take the Cannabis biz to its knees . Let’s pretend that rural Humboldt doesn’t look like Appalachia from the ravages of drug abuse. Let’s live in a pretend world for your Cannibis tourism that will never materialize.

      • Well said

      • Lets pretend publishing these stories on national television will actually help. These stories should be kept in the local papers and dealt with on a local level. A media frenzy in this community could actually make it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs.

        Nobody is pretending that the greenrush brought horrible things into this community.
        Nobody is pretending crimes don’t happen around here.
        Nobody is pretending our murder rates aren’t off the charts.
        Where are the people who are actually trying to do something to fix these problems?
        Who are the people who are exploiting these stories for financial gain?

        Most people around here with any common sense already know all of these problems exist. We don’t need Netflix to come in here and explain to us everything that is wrong with this community. We need them to help us figure out how to correct those problems.

        I would love to live in a world where tourism is thriving in this community. It would be a lot better then the shit show green rush culture we have now. You’ll notice in my original post I called it “tourism”. I DIDN’T call it “Cannabis Tourism”. This is a beautiful region, and we have a lot of other things to offer tourists aside from drugs.

        You might benefit from sharpening your pencil and reading into things a little more closely.

  • He didn’t get shot over money? Not sure where you heard that. That guy who got shot was pulling his gun on people left and right, even shot at someone up rancho. Keep on pulling a gun on people eventually you are going to do it to the wrong person. Period.

  • WOW. I was wrong. Not sure if he survived the night, but he did make it out of the river. Very surprised at that.

  • I think Brian’s point was that it is insane that just this week, a young Black man was murdered by SAC PD as an “alleged break in suspect” potentially armed with a crowbar. They said they thought his iPhone was a gun and pumped 20 rounds into him. Here, we have a white fugitive known murderer, considered armed and dangerous, yet the police are seemingly showing extreme restraint in the use of lethal force.

    We must ask these questions because this is real life. No it doesn’t mean we want Zach shot and killed. But we want to know why police seem less able to show restraint when dealing with Black citizens.

  • Does anyone know if the sheriff is continuing this manhunt today?

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    He can’t outrun hypothermia

  • So the people here venting on police think their words are not heard? The police don’t believe you when you spout off about how evil police are? That somehow police are supposed to pick out what you really and truly mean from angry posturing? That somehow you should be free to be as abusive as you want to be with perfect immunity because the police are supposed to be superior to you?

    Of course there’s going to be the usual self serving nonsense that says police are supposed to be perfectly professional and able to judge accurately when it comes to using their weapons. Well they mostly are by far, considering how many violent loudmouths they confront without killing them every day. But sooner or later, if they are constantly being threatened and abused, they will become very conditioned, even hardened to the idea that people are ready to kill them at the drop of a hat. They become accustomed to the idea of defending themselves with matching violence. And when they meet a person who they equate with vociferous announcements of violence against the police, they are so ready for it to happen that it becomes a self filling prophecy.

    Civility is a two way street. Yes police are expected to be better than the frankly out of control jackasses they are likely to meet. And they are in general. Those who aren’t need to be weeded out. But loudmouth jackasses don’t need to be constantly told they are the abused party by public comments. They are loudmouth jackasses because they already believe that the world revolves around their impulses. And, like most murderers, that murder is justfied because someone dared to frustrate their wants.

  • Word on the street, lot of quarters found. Anyone verify this?

  • OK.I’m done. I’ve been here, in paradise, for 20 years. I’ve watched Alderpoint go from a “slightly shady” community, to a full-blown meth/heroin/whatever ghetto. I’ve seen these kids, with so much possibility, sucked in to Alderpoint, chewed up, and spit out. What is wrong with you people? Have you no pride, no character..ethics….morals? CALL SHIT OUT. You see something wrong?… make it known. GET RID OF THE FUCKED UP PEOPLE!!! Alderpoint used to govern itself…there were standup men and women who would “usher” the tweakers out. Now, no one cares. There a handful of “hangerons” and established families. Ya’ll talking so much awful shit about Zach….fuck you….you made that kid the man he is. Alot of us tried to keep him away from Alderpoint…you sucked him in.Thanks to Kym Kemp for navigating this shitshow.

    • Why are you going to stick up for zach. All he and the rest of his family are is a waste of space. He’s a low life. And a coward who couldn’t face the consequences of his actions. It’s no one else’s problem that he lead the life he did. Now he’s going to pay. Obviously, one way or another.

      • How dare you! I guess I’m a waste of space? His daughter 8 months is a waste of space? Our 18 year old sister hasn’t been to Alderpoint since she was 4 years old is a waste of space? We are all worthless losers of humanity right?? You know the rest of his family right?? Grandparents uncles aunts cousins?? Zach possibly fucked up and he is facing consequences and will for a long time no matter which way that happens … you don’t know what really happened, in his case or the cases of any of my family members, dead and living, so take your hateful spiteful shit somewhere else or have the balls to post your name if you are going to talk shit about someone’s “whole family” I hope you reap your hateful energy 10 fold back to you in this life. Curse you! Watch your life turn I curse you. Probably already are and this makes you feel better about your worthless life.

  • Yea. So his mom died when he was young. I spent time with Zach from age 9 thru 14. I remember what a great kid he was. It is everyones problem. Yep, he is responsible for his actions. His environment is responsible for him.

  • No one will ever know exactly what happened. Common sense people. One was killed and the other hasn’t stopped running.

  • Why was Robert shot…lots of rumors …but, really….was he an awesome human who contributed to society?…or a fucked up human?

    • Is Zach a awesome human being who contributes to society? Or a fucked up human? You want to know what the problem might be? YOU! “ It’s societies problem, it’s the victims fault, his mother died.” Is there anymore excuses you could make for him. He is a drug addict who has a extensive history of violently assulating people and threatening to kill them. You are upset that the people of AP haven’t ran out the druggies? Yes, they should of ran Zach out years ago. Along with many others. He wasn’t defending his of someone else’s life, he was hanging out at the local drug den and shot another druggie. Your looking for reasoning and justification when there is none to be found inside the head of someone who his high on meth.

  • Or was the bullet meant for the other guy in the car…Must have bern some fucked up reason….

  • New him from school

    Anybody that’s on here talking $hit about zac really don’t know what he’s been through and who he is killing someone could happen to anyone around here you don’t know the circumstances iv had to pull guns on multiple tweekers luckily I never had to pull the trigger

  • They need to check stillwells house that’s probably were he us hold up.

    • I believe that’s where they found him hiding all the trash goes there. The Rez the place to go if your a POS.

  • Scanner saying body under debris south of Fernbridge at 9:04 AM. Any update on this?

  • Distant & Estranged

    So Humboldt county and Alderpoint residents and all y’all, I do find intriguing all the comments on the current issue and prior issues, because it is giving me an insight to the family dynamics that have evolved since members of my estranged family became involved in Humboldt County. I have only been following comments on the Harrison saga since learning of the last issue with Zach in September of 2017.
    I am an out-of-the-loop, very distant & estranged relative, of sorts, only came in contact with Zach, his siblings and family on a few occasions, received tid-bits of family history over the years and felt sadness hearing of what the family went thru, pulled down on themselves and how the children were failed during their upbringing and that they were exposed to a such an non-nurtering environment without choice.
    The law enforcement information given tell a story that Zach shot someone in cold blood per eye witnesses, and apparently had a history of violent behavior that proceeds this current issue. Yes he is innocent until proven guilty according to the laws of the court system here in the USA. Doesn’t matter the issue between him and anyone he beat or the guy he presumably shot; the upbringing, lack of support or the crap life throws at you, we are responsible for our own actions. There are most always more positive opportunities if you choose them! If he chose to succumb and stay in a life of drugs and was messed up by it; that was his choice once he became an ‘adult’. Whatever the circumstances, unless you are mentally insane, do I believe that upbringing should excuse berating, beating, manipulating or killing a living thing without being in a life threatening event and protecting your own life. None of us have the right to take a living being’s life just because we don’t agree with them, the situation, they are a bad person, a menace or have wronged you. Personally we should find an alternative to bad situations when it is not life threatening. There are many other choices to be made whether good, bad, appealing or appalling.
    Yes his personal life may have started in shambles, the family support faltered but I believe that most of us have opportunities to change things if we are willing and find alternative routes. I still hold fast on the belief that we all own up and be accountable for our choices and actions, always show respect for fellow beings, take control of our own responsibilities and treat everyone with the same respect that you would want. What the world needs now is more respect for others and for each individual to try and be the best person they can be. Yes I have issues in my life just like most everyone in the world, have I done wrong things, YES. Do I have involvement with criminal activity, NO. Am I perfect hell no, do I respect other people and beings, YES. Do I try to improve my own life and respectfulness every day? Yes, to the best of my abilities. I am in hopes for a better peace to come to us all.

    • Who ever this is just know that there is so much misinformation, untruths speculation and unfounded or twisted rumor in here there is no way you could get a clear or true picture of our family history or what led to this situation current or past from ready the so called “community” comments in these news posts. If you are part of the family, estranged or no, you could do better to just call and ask….

    • Distant and Estranged. I too can see my connections to Zack’s family, having worked with them when he was 7ish, in your post. No, it wasn’t pretty then but the kids had a bigger safety net in the community back than, than they do now.

      ACE = Adverse Childhood Experiences with plenty of traumatic events during all Zack’s kidhood have taken it’s toll.

      It would be really hard to say what is making him as confused as he is. Could be that all the times he quit running little kid scared, the help he was offered got sabotaged any number of ways so that influences his current actions. By rumor I have to also think there is altered brain chemistry in an underdeveloped brain from experimenting with drugs from an early age. Or call it altered brain development given what we now know about how teen brains grow.

      His little sister is gone because another family member took her away after mom died.

      Leah Harrison – I would not take Distant and Estranged too personally. They are speaking more to accepting this life story as it will play out how it plays out. They may also be another person from the community that worked with his family when we had some real resources and the school + other agencies were involved. The wheels for this outcome are well in motion. Acceptance on whatever level now is all we have. I, for one am a fatalist so if he gets another chance to turn his life around, great. But be aware he has to make that call and find a serious support system to make it happen, even if it’s in jail. If he doesn’t make, many will feel safer from their own fears and Zack will be free of his own fears and demons.

      • Again as insightful as you think you are, your comments and assumptions are a bit off. Just saying, and thanks for the tidbit about how everyone will feeel if zack dies 🙄

        • bitterness and resentment will not serve any purpose. all i’m saying, plain and simple is that Zack is in control of his life and that’s not up to you or anyone else at this point. to treat the rest of us like we have not been through some stuff is disengenuious. I’ve seen a lot over the past 50 years and i expect to see plenty more. try to make something positive out of a very sad situation.

  • I saw a sheriff’s car and a truck with some dogs in it arriving at Alderpoint this morning about 9 am.

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