A Reminder: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Still Seeking Suspect in Alderpoint Homicide

Zachary Cordell Harrison, zack harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Six months ago, 58-year-old Robert Holtsclaw was allegedly shot during an argument with 27-year-old Zachary Harrison in Alderpoint. Harrison fled the scene and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department has been seeking him ever since.

Robert James Holtsclaw

Robert James Holtsclaw

Harrison is believed to still be in the area. The Sheriff’s Department warns that Harrison is considered armed and dangerous. If anyone has seen him, they are asked to call (707) 268-2539.

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  • unbridled phillistine

    Whats the plan? Eh? Wait long enough for all the evidence to get lost, For witnesses to lose memory?Or pass away? I do see the strategy.Does not take very long for things to fade away. Sad. sure hope they bag this one.

  • Veteran's Friend

    I keep reading reports from folks who say he is still in AP.

  • Its not hard to find him an the sheriffs have been told were he stays an goes he has been bragging all around town how he can’t be caught and what he did. Some report when they see him but by the time they get here he is gone. Yet we all live in fear cause he is still is walking free. Very frustrating.

  • Heard he was running around Alderpoint.

  • Zach I know your reading this. If you have any respect for yourself or anyone you grew up with turn yourself in. Your bullshit already caused your brother to kill himself. Where does it end? Kids in Alderpoint being hurt because you are to big of a chicken shit to man up and pay for your actions. Can we look forward to high speed chases and shoot outs. Think about someone besides yourself. I remember when you were a descent guy. Dig deep and find that person. Do what’s right!

    • SearchingforBobby

      Burn Baby – What do you mean Zach’s bullshit caused his brother to kill himself? Thought his brother committed suicide due to his own murderous actions??

  • Who needs a reminder? On a regular basis I think about how Harris is still running free and why that is. Karma is going to be severe when it hits him.

  • Humboldt is one of the only places in the country where people like marci kitchen and this little clown plus many other violent felons and molesters get booked and practically released the same instance. Its a complete joke! Criminals dont fear the law or the consequesces for their crimes because it is a joke and they know they will be back on the streets in a matter of moments. Something is terribly wrong and we all know it!

  • GUN CONTROL=Hitting your target. Like the Johnny cash song, I leave my guns at home, don’t take my guns to town. But I sure carry at least one when driving in the hills. Our law enforcement has such a good track record when it comes to response time. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone. Aren’t there vigilantes in AP? The AP 8 or something? In a society that doesn’t call the cops, aren’t things like this supposed to get handled?

  • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

    Is there a reward to bring him in?

  • Burn baby, you know nothing about Chris and his reasoning. His brother had nothing to do with it and it is so rude of you to go there. His family has gone through a lot of loss which you don’t know shit about. How about you leave Chris out of this [edit]!

    • Who the hell is chris ?

    • Of course I know a lot about Chris and Zach. Only his idiot cronies called him 4 beers. The adults in his life called him Chris. He was ashamed of Zach because of his drug use and scum bag tendencies. But Zach knows a lot about Chris and was using him as a bargaining chip with law enforcement. Zach is a murderer and a rat. Who cares nothing at all for anyone. Everyone in our community misses Chris. But Zach? Not so much. Get him the hell out of here. Maybe he should move to Hawaii with his family. Let them deal with him.

  • Chris (aka 4beer) is or rather was Zach’s brother, he commited suicide recently.

  • Old Floyd Gustin, a sgt. from garb sub years ago said, ” we don’t care about ap. one dead and one asshole goes to jail” It will never change. You want this little ass?? Put money on his head and I promise you will get him gift wrapped for you deputy dog, you know that

  • Don’t act like Chris Harrison was any better. He was certainly no saint. RIP Robert “Bobby” Tennison.

  • This article needs to go at the top of the list nobody saw it. If this article got more comments that little POS Zach might get caught

  • Responding to Total Joke. This is 2018. In 1978, when the Humboldt SO raided Alderpoint pot growers, they all knew the SO were on their way before they crested the hill at the Harris Junction. Nothing has changed. But hey, don’t blame the SO. They’re just doing what previous generations taught them to do. It’s the voters who keep allowing crooked, weak minded, politicians to stay in office. Vote your Sheriff out. Vote out your Supervisors, vote out your District Attorney and get someone in office who actually cares about upholding the laws.

  • 4beers employer is a cop calling hypocrite from AP

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