Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies Search for Murder Suspect

Zachary HarrisonToday at approximately 2:40 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the report of a shooting in the 100 block of Sixth Street in Alderpoint. At first, the victim, a man, was reported to be injured and CPR was in progress. Later, according to a Be On the Lookout that was broadcast over the scanner this evening, deputies were asked to be alert for Zachary Harrison, a white male adult, who is being sought for the shooting and what the Sheriff’s Department now believes to be a murder.

According to the scanner, Harrison is believed to be driving a black 2000 Ford F250 or 350 and could be armed with a 30-30 lever rifle.

The mugshot comes from when Harrison was arrested in the fall of 2013 for Assault.

UPDATE: Helicopter and K-9 With Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in Alderpoint Looking for Homicide Suspect



  • Sick Sick Humboldt

    Hmm, okay so 4 years ago this guy got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. And…what happened then? I’d be interested to know how and why he was still out and about and able to kill somebody. I suspect…very weak Humboldt County justice system? Not only do we never catch and arrest any violent offenders but when we do…we let them walk easy. Why?

    • Because the voters of California have spoken.

    • Assault with a deadly weapon as a legal term has been so watered down that it hardly has any meaning any more. One envisions a knife or a gun, but a piece of wood, or a bottle, fits the current definition. So the prior charges here don’t necessarily indicate something that would lead you to expect a firearm murder. I don’t know the facts of his earlier case, but there’s nothing especially shocking about him being out on the streets 4 years later if it was a typical case.

    • Big 'ol jar of pickles

      Ask Govenor Moon-beam

      • J. Worthingham Fatback

        idiots abound. Brown is following federal guidelines. He doesn’t like it any more than you. How good was The Terminator? Crime went up 30% in that immigrants first 4 year term!

        • Not exactly. There was a court order to expand prison capacity or release prisoners. Brown shepherded through a very complicated formula to release prisoners, then he supported and extended prop 47.

          Now it’s supporters are publicly announcing right and left that it has been annunqualified success.

  • Eh. He’ll probley end up in shelter cove….they all do…can’t drive any further west….ill keep a lookout through my ACOG.

  • I read the previous articles & my opinion is this one is on the Humboldt County Justice system for allowing a violent offender to walk free. Did he even do any time for beating multiple people half to death?!?! Anyone with that much disregard for others & a predisposition for violence should be locked up.

  • For everyone in Humboldt who keeps blaming all of the Humboldt Homicides on Mexican’s; take a good look.

    • Go back to lost coast. No one needs your Antifa / DACA point of view. Have some respect.

      • Just sayin’ needs his safe space

      • Just for the record: ANTIFA = AntiFascism

        You can see Antifa in action the Night of the Nazis in Charlottesville. They were the ONLY protection for the Preachers who had gathered for prayer prior to the riot. The best sources for this (that I’ve found) are:


        Dr. West and Rev. Blackmon were among the attacked and (thank g*d) the defended.

        As time goes by, it will be increasingly important to identify what and who is on what side, and it behooves us all to understand the divisions among us.

        • Might want to go to HSU before you start believing the thoughts you come up with. The Humboldt DACA protesters and the Antifa locally are one in the same.

        • OMG. AntiFa ARE the enemy. They cause almost all the violence. They wear hoods. They bring clubs. They FAR outnumber anyone else and commit 90% of the violence, trashing cities in the process. They have been named a terrorist group by at least one state. Get your head out of your behind for once in your life.

          “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” – Dr. Michael Savage

        • That was hilarious ANTIFA=anti fascist… Like high fructose corn syrup = sugar free…
          Violent masked thugs, out of mommies basement long enough to ‘defend’ fellow agitators.

    • Not sure what your on, haven’t heard anyone blaming any killing on Mexicans on here.

    • Who said that ever on this web site… Name one time….

  • Wonder what pushes or makes a guy kill a man…. Use your fists…the rest of your life in prison? I really can’t believe that it doesn’t stop people from killing….the law is coming son..and they’re gonna take you to jail and prison…no more cruisin around A.P in your power Stoke on a sunny September day,seeing what you can get yourself into might of been a heated exchange with the man and who knows what really happened… But when does the big picture of life not get through your head that life is so precious and you only have one chance on this merry go is also tough but grind it out and even if you only have fun every once in a while,,,,cherish those moments..that’s life…people in other countries are living in dirt huts,with no food or water… Let that sink in until you gets it in your head…see this shit all the time now in Humboldt…its a shame..waste..

    • Well fucking said!!! Damn!

    • Drews, most of the problem is they will not spend life in prison. Chances are he’ll spend four to six years if convicted, then released early. During those six years he’ll have free medical care, color TV, board games, books, three squares a day, exercise equipment, phone Banks, showers access to any drugs he could possibly want and on top of it all will be giving props by everybody else in the place. Our justice system and prisons have turned into an absolute joke.

      • I wanna go to jail, sounds way easier than my 50 hours a week at a hospital

        • Might be more difficult then you think, anything a short of murder and you will probably be out in a few months. No wait you could probably divert a stream or live in a camp trailer without a permit, maybe store some old motor oil Ina metal drum one of those would probably do it.

        • Big picture is you’ll never work in a hospital again, is it worth it

  • Is Zach the guy who showed up at the Best Western in Garberville?

    • Not sure if it’s connected to AP, but he is the loser, who stabbed someone at a Mateel show. He’s also the same loser, who beat up a guy in Garberville, working an hourly job, to pay his rent & food. The Fool, went on to say he beat up the store’s owner, as if that’s better. I guess it impressed the young dumb girls that hung around him. I wonder if they’d think he’s still cool, if they knew he beat his girlfriends face? Or now for murder? Stupid is as a stupid does!

    • Wondering that myself..


    “Hello” needs to go bye-bye, no?

  • Im thought I saw that guy rideing a bike on main street today ,in Rio Dell.He looked right at me while we drove past each other,I had my daughter with,and I sad whos that guy I know him or something.(cause of the look he gave me)when really I dont think he was the tipickle loco that would normally be rideing a bike on main street. Or its posable Im mistaken.but sure looked alot like this guy,maybe a little older!?!?


    • This is Redheaded Blackbelt not the Lost Coast Outpost. If you could point to where I’ve played “fast and Loose” with the facts, I’ll gladly correct anything but this information came from a law enforcement BOLO.

      • Sorry your mind can’t wrap around the fact that your friend sucks! You should feel lucky it wasn’t you! Your friend was a ticking time bomb, especially with all the meth y’all do! Your friend is the ONLY loser to ever stab someone at The Mateel. He’s one of the reasons why, folks skip Mateel shows since 2013. He beat a guy almost to death, only for doing his job that pays his rent. He beat his girlfriends face, & now murdered your friend. OH ya that’s a great friend! Do some soul searching cause friends don’t do this to each other!

      • I know him he was.just at my mom’s friends house a.couple of days ago and he was talking about how this dude stole something from him and that he’s trying to do good

        • Wake up n smell the coffee! Do you believe everything you hear? Of course he told you what you wanted to hear. That’s tweeker 101!

    • Alge? No it’s meth. Zach was a decent human being at one point but that was a long time ago. Once you go Zach you can never come back.

    • If you been around both in the last 2 days , please don’t publically admit it as the meth flowed like water in that circle. You are on a good one now , take a rest Hun.

    • I don’t really trust cops my brother was arrested and they made him out to be a monster he beat up a pedifile with a bat the guy was harassing my family his young daughter but no he’s violent monstor like he walks around careing a bat I try to give people benifit of the doubt unless they do something personally to me anyway if they were friends nobody but them know what reAly happened even witness aren’t always credible

      • WOW! Not only is the situation sad but the spelling makes this even sadder. Would like to believe that education is not foregone at the expense of drugs but it would appear that it is.

      • eye witnesses are the LEAST reliable even if they are credible.
        and i standing shoulder to shoulder watching someone getting beat with a louisville slugger. we never say one word to each other about anything we saw.
        when we tell what we saw for the 1st time, sincerely and honestly, our stories will vary. it might even sound like 2 crimes were witnessed.
        how i interpret the act seen is based on my how i see the world in general, ego, super ego and id, my mores, prejudices (positive and negative), and beliefs. my fear also plays it’s role in making me a liar.

        add the hormone rush and inner freak out and following melt down i experience watching this trauma. have seeing something . so all of that will turn my eye witness report into only my view point.

        research shows the majority of people who have been robbed at gunpoint remember distinctly the barrel of the gun – that was the victims focus. the person pointing the gun in their face they can not recall well – all they saw – a huge round black hole with a deadly bullet inside waiting to kill them.
        this might be a time when someone having a gun pointed at them get religion.

        as time passes our memories fade and morph and our sworn and honest testimony will be called into question because we are only human and this is how our brains work. fallible humans.

        why lawyers like to get as many court postponements and delays as possible when they have eye witnesses. dragging out the trial date is like winning the lottery to lawyers.

        now you know the rest of the story.

  • This guy was definitely not riding through rio dell on a bycylcebqfter shooting a guy in alferpoint. Hey, ,a year he was “taking matters to his own hands”… how the fuck would you know? Maybe he is dead already? Maybe he was so messed up on drugs he was completely insane and needed help. Maybe he has a family or children, maybe he was protecting them from a worthless drug attic tweeker, maybe he was one himself. How the hell do you know!!!!???? Screw all you dumbakk judging assholes who don’t know shit but just talk shit.. people are people no matter if they live die fukk kill you don’t know what they live through. What they struggle with, what they battle live or die with. This child/man (who’s really a man before 30 these days anyway) is not only guilty or only innocent, only victim, only suspect. He may have taken his own life by now or not who knows. Fukk you all and love for all. Fukk!!!

    • Just quoting what I positively know. This A-hole plagued this community with his innocent mistakes one too many times. Im not gonna sweep it under the rug as if he never did these multiple awful things. It is what it is, cause he made choices that lead to this eventually. Sorry its hard to wrap around your brain, how awful he really is. It’s a shame he has brought this upon his family friends, who will now suffer, as his multiple victims have in the past.

    • When it is the average taxpayer who picks up the tab only to be the victim of this circle of violence. You better believe there will be comments. It is angering a lot of people to watch this cycle of family violence. Mendocino, Humboldt, and DelNorte counties have highest rates of violence -domestic and other as well as drug use in the State. Those who pay for the drug idled lifestyle frequently are the victims so instead of spewing your hatred and indignation how about a little gratitude and appreciation while trying to improve your life.

  • The rant of a real sociopath.

  • You are what you hate.

    • No locals? Really?

      Maybe the commenter is a blackmail . Imeam you’re right n
      Though,I can’t stand white people and I was one. Now I’m pink and I’m not a colorist.

  • Pitiful Yellow Belly Hate

    Do you suppose they care what you think? They only care about what reactions they can strike.

  • Ok, so this puke went and killed another person. What did parole and probation do for him? From the action he took, I would say nothing. If you are concerned about public safety, and what Humboldt County Parole and Probation is or is not doing, I invite ALL to attend the HCCC meeting this coming Wednesday September 27TH at 12:15. The meeting will be held at the county courthouse, ground floor jury selection room, that’s on the 4th St side. There will be a portion of the meeting for public comments. Let’s hold those who salary WE pay accountable.

    • You don’t get it : LIBERAL idiot voters of California did the Realignment Bullshit. The cops and courts got their hands tied behind their backs by liberal idiot voters. You want liberal laws? You got them. You reap what you sow.

      • Just sayin said it right! We need to get ride of our governor and his cronies, repeal AB109 and props 47&57 to get back to where we was. The violence has gotten outta hand and these criminals will be running the state here in a minute

        • Not in my neighborhood!

          This time prisons, last time speedbumps or homeless daycare. I voted against those props but the reason for them is nobody wants to pay for more prisons and they sure don’t want to live by one.

          • Either get more prisons and heavy sentencing for all the crime that breeds in the liberal state of California or have them in your neighborhood ripping , killing , and raping the law abiding citizens.

            • We don’t need more prisons, we need harsher penalties for breaking the law.

              • If there are harsher penalties for breaking the law, then people will be in prison for longer and we will need more prisons.

                We need to stop jailing people for non-violent drug crimes and institute a universal wage.

            • We don’t need more prisons or cops! WTF people? We NEED to instill basic moral values. We NEED to raise the village together. We NEED to intervene at the beginning of behavioral problems. We NEED to stand together and help each other. Pointing fingers at one group or another will not bring about any change or healing in our desperately broken society. Sad that so many miss the obvious. Well,just think about it. Bob you will be missed. You never failed to make me smile. May your family find comfort in that you lived honorably up here.

        • The duty of all officials is to SECURE the rights of the people, first and foremost. They each take an oath acknowledging and promising to obey the Constitution.
          Any official who tries to either grant or deny our SECURED rights, has conspired against the people.
          Our rights are God given, natural rights. Mere man is forbidden from denying or granting. Mere mortal man can only design the consequences for the hoodlums who destroy another person’s God given rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness aka private property.
          The 9th and 10th amendments reconfirm the limits of the governments and the limitless rights of the people.
          With that said, the sheriff is elected to secure the rights in your county. (S)He has the power of authority to SECURE the rights of the people. (S)He has the power of authority to deny arrest or theft of each individual by anyone, including tyrants who disguise themselves as officials. A thief is a thief. A murderer is a murderer. Unconstitutional measures are forbidden from ballot. Those who conspire to harm others through deceptive ways, including the ballot, will face stiff penalties, if the people demand for the destroyers of their rights be held accountable.
          Either Repeal, Dismiss, or face severe consequences.

          18 US Code 241
          If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

          If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

          They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

          We do not elect leaders to change the constitution, OR the government. The government was formed to SECURE our rights. We elect them to secure our rights. We choose to root for the one who will root for our causes, who promote awareness. We do NOT elect them to legislate our causes or to force awareness.
          It is OUR concerns, OUR awareness, OUR liberties. All are hands off. Tyrants disguised as officials are not immune.

          • No such thing as God given rights. If that was true, there wouldn’t have been a Revolutionary War. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a Constitutional right. Nobody’s God, or church, gave us those rights.

  • This thread sounds like a Trump rally. All you Republican kooks should move to somewhere where you aren’t so outnumbered. This is one of the most liberal places in the United States…. and on earth! Run! The libtard snowflakes are gonna get your daughters pregnant and then your all gonna have trans gender libtard brown skinned grandchildren!!!! Ahhhh!!!

    • bro-hum, you seem to only have one pretty trivial and nasty retread line to offer on anything subject.

      We get you. You hate everyone who doesn’t spit out the Party line. You try to phrase your hate in the ugliest way you think will be allowed to stand. It upsets you to have been a small part of the reason Trump got elected. And you must hate both white and black people as you insist that the most damaging insult you can come up with is that both will be bred out of existence.

      Or you’re a 14 year old troll posting because you’re so bored hiding in your parent’s house after getting kicked out of school that you can only spew to get attention.

      Or you’re a college student and haven’t yet learned that most of what’s said there is self indulgent, protected delusion that must be unlearned when forced to venture out in the real world.

      Oh, so many possibilities and all of them unenlightened.

      • Or… I’m a full grown tax paying pro gun rights pro gay marriage pro cannabis libertarian intellectual, who is disgusted with the racist vitriol and far right fear mongering that is spewed on this website over and over and over every time there is violent crime. You ignorant right wing bible thumping redknecks are a dying breed. You can not stop the evolution of mankind. No how far you go to hide, no matter how sheltered you try to live, the world is changing and with that change is going to come the extinction of the less than intellectual. That or we will all die in a world war between good and evil. Ignorant right wing idiots versus educated intellectual progressives. Problem with that is progressives don’t know as much about firearms so you got us beat on that… but… there are WAY more of us progressives and believe it or not, some of us Alt-Left libtards know a thing or two about how to shoot. 😳

    • Bro, I think you’d be quite surprised if you knew how many “conservatives” actually lived around here.

      • Bro would be even more surprised to find that conservatives and constitutionists come in every size, shape, color and status.

        • So true, Shak. The biggest supporters/donors to Mendocino County United Stand were the Property Owners’ Associations, the Tax Payers Union, the John Birch Society, and President Ronald Reagan. Full circle.

    • You think the right is outnumbered in Humboldt ???? Wow. You mean the out of state wanna be’s that still role there Indiana ID’s and Vermont Plates ? You might want to do a property search and see who owns most of the land and who really lives around here. That made me laugh. Just because someone grows weed , doesn’t make them a bleeding heart liberal. Far from it. You got me laughing so hard !!!

  • I’m so sad for the loss of my good friend. This crazy piece of shit will be back. Look all over Facebook people are saying where he is at why haven’t the fuckin police made it up to wool mountain yet and checked out joe shiblers fuckin tweak din I’m sure they would find more than just zack there but tons of guns and meth labs

    • Cops are afraid to go to Joe [edit] list goes on a cop would probably get shot just seen on the driveway place is well protected over there Trinity county won’t go near the place guaranteed it ……….

  • Most of the posts above are testimony to how horrid people can be, and how fast people leap to judgment without facts. How can people exchange such disgusting insults over what is, in fact, no more than a guess or an opinion? Do these folks comprehend that even when they use a pseudonym, they are exposing the ugliness of their souls to public view?

    They present a really strong argument for disallowing public commentary on these sites. That would be sad, because so often readers find new information in the comments section. But reading through them to pick up information can be like being at the dump on a hot, busy day. Neauseating.

    Kym, I hope that you just change one thing: no pseudonyms. I use one, but it feels like protection from the repellant trolls in this venue. I’d gladly use my true moniker if I didn’t feel scared by the foul minds of others.

    • It’s the real world. Offering true names would mean even more judgement based nothing. Only you might have to deal with it in a store or meeting or it might even come to your home.

      You base this idea on a civility that has fallen away. When I look at politicians’, hollywood celebrities’, news anchors’, etc remarks, it is clear that insulting people who differ is considered de rigueur.

    • 1)Mateel stabbing-Fact
      2)Bashed my friends head while working-Fact
      3) Bashed his girlfriends face-Rumor but I believe it cause of #1 & #2
      4) Murdered his friend- Fact

    • Read the comment section of Redheaded Blackbelt’s Facebook page if you think no pseudonyms will help. Honestly, you say you would use your real name if you weren’t scared by the foul minds of others BUT those minds don’t change just because you are using your real name. They will still think the same things. You might not see the things they think if they are worried about using their real name but I doubt it, the Facebook page has plenty of examples of folks being awful.

      • It’s just that when you offer them an anonymous venue, you give them permission — and the power — to be awful. It feeds the beast.

        • Nobody needs permission to be awful, that comes naturally these days…

        • I don’t think they need permission. There is plenty of awful on Facebook. On the other hand, anonymous allows people to give information comfortably ie marijuana growers would find it difficult to comment about a subject they have a lot of information on.

  • Did they ever “clear” his brother as the suspect for the murder of bob the builder up rancho several years ago? Just asking……

  • I believe these comment section are just people screaming into the dark. Like the movie Network. “I am mad as he’ll and I am not going to take it anymore.” Not all the comments but a lot. Folks are sick of the crime and shit that happens every day every where it seems. Powerlessness reigns supreme and in a few words one can scream it out. Hell the leader of the world may start WW3 in 150 characters or less. Doesn’t matter if you are liberal conservative Antifa or Neo-Nazi. It is fear based. Get involved feed the homeless, walk watch in your neighborhoods, do something.

    Just my opinion.

  • I’m sure once he realizes what he did he will prob off him self, why is there not an all out war on meth? That shit is ruining this country, perfect example.

  • CHUMP: here’s your kind of lame comment:

    Never trust a short hair. Just look at this guy’s wee wee cut and you know he’s a gangster. Same for drivers of American junk heaps.

  • Its always struck me as strange .That so many young men in ap have so many opportunity to make money and live well.they live in the land of milk and honey.Yet they would rather tweek around accomplishing nothing causing grief on our community and stealing rather than working for an honest days pay.

    meth sucks just stop

  • Rest in peace if you know where he is why don’t you notify the police and tell them where you think he is you have proof of that because they can’t just go on your word you got proof to back up what you say make that phone call then

  • Wonder what his mother thinks of her “Perfect Son” being wanted for murder?

  • His Mother was killed by? His Father killed Toshe….Goodluck!

  • oh my? another murder in the triangle ? keep up the good work zach. what a truly peaceful industry . any body want to sell ten pounds meet you at alderpoint midnight it takes awhile to drive from oakland. its ten pounds the first buy,then we take it all the second visit. theres no greater joy than robbing the humboldt hippie crits

  • If you want answers the county has a public meeting on sept 27 1230-130 in the jury assembly room in the court house. Its time we start showing up and letting people know how fed up we are with rhe catch and release program in this county. No one has to bail out so when they dont show its our tax payers money and our safty at stake.

  • This wonderful young man is running amuck in AP right now causing trouble .On the run and dangerous.All jacked up stealing shit nightly.Driving around doing donuts in town .Many calls to law enforcement no response .I hope something is done today before someone else has to be ripped of or killed.

    Seems like our tax dollars never reach much farther than Garberville .

  • I really hope history doesn’t repeat itself again with this case. Remember what happened a little over 3 years ago in rancho?

    Neil Decker was murdered by Matt Brown. Then when MB was threatening people of alderpoint and the police would t do anything. The boys got together to protect the community and in the middle of the Jubal Hall murdered Scott Johnson.
    And the same girl is mixed up in all these murders.
    No zach murdered Bob and he’s in alderpoint threatening people and acting like the law doesn’t matter…. what’s going to happen when the cops don’t arrest him??

    I just hope no one else is hurt and he is captured.

  • What is wrong with everyone? Guest 17 makes an excellent point. Humboldt County Sheriffs dont put the effort into capturing murderers if they have to leave Garberville. People need rules to live by because we are not perfect. That said I believe the important rules we all are miserably failing at are
    #1 Respect for life
    #2 Live and Let Live
    #3 Respect the Right of Freedom of Choice
    #4 Accountability

    R.I.P. Bob condolences to his children and family.
    Miss you every day Scott Johnson and Neil Decker

  • White privilege gone wrong maybe lol

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