Marci Kitchen Arrested and Made Bail

Kiya Kitchen

Kiya Kitchen who died along with Faith Tsarnas after being struck by a hit and run driver. [Photo provided by family]

Marci Kitchen, mother of Kiya Kitchen, was booked into the Humboldt County Jail and then released on bail yesterday. The District Attorney’s Office charged her with Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated. The penalty for this can range from four to ten years in jail. “The maximum misdemeanor sentence is one (1) year in county jail, and the maximum felony sentence is four (4) years in prison,” according to the site linked above.

Charges against her stem from the hit and run death of her daughter Kiya Kitchen and her daughter’s friend Faith Tsarnas. On the evening of July 12, the two girls were on Eel River Drive skateboarding northbound when they were struck by a hit and run driver. Faith Tsarnas died immediately in the road. Kiya Kitchen died the next morning.

Blogger John Chiv who first reported Kitchen’s arrest and release last night says she made her $750,000 bail last night. Humboldt County Jail records show that she was released an hour and nine minutes after she was booked.

According to her attorney Ben Okin, “We immediately surrendered Marci last night after being informed a warrant had been issued for her arrest (as we’ve consistently offered since July 13).”

UPDATE 2:06 p.m.: Sheriff’s Office Releases Booking Photo and Charges Against Marci Kitchen [UPDATE 2 p.m.: Kitchen Pleads Not Guilty]

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NOTE: Story was updated at 7:25 a.m. with the quote from Marci Kitchen’s attorney.



  • 4 to 10? For murdering two little girls. Wow.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yep, alcohol is worse than mj, but mj penalties are much worse…..for not even anyone dying.

      Travesty is this issue, travesty.

      May those two young gals have the blessings of all that is LOVE!

      • “Innocent until proven guilty” is not something that is followed by the vast majority of the people that have posted comments below. So far, it’s a rush to judgment, including the fairness of a possible verdict. You folks need to calm down.

        Obviously, the DA doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that it was intentional, but it sure is possible.

        • More than possible IM(ns)HO very likely considering there was NO evidence of her attempting to stop BEFORE she hit them!!! Only after the fact did she stop & then only long enough to survey her handiwork, (YUP I got ’em both) then she ran home & hid herself as well as the vehicle in question not to mention immediately retained the services of a known SHARK lawyer!!!! It all smells like last weeks sh!tty diapers left in the sun to ripen!!!

    • She should be charged with two counts, due to two deaths–probably still not the years she deserves, but better that one count of 4-10. With good behavior, she may not even have to serve the 4, if that’s what they give her. It’s a complete injustice. People in their right mind, would not have left the scene. People in their right mind would not be out drinking and having a good time for the months after their daughter’s death, especially at their hands. I hope they at least give her the max with the one count.

  • Omg!!! Not even on the local news! Finaly. Mugshot please kym. That coward _itch. Rot.

    • I expect a press release later today.

      • Hi Kym
        Have you or anyone else reached out to any national media outlet to cover this tragedy and obvious police misconduct? There are clearly some small town antics going on here and the best was to put pressure on the system is to get the whole nation watching. Have you tried calling the national Mothers Against Drunk Drivers office to see how they can help the community? I know her lawyers are putting pressure on local media outlets to not slander her. Sometimes the only way to get justice is to go out and get it. I thank you for all that you do and know this has broken the heart of many and ripped up the community. I pray for the girls family.

        • Since there is no proof of alcohol or drug use, what if this was simply a result of uncontrollable rage?

          • Witness statements quoted her acting as if she was under the influence. I know that’s not definitive, but I’m assuming that with as many witness statements or maybe even her possibly being tested was the reason she was arrested on charges of “intoxication manslaughter” (or whatever the technical charge was). Remember, the CHP kept VERY quite about their investigation. She may have been tested. She may not have been. But it comes down to having evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” or they would have arrested her on different charges.

          If we all write and express how we can’t count on local law to bring the young girls justice. I wrote already I suggest anyone who feels the betrayed by our local law enforcement should do the same.

          • I just moved back here (Feb) after havjng been gone all over the world since ’96 thus, apart from what ive read here, I dont know the people involved or really even the details other than to say it was obviously a horrific and unthinkable tragedy wherein a woman driving an SUV killed her own skateboarding teenage daughter and the daughters best friend. There also seems to be a lot of chatter on the comment boards the majority of which paint her as having been under the influence of alcohol and or drugs (its been implied by many that she rarely wasnt). Additionally there seems to be a great deal of concern that local LE either purposefully, through incompetence, quid pro quo or just the usual where a monied defendant weighs more on justices scales.. (even knowing nothing, i must say, 2 hours in jail for 2 precious young lives sounds as Hinky as it gets even by humboldt justice standards.. que banjo music) I think i even just now read someone suggest unthinkably that she did this on purpose or in a rage??? (umm.. YIKES!)
            Now knowing how little i know of the facts as well as “The Wisdom of Crowds” is usually a lack thereof.. I would be remiss not to recuse myself from any judgement here. As concerned as many of you sound though this sounds like someone should call that Chris Hanson guy.. y’all know him from those “To Catch a Predator” shows where they lure in lowlife degenerate child sex predators to what they think is a tryst with an 11 year old… then he walks out and says the 6 words no man Ever,EVER wants to hear.. “I’m Chris Hanson, have a seat” usually followed by the even more dreaded quartet of “what’s in the bag?” (Must see TV if you haven’t)
            But i digress.. he now has a show called Crime Watch Daily that ive seen a few times around 5pm weekdays.. this sounds like one he would jump in with both feet and i think ive heard them ask for viewers to phone in stories near the end of the show…. if i was as personally and deeply suspicious/concerned about justice being served for those poor young ladies as most of you seem, id call that dude like yesterday… he will be here lickety split shoving mics and cameras into every oriface of said offender and anyone else involved to the extent that if she were to have as much as silently passed gas in church one time 19 years ago, we will get the truth of the matter from every parishoner and the organ player…
            just an idea though.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    HOJ asked Kym for updates twice – a day and two days before Chiv Boy


    HOJ had the inside skinny….just sayin’.

    • Is it always about you, HOJ?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Nope, but it is about facts…..and HOJ just wuvs those itty bitty facts that are HUGE…..

        HOJ understands, thanks to the blogosphere, that Jesus Christ of Nazareth would have had a much more difficult time in America today making believers out of denialists and the closed minded.

        The more people push away, the more people are really convicting themselves to a life of limited exposure to facts and truth, thus setting up their lives for an unreality experience…..just sayin’.

        HOJ favors your right to freedom of Speech and Expression, and your personal experiences of facts and truth.

        HOJ enjoys people sharing their life experiences.

        Thank You folks for being you!

      • No, he’s just a drama queen. It’s just best to ignore him…or as he so put “limit your exposure”.

    • See?!?! Pot money can do alot. Like keep a piece of shit free. She’ll probably never do one day. Breath Joe…

    • Pat yourself on the back! Way to be HOJ! WooWHoo HOJ HOJ HOJ HOJ HOJ!
      HOJ……F@CK YEAH!

    • HOJ, you are are clueless as usual. You had no skinny. Both Kym and I have reported on this case, and had breaking news.

      CHP had forwarded a report to the DA long before two days so the arrest was expected. Unlike your ramblings, Kym and I have to verify information, not print hearsay.

      How can you know anything when all you do is go from blog to blog all day babbling. That is the two blogs that still allow your incessant ramblings.

      • Henchman Of Justice


        HOJ knew what was up before you, so go ahead and whine all ya want…….

        No need to get into a jealous fit of rage, septic shock is unhealthy.

        • How did u ever get over 1% of any vote Jeffery Lytle? Your bio reads well, then you blog barf all day 24/7/365. There are people you can talk to out there. They can help you adjust your medication. Take care.

        • HO J Simpson?lmao

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          No HoJ. The only place you “had the skinny” was inside your own head. If you’re not going to show your cards, then we’re calling your bluff. Now play or fold.

    • Wow you know how to read public documents what a genius. You know Jesus wouldn’t approve or like you much, he said to be kind. You seem more like a jehovah follower, you know, the God who played games with the devil regarding if his followers would murder their own children for him. He’s mean.

      John chuv released the info late yesterday eve, and now that there’s an arrest record it can be reported on that she’s arrested. Everyone knew it was coming, I saw it in news outlets that they finished their investigation and were ready to proceed. Who cares when we find out? She was out on bail within an hour, did u need to kno the minute she was fingerprinted?

      & all you who don’t get why people in the medical marijuana world are so frustrated, 4 years max for killing someone while you’re drunk versus higher bail and way longer sentences even for just possession of herb.

  • Not even charges for leaving the scene? Hiding evidence. This county is ridiculous when it comes to charges.

    • I want to believe that once a complain/information is filed by the DA, the additional charges will be included.
      John Chiv indicated he’d be at the arraignment and I’m sure he’ll post all the charges if the DA gets its out in time for 1:30. We shall see.
      I believe the additional charges will come. Even in Humboldt.

    • I wonder about the list of charges, and especially that TWO victims seem to now be ONE. ‘Spect we’ll know more after 1:30. af

  • she killed 2 and it was a hit and run. Shouldn’t it be 2 counts of everything and 2x the punishment? Could there be more charged added on later? I’m for throwing the book at her.

  • What a tragedy. The next time you think about driving while high, just remember the person you kill could be someone you really really care about.

    • sharpen your pencil

      She wasn’t high, she was drunk, and this isn’t some stupud ass commercial telling you weed is just as bad as booze. [edit]

    • This person didn’t care.. HIT AND RUN… Enough said. She is thinking of saving her ass from the get go.. What kind of person does this? Not any mother I know..

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why not just hand her over to ISIS and be done with this nonsense?
    I’d love to see the video they’d make with her…

  • Wow only in humboldt over two beautiful young ladies whose lives just began,RELEASED are you kidding?she left the scene of an accident,she was drunk,high,stupid,and killed two,her own child!!shame on you marci,killer mom,but you disgrace motherhood!!I’m sorry I feel this way but MY GOD HER OWN CHILD.may god have merci,on your soul,your going to need it

  • She made bail ? She ran from the situation already once. $75,000 down payment is a cheap price to pay if she chooses to relocate before the trial to a different state or country. Just sayin’ …

    • She isn’t going anywhere. They have endless cash to throw at this. She knows she will not spend one day in jail.

    • Do you only have to pay a tenth of the bail to get out? Bail was 750,000, according to the article.

      • If you use a Bail Bonds company, that company guarantees your appearance in exchange for 10% of the bail amount…which you don’t get back.
        If you yourself pay the total amount, the money is held in a type of “escrow” account which, if you make your court appearances, is returned to you after judgment…guilty or innocent. af

      • yes you only have to pay 10% of what bail is.

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it a big coincidence that a drunk/tweaking out driver hits her own child. She could have hit another car, person, tree Gard rail etc, instead she hits her own kid. Somehow doesn’t seem like an accident.

    • Where are these “facts”? Can someone please provide a link that says she was high as well as drunk? All I read was that she was acting drunk according to I think CHP and the nurse on the air lift (or maybe at the hospital). Please site your sources, as I may have missed something…..

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Drunkeness is a state of being high.

        Being high applies to any and all stimulants.

        Semantics R Us.

        • Alcohol & Cannabis especially Alcohol is NOT a stimulant alcohol is a depressant!! As are some strains of Cannabis!!! Just a quick FYI!!!

    • I have always had the suspicion that this wasn’t an accident! If it was then any mother would either want to die or do whatever was necessary (turn self in) to get this whole thing over with. I mean every step she took since hitting the girls points to it being purposefully.

    • I was pondering the same thing. She flew down with her child(witness) did she finish the job down there?

  • Ben, I know how the lawyer thing works. I like lawyers when they are on my side. Please, if you have any soul, think about the other girl that was killed. Justice needs to be served. If this was a truly innocent situation, I would feel different. It isn’t an innocent situation. You know this. Do the right thing.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Lawyers are never on your side, how ya like them apples?

      Lawyers like your money!

      No lawyer ever achieves justice!

      Lawyers, the legal system…..ALL bullshit and lies that deceive americans constantly regarding “justice”.

      As if people don’t realize that this country is deteriorating because it takes 250 years of bullshit to sink in that America is a failing conspiracy of faux ideals layed upon a bed of rosey words written on white supremecist paper.

  • DEAR… You mean suitcases too ? Disgraceful for all the friends and family of these two lovely girls.

    • Not picking up what you put down.

      • Sorry, “dear”, this isn’t a TV show. The lawyer’s soul is not part of the job description. Why should he give up his law license because you think he should act on whatever “soul” he may have. Seriously, what do you expect him to do, go in to court and tell the judge she confessed? In case you didn’t know it, an attorney should never care if their client is guilty or innocent. All they need to do is provide the best defense possible…(Depending of course on how much the defendant can afford for said defense.)

  • Same haircut different decade

    Omg hoj no one knows who you are and your comments are just annoying and it seems you have no life but comment anonymously on the internet. Go back lost coast outpost. Please. This is a community news blog and you are l
    All over it and annoying
    Thank kd.

  • Don’t have the facts but have heard rumors she was back to partying shortly after the accident. Maybe the judge should consider that fact on sentencing day. She is endangering society once again while out on bail.

  • Rest in peace little angels.

  • The licensed care provider who murdered my 2 yr old daughter in ’97 only did 5 of a 6 year sentence. The laws in this state and especially Humboldt County are a freaking joke! You can do more time for stealing a 12 Pk of beer or a pair of Levis. Ask me again why I hate it here.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. No mother should have to out-live her child. af

    • Yes, so sorry to read about your loss. All of this is heartbreaking!

    • ADreanen Antoun, why do you hate it here? (You asked for someone to ask you again)…

      If you steal the 12-pack from the 76 station on Central Ave. in McK-town, you don’t even get arrested.

      How many state or Humboldt County laws do you actually know? My guess, less than a handful.

      BTW, 19 – 20 years is probably long enough to mourn the loss of a 2 yr old, especially if you had the ability to spit out another one or two. If the 5 years didn’t satisfy you, get a shotgun and deal with it like a redneck, but please, get over it.

    • How well I know. I did more time in prison for crimes I didn’t commit than this woman will or your daughter’s killer did. I’m still harassed over a past that isn’t me. Nobody cares, so WTF? There is no real truth, no justice in this world. People want to believe lies, so that’s what they get.

  • Lets get her in the genral population in the cal prision system .The genral population will fix this

  • The damage is already done she is going to have a hard time keeping her own sanity together it dose not do any good to give this person a hard time she is not a harden career criminal she made a tragic mistake when she was probably driving to close to her daughter and her daughter’s friend and alcohol was a factor and the CHP will find out exactly what happened . It would be any parents worst nightmare to accidentally kill there child and there child’s friend so stop giving her a hard time it won’t do anyone any good to watch this person lose there sanity it just gose to show how cruel society can be and how other people’s misery makes certain people happy it is a part of human nature that I have always hated did you not consider the long term effects of her actions she will be dealing with she will probably spend the rest of her life trying to hold her self together so if you seriously enjoy watching someone’s life fall apart and lose there sanity then you are a very unpleasant and miserable person yourself and you obviously need to be placed on Crest Mouth Watch it is mostly effective on bad words but can be used on distasteful or inappropriate, insulting, degrading words I think you overstand my overstatement.

    • Lame excuses for a murderer!

      No, i think most people just wish for justice, for the DEAD CHILDREN! B***h ran & hid her mistakes under a tarp while she sobered up and lawyered up. LAME!

      1# priority is to protect your children!
      I hope she does feel it like a dagger for the rest of her life. 2 FAMLIES(not just her) must suffer for the rest of their lives cause of HER mistakes.

      Where’s the justice for the victims and their families who suffer from the hands of this Killer!

    • Wow! Are you serious? 2 beautiful girls were murdered and you think she should get her conscience as a punishment?

      • They were not murdered it might have been an accident but considering the circumstances the judge might not go as easy as you all think.

        • Actually, it could be considered 2nd degree Murder…….

          Murder Definition according to the law books:

          n. the killing of a human being by a sane person, with intent, malice aforethought (prior intention to kill the particular victim or anyone who gets in the way) and with no legal excuse or authority. In those clear circumstances, this is first degree murder. By statute, many states consider a killing in which there is torture, movement of the person before the killing (kidnapping) or the death of a police officer or prison guard, or it was as an incident to another crime (as during a hold-up or rape), to be first degree murder, with or without premeditation and with malice presumed. Second degree murder is such a killing without premeditation, as in the heat of passion or in a sudden quarrel or fight. Malice in second degree murder may be implied from a death due to the reckless lack of concern for the life of others (such as firing a gun into a crowd or bashing someone with any deadly weapon). Depending on the circumstances and state laws, murder in the first or second degree may be chargeable to a person who did not actually kill, but was involved in a crime with a partner who actually did the killing or someone died as the result of the crime. Example: In a liquor store stick-up in which the clerk shoots back at the hold-up man and kills a bystander, the armed robber can be convicted of at least second degree murder. A charge of murder requires that the victim must die within a year of the attack. Death of an unborn child who is “quick” (fetus is moving) can be murder, provided there was premeditation, malice and no legal authority. Thus, abortion is not murder under the law. Example: Jack Violent shoots his pregnant girlfriend, killing the fetus. Manslaughter, both voluntary and involuntary, lacks the element of malice aforethought.

          As to the Humboldt Cty to prove it, good luck! So the 4-10yrs Hit & Run is the stickable charge, considering how lawyered up she is. Hopefully she will get 2 counts w/ max of 10yrs each! 20Yrs is good amount of time for her conscience to think about it

        • An accident is an accident, it became murder when she left them on the side of the road to die. That is what her conscience should be bothering her about, not that it was an accident!

          • Yes hit and runs are very bad she should have stayed there that made things way worst for her she totally panicked that was obvious.

            • If it was panic why not come forward own up to it in the last over two months ago. Also from the booking photo doesn’t look like shes been suffering too much.

            • “she totally panicked” Exactly! Thank You. When you kill your daughter and her friend you don’t panic, you lay in the road with your child giving whatever bit of comfort you can. Not hiding cars and disappearing and getting lawyered up.

          • “…it became murder when she left them on the side of the road…”


            • Absolutely 250% AGREED it was or damned well should be MURDER for a hit & run, especially involving alcohol or any mind altering substance, PERIOD!!!!

    • How about the other family involved in this?do you think they should give her a.break?and if her life is falling apart,it’s her own fault.yes I hope she remembers this her whole life,she killed.her own child as well as another.may those young ladies rest in peace,and not know who did this to them

      • oh, they know. i, too, hope they went with and are in peace now, but by the way things are looking, those beautiful babies were standing with skateboards, in Marci’s lane, facing her, seeing her thinking something along the lines of ‘oh goodie there’s (F:your)mom she did come to pick us up’.. only then- #$@%&!! confusion horror and marci destroyed them both with her Jeep. Faith went quick, maybe her mind didn’t have sufficient time to register it all, but, Kiya, Kiya had 9 hours to mull it over n over, before letting go of her life that had only just begun. there weren’t even Any skid marks. i cannot believe this wretched woman and i don’t know why why why she hasn’t swallowed the barrel of a gun yet. [edit] thanks for listening

    • WOW!! You are correct if this whole tragedy played out different. I feel the same way. What took place wasn’t innocent. What took place is way more than a mistake. The killer and passenger(s) were methodical in their actions. Do you kill your own daughter and her friend and then have the brain power to start covering it up??? Hiding the jeep and parking trucks in front of the gate, disappearing and getting lawyered up???? Really??? I would be a basket case and wouldn’t give a rats ass what my life outcome was. I wouldn’t have the capacity to be sneaky. Way more to this story. I’m sorry, but she needs to pay for the CRIME. At the very least, for killing someone else innocent daughter. Shocked to see this perspective. Their actions do not show innocents!

      • Yes another family’s child was killed this is why they may not go so easy on her the other family is devastated too that’s why this is so tragic and Joseph and Jeven are devastated as well but on the other hand it won’t do her son any good to put his mother in prison even if they don’t live together anymore this is why the judge will be put to the test of fair judgement but could you imagine what it will be like for her in prison after negently/accidentally killing her daughter and friend what a horrible fait I pray for these families that indure such extreme hardship I am not so sure in this case prison is going to be a good solution for her it seems to be a system that dose not always work so well.

        • Maybe you should go to court and be a character witness to her being such a wonderful person? Everyone should have someone like you in their life. Sounds like you are a relative? People don’t learn from their mistakes by not standing up and accepting they did wrong. They continue they bad behavior because they are never held accountable.

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump

            It may be her all wasted, knocking over furniture and smashing bottles.

            Wouldn’t surprise me one bit…

          • No I am not a relative I do not know her even though her situation is difficult you have to consider all the circumstances all of the families and people involved and impacted should be helped out in such an extreme incident one would only hope that only life gets better for these people not worse but I am obviously not a judge in a court of any law when I first heard about this I thought this is something so serious nothing should be said about this incident simply out of respect for the family’s involved this is a very serious situation that’s all folks.

            • For some, their life shouldn’t get better. If she and the people involved were so heart broken why were they trying to go to Santa Cruz after the killings??

        • Poster formerly known as Matt

          The use of punctuation would make your writings more coherent.

        • It may not be good for the son’s mom to go to prison,but to show this is what happens when your life gets out of control,and the results are listed in the news I guess it’s better to show him if you got money you can get away with murder!!sorry!mostly I’m sorry he had to see his mother spiral out of control,and hide what she did.which was kill his sister.this may sound harsh but reality is here!!!

      • And point to accessories to this infanticide, as well. af

  • This makes me literally ill. You make a choice to drink then drive and kill not one but two people and maximum you get is 4 years?! Something is very flawed in our judicial system. You can rape and pillage and get more time.

  • Misdemeanor? I wonder what it takes to get charged with a felony in a case like this? Good grief!

    Maybe it’s considered a “family affair”, but what about Faith Tsarnas ? I don’t get it.

  • HOJ sounds like he is 12. All his baby talk and third party talk.

  • Well I think they should investigate were the 75thou came from .I’m sure it wasn’t from workin at Macdonald s.

  • This mother is going to suffer the rest of her life, in the moments before she falls asleep, and in her dreams..most of us should be so thankful this didn’t happen to us. Don’t throw the ‘Stone’ unless your totally innocent.

  • First, thank you John and Kym for the update!!
    I’m am glad she has finally been arrested, however I lack any type of joyfulness. How can she be given only one charge? Can and will they add more charges soon? I don’t understand this at all. 4-10 in JAIL not PRISON for two children? What about charges for leaving the scene? I’m shocked and relieved at the same time.

  • I would hope that they can get her on Gross Vehicular Manslaughter while intoxicated with special allegation of great bodily injury charges times X2 as this carries a much stiffer sentence than just vehicular manslaughter. This woman should never see the outside of a prison cell.

  • Kym, was the arrest warrant a Ramey warrant, or was it issued by the DA?

  • Unless statements are made by Ms Kitchen or someone else who is in a position to know, how can it be established:

    1. That Ms. Kitchen was driving the vehicle allegedly involved?

    2. That Ms. Kitchen was intoxicated in any way if she indeed is established as the driver of the vehicle?

    Here are a couple of possible scenarios:

    1.She was passed out drunk — or asleep stone sober — when someone borrowed the car. This scoundrel did the dastardly deed, parked the car, then skulked off never to be seen again. Multiple people could have had access to do this and unless someone admits something, their identity couldn`t be established.

    2. Ms. Kitchen was stone sober and entirely accidentally ran over the girls. Realizing what she had done, she panicked and in a state of shock, pounded down some booze to calm her nerves, then proceeded with the hospital visit.

    I believe this was Captain Hazelwood`s defense in the grounding mishap in Alaska.

  • To my way of thinking, only a Psychopath, could do something like this and not be devastated for the rest of their own life. The life lost was her flesh and blood Daughter and her Daughter’s best friend…..Marci has no conscious or remorse. If she did, she would have turned herself in 2 months ago and allowed an interview with the Fortuna PD and Sheriffs office and thrown herself at the mercy of the court. Anything else, (attorney’s, bail, etc.) which is how it stands right now… means she is incapable of feeling anything. Marci Kitchen is a Psychopathic monster who should be locked up right now and left in a cell to think about what she did for the next 25 years or so…bail my ass!

  • a mothers perspective

    as a mother, 4, even 8 years in jail will be nothing compared to the self guilt of killing my own child. to carry that around for the rest of my life, watching people with children the same age, growing up watching daughters get married and having children, becoming a grandmother. just the day to day of wishing my daughter was still here is enough punishment. no ammount of jail time can compare with that self guilt. living day to day in society watching women with their daughter would be more punishment than being in jail not seeing it. familys are suffering. she is suffering.

  • What a justice system we have…’Vehicular manslaughter’ Are you F’ing kidding me??? That is what you get if you run someone over and it is a complete accident. This on the other hand was murder. I don’t care how drunk or whatever you are, I think the probability of truly accidently running over and killing your own daughter AND her friend are astronomically high. I don’t know but this is wrong just so wrong, we all wanted to see some justice for this case, but there will be no justice just like there wasn’t for Gabe Jackson. Seems you truly get slapped on the wrist for vehicular murder around here. I hope there is a massive protest outside of the court house the day of her trail. #OUTRAGED

  • This is like our humboldt justice system like a while back when the two Mexicans got own recognisence because they had a residence in for tuna with a pound of meth in a pound of heroin .they will never serve a day of time they are in mexico. Travesty .just sayin .

    • Hey mogtx, when you are posting your comment, if you see a red squiggly line under a word, that means you have misspelled it. If you right-click on that word, the correct spelling will show at the top. This way, like you won’t seem like someone that like didn’t pay attention in like school or something.

      Yes, there is a good chance that everyone that reads your posts sees you as uneducated. “just sayin”…..

      • When people type comments like yours, everyone that reads it, thinks you have a stick stuck up your ass. “just sayin”……

  • Regardless of the length of jail time she will serve, this woman has self-inflicted a life sentence of guilt, shame and horrible self-esteem. She should be monitored for suicide as this case moves forward, because I don’t believe she’ll ever have peace of mind.

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    the key in charge differences between (a) and (b) is (a) is ‘with gross negligence’ and (b) is ‘without gross negligence.’

    Makes a lot of difference is prescribed sentencing!

  • Are there any lawyers out there who would be kind enough to explain the various degrees of non – justifiable homicide, the differences between the categories & etc.?

    There seem to be quite a few people baying for blood, calling Ms. Kitchen a murderer and so on based on almost nothing. Would you people like to see her broken on the wheel? It`s pretty easy to see how the horrors of the inquisition happened. If Ms. Kitchen was driving, does anyone really think she did this deliberately? Do you think she`s happy and feeling good about this — if indeed she is responsible? Would someone explain how the world will be a better place if Ms Kitchen is locked up for 20 years in some hell — hole? Will it dissuade her from drinking and driving again — if indeed it is established she was intoxicated? Do you really think it`ll discourage others from driving carelessly and running over little girls?

    For myself, I barely drink at all and do my very best to not run over anyone. Successful so far, after a million miles or so.

    • Marci Kitchen chose to get behind the wheel of her vehicle while she was drunk–no one forced her to do this. Marci Kitchen also effectively turned her vehicle into the deadly weapon it became when she killed her daughter and her friend.

      Marci Kitchen then chose to leave the scene of the crime she committed instead of somehow digging REALLY deeply into her heart to somehow find the decency to stop and try to HELP.

      Which part of these facts includes someone forcing her to make the choices she alone made and who should rightfully be held accountable for those choices?

      Public sentiment on such things tends to run in a certain way for a reason, so why should anyone be blamed for having certain very strong opinions about it?

      • They are blamed because they don’t know the facts, yet they still form an opinion that is based more on public perception rather than common sense. Do you know 100% positive that she was drunk, or is that just an assumption based on BS that you read in blog posts?

        It happened around 9pm on july 13th. Most likely, there was still daylight and there is no chance that the sun was in her eyes. It has been reported that there were no skid marks, which means she didn’t hit the brake prior to impact.

        My opinion is that she intentionally ran those girls over, most likely in a fit of rage, but, that is just speculation. Keeping that in mind, imagine if she is proud of herself for what she has done.

    • Thank you, Fritz Harmann.

    • Sorry Fritz, you have to pay an attorney for that info.

  • Does anyone KNOW Ms Kitchen was drunk? If you do, exactly how do you KNOW this? Or is this purely conjecture that she was drunk? There really is a difference, you know.

    • Its common for dui’s to bounce before they get caught, avoids harsher charges. Its called a loophole. I met a girl once who informed me of this, when she shared her story of ditching her moms car after a dui. What a sweet daughter huh?

  • This whole thing has become a very sore subject,for all kinds of a mother,grandmother,human being this has left me with a broken heart.i hope we all can heal from this.i wish the rest of the family’s well,and they can also heal God bless you all

  • Whether she was drunk or not, she hit 2 girls and left the scene. Was she aware she hit her own daughter? If so this is just unbelievable to me. No one knows what really was going thru this woman’s mind when the accident occurred so no point in making assumptions. Such a tragedy for the lives lost. I hope her actions are held accountable as the facts continue to be uncovered. May justice prevail for the victims of such a very sad ending to their lives.

  • Drunk …yes local bar reports her being there drinking and or drunk and leaving just prior to accident.
    Panicked…yes sobered up so fast as she sat over her gravely injured child cracks door open never gets out of the vehicle sits surveying the scene and ultimately fleeing “what the hell am I going to do? “I” being all that matters to Ms Kitchen…obviously.
    Hiding…yes the Jeep behind the fence with the other vehicles blocking it…Hmmm whoever owns those other vehicles should be charged with obstruction of justice and or hindering a murder investigation.
    Oscar winner…yes to sit at your child’s bedside as she DIES…never to confess or admit any part in what happened DAMN!!!
    She should have to do a public safety commercial about DUI and getting help before tragedy strikes.

  • Curious in the Community

    Any updates on this trial?

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