CHP Confirms They’ve Recovered Vehicle Involved in Fatal Hit and Run at One of the Victim’s Residences

UntitledPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

With the help from our local community and the tireless efforts of investigators the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Humboldt Area has recovered the grey 2015 Jeep Wrangler that was involved in this traffic collision. Through the investigation it was discovered that the vehicle was located at one of the victim’s residence. A search warrant was obtained for the property to seize any and all evidence that may be related to this collision.  We have identified a suspect but we will not be releasing the identity at this time.

Any new information will be released as soon as possible.

UPDATE 9:44 a.m.:Driver of Vehicle in Tuesday’s Hit and Run Has Contacted Law Enforcement

Latest information as of July 19, 2016: ‘Good Progress’ Learning About Death of Fortuna Teens, Says CHP Spokesperson



  • Thank you for all the up to the minute updates!

  • That’s going to upset folks!!she’s hiding omg.shes hiding from all the shit to come heart is broken at the thought of a mother who did this to her own baby,I can’t stop crying I’m a mother ,gma,and not in my wildest dreams could imagine this.if you have children please hug them and tell them how much you love them

  • Marci did it she will rot in hell she lawyered up and has communication through him

  • Please do not rush to judgement people. There are two families involved who have lost their beautiful young daughters. Let the LEO do their job and the Justice System do theirs. We, as a community, need to be supportive – not destructive – during this terrible tragedy that has rocked our friends and neighbors.

  • Why not release the name of the Suspect?

  • You are awful assumptuous Gma.

  • The mom? really? Her jeep. Her house. She left not only someone she hit, but her child, and that child’s friend. There is no excuse, not booze, not drugs, not even stupidity. Hope the justice system is hard on her!

  • Mother kills her own daughter in hit and run..this is just unbelievable how could a person live with them selves knowing this. Just no excuse for drunk driving.

    • veterans friend

      Probably she won’t (survive)

    • Where did it say anything about drunk driving?

    • Nobody said anything about drinking and driving…

    • RT….You know she was drunk? I mean after reading everything put out by the press it is obvious that it was the mother Marcia Kitchen) of one of the girls. I can’t imagine any reason you would hit and run your own child….but, you may be on to something with the DUI factor!! MESSED UP NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES FOR SURE.

  • This is so heartbreaking! I pray for the families of these young girls.
    Since they are not releasing the name yet of the suspect makes one wonder if it’s a minor sibling!

  • That poor family!!! How is the family of the other girl?! They must be devastated!! This whole mess is worse than a Greek Tragedy!! You can’t make up this hurt and pain! I can’t understand this soullessness! This is just down right….. UGH!!! I can’t even describe how I THINK, not know, but think, how the families feel at the lost of two children!! Then the uncontrollable tide of emotion when you find out it’s someone you know, A FAMILY MEMBER!!! No words!!!

    I hope the families pain eases. I hope the girls can rest in peace. I hope the first responders can sleep. And I hope the LEO’s evolved are safe. I hope the community can heal.

    Hold your children people. Hold them tight and let them know of your love. I don’t care if they are 4 months or 40 years, you let your babies know that you love them, because accidents happen, and death is only a heart beat away.

  • How does everyone know it’s the mother? There is a 16 year boy at the residence as well.

  • I can’t help but wonder how long it took before the authorities showed up at the door to let the mother know what had happened to her daughter. How do you fake that reaction? It took some time to hide the jeep.

    • I know Marci, did hire her and had her 2 times in my house. All she do and act is a fake. I told from the beginning she is a lunatik and dangerous.

    • I have thought about and mentioned the same thing. Surely they had to notify the family. I am wondering about the reaction myself.

    • I can assure you her reaction was not fake. I don’t know the family but I was visiting my daughter at the hospital when the accident took place. I had to pass through the ER waiting room. I saw the waiting family and then a woman come out of the ER to talk to her family. The woman had that look of horror, grief, and pain that cannot be faked. My heart ached for her and the rest of the family sitting there. I can not judge or hate or be angry, simply because of what I saw and felt as I walked through that room. All I could do was say a silent prayer every time I had to pass through. I have read and heard the worse assumptions about what happened and I am in total disbelief as are most people. Normally I think I would be just as angry and out for justice as most people posting, but still all I can feel is that overwhelming sadness.

  • This is sickening and sad at the same time! How does one live with themselves knowing what they did?

  • I didn’t want to say it directly ,but that’s what I thought yesterday .so sad unbelievable .

  • amimissingsomething

    To all my Friends and big family. I have grown up with all of these kids since they were babies. Please everyone calm the heck down! I looked at my FB page this morning and under my family members are Jeremy and Marci Marz, Ben and Nathan Tyler and Rachel and more who I have listed as my Daughters and Sons and I love every one of them like a Daughter and Son. I will always be there for them if they need anything because that is Love. This is one of the worst things I can think of happening in a very long time. Talk about it with your friends Pray about it. Feel your emotions and know it ok to be mad. But don’t make a mistake I made almost 6 years ago by coming on here and saying mean and hurtful things. I can tell you from experience you aren’t going to make it better or help the situation in any way. What you will accomplish is hurting yourself. Trust that this is true. Those words I put on here haunt me til this day. I know you’re hurting but take your hurt and make someone around you feel better by the way you act think and talk today. Jimmy V made a speech just before his untimely death due to Cancer. He said everyone should in one day…. Have fun…..Think…..and Have your emotions raised to crying either for joy or sorrow. He said “that’s one heck of a day”. Please be with your families today and talk about living. Life is short go out and make it a good day. PJ ps One other thing I have is this I want to say “Thank you Kym” The place you have in our community is one of the toughest yet most important jobs a person has. You do your job with Grace and kindness and you know how much words can affect a person. You do a great journalistic job and I for one Thank you again. pj

    • Great comment! Will do on the family thing.

    • HumboldtNemesis

      Thank you for sharing. If someone can’t comment to help others focus on healing those of us hurt by this & other things throughout our community, then they should not be here spreading their negativity. If the OTHER mother & father’s haven’t spoken out to you, ask yourself who you’re barking at? Do you want children to read your hate throughout all this hurt? Do you want our next generation to deal with masking pain with anger and other abuse instead of facing our emotions as human beings together as a community? Without unity there is no CommUNITY. Don’t allow your hate and anger to prevail when so much hurt has already happened. Teach our children how to deal with this and go on without holding on to this baggage of hatred. Let them be aware but don’t leave them with such hatred in their hearts that is spewed from your own. Each and every one of us should be focusing on the survivors of this not our hateful selves. We should be reaching out to these family members parents and loved ones. Do you think they need this kind of negativity around them in their community? A wise man once told me to feel the feeling and Let It Go. This is life and if you let your emotions control you without being more controlling of your emotions you will never experience true freedom. You cannot produce positivity if you are bathing in negativity. Consider those children that were friends with both girls. Try helping a parent possibly coping with how to deal with maybe having to explain to their kids that their little friends are gone.

      • Why haven’t the other parents spoken out yet 5 days later? I would be demanding justice nobody would be able to keep me quiet!! So that makes you wonder what is really going on is the chp just doing a slow thorough job in which case any good evidence is gone, or is it bigger than that? Why did they take so long to publicly identify kiya kitchen? Why haven’t they publicly identified the suspect? This whole case is so appalling that if you think about it something bigger and far worse is going to come to light, that is if the suspects friends in law enforcement don’t hinder the process.

  • Kym, Will there be another press release anytime soon? I also heard a rumor that the national news was covering.

  • Justice? There will be no justice in this case. All they are talking about is manslaughter and felony hit and run. Justice would be to hit this driver with a Jeep hard enough to rip an entire fender off and leave that person in the road to die. Our justice system is more lenient. There will be excuses. The mom might say, “I thought I hit a deer.” The sixteen-year-old son might say, “I was scared, I didn’t know what to do.” This is truly a tragedy and will continue to be one.

  • I read on a comment that the girl who passed at the scene was from San Francisco. I asked another person who lives in Fortuna and they said all they new was she was up visiting, but didn’t know where from. Is that true? For some reason that makes this tragedy that more sad!! Now I’m not saying it’s true, just asking for clarification.

    • To From_hoopa_wf……I read in the news that the one girl lived in San Diego and was here visiting….she and the local girl were on a soccer team here…..that is all I have heard so far…

    • Woman_in_fortuna

      She was up visiting from San Diego. She’s from here, and moved down there a few years ago with her mom and step dad.

  • Almost a week later and still no press release of an arrest? What is going on? This seems awfully strange. Someone hit those girls, and hid that Jeep, why aren’t they being made pay for it? My heart breaks for the poor innocent family members that haven’t yet received any form of Justice. Prayers for an arrest and conviction of this monster!

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