Kiya Suzanne Kitchen: Full of Life and Love

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Kiya KitchenKiya Suzanne Kitchen left us at 6:26 on July 13th at the precious age of 14. Kiya was a beautiful soul full of life and love that loved the outdoors and everything that it had to offer.

From riding motorcycles to hunting and fishing and riding long boards with her brother and friends. She especially liked to out shoot her brother. She loved to hike in the Redwoods with family and friends and find the albino redwood trees. She loved the beach but not the ocean which is funny because she loved to swim. Always the first one in and the last one out.

Kiya was an amazing artist that loved to paint and draw. She had an amazing voice that only few were lucky enough to hear.

May your new journey be full of adventures my baby girl. You will live with us in our hearts and souls. You will be forever missed and loved.

Kiya was preceded in death by her aunt Jamie Stephens. Kiya is survived by her father Joe Kitchen, brother Jevin Kitchen, grandparents Tom and Jeanne Kitchen, Barry and Paula Stewart, Greg Stephens, uncle and aunts Tim and Dewana Goodson, Tina Risley and many cousins. And so many friends that she loved dearly.

Kiya’s celebration of life will be held July 31st at the River Walk Lodge in Fortuna at 1:30pm.

An account has been set up at Redwood Capital Bank in Kiya’s name to fund a skate park in Fortuna.



  • I’m so very sorry for your loss.she is a beautiful angel.

  • So sorry to hear about Kiya. We hadn’t seen her in a few years, but remember her as a little. So happy with a smile to light up any room. Our condolences…..

  • Sorry for your loss she was a beautiful girl and now an angel watching over her family RIP

  • What a beautiful photo agree with g-ma on this one .

  • I am so sorry about the death of this beautiful child. I have a daughter her age, and this tragedy has touched my heart, deeply. Our entire community mourns the loss of these young women.

  • ADréanen Antoun

    My condolences on your greatest loss. May God grant your hearts strength & peace. I, too, have lost a child at the hands of another. My only solace comes in knowing that I will see her again someday. You are in my thoughts & prayers.

  • When my daughter turned ten she wanted a skate board for her birthday, because of the girls she saw skate boarding around town. ” They look so cool!” She said. Kiya was admired by a kid who didn’t even know her. She sounds like some one who lit up the world around around her. What a loss for our community, and especially for the family.

  • Have to notice her mother isn’t a mentioned survivor

    • Eileen McCready

      *Do not taint the remembrance of this beautiful young lady with the foul of how she left the earth. It it simply unforgivable to do so! I am a survivor of the ugly way my own husband left this earth (MVA) and people’s speculation and lies thereafter. No one will be living with this more permanently than her loved ones*

      Absolutely beautiful young lady, blessed is our extended family to have known you though I did not. Your memory will live on for having touched others lives. There will be smiles, laughter to come for the memories you laid within the community. I pray for peace and healing, especially for those close to you. Let us learn the lessons you were here to teach, in your honor <3

      • Henchman Of Justice

        The commenter was valid in his remark, and the remark did not taint jack.

        The young girls left us too soon and many friends and family are in pain, suffering…..crying about why this occured, etc….

        It is not hard to pick up that the mother was not mentioned. Doubt the girls in heaven (we can only hope) would be offended by the fact that a commenter mentioned something true about the obituary not meant to be judgemental of the victims.

      • Nicely said.

    • She was the one that hit her :/

  • Man so sad this is really just heart breaking hate when such positive lives are destroyed this isn’t at all right

  • Yes. Her mother isn’t mentioned. Kiya looks amazingly like marci. God rest her innocent soul. Best to joe and jeven…rest in peace angel. God, this hurts my heart..
    So much.

  • Rest in peace young one. My condolences to your family.

  • Gone far too soon, Angel Kiya. Look after your father and brother wherever you are now. My heart breaks for them, your friends and extended family.
    You have touched my heart in a way I can’t express, though we’ve never met.
    RIP sweet girl.
    Blessing to Joe & Jevin.

  • Back to the Land for Answers

    Very sorry for your loss….The pain has to be unbearable and I can only pray you find peace, wherever that is…

  • I am so sorry for your unbearable loss. She sounds like a wonderful, fun, and kind young woman.

  • So sorry sweet girl you left this earth too soon! I have two daughters and we left flowers for you it hurts my heart to think of loosing them. Sending positive energy to all effected by this tragedy. ❤️

  • Heather Anderson Toland

    Joe, I’m so very sorry and sad for this horrible loss of your forever loved baby girl. My heart is broke for you, your son, and all that loved her. Please know you’re in our hearts and prayers. I can’t even fathom what your going through and the emotions you’re feeling. Rest knowing she’s now your angle baby girl watching down on you.

  • its a blessing to be able to say their family is like second family to me. Jevin like a brother and Kiya like a sister , Im honered to have known her let alone watch her grow into a great girl. Like it say`s few were lucky enough to hear her great voice, it was like no other. forever you hold a special place in my heart sis, love and miss you

  • I’m so deeply sorry for your loss Joe and Jevin and all family and friends. My heart aches with you and for you. I can’t imagine how this has been for you. This remberence is beautifully written and Kaya was clearly bad ass! The Kaya scate park is the most perfect way to honor this amazing beautiful person. Kaya and Faith will forever be loved and remembered by our entire community. Sending love and light.

  • Please stop all the judging no one knows the truth what happen it is not going to bring those beautiful girls back. Let us grieve their lost and deal with the pain we can be angry and point fingers and accuse but right now it’s not going to stop the pain or bring them back. Justice will be served l know the mother loved her children with all of her heart she did not seek to kill or harm them ever! Evil comes into the most beautiful people and changes them into someone totally opposite they can’t stop it or change it. It happens to the most unexpected person unless you get help or take charge it will destroy you and your family l have learned this first handed since l was molested by my own uncle at a very young girl who was a drunk. It didn’t stop there either saw my sister live a life with a drug addict husband who beat her so bad her baby died 24 hours after being born because he was to early, being shot at, the guy was so different sober . My ex husband was a problem also, my husband now has trouble too so l know what can happen. But still l don’t point fingers or judge as l know that this was not on purpose it don’t make it right l know. I am just saying that let’s just let them grieve their lost remember that the family loves her also and it doesn’t help them reading this.

  • May this wonderful young lady rest in peace.

  • Kiya, I never had the pleasure of meeting you except through the words of your grandfather Tom and my Nana, your great grandmother Betty. They both talked about you often and were so proud of you.
    Joe, I am so sorry for you loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Jevin.

  • Sorry for your loss. Not many words to describe the emotions i feel after reading this. A skate park in her honor sounds beautiful. She is & will always be with you two! One day, not today & not tomorrow but one day you’ll see each other again!
    Good night sweet princess: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

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