[UPDATE 9:32 p.m.] Hit and Run: Child Injured in Fortuna

At approximately 9:15 p.m., officers reported to dispatch that a child was injured in a hit and run traffic collision on south of Kenmar on Eel River Drive. An ambulance is headed towards the accident at this time.

A possible Jeep Cherokee with one headlight broken is being sought in connection with this collision. The vehicle was last seen headed towards the Drake Hill and the Rohnerville area.

Drake Hill Road is closed to traffic.

Map below is only very rough approximation of where the incident occurred.

UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Law enforcement is searching for the Jeep Cherokee and saying that it is possibly involved in an 1144 (death.) We are unsure at this time whether the child has died or if another person died. Please keep an eye out for the vehicle.

UPDATE 9:36 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates that a 16-year-old female is being taken by ambulance to the hospital. The child has multiple injuries. [We are now being told that the injured child is 16 and have updated the information.]

UPDATE Wednesday: Two Teenage Girls Killed by Hit and Run Driver



  • Praying for the child and the family.
    Doesn’t sound good as the coroner has been requested per scanner.

  • What color jeep??

  • What color jeep ? Prayers to the involved parties 🙁

  • So sad, I grew up biking walking on that road and now it’s so confusing as to the speed limit….it says 40mph and 25 when children are present because of the schools….well how about sidewalks and a 30 MPhil speed limit with more stop signs and maybe bike lanes with railings….the cost is far less then this child’s life and the family’s grief. I’m so sorry. I’m so upset about this.

    • This happened on Eel River drive, not Ross Hill Rd or Drake or Thelma, I live in that area. I actually passed the girls skateboarding. It happened not more than five minutes after I passed them on Eel River Drive. I see these girls all the time skateboarding. There is no confusion on the speed limit for where it is. People choose to ignore it, because they want to go fast on the “old quarter mile”. People use it as an alternative when they have been drinking, because there was less of a police presence on that road. Since repaving people have been driving like idiots on the road, the police were made aware of it and have been doing an excellent job of patrolling more often. This is incredibly sad, a tragedy for the girls and the families and friends. I hope they catch the person, or they turn themselves in. The sooner the better.

  • Hope all is well! Thoughts and prayers with family! Pls keep us updated!

  • The hit and run criminal probably drives that street regularly. People typically don’t speed on streets they are unfamiliar with. Maybe someone on the street has seen a speeding Jeep Cherokee before? Or maybe someone has a security camera pointed towards the street?

  • I just read on LCOP there was one fatality.???

  • Was the chasing of Pokemon a factor in this collision?

  • I live on eel river dr at keith winigers place. I see those girls every day they are always very aware on traffic . I also see a white jeep Cherokee speeding by my house all the time. It’s an older style jeep the more boxie looking type.

    • Can you please tell me what these girls look like

    • Please call the chp/Fortuna pd and let them know that information.

      This is heartbreaking.
      What are we to do? I bet we all have scary speeders in our neighborhoods.
      Everyone I know who has called city/county officials and cops to report dangerous speeding has been rewarded, after many many calls, with those little speeding signs that tell the allowable mph&have digital display of your speed. They have little sponsored by measure Z signs and seem to last maybe a week before someone steals them or knocks them over with their car.
      This is not the answer. Is it time for rocks and big bricks on our roads? If you’re going fast you can’t miss them. Throw eggs at speeders?

      Its fun to drive fast and break rules, I get it,but not thru neighborhoods. Go out to the raceway and floor it.

      Prayers to all the families and friends, what a tragic thing, it’s unbelievable.

      • The ideas you have are well intended but could possible cause more issues than solve them . Throwing eggs would feel good but what if ….they wreck head on with a child on a skate board because you blinded them . The rocks in the road will slow people down but could as well cause a wreck . Please don’t follow up on any of these well intended ideas . Use video and passive intervention like speed bumps and digital signs .

  • I saw theseveral twould little girls sitting at the park n ride on my way to Rio dell. They were resting before they went back to the other end of eel river. I think one of the little girls’ name is Catherine. They stop and ask if they can feed our horses from time to time.

  • This is damn sad, its the saddest ive seen or heard, is as long as i remember, but the memories of back in oklahoma i drove past a park on way from work, always saw a little white girl and a black girl about 9 years old best friends one day the little white girl got hit and killed, would still see the little black girl, always very sad and always alone…

  • Sending prayers to the family’s.this is heartbreaking.why were these young ladies out walking at dark on that road?I’m so very very sorry.And yes that stupid game Pokémon is a dangerous stupid game.i seen a guy yesterday walk right in traffic,and at the store so watch out for those fools.

  • Pokemon go is the beginning of our future believe it or not . Yes it can be very dangerous . Augmented reality will be used for advertisement , entertainment and soon even accessories like digital friends, hats even masks . Anyone wanting to participate in the digital extensions to reality will need special glasses to view this digital realm that has been attached to reality . Soon it will produce the largest economy in the world . If you thought FB or Amazon grew fast , just wait .

  • My condolences and respects to the families. I was just told that the second girl passed away at the hospital this morning. Terrifying and heartbreaking!

  • It took me awhile thru tears to hear both of these girls are gone.What kind of person runs over 2 people and doesn’t stop,leaves them there.drunk,high?you are evil,you knew,you knew.FOAD there’s no reason on God’s green earth for you to have not stopped.my prayers to the family’s may god.bless you all

  • You are so GOOD G_ MA

  • Any death is terrible, but something like this is beyond comprehension. My thoughts and prayers go to the girls’ families and friends, emergency personnel, and anyone else affected by this tragedy. It would be best for everyone, including the driver of the vehicle, for them to come forward immediately to the authorities. To whoever is responsible–remember that God knows who you are, and so do you. It’s going to be hard enough living with your memories and looking at yourself in the mirror each day, but it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done to two children and their families. Give those families and this community a tiny measure of peace by taking responsibility.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    A neighborhood watch program works fairly good and good response from the Police Departments works very well also. But, the best thing to do now is, if you are out and about today, keep a close watch out for the vehicle they are searching for. A Jeep Wrangler with front end damage on the right side and broken headlight. They could have parked in a garage after the accident in order not to be seen by anyone searching. If you know of anyone that has a vehicle like this, maybe check on them and see if they are ok. Our Condolences goes out to the Families of these two very Young ladies. May they know that all of us sends our thoughts and prayers out to them and may the two Young Ladies Spirits rest in Peace knowing that they will not be forgotten. Amen

  • God be with this San Diego family words can’t convey the sorrow this family will endure for there life time my thoughts are with you

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