A Candlelight Vigil for the Two Young Girls Tragically Killed in a Hit and Run Accident

As a community grieves for two young girls dead too soon (see earlier stories linked below), for some a ritual of gathering together and sharing light helps ease the pain.

All photos by Patsy Yazzolino

13709562_10210396585817259_434906036_o13699593_10210396586097266_338363028_o13694142_10210396585417249_1481585355_o13728405_10210396586377273_2066473934_o13728529_10210396586577278_2106306550_oLatest information as of July 19, 2016: ‘Good Progress’ Learning About Death of Fortuna Teens, Says CHP Spokesperson

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  • The Times-Standard is carrying an obituary for one of the victims of the hit and run accident, including information about her memorial service scheduled for Saturday at 4:00 pm in Hydesville:


    • So that Hoopa attempted murder suspect was found and arrested But the cops aremt looking for and arresting the known murder suspect of those two little girls?? AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?????

      • That is exactly what i was thinking. I would be in prison Already not having my attorney “negotiate” with the police. Ridiculous! Whoever hit/murdered those 2 little girls needs to be arrested. This is B.S.

      • So this is not news anymore??No updates or anything? Its been a week and no arrest made. Why is nothing being done? I’m very upset about the fact that this being swept under the carpet!!!

  • Such a horrible tragedy for family, friends and the first responders. May God bless you and help you heal. Rest in peace sweet girls.

  • She has the face of an angel.God has her now,and she’s skateboarding in heaven.you fly little angel fly.

  • Wishing I had known about this so we could attend.

  • Another attack,this one in Paris again!!sending my prayers for the 84 dead.i watched this unfold on tv yesterday Sickning.americans from Texas father and son died.THERES SO MUCH HATE going on in our world.Everyday I turn on the news there’s shootings,stabbings,people running people over.Our world is going mad.WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!I don’t hate,it never wins,it never helps and it surely don’t heal.i will never ever give in to hate,NEVER.ive been reading some of the comments on these young girls deaths,we can’t hate the mother,only pity her.she has to live the rest of her life knowing she killed her daughter,and friend.this is going to sound old and out dated but,I wish PEACE

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Agreed, the world is out of control.

      The reality is american gubbamint at all levels is a co-sponsor in the degredation of society and majority voters at all levels keep in power those gubbamint people who otherwise promote and protect the hate, and part of promoting and protecting that hatred is appointing private sector individuals to boards, commissions, survey teams, data collectors, doctors, lawyers, other professionals in business, etc… who collude with insiders and certain strategically aligned citizens who are neighbors to the victim who is being set up for a fall which only enables the hatred and fraud through the american injustice system and the american apolitical system that much more, and it happens in EVERY COMMUNITY.

      Too many Americans are being mentally brain tortured, abused.

      The thing that really sucks is these two girls could have been a savior for us all, but now we will never know because life is not fair when humans play both sides of the fence as people do in important positions of society, like an attorney or gubbamint official/employee, or even a parent or family member.

      Children typically need to be loved, cherished and appreciated in the life their parents created. It is sickening that two lives were lost in this manner on ERD, but it was no accident.

      If only those two young girls could give their details…………..HOJ cried again over the truck in Nice, France. All this evil, local, state, nationally, globally has HOJ crying a river for victims of life’s abuses and hurt.

      Rest In Peace seems so inadequate, not enough, etc… for this moment. Something more…..how about a community funded plaque to memorialize and remember these two young girls……..if WW2 VETS get a community funded plaque/sculpture/kiosk at the airport in McKinleyville, then so to can these two girls.

      We see signs everywhere, everyday, for PROFIT…….HOW ABOUT SIGNS FOR LIFE?

      HOJ will gladly donate, and would like to work with Kym Kemp to do it, a sign of unity, forgiveness, hope, coming together for a common cause. At this point, blame is inconsequential, as we all know the effect of this tragedy.

      • Thank Kym for keeping us all informed. The message I have been getting from Kym is we all need to be more active in our neighborhoods. If you see something say some thing. If you can do something do it. We all in our daily walks need to engage in conversation with the kids and neighbors just be more aware of surroundings. This is such a tragedy some good has got to come from it.
        River of tears.

      • May be inconsequential BUT -Our so called president !!!! is the initial perpetrator of this race bigotry hatred & he is accomplishing just what he set out to do & mixes words so u don’t even know what he is saying. He has turned us against each other, caused fighting between blacks & whites we have not had for many years. now against the police no matter what color! Color has nothing to do with it he has instilled this in minds then acts on it himself with his own disrespect of everything American! It is so obvious !!!! why does he keep getting away with this, he has committed TREASON in so many ways!!! He has to be stopped!!

  • jailhousejustice

    Whoever did this better be going to prison for 2 consecutive life sentences, I also don’t want to hear about some bullshit charges.
    We will see how the DA handles this, he better not plan on pissing the general public off!
    Let’s get the rest of the information on the perp as well, chop chop.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The DA ia a “she”, and so far, she is not being lambasted like Gallegos was.

    • amimissingsomething

      The DA is a Woman. That means you don’t have a clue when it comes to our community. STFU and quit commenting about what who and why. She will do what is right for the crime that still has no charges against anyone.

    • Seriously, why does the mother have a right to turn herself in. She needs to be in lail now…Where is the Justice…

      • That is exactly what i was thinking. I would be in prison Already not having my attorney “negotiate” with the police. Ridiculous! Whoever hot those little girls needs to be arrested. This is B.S.

  • I’d like to see the first photo, with the first responders on a bill board. Or maybe a few bill boards to remind everyone of the pain. Driving is a privilege not a right.

  • Were there any family members there?

  • Beautiful service, for such an ugly reason! May Creator guide your journey, and help you hit that half pipe in the sky!! That was my nephews favorite ramp, and the only one I remember! LOL

  • As soon as this Idiot turns them self in i will be posting it on a world wide national Blog In honor of those poor girls .The world shall know

    • I read a comment somewhere that CNN and other national news were going to pick up the story. But that very well could have been rumors. Maybe someone should notify them. Maybe notify Nancy Grace.

    • Is it empowering to do so? Do you think the girls would have wanted this to be posted worldwide? You say “in honor of the girls” is that really honoring them or is that for your own amusement. Your a twisted person if so. If you truthfully cared you would’nt do that, you would let it be and let it unravel itself.

      • Sandra Bradford

        Thank You!!!
        Finally… Somebody not out to just to spread a story that isn’t theirs to tell
        What honor would be done to these poor girls by spreading this tragedy??????

      • The Fortuna good-ol-boy’s club seems real eager to sweep this double-homicide under the rug, much like its perpetrator.

    • Have you not a clue..mother and loving aunt to the girls.

  • Nancy got.a different job.i think she’s back practicing law.thats what cnn said.shes tough.she even scares me yikes she’d make you confess,even if they didn’t do it!

  • She will probably turn herself in this weekend. Takes 3 days to get drugs out of the body. I don’t understand why the CHP has not requested a blood sample. Very suspicious.

  • Very strange ,law enforcement actions .

  • When are they even gonna tell us the names of the girls ,and the person who killed them we all asume that it was the mother ,but still no name I herd she turned her self in to the cops ,and is bailed out ,and. why the hell is it all hush ,hush, what is she CIA or something .maybe the names of the girls is in some other news article I just my have not scene it.so many comments. Hard to tell what’s really going on .

    • One of the obituaries was in the Times Standard. Memorial today at Hydesville Community Church.

    • Agreed if it was any of us the book would be thrown at us by now. Its almost been a week..1 memorial already. No names..its b.s.

  • I drove by at 6:00 AM this morning (Friday), and there were at least three people that appeared to be teenage girls (hard to tell, since it was still half dark) that were tending to the candles. I’ve dealt with a lot of tragedy in my life and have become pretty hardened, but that brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you candle-tenders, we need all the light we can get around here right now.

  • Has the real story come out?has the person responsible for this been jailed?I hope so,people need to move forward.

  • There will be an arrest next week, mark my words!!!! I know EVERYBODY is on pins and needles waiting for this to happen. But when there is a case so sensitive as this believe me they (CHP) want to be sure nothing is missing in their report and that everything has been gone through with a fine tooth comb before they “stick it to her”. Being sure that everything is done right now, will make all the difference when prosecuting this case.

    • Oh, THAT’S why they’re not arresting her. They must just be lying about not knowing where she is. Heaven knows cops can’t just arrest people on reasonable suspicion of a crime.


      • It very well could be the reason they are waiting. How horrible would it be to rush into an arrest and prosecution but make a mistake that allowed a guilty person to walk. What if they arrested the wrong person and then figure it out later, then make a second arrest? A jury might look at that thinking the DA is incompetent and find the defendant not guilty. It’s best to not rush into anything, especially since the suspect already had a lawyer and certainly isn’t going to take part in an interrogation.

  • Ya,since the jeep,busted to bupkiss,was in her back yard under atarp,her backyard,the Jeep in her name oh ya she gave them the keys,wtf?should have been arrested,cuffed and stuffed on the spot.so there is something strange going on

  • If there were drugs or alcohol involved, this should make national news. People need to wake up and see the consequences of driving under the influence. It’s not just about getting a dui charge or jail time, but more so that you can destroy many families in the process and prevent two teenagers from having a bright future.

    • Questions:
      1 If indeed the person who killed the two girls, “thought that they ran over a deer” and made it home drunk: Did they or did someone else in their home proceed with the coverup?
      2 How if she was Drunk did the helicopter’s crew allow her to board the aircraft?
      3 I assume that their counsel has advised them not to turn on their “smart phones” let alone communicate with anyone via their “smart phones”: Question if they have their phones on can they be tracked?
      4 and after all of this: Couldn’t she/he go on a “justified” bender and completely change any or all existing or original evidence?

  • Shawnee craddock

    I was arrested in Fortuna and charged with attempted murder with intent to do bodily harm for kicking my ex husband with my bare foot,in my living room…taken to jail for five days and my ex got my daughter……corruption is so bad in this county,I’m afraid to even talk to a cop can’t trust any of them judge and ex lawyer Banducci was the biggest corrupted fuck in town at the time but they are everywhere…if both driver and passenger are not arrested one for the act and one for covering it up…then all hell I’is going to come to our little town….I cannot believe they have not been arrested Fortuna police,chp my father would be ashamed to be a sheriff and ashamed of all of you for turning the cheek to this one….after 40 years of dedicated service to this county and seeing how blazingly corrupt our force is ,if he weren’t rolling over in his grave before ,he is now! ARREST THEM FOR THE CHILDRENS SAKE or none OF US WILL RESPECT ANY ONE OF YOU FOOLS!

  • Is FPD or CHP accepting clues? It was Marci Kitchen, with the Jeep Wrangler in the Eel River Drive room. If you don’t believe me, ask her lawyer.

    • pleasehurrymakethearrest

      For the family of the visiting friend whom was also hit and killed in this HIT AND RUN……THEY DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT THE HE** HAPPENED TO THEIR DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!! I realize the CHP is holding off on naming the accused and giving details but this needs to be expedited for their sake. No the two young ladies were not related as many of you have stated, thus making things more difficult for the other innocent family to know what really happened to their precious angel. I also realize the CHP is conducting a very thorough investigation as to not have any issues when prosecuting this case but there is also a since of urgency here as well.

  • Let us remember that there was two girls. Here are a couple links for Faith. She seems to have been over looked do to WHO Marci is. From what I can put together, Faith was up here visiting while her mom was on her honeymoon. She was going into High school next year and was looking forward to her future. A future that was tragically torn from her and her loved ones. She was an adorable young girl, and from her photo, she had a cute contagious smile. This photo I found on Google, so I hope it comes in clear.

    My heart goes out to your family for their lost, pain, and suffering. I can not even try to empathize, because I can not imagine that level of pain, even though I try! I hope you can rest in peace young one. Your passing so soon is a tragedy beyond compare.


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