911 Call Reporting the Hit and Run Which Left Two Girls Dead Last Week; Warning, This Is Graphic Audio

hit and run vigil by Patsy Yazzolino

Mourners lit candles at a vigil last week for the two victims. [Photo by Patsy Yazzolino]

For over a week, Humboldt County has grieved the death of two young girls killed in a hit and run traffic collision on a rural road outside of the town of Fortuna. While we have had no arrests in the case, the suspect vehicle found at the residence of one of the victim’s has been impounded. And, the California Highway Patrol with the assistance of Fortuna Police has released the recording of the 911 call reporting the incident to us. Below is the audio and a transcript.

On July 12 at approximately 9:11 p.m. a caller dialed 911 and reported a girl down in the road. In the confusion of the night, it is some time before anyone (except possibly the driver of the vehicle) realizes there are actually two teenage girls that have been mowed down by a vehicle.

The audio is harrowing. The witness calm but shaken does his best to get needed information across. A team of operators work together almost seamlessly to convey that information to the men and women who arrived on the terrible scene hoping to help.

From call start to the arrival of the first responder, only three minutes and ten seconds pass. But we learn several new facts. The witness said he saw a Jeep stopped near the scene. The witness reports that he saw the girl earlier on a skateboard. The witness calls the driver of the Jeep “she.” Please remember these reports are not confirmed. They are the first reports from the scene of a terrible tragedy.

Warning: The audio is graphic. Please be aware this is a description of the death scene of two young girls. Avoid it if this will be too painful. Please discuss this respectfully.

We know that some of you may be able to add to the transcript below. If you want to, you can listen to the audio and help us add anything you think we missed.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: 911 where’s your emergency?

Caller: It’s on Eel River Drive between Kenmar and Drake Hill Road. There’s a girl… I th…She might be dead. There was a Jeep that just stopped and left. But I need help. I need an ambulance here right now.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: Okay, I’m going to put you through to medical. So you’re Eel River Drive between where?

Caller: Between Kenmar and Drake Hill Road.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: Okay. Hold on.




Fire and Medical Operator: Fire and Medical. What is your emergency?

Caller: I have…I believe it’s a fatality on Eel River Drive between Kenmar and Drake Hill Road. A young girl that was …I actually saw her earlier on a skateboard. And I saw a…a Jeep that is pulled over just past here. And then she went on. So whoever was driving went…continued down Eel River Drive to Drake Hill Road..

Fortuna Police Department Operator (over the top): Five eight..

Operator: Okay (unintelligible) Somebody gets hit?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: Okay

Caller: (unintelligible)

Fortuna Police Department Operator: Stay on the line.

Caller: (unintelligible) immediately.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: We’re also going to be on the line.

Operator: Thank you.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: 5A3, Receiving a report of a possible tc [code for traffic collision] with a 1144 [code for death] on Eel River Drive between Kenmar and Drake Hill. The subject’s unsure. It’s a young xray [code for female].

Caller: I stopped (unintelligible) Don’t touch. Don’t move her.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: Down on the ground.

Caller: (unintelligible) on the ground in the middle of the road.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: Received. Medical will be en route.

Caller: She’s got..she’s got definitely two broken legs.

Operator: Okay

Caller: But she’s not moving.

Dispatch: Code 3 ambulance. Code 3 medical. This will be on Eel River Drive between Kenmar and Drake Hill. Eel River Drive between Kenmar and Drake
Hill. Child struck by a vehicle. (unintelligible)

Operator: Okay.

Caller (to someone in the background?): Probably got hit. I’ve got an ambulance coming.

Officer 561 Male emergency personnel over scanner: 561 Eel River Drive.

Operator: Is she awake?

Caller: No, she’s… I think she’s dead. I…I’m not going to move her cause…

Fortuna Police Department Operator: 5B61, He’s just advising between Kenmar and Drake Hill.

Operator: Help’s on the way.

Cal Fire Operator: Do you have an approximate age would you say?

Caller: (unintelligible) probably 15? 16?

Fortuna Police Department Operator: 5B61, out.


Caller: Here they come.

Fortuna Police Department Operator: 5A3, out.

Operator: Is somebody there with you now?

Caller: There’s a there’s a police car here.

Another Operator: PD is on scene.


Caller: There’s something behind…probably another police car……..Okay, so there’s…there’s an officer here.

Operator: The ambulance is on their way. Thank you for calling in.

Caller: (unintelligible) 911

Cal Fire Operator: No, they’re good. They can take..

[Call ends]

Note: Information that might help understand what is happening as the different operators get the caller to explain what is happening.
A friend in law enforcement explains,

I noticed that people don’t understand what happens when you call 911 on the comments. When you call 911, normally it goes to the PD or HCSO dispatch. (Sometimes cell phones go to chp first and then chp has to figure out where to transfer.) They triage and figure out what services you need. Then they transfer you, staying on the line and listening to make sure (1) call goes through (2) R/P is able to state what the problem is and (3) answer any questions if the other dispatcher needs assistance (mainly in the case of medical aids where the caller is having problems). They are not put on “hold.”

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.: The CHP names two people suspected of being involved in the hit and run. Click here for more information.

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  • Back to the Land for Answers

    Completely unimaginable to come on such scene..Hold your loved ones tight, remember each moment…my heart breaks for these girls.. Please find who did this so this community can heal…RIP

  • This poor man had to explain the situation once again after calling 911,only to be put on hold and have to explain again to medical ,I thought 911 did that the first time around. I had just drove up eel river drive 2 hours before this horrendous tragedy took place. I wish I had that mans composer as I would of been hysterical to come across such a sight. Still in disbelief of how inhumane,RIP young girls

    • I’m pretty sure that cell phone 911 calls made in Humboldt County are answered by CHP and must be transferred to the appropriate agency based on the location of the incident. That would explain appearing to give the information twice, the CHP dispatcher needed to route the call to Fortuna.

      • Mark’s got the right of it. CHP answers cell calls and reroutes if necessary.

        • Not correct on call routing. Not all cellular 911 calls go to CHP. This call was first answered by Fortuna PD and then transferred to medical which is handled by CalFire in the Eel River Valley. Depending on where the call is made, calls get routed. The cellular call routing is improving.

    • Good Work recognized

      No, “RC”, the Fortuna PD dispatcher did it exactly right when she transferred the obviously upset but totally coherent caller directly to CalFire dispatch. Since he sounded able to do it, her instant decision to let him give CalFire the information first hand was unquestionably better than HER trying to repeat his information, second hand, to them. It was a judgment call on her part and proved to be the correct one.

      She did not put him on hold but stayed on the line throughout his conversation with Calfire, to be sure he didn’t get disconnected or too distraught, even as she was simultaneously dispatching her officers and Fortuna fire department. I heard nothing at all on her part that was less than exemplary in what had to be one of the toughest calls she may ever have to handle and remember forever.

      The unidentified 9-1-1 caller was the first hero that night, and he set in motion the response by numerous members from several agencies to attempt to save those teenagers’ lives.

    • This was exactly my thought… he held it together enough to report the Jeep pulled over then left. That alone shows whomever was driving knew they were involved but choose to drive away… this is such a sad story. but I can’t wrap my brain around WHY? How could a mother drive away while her child dies… Hold those you love close and remember today could be the last hug, kiss, I love you. Don’t take those you love for granted

  • How come caller only reports one girl, were they that far apart. How does a person hit two

    • They didn’t know there was a second girl until first responders were there and found her in the bushes.

      • I m impressed with how fast the ambulance arrived. ….this is by far the saddest thing I’ve had to know about …besides my own sons death…he was 2 and killed by a drunk driver….and my other 5 year old son that was in the car suffered tremendous internal injuries….he still suffers to this day…..u don’t get over it….im so sad for the families and people who had to pick up all the pieces….and by that I mean…having to give the bad news….I feel that the mother or whoever it was is going to be in hell for the rest of their lives….I just hope that the girls didn’t see who hit them…😢💔

  • This just adds to the already unimaginable tragedy in our community. This is so so sad. I’ve had trouble sleeping over this. Imagining any child, person, let alone one of my own children laying there helpless, dying. Yet we have no answers to this horrific crime? What does this say about us as a community? That any one of us can do something this horrible, hide behind lawyers, money, and not have to answer for what we’ve caused? No matter what happened, who was driving, drunk or not, intoxicated on any substance or as sober as the pope. How do you as a human stop, and then leave the scene? Only caring about yourself and getting yourself out of what you caused. Those poor girls don’t get to wake up another day, live their lives, have children, and all because of choices made by somebody that doesn’t deserve to live a ‘free’ life. Yet here we are over a week has passed, and all investigation b.s. aside, we deserve answers, those girls deserve answers, because all lives matter, Just my .02

    • Very well said!

      • I agree….there has been rumor of the mother and boyfriend fleeing to Mexico…I hope that’s not true…

    • God bless all of those affected by this selfish act, I couldn’t of said it more perfectly! Tears fall, heartaches as I too wonder,

    • “How do you as a human stop, and then leave the scene? Only caring about yourself and getting yourself out of what you caused. ”

      Easy! Humboldt County (lookin’ at YOU, Tim Cissna) has let the last three women who did exactly this just walk free with barely a slap on the wrist. Compare that to the last MAN to go down for Vehicular Homicide, 12 years in prison. Same judge.

      Yeah, the mother’s in hiding until she passes a drug test, then she’ll come out and squeeze a few tears for the cameras and collect her Get Out Of Jail Free card.

      Yankee Dollars. Watch and see.

  • From what I heard the other girl was flung into the bushes and they heard her cries for help. So she wasn’t seen at first.

  • interesting comment is referring to the jeep driver as “she”

  • Still no justice for those lil girls

  • My condolences to the families, but in reading the transcript I am so struck by the experience the caller must have had. I cannot imagine the horror of that experience for that person. Thank you so much for acting responsibly when that moment was thrust upon you, and I hope you find healing as you too were a victim of whoever perpetrated that awful deed.

  • So so sad! The word “She” is definitely interesting

  • That poor man.bless his heart for that most horrific call he had to make.i hope he’s doing ok.and he witnessed the jeep leaving.the scene.this has been the saddest accident I can remember in awhile.im praying for the community and all the commenter ‘ s to heal and come together for these families.BLESS everyone.

  • That entire call made me cry. I don’t cry easily. That man on the phone sounded so shaken and I could for a second feel the helplessness of the whole situation. I want to find this man and give him a hug and let him know that he will be ok. My heart hurts so bad for the girls. So tragic.

  • OMG I could not imagine how that man feeling!! Just the emotional roller coaster from READING this call… it’s unimaginable!
    THANK YOU Sir for stopping! Thank you for making that call! You are, in my opinion a hero, and those girls guarding angel. Thank you for getting help ASAP! Thank you… I can not even say it enough… THANK YOU!

  • Sickening. I’ve known the driver 11 yrs. Latest of all the rumors is she booked it to mexico. This is nothing like the person I knew. Is there a service kiya?

  • Her boyfriend who’s truck is seen in an image a week ago owns property in Nicaragua and maybe in Costa Rica. He broke his leg in costa years back drunk driving a jeep. Rumor is they fled there. Hope it’s not true. 🙁 what cowards.

    • I thought they were just trimming their light dep first so they had some cash in the ground before dealing with all of this. If he owns property in Humboldt, I would visit that as well.

      • Petrolia

        • Probably a nice little panic going on out there. Hmmm, wonder if they will flip the coin and keep their grow going or cut everything down? Seeing the behavior so far with these people, they will probably keep growing. How great is America? Run 2 little girls down and then harvest a cool million in cannabis. Yeah, I’m making this up, but the chances of this being reality is very high to most likely to, I would bet on it.

  • If true I wonder if marijuana is a part of this story and the culture it has brought here.Having said that I wonder if it would help the Community heal if we held a community service for those girls .

  • The family of the other girl must be totally frustrated that the local family is in CYA mode and in hiding, when they could probably resolve this incident. The other family should be demanding this investigation be blown wide open.

    I am surprised we are not hearing more from them.

    • When I met these two girls they were just starting kindergarten together, and they’ve always been the best of friends… I can only assume the two families became close as the girls grew. I cannot speak to what I would possibly do if I had to wake up to this tragedy, however, maybe the family doesn’t want to have this any more public than it is. Maybe they are yearning for quietness to properly mourn and grieve their beloved little girl. Or maybe, they are getting more answers than the public. However it may be, I too, am surprised not to hear more from Faith’s family. Too soon still, I would imagine.

      Such unimaginable grief. Such unnecessary tragedy. I keep trying to piece it together how Marci could do such a thing, but the pieces just crumble between my fingers. Kiya was her world. My heart sinks so heavy for both families…

    • My friend works for Faiths parents. M’aerie, Let me tell you something before you say that your surprised that we are not hearing more from them, believe it or not some people don’t fall into this media bull shit, so just because they are not on face book or any other kind of social media, don’t you dare say that your surprised that you are not hearing more from them. What has happened to them and their loss is something no parent should have to deal with ever. They are going through enough pain and don’t need to hear or read or be told that………So Please think before you speak or write about something or someone you have no idea what they are going through, unless you have gone through this your self, shut the f*** Up!!!!!!!
      I’m glad that they don’t have to read into your speculations and the what if’s and why they are not and could be’s…….the fact is they lost their lil girl to a pathetic human with no soul or heart…May who ever did this rot in HELL……

  • Rest in peace Angels

  • If their is a stairway to heaven I hope you innocent girls are on top.

  • Cranky Old Lady

    So very, very sad. Having been that caller to 911 myself once before, I can so relate to the feelings of helplessness this man experienced coming upon such a horrific scene. I hope he finds peace and even though the outcome was tragic, he did help those girls in their last moments.

    Aside from that, Kym, why hasn’t an arrest been made in this case? Obviously, LE knows who is responsible. So why hasn’t there been an arrest???

    • Marcie and Joe were together in the jeep marcie was driving, they just needed a little time to flee to South America afterwards and the CHP obliged while they investigate, why we’re they not in jail while the CHP investigated, isn’t that how its always been done before? I’m ashamed of the Humboldt CHP.

      • The guys named you just mentioned was not in the car! Get you shit straight!

        • @ chad thats your opinion, ut mine stands, marcie wss driving and joe was riding with her, e helped her hide the jeep, and hauled ass outta here, or why is he not showing his face or saying anything? I think we know the answer already

          • Humboldt Idiocracy

            I don’t think that divorced people hook up, hop in the car, and go run down their daughter.

          • What are you talking about?!

            I don’t know you, but I know what I have seen and that is Joe and his son and other family members attended the memorial service for Faith, the other child who died. So, he wasn’t in Mexico or wherever…..smh

          • You are a fucking idiot he was at the services Sunday! S.M.H!

      • I feel your frustration@Robert

      • The name maybe Josh that was with her but I don’t know for sure .

      • Robert: Joe is the name of Marci’s ex husband, Kiya’s father. It is true that Marci’s CURRENT BOYFRIEND may have been in the vehicle and (allegedly) hid the Jeep. Please get your facts straight before splaying them on the Internet. This is how rumors begin and this family, nor community, need untruthful whispers spreading. Let’s send love and light to Joe and his son Jevin. They both have lost.

      • Joe had nothing to do with this, you insensitive idiot! She has had a new boyfriend for a long time……internet trolls!

      • Robert- HE was not in the Jeep and not even in Fortuna that night!!!!!!! Check your fact wagon.

      • I’m sure the people who actually deserve answers will get them. If you actually had any right to it you wouldn’t be on here.

  • My heart is broken for this man who witnessed this. Thank god he did! But clearly he will never be the same. Thank you sir for coming to the aid of these helpless girls.

  • Such a horrible situation, I think we, society in general, are grieving not only over the loss of two young people but the seemingly complete lack of any sort of justice. I ask again, why aren’t names of suspects being released. Why is the apparent sociopathic perpetrator of this crime being allowed to wander the streets. It is extremely rare for a criminal in a case like this to be allowed to continue life as usual without repercussions. I say the whole thing reeks.

    • justus. HUH? an example of humboldt justice, very recent.

      sept 1, 2015 at 101 & 36. the driver turned herself in 8 days later.

      Carley Kathryn Palsson, 18, fatal hit-and-run driver killed

      47-year-old Lawrence Kenneth Bryant, of Fortuna.


      19-Year-Old Sentenced to 180 Days For September 2015 Hit-and-Run Highway 101 Fatality

      “…June 7, 2016 19-year-old Carley Palsson having pled guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and failure to report an injury accident, was sentenced by Judge Timothy Cissna to 180 days in jail and 500 hours of community service. The sentence was consistent with the report prepared by the Probation Department.”

      this is only one example from only this small neighborhood. this is why our neighbors figure they can hit and run and not have legal consequences.

      things are so phuckin broken with our society and governance.

  • somethingsfishy

    It does reek! This is a messy, ugly situation. One of the worse I have ever heard of and so close to home. And someone is responsible or persons? WHERES THE JUSTICE ALREADY DAMN!

  • I have found the short cut to the camera on my cellphone and have practiced launching it quickly, as a direct result of seeing drivers behaving irresponsibly. The goal being to snap a picture or video of any suspects, God forbid, I should ever encounter a scene like this.

    I recommend others learn the shortcut on their cellphone and practice launching the camera to assist in identifying hit and run drivers.

  • This is so sad. Where is the justice for these girls and their surviving family members. I just realized that one of these girls was the daughter of the lady who made our wedding cake, went to church with her. My heart goes out to that family. It’s so sad that the streets are not safe for our children. It’s summer time. Kids should be outside enjoying it. It makes me want to keep my kid inside safe.

  • Have faith in the system

    To all the posters who are angry about not seeing a quick resolution to this crime, I am right there with you.
    Consider the possibility that CHP already know everything they need to know to arrest the driver, but need to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s so that the DA’s case will be airtight.
    Sometimes in the interest of making sure that justice is served, the public can’t be told everything, and sometimes can’t be told anything.
    Be patient. All will be revealed in time.
    The guilty will pay.

    • Bs. They arrest people all day long and complete the investigation after the fact. Being in law enforcement I am ashamed.

  • I am so sad for these girls and their families. As a mother of two I cannot possibly imagine losing either of my children regardless of their age. I hope that people can take something from this: pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders have to be extremely cautious, as well as drivers. I’m a runner and when I am out running on the streets I don’t cross a street without looking every which way twice, and always in the opposite direction of traffic so I can see what’s coming at me. Youth, especially, can be less than cautious…NOT TO SAY THIS IS AT ALL THESE TWO POOR GIRLS FAULTS! I hope justice is served and I hope everyone stays safe on the streets.

  • River Runs through It.

    Josh was with her, and his father is a local lawyer. His truck was parked in front of the gate, no one seems to understand how bad this is, he helped hide the jeep. He has a daughter, I can’t imagine how he could have done this…

    • That is it exactly, how does a parent do this? How does a mother do this. It is unfathomable.

    • If true even more interesting.The truck looks like a grow Dozer .Now we might have a parent who’s enabling as well.And a local attorney.

  • This happens because people drink a little bit, smoke a little bit, take a few pills , or shoot up. Drugs legal or illegal cause people to do stupid things , it’s just too bad young kids have to pay the ultimate price for drug taking adults.

  • I know regardless of any comments posted, as a mother how do you stop, actually see what you have done to your own baby you gave birth to, then drive away and hide your vehicle. What a selfish count!

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  • Why did the cops not run Marci for the cars she owned?
    Rot in hell Marci.

  • Where did this POS get the $$$ for these two High Dollar Attorney’s??? Did someone retain them for her??? Now I may sound like an a-hole here but from the looks of her home she doesn’t have that kind of $$$. Anybody know the answer to this???? Please enlighten me!!

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