Suspect’s Attorneys Refute CHP’s Press Release

Since soon after two girls were struck by a vehicle on Eel River Drive near Fortuna, the California Highway Patrol has released little information. Rumors have run rampant. Today, the CHP released information naming two individuals who they called “parties of interest in this investigation.”

Tonight, two attorneys for one of those individuals–Marci Kitchen, mother of one of the victims and owner of the suspect vehicle—wrote a scathing letter back to the CHP and provided the letter to us.

Okin and Griego

Okin and Griego from their LinkedIn profiles.

Below is the letter sent to the California Highway Patrol from the attorneys for Marci Kitchen:

July 21, 2016

Humboldt Area CHP
Arcata, CA 95521

As you know, Attorney Patrik Griego and I represent Ms. Kitchen in the case you are currently investigating.

On Wednesday, July 13th, Attorney Neal Sanders contacted your office on my and Ms. Kitchen’s behalf within 60 minutes of her return to Humboldt County from her daughters’ death bed in Oakland.  That call was not returned for several hours prompting Mr. Sanders to again contact your office prior to the close of business. Mr. Sanders provided law enforcement with the location of the vehicle involved in the accident as well as the keys to the residence where the vehicle was located.  Mr. Sanders and I also offered to immediately surrender Ms. Kitchen to law enforcement, which CHP declined pending further investigation.

I am troubled by the nature of CHP’s continuing press releases that state that Ms. Kitchen is “in hiding” and, especially now, that that CHP asked for the public’s aid to find/contact her (and Josh Pearlston). This misinformation has the potential of misleading the public and unnecessarily endangering people. Attorney Griego and myself have been in essentially daily contact with and available to CHP since July 13. We have consistently indicated that if you desired to arrest Ms. Kitchen prior to being able to complete our preliminary investigation that we would make her immediately available for arrest. I am also aware that you had in person contact with Josh Pearlston just yesterday and chose not to detain or arrest him.

I urge your office to release information to the public confirming the foregoing facts, and dispel the notion that either Ms. Kitchen or Mr. Pearlston are “in hiding” to avoid arrest or contact with law enforcement. This is simply not true.

We remain available to meet with your office and or the District Attorney’s Office to discuss this tragic case. And our client remains willing to surrender herself to law enforcement immediately.
Benjamin Okin
Attorney At Law

Patrik Griego
Attorney at Law

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  • Buying them time to get out of the country?

    If they actually wanted to turn themselves in, they wouldn’t need a lawyer to help…

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      no lawyers are on the bar, like judge and district attorney.

      If they make a conscious decision to tarnish the jury pool, the discovery should be released, not just their opinion.

    • EyesAreEverywhere

      Turn yourselves in if you have nothing to hide. Go to any police station, tell them who you are, and submit to the authorities. You do not need a lawyer to make arrangements for you. You can’t make some kind of deal before you submit to authorities. If your lawyer is in daily contact with authorities, but said authorities say they don’t know your whereabouts, I’m going to believe your lawyer is attempting to make some sort of deal for you. Sad.

    • If you’re making yourself available to talk, then go to HUMBOLDT COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT and turn your slimy ass in.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      What is that saying, “the only good lawyer is a dead lawyer.”

      When this country goes, many lawyers are gonna be judged by the victims they defrauded, and it will be bloody.

    • Guilty or innocent, only a complete idiot would talk to law enforcement about a criminal case without legal representation. Remember: the courts have decided that law enforcement officers can legally lie to suspects to entrap them.

      • That is why the show ” on the night of ” is so enthralling. Once something goes criminal the prosecution is after you at all costs.
        Hope the truth is less painful than it appears, other than the pain of loosing two promising young girls.

  • I was a practicing attorney for three decades, so I know not to pay the slightest bit of attention to an attorney’s press release on behalf of the client.

    Just sayin!

    • Agree just a ploy make it look good.

    • Thank u I completely agree.
      How does one live with getting a person 6 months in jail for mowing a man down on the 101???? & now prob going to try again?
      The press release is a tactic. I think everyone knows when you go to court with your word against a police officer (or whole dept) the police almost always win. This seems like something that should have been just sent to chp, Kym did chp release this or the lawyers?
      Have heard they were pot lawyers in the past so everyone steer clear!

    • Thank anything godlike that I never had you as my attorney. I have no idea about the merits of this case. (And neither do you despite or perhaps inspite of your acedemic -though questionable given your obvious ignorance- overachievement). The system is set up as adversarial and the other side is lawyers, so hiring one is smart and demonstrably nothing more than leveling the playing field.

    • Exactly what I was thinking…. Also making the letter public will makes placing an impartial jury together almost impossible… Leading to a change of venue for trial…. It is all deflection and diversion.

  • Maybe the reason I never became a lawyer is because I wouldn’t touch this case with a ten foot pole.good luck guys. Maybe a little better communication would help.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Typical Lawyers in a case like this. Why didn’t she wait around until Law Enforcement got there and why did she run when she knew that one of the Girls was her Daughter? Didn’t want to be arrested at that point as she was ‘probably’ under the influence which would have made it more worse for her. No sympathy here for her. 20 years or more in jail would be ok for me. Thank of the two young Ladies who will never be able to grow up into Adulthood.

    • She absolutely should have not left the scene period!! She should have stayed there and owned up to what happened, under the influence or not.

    • someone said she smelled like a drunk tank while at the hospital before daughter was flown to oakland, maybe the nurses can add that in the report when they prove she was the driver. but they didnt make her pee in a cup as at that point they didnt know she may have been the one that did this to the child in question

    • wish we could go back in time

      She probably left for Oakland after her daughter was airlifted, still alive at that point. I think that would be one reason they didn’t arrest her then. I don’t think the mom was a suspect until they found the car there. It would be hard for me, if I were a cop there, to switch from “Sorry M’am your daughter was in a terrible accident”, to ” You are under arrest” I’m sure the suspect car being in the backyard came as a shock, requiring some quick adjustments to the plan

  • She may have been drunk but my gut thinks it was premeditated..

    • I completely agree….out if all the people involved in hit and runs how many hit their own children unknowingly(?) while simply driving home?

    • I have been thinking it was not an accident all along. How else could one just walk away from just having killed someone they knew/loved?

  • Sorry Ben Okin you are a peace of shit hiding the mom who is a suspect in this killing of two lovely youngs lady’s…..

    • He’s not “hiding” anyone. By law he cannot break confidence.

    • Yes Ben Okin is a POS for taking a case like this. Who would defend the POS mom in this case. Looks like two POS’s found each other. Oh I hope to be on this jury. I hope to be on any Ben Okin trial, he is a pig and anybody he defends is guilty of killing somebody in a horrible way. He also defends Kade Chandler the punk that killed to friends of mine out on HWY 36 one and a half yrs ago. PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME PICK ME FOR ONE OF THIS SCUM BAGS JURY’S!!!!!

  • Food for thought

    These attourneys should not use tricky language like if you wish to arrest our client go for it. Well how about telling them where they are so they either can arrset them or question them. They’re setting it up like oh if you have reason to arrest. Well if they just arrest her without questiong isn’t that kind of frowned upon.

    • They cannot reveal where their clients are. By law.

    • amimissingsomething

      The reason they have not been arrested is a simple fact involving time. First off she will not be talking to any investigators for the CHP or the County DA. as is her right. Second they will have 72 hours to charge or release her and if they don’t have the right evidence then it will turn into a shitshow. Lastly as bad as it is, The CHP may be having a hard time identifying who was driving which will put a hugh burden on them to charge the right person. Now this is another maybe reason….They may impanel a grand jury to hand down an indictment and this is complete speculation.

      • Maybe mommy dearest has some injuries she doesn’t want authorities to see until they are healed up, we all know she’s been hiding long enough for all the booze to be out of her system. But, there was a witness that saw you Marci so come on…..face the music, you killed your child and her beautiful friend whom has a family that wants to put this part of her death behind them. If there is one ounce of dignity in you come forward and set the record straight. Let your daughter rest in peace knowing you came clean and admitted what you did.

  • If you notice the lawyer says” if you desire to arrest ms kitchen prior to being able to complete your investigation ” doesn’t an arrest warrant have to be issued for this to happen, right now the police wants to talk with her. Sounds like her attorney is doing some double talk to the media

  • So the liars, I mean lawyers, supposedly representing these people send a copy of their letter to the media, huh?

    Come time for a trial you can expect them to complain to the court that their clients can’t get a fair trial because they’ve already been tried in the press.

    On the other hand, the CHP has been entirely circumspect about not naming any potential suspects until today, despite the hundreds of posts online by the public demanding that the Highway Patrol “tell us more, tell us more” even if they (CHP) hadn’t yet developed enough information to release any names.

  • Hey Ben , better keep er under 65 , just a little free council from a nobody.

  • God save your soul marci. Repent now. I’m so mad at you. Your son needs you. Your bf sounds like a total looser. Make things right for your family and everyone. I pray the rumors of meth are not true. God, i remember u finding out your pragnancy with kiay. Pray.🙏

    • Pfff….her boyfriend ?? She flirt and open her cunt for each man that is passing. Making troubles between marriages and people everywhere. And always act like innocent and the cool woman.
      If you dont do what she want, she become a vicious dangerous woman.
      It will not surprice me if she hit the girls in a deed of uncontrolled anger and jealousy.
      May she rot in Hell.

  • I agree with Eldon G Whitehead. Whether she knew it was her daughter or not she knew she hit somebody and she ran..also known as a hit and run. Its been over a week, already had 1 memorial. If i was the person who murdered those 2 girls, 1 being my daughter i wouldnt be out of jail. I wouldnt (allow) the authorities to not arrest me. Now they can’t prove she was under the influence. Its all b.s. the 911 call was horrible.

    • Orkin, Griego, Sanderson, three attorneys involved before anyone was arrested or charged. That is what I would call lawyered up. Who is she Hillary Clinton?

  • I have one question.
    When looking at Marci’s FB page I notice Kym, that you are friends with her? My enquiring mind wonders how you feel about a friend possibly committing such an horrendous crime involving her own child’s death.
    It offends my sense as a mother, to even have ask another this question. Not sure how I would react or feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

    • You don’t Kym very well if you even have to ask that question

    • Just because a person is “Facebook friends” doesn’t necessarily mean they even know each other. Kym is a respected acquaintance of the entire community and her personal page also offers folks up to the minute media information.

  • So if the attorney’s say his client is available for arrest……let’s do this! Book her ass and her boyfriends too…….justice for those sweet innocent victims.💔

  • They just want to let her be arrested so she can use her “right to remain silent “and thats what he will instruct her to do … he doesn’t want her to incriminate herself and make them prove their case is gonna get her literally no time

  • Kim is friends with a shit load of people…what’s is your point

  • Still find it hard to believe no one has been arrested. And if the law had the suspects within arms reach, why not arrest and hold while investigating. Sounds crazy?????

  • veterans friend

    I am just amazed at every single post above. Even those claiming to be lawyers seem to have no concept of due process & legal procedures. What a bunch of know it all vultures.
    Shame on you all. Do you imagine that anyone involved thinks this person even thinks they are getting away with anything. You disgust me

    • I really have to agree with you. Everyone and I mean EVERY Person who is accused or suspected of a crime should have good legal counsel – the sooner the better. You are extremely naive if you believe otherwise.

      • Even before you are charged with the crime???
        I completely support lawyering up immediately once arrested, it’s easy to say something and have it taken out of context.
        Its odd to lawyer up that soon, esp in choosing the same lawyer that just defended a similar case.

        • no matter your opinion, the correct process is to not say anything without FIRST retaining a ‘mouthpiece.’ It is said that over 80% of all doing prison time are there via a full or partial confession. Most dumb-ass criminals think they are smart enough to talk their way out of something, when in fact “anything you say can and will be used against you!” ONE misstep and you will have sealed your fate. If you want to prove your innocence, (or try to get away when your guilty) you have better retain an attorney!

          Remember, it is better that 100 guilty people go free than one innocent person is wrongly convicted.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yes, if you think you are a suspect or “person of interest” you need legal advice pronto. Innocent or not.

    • You react to people being judgmental by judging their judgmentalness? News flash: Due process is for the judicial system. Individual humans are allowed to have their own opinions.

  • I don’t believe it until they slap the cuffs on someone.

  • Having worked in a prosecutor’s office in another area, this statement makes sense. Attorneys are officers of the court and would not release a statement that they were making their client available for arrest if that were not the case. They would not ruin their working relationship with the DA for one client.
    CHP has been deceptive in their statements over the last week, saying “We would like to talk to her” and “We don’t know where she is.” Both of these statements are probably technically true but give a false impression. They know that because she is represented, she won’t be making a statement. so they probably won’t get to “talk to her.” What they did NOT say is “We have asked her attorney to bring her in to be booked and she did not come in.” I believe the attorney.
    Taking her into custody before they are ready with their charges would be a mistake because it triggers time limits that might end up in her being released.
    I hope that all of you who complain about attorneys are wise enough to call one and surrender with your attorney present if you get into trouble or are suspected of committing a crime. This is one of your most important constitutional rights and the best way to ensure justice in your case.
    Following this case daily, I have the highest respect for Kym.

    • Correct. You don’t spend 7 plus years obtaining your JD to throw it away by hiding a client. I think the CHP does not know who was driving that vehicle so they are resorting to distortion of the facts to apply public pressure. Let’s face it- if they had enough evidence to arrest- they would. Olkin is reputable…

      • Apply public pressure? To what end? If the police knew where they were, what would it accomplish to state otherwise? I mean, the public knew who the suspects were a week ago. The only angle that makes sense to me is the lawyers are buying time to allow their clients to tie up loose ends before a trial begins.

      • witness said a female was driving, why cant they get the video from eel river brewery and see which one got in the drivers seat?

    • Hey Cassandra, I am complaining about attorneys and I have been accused of a serious crime before , but telling the truth seems to get the job done, it did in my case, but I had nothing to hide, no attorney needed they are a waste of time .

    • Cassandra, a voice of reason. Unusual on this thread.

  • This just further strengthens my impression of lawyers in general……parasitic scum bags that couldn’t pass for a real human being if their lives depended on it. Pieces of shit hiding out their clients, looking for cash on the other end, or a lawsuit to CHP or Sheriffs, or Fortuna. God knows they are probably already looking at the paving job on Eel River Drive maybe looking at suing the paving company too!

    Shit bags!!

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Dear Attorneys, you should know that should you push the envelope of client protection too far, you can end up in jail yourselves. Is it worth it? Bring them in and let justice be served properly. Quit with the hide and seek games already. This isn’t the O.J. trial.

  • I still can’t believe the mother flew down to Oakland with her daughter… Would the police or anyone else notice at the hospital note if the mother was obviously drunk or under the influence of something?

    • Actually, she was kicked out of the ER for being drunk, then laughed about it. All the while, her daughter was fighting for her life.

      • This is exactly why this case is so heartbreaking. Drunk or not if I saw my child laying on the ground I’d stay right there by her side that’d be the ONLY thing on my mind. Suffer the consequences after be with my child first

      • @Manic_medic
        you saw her there? Did you speak to the CHP yet?

    • Thats a good question. The nurses must have written notes In Her chart

  • It’s sad that attorneys are paid to twist things in favor of their client, even knowing they are probably guilty. These attorneys are ‘using’ the law to their advantage by the wording they use. She is available if you have concluded your investigation. This legally ties the hands of the police until they finish their preliminary investigation. We all could do this if we were able to get an attorney before they slap the cuffs on you at the scene. Our laws are made for due process, but they also protect the criminals, which seems ridiculous. Just like you could go to jail for shooting someone for breaking into your home, depending on circumstances. Some laws need a little ‘tweaking’.

  • Lots of pictures of Marci, but none of the Joshua W Pearlston.
    Well, just in case they do run… This is what he looks like. Confirmed image.

  • Exactly why lawyers are buried an extra 3 feet… Cause deep down they are good people

  • Eileen McCready

    John Chiv’s page posted an email letter from Marcia Kitchen’s attorneys, dated today, disputing the CHP’s claim of the suspects being unavailable.

    Kicked from the ER, yet allowed on the Lifeflight :/

    I cannot imagine that poor child’s last moments laying in the hospital knowing her mother was circling her like the vulture she appears to be…

  • Doesn’t even matter, ‘she’ was witnessed by the 911 caller as stopping the jeep after hitting HER child and then driving away. The caller even said initially that “she drove away” in a light colored jeep. This case sounds extremely fishy. I do believe I heard the mother was even kicked out of the ER because she was so drunk(?) whatever the case, she did it. I’m sure if someone else hit her kid she would want justice, does the fact that this is her own kid mean she should get off easier? Absafukinlutley not! And out of all the people that run people over it just so happens to be the parent?! Somethings not right this little girl and her friend need justice!!!

  • Is it really true that she was allowed on the flight, and kicked out of the ER? Will the nurses and flight crew be questioned as to what they thought about her sobriety while in her presence? I’ve been on a life in flight with my own son and the pilot and medics interacted with me quite a bit, especially the pilot who I had to sit very close too. This was in a small plane, not sure what they flew in, but it does seem like someone would notice if she was UTI. Parents get asked to leave the ER for various reasons, so I wonder if this was routine, or is she was acting UTI. This case just gets worse and worse the more I read the updates.

    • So heart wrenching!! My daughter is close in age and this really breaks my heart. I myself am a nurse and it needs to be extreme if we have to kick a parent out. Most cases we allow parents there especially in critical cases where it may be the last time they are with the child.

  • And so it seems she had a josh friend in the jeep WHO has a daddy named Melvin B. Pearlston happens to be a local attorney apparently practicing environmental law ??

  • You people are all sick and I’m sad to be a part of Humboldt right now. This is the same thing that happened about two weeks ago when 2 men were killed by 2 different cops and the media had there trial, found them guilty and alot of cops started to die at the hands of people that were not there and witnessed NOTHING first hand. If you want to do the cops job, go to school, then become a cop and then you can do it. If your not careful you’ll have people out killing mom’s for not looking like there doing a good enough jobs as a parent. I just can’t believe that you’re the same people I’ve known for so long. Well , I thought I knew. I’m waiting for facts. No one else needs to be killed because of this. Justice will come and I can wait for it.

    • You’ve been boo-hooing for the perpetrator of this crime all week, and you’ve been wrong all week. The only people that seem to share your feelings are the perp’s lawyers. Now you seem to be struggling to stay on topic at all. If someone was going to commit vigilante justice, it would have happened already because the public is not as dumb as you thought and had correctly identified the suspect a week ago.

    • So sad,Maybe you need to evaluate your morals if you feel any type of action like this is ok

    • So sad, I agree with you. I think critical thinking is diminishing in this country and many people seem uninterested in legal justice. Mob mentality, which is what’s driving the Trump campaign, is prevalent. We need more thinking, less emotion.

    • Intellect over emotion

      I too am saddened by this community and the obvious lack of empathy or any clue about due process. You’re right on.

    • Right? What is the giant hurry? Let law enforcement complete their investigation and an arrest will be made. This blood-thirst that demands an immediate arrest solves nothing. The perpetrator of this crime will be arrested so all the blow-hards who equate justice to an immediate arrest cool your jets…and trust your law enforcement and District Attorney’s expertise and dedication. And for the record – I seriously doubt if the rants and raves are providing anything but more hurt and grief to the families.

  • The liar is just trying to protect his clients!he knows their guilty but it’s his job,regardless of his feelings or the truth.which will come out.what a shame for those little girls,the whole rest of Humboldt is in shock.Boy does this County have moral issue’s or ashamed of the way this has been handled,we need a over haul of our system the whole justice system.cops,lawyers,judges.who can we trust?there is to much BULLSHIT with this accident.and folks who think they know and so it’s so messed up.which is just what their lawyer wanted.i guess we pushed the chp a bit to much public outcry

  • Notice the careful language here… they are willing to show up for an arrest, but not to be interviewed?

  • Now the lawyer says the chp wouldn’t except her turning herself in!Wtf is going on here.i feel like this is a bad plot from a shitty movie.TURN YOURSELF IN.time won’t change the facts.

  • This has turned into a poker game.

    Apparently, the CHP has not collected enough evidence yet for charges to stick, so they are not ready to make an arrest. The suspect’s lawyer knows this and is trying to force the CHP to make an arrest, sooner than later, so charges won’t stick.

    If the CHP waits to arrest long enough, either one of the suspects (or one of their friends who knows what happened) will crack and confess, or the 2 suspects will turn on each other.

    Let’s be patient and trust that CHP and DA’s Office are handing this case appropriately.

    • You’re on the mark CnD. It’s all just strategy, by CHP and attorneys. And regarding everyone’s rush to judgement …. it’s just that. Emotions and righteousness. Anyone of us can experience an accident or mishap just as awful. And extreme emotions push us to unexpected violence. … again, it can happen to anyone. It would be a good thing if friends and family can convince culprits to come clean. But they still deserve representation and the rest of us should just chill. Back off the lynch mob.

      • no it cannot happen to anyone, everyone else would have stayed there until ambulance came.

        • You are so right. If i did this to anyone i would have stayed, waited for the police and went to jail. How can she live with herself?

      • It’s not a lynch mob. It’s angry people on the internet. These same angry people on the internet identified the suspects a week ago and there has been no vigilante activity. The angry mob had been quite patient. You’re the one being hyperbolic.

    • I agree with this statement.

      The lawyer is not going to let the cops anywhere near their client until charges are filed.
      This is SOP in any major criminal case. Whether she is guilty or not, the justice system works this way. Anybody even suspected would lawyer up or they are a fool. I have dealt with lawyers in civil cases and the most important thing they tell you is to keep your mouth shut, answer yes/no if possible, and never volunteer any information.

      Say she did it, there is no way to prove she was drunk. There is no chain of evidence. You can have folks testify that she was drunk when they dealt with the woman, but that proves nothing. She could have gone home after the accident and downed a bottle of JD. That is why Hit and Run is a bitch. If they caught her immediately and did a blood alcohol test they could nail her for a lot more than Hit and Run. As is if she is guilty she is probably looking at max 4-6 years, as opposed to 10-20 for Vehicular Manslaughter involving alcohol.

      Just my opinion.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I have said before, if you want to murder someone, do it with a car and skate like Hans Brinker. Lousy five years and you’re OUT! Your vic’ is still dead.

  • What can I say that hasn’t been said already? I don’t know legal speak, so I can’t comment on the lawyers letter, except I think he is trying to make the jury biased (when a jury is selected). I think they need to just turn themselves in NOW! Pick up the phone, call 911, say “Hey its so and so and this is my location.” or just walk into the closest LE building!

    Marci… Please… If you have any love and respect for your daughter left, do the right thing and turn yourself in!! You know you were in the wrong! Do it out of the beloved memory of your precious baby girl!! Do it for her!

    • Intellect over emotion

      “Have any love or respect”? If you have any respect for the deceased don’t imply you know anything about their relationships.

      • Oh just stop it! We are just talking and debating. Humans have been jabbering, gossiping, speculating and voicing their opinion since our ancestors first grunt! It’s what humans do, and our right as Americans! We are not beating down Marci door with a noose, and a damn hanging tree. This is the west but not the old west, and if we are being a cyber lynch mob then so be it. But she is not being physically hurt! If you don’t like reading our speculations, comments, and opinion then just don’t come here. Granted they are way worse on some other sites. So what if we don’t know “them”, “they brought this on “themselves”. “They” placed “themselves” in the public eye. Even if we didn’t know who the main suspects were we would still be pleading for “them” to turn “themselves” in, and being just as demanding with how we think justice is unfair at this point, lawyers blow donkey balls, the involvement of drugs, and who is right the lawyer or the CHP!! Yes it will all turn out in the end and the truth will be revealed, but until then… The speculating will commence. After all until “they” turn “themselves” in that’s all that EVERYONE is doing. As a mother I know that I would kill God himself to protect my daughter! The love I have for her is infallible. I will Pray to Creator that these girls will get justice soon.

        As for implying about the deceased relationship for her mother… Are you implying that you know that her mom didn’t love her? Because, being that I can’t read emotion on a computer screen, that’s how it is reading to me. I was hoping this was a horrible accident and she still loved her daughter enough to come forward, but with your comment, I get the impression you know something, and that there is a darker cloud lining to this story.

        Not to mention all the community speculations, rumors, and assumptions…. we the public figured out 2+2=4 long before the lawyer and CHP released any info! Just saying!!

        I guess you will write back, condemning my comment with educated rant or something. Have fun with that because I’m personally done with your blathering’s. I have used enough energy just responding to your trivial comment. Have a good life with you cyber life, may Creator grant you with many WIFI gigs, and a lot of happiness.


    • “…jury biased…” I think you’re right; and I wonder if it will be possible to find 12 jurists who have not read about this travesty and already formed a [disqualifying] opinion. Furthermore, I think this has been staged by design. Smart lawyer. af

  • Don't be nieve people

    Someone please explain why you expect them to “turn themselves in” when there is no arrest warrant for them? Wether you think it’s right or wrong it’s her constitutional right to not be interviewed by the police unless they actually arrest her. Then she will have the protection of Miranda rights when AREESTED. When the police issue an arrest warrent then the two suspects have said they will turn themselves in. Now after the arrest warrant is issued… If they don’t show up… Then it makes sense to ask the public for assistance locating the suspects.
    You all better take some notes. And get yourself a lawyer if you find yourself in a similar position. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

    • If we run over two children and want to cover it up? Good advice.

      My guess is that people here expect them to turn themselves in because they did something horrible and tried to hide it. People might also be angry that we live in a system where murderers can just buy freedom whereas most people will go to jail for much lesser offences with just a public defender. And people have a RIGHT to express their thoughts and feeling, regardless of their legal merit.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Is your handle “nieve” an attempt at levity? It is funny. If not, try spelchek (sic). OK, here goes: the attorney(s) claim that the suspect(s) were available for interviews or whatever. That’s called “advice of counsel” which is what you are talking about. So why no meet-up? Either attorney(s) have lied or CHP is incompetent or the Good ol’ Boys and Girls network is working overtime. Looks like another super-negative Humboldt footnote in the annals of crime investigation and prevention.

  • Intellect over emotion

    Now I can see how Trump has made it so far. The ignorance runs rampant in these comments. Mob mentality. It amazes me how many people feel they have the right to play, cop, detective, judge, jurry, and executioner and don’t even understand due process…The fact is that none of us were there and don’t know what really happened. All facts are hear say and opinion. None of us know what kind of justice the girls would want. Is this a place to have intellectual discussions about news or a soapbox to spew your judgments? Do you have so much time to be involved in other people’s drama and does it make you feel better to think your opinion matters? Everyone has opinions and they all stink. Get outside. Go for a walk. Clean up your own backyards, your own relationships and families. Do what you can to make something better for ANYONE and don’t waste precious moments trying to incite a lynch mob. If there is anything to be learned here it’s that life is short and each second is a contibution to the positive or the negative. So what’s your contribution?

    • Hyperbole much? There has been no “lynch mob,” and everybody worked out who the suspects were a week ago. People can be interested in legal justice and still dissatisfied or have dissenting opinions about the specifics. After all, the other thing driving the Trump campaign is the crappyness of the other candidate.

      Do you want an apathetic public? Do you just classify all your thoughts and opinions as “positive” and any disagreeing opinions as “negative?” This isn’t someone’s “personal drama,” it’s a double homicide and its the whole community’s business.

      • That’s right@ Jaekelopterus,I’m right behind you!

      • Intellect over emotion

        Meddle much? You must have a sad social life. “Interested in legal justice?” Is that what you call it? I think it’s just getting people pumped up and not even knowing facts. Who are we as a misinformed community to decide what is justice? Unless you’re sitting in that court room or you were there you have no clue.
        So if she went in and was released or bailed out (which is what would happen anyway) that would be satisfactory? What is it exactly you need to feel better jaekel??

        • So, if you know facts, state some. You have been on this site attacking people.

          If she had turned herself in, cooperated with police that very evening, made bail and been released, people would feel differently.

          She did not. She fled, the jeep had to be discovered and it has been almost two weeks. Her own daughter is one of those who died.

          Her husband filed for a domestic violence order yesterday. She has two convictions for excessive speed, two cases dismissed after traffic school and fine, again excessive speeding.

          These are facts from court records. I am using my name, unlike you. Posted it on my blog.

          You could be a friend of Marci or Josh, a meddlesome anti law troll, someone who knows the various lawyers. How would we know? Your obsession on not wanting the truth out is a big clue.

          You do not own cyberspace. I am sure you will come back with some insult and unsubstantiated retort.

          Have something to share, say it to the face of those you disagree with. If you have no verfiable evidence or facts, move along, take your bitterness with you.

          Just like you, we have the freedom of speech and our opinion.

          The community has a right to be pissed at the tragic death of two young women and the cowardice of her mother who is not coming forward to help with the investigation.

          If she is innocent, why not come in? The only information we have is due to media pressure.

      • The 911 call said it all. This is horrible. The mother needs to confess and turn herself in and face consequences and the attorneys arrested for obstruction. Its been almost 2 weeks. This is bullshit. If i did this to my child or anyone i couldnt live with myself.

    • Thank you, intellect over emotion.

    • So what’s are contribution we hope Justice in this case and for that matter all cases of Injustice.

      • Intellect over emotion

        You still didn’t answer what you think justice is? Or when and with what you’re going to be satiated.!? If you don’t know the difference between our or are, their, there or they’re or two, to and too, not to mention your and you’re then please just stop adding to the obvious uneducated comments.

        • Justice is anyone involved the the hit & run and subsequent coverup goes to jail, gets prosecuted. There might not be enough evidence to prove conclusively who was driving and that’s just life, but CHP says they are moving forward and I think that’s great! I think the lawyers are lying and that’s okay, they’re just doing their job. That’s what I think with my mighty intellect! How do you feel about that, with your patronizing emotions?

          • Intellect over emotion

            So you would feel justice was being served if she went to jail and was released or posted bail and was awaiting prosecution? That’s what they’re trying to accomplish! It’s called due process and if you believe they should be prosecuted and go to jail then let the system work.

            • How is discussing the public details of a public investigation on a public internet forum IN ANY WAY going to inhibit that public investigation. Especially considering CHP specifically asked for public help finding the suspects.

          • I wish there was a like Button so i wouldnt have type about everything i agree with.

    • Thank you, Intellect Over Emotion. I will go for a walk now and tell my loved ones that I love them. Life is too short.

    • turn yourself in.

  • I just worry about the things that really are important in life just because you may be a little bit more educated doesn’t make you a better person.i’m sure there are many that would like to suppress this story and have us all just forget about this. But that’s not gonna happen this time people are sick and tired of all the injustices around this place we call home.

  • Intellect over emotion

    John Chiv, it really doesn’t matter how people feel does it? Just opinions… This case will play out no matter the publics opinion, just like all cases that the people get in an uproar about. What will make you feel better John? And Who, why would you think that there are many people that want to suppress this story? I just see a whole lot of injustice being done all over the world and find it disgusting that you people have this much time to devote to this. There is so much corruption in this place you call home but I figure you would have a better bandwagon to jump on and Yes i agree! I think that you should “worry about the things that are really important in life.”

    • It’s not about what will make me feel better Intellect over emotions, it is about justice for two lives lost.

      Once again, behind a screen, anonymously, why should anyone care about what you think?

      You deflected questions about any connection or bias you have. You provide no facts. You seem to be monitoring this thread? Why?

      I am well aware of how these “cases” play out. I cover the courts, and know the lawyers involved. And my track record for how cases play out speaks for itself.

      How many people have three lawyers, who are not exactly inexpensive, advocate for them? One of those lawyers, Mr. Griego, who I respect tremendously.

      Not to mention Josh’s dad, Mel Pearlston, who may not formally represent anyone in this case, but is a lawyer, well connected in the area.

      No one else has disappeared for almost two weeks. As I predicted, all you did was attack back. Nothing to add pointing to any new facts.

      Seems to me, you are a typical online troll exploiting this tragedy for some sick reason. Only question is, whether you are connected to any one not wanting the attention this story is getting.

      Have you thought how the families and father of the two deceased young girls feel? You haven’t because you have your own agenda or you would quit responding to me or anyone else.

    • ODDBALL@Intellect over emotion

  • Intellect over emotion

    Deflecting? I don’t feel the need to give any info I may or may not have. It seems at this point minds have been made up on whatever information they want to believe. I don’t think anyone should care about what I think. I’m just putting my two cents in like you and everyone else. If anyone is deflecting its you. You feel because you use your real name that your opinion is any more valuable than the rest!?! Get off your pedastool and see that you are the pot stirring troll egging people on and hiding behind a screen. You have yet to answer what justice is in your eyes. No, I have nothing to add pointing to new “facts” for you to dissect. Yes, I have thought about how the families feel but thank you for telling me what I haven’t thought about because you have a clue. Oh, and thank you for your last sentence to try to detour me from responding. Pat yourself on the back one more time about “your record speaking for itself” because you’ve definitely spoke for yourself now.

    • blah, blah, blah. Your last response and style is very similar to other comments I have seen. How boring and predictable.

      You have had your 15 minutes of fame. And you will continue as long as you get a response.

      Keep commenting, it won’t change the fact that you are a loser, miserable, a typical troll.

      You know nothing, are nothing, and will never amount to anything. Your negative energy is your own fault. Deal with it. I am done, giving you the attention that fuels your clogging this thread.

      • Intellect over emotion

        Wow, now you resort to name calling and attempts at belittling.You are a class act John.
        I was never trying to be entertaining, unpredictable, or get “fame” on any level like people who are so proud to ‘use their name’ says a lot about what kind of “fame” they’re looking for. Pot calling the kettle. Now you think it’s appropriate to call me a loser, miserable, typical troll, which is really predictable, considering you’ve already used troll twice for not sharing your judgements. Then to say I know nothing?I obviously know more than you and I’m old enough to know better than to act the fool and know enough not to make ludicrous speculations based on my own opinions. I am “nothing”:). To use such negative blanket statements shows who the negativity is coming from. I have tried to be nothing but an opposing opinion but because I am not posting things to further the common agenda on this thread I am a nothing and now negative. Speaks volume of your character John Chiv. I know who you are and I’m around you on a regular basis and will remember your comments and how you chose to defend your position by attacking mine. Thank you for showing everyone who you are.

        • Because I have been so busy I have not been reading the comments carefully. I’m not going to try and go back and remove/edit all the times people have broke the comment rules BUT I will be enforcing them from now on.

          Please no insulting other commenters, no inciting violence, no accusing by name someone of breaking the law unless law enforcement has already done so, no racially or sexually charged terms (nigger, grow ho, etc.), no sexualizing people who are in the news (“I’d do her”) and make sense.

        • Intellect, I am well aware you maybe “around me”. You just further confirmed my suspicions about your “identity.”

          How do you think I knew how to get you to slip up. Your efforts regarding me have failed in the past, as they will now.

          This is not about YOU. This is about two young lives lost, a tragedy, that did not have to happen.

          You do not get that, and you never will.

          What comes through clearly is your frustration at your failed attempts to silence others because the commenters on this site, as well as the general public, are savvy.

          When the two people in “hiding” come forth and stop hindering law enforcement efforts in this investigation, justice for Kiya and Faith will start.

          If they are innocent, why hide?

          Marcia Kitchen does not deserve a lawyer of Mr. Griego’s caliber. She is fortunate to have him.

  • Getoveryourself

    Talk about someone with no life Intellect over emotion, you are up quite late just waiting for the next post so you can attack.I think you sound like a very sick individual, perhaps you haven’t been taken your meds,you need help.By the way,it wasn’t Mr.Chiv that left the last sentence calling you a *Oddball* he wouldn’t do such a thing and only uses his real name unlike you,unlike myself.It was me.

    • Intellect over emotion

      I was talking about his line ” quit responding to me or anyone else”. Telling me what to do. I don’t care about being called an oddball. I’m proud to be the oddball in this thread. And the attacking is obvious and not coming from me. I am not sick. I am not on meds, just because of my opinions. If you saw me in person you’d never say any of this to my face because debating in this way is just plain rude and unproductive. I just want people to realize they only know some of the story and not to be so quick to call names or talk about “frying pieces of flesh”. I just hope keep everyone keeps in mind that this woman, regardless of what happens to her by a court on earth, has already gotten life without parole.

      • If you don’t want the suspect to go to jail, you could contribute money to her legal team. You ought to work on you reading comprehension, though. The line you’ve been obsessing over;

        “You haven’t because you have your own agenda or you would quit responding to me or anyone else.”

        Isn’t a order, its a statement. He’s not telling you what to do, he’s just assessing your behavior.

      • “Intellect over Emotion ” sounds like a complete sociopath..

  • Is Josh Pearlston related to Melvin Pearlston of Trinidad, the big time dope attorney?

    • so, if indeed there is a family relationship between Mel Pearlston, lawyer from Trinidad who specializes in defending growers, and the person of interest, Josh Pearlston, I could connect the dots to see where ‘Daddy’ is paying for 3 high end lawyers, one from Mathews Kluck with dope proceeds….makes one’s mind spiral with possibilities.

    • You are correct.

    • Yes. Mel Pearlston and Josh Pearlston are related.

  • Supposedly they’ve been seen out by Conklin Creek in Petrolia. Josh’s mom lives that way…

  • Marci has been told to talk to no one. Unfortunately, she has opened her mouth and hasn’t shut it since. She was driving home from the rodeo when she mowed over the girls including her own daughter. Marci was intoxicated and was saying at the time of the hit and run she thought she hit a deer. This lady has been trying to cover her own ass since the very beginning! Marci did not inform the authorities because she knew she would be arrested and at that point her daughter was fighting for her life and she wanted to be there. The authorities are all over this and she will be arrested. Marci also knows she will be arrested…Do you actually think the authorities don’t know where you are? Who your talking to?

  • According to the CHP, they have knowledge as to the whereabouts of both suspects. but are continuing the investigation. “More to follow’ per the CHP. Also, the bit about hit a deer? If she were loaded, that might be true – delusional, but true. Within a few hours, however, she knew the extent of her troubles, or had an idea, and has, appropriately, whether anyone likes it or not, retained counsel. The posturing between the attorneys and the CHP were BOTH BS, and full of holes. It would appear (my being an avid TV crime show attendee) that the perps do not want to come forward and ‘shoot the breeze’ with any authorities, without the protections afforded them via due legal process, which cannot be invoked until they are actually under warrant and arrested. On the other hand, the CHP, et al, do not want to start the clock on the 48 hours …. “There are actually two arraignment hearings in the lifespan of a California felony case. One occurs at the very start of criminal proceedings. The second happens after the preliminary hearing…if the result of that hearing is to hold the defendant to answer on the charges. For now, we’ll focus on the first of these: the initial arraignment.
    If you committed an offense that requires you to remain in “custody” (that is, in jail), you must be arraigned within 48 hours of your arrest, not including weekends and holidays.1 This timeframe establishes the maximum amount of time the police and prosecutors have to place you before a judge.”

    According to the CHP spokesperson, they want to ‘have all their ducks in a row’ before charges are leveled. Seems to me that time would be of the essence. The longer rumors and speculation are running like wildfire, the difficulty in securing a jury pool that is not ‘tainted’ is going to be!

    I’ve though from the beginning, that the authorities could have held them on a ‘suspicion of’ something, like cultivating, possession, even giving up one of their primary charges, like ‘conspiracy to (?) something or another’ – anything to separate and hold these people while conducting their investigation. But like I said, I only learned that on TV!

  • First, my heart goes out to the families of this horrific and tragic incident. I have been following this story with the hopes that they will soon speak with the police so they can get the report complete and these poor girls can rest in peace.

    I’m commenting as a person who knows what it is like to hit and kill someone, so I guess these next comments are directed at Marci or whomever was at the wheel. Hopefully, they read them. Last February I hit and killed a man on the freeway that was high on drugs. Without going into details, the chp found the young man to be 100% at fault for the accident. Still, my heart breaks everyday for the family. I send them love and work on forgiving myself and him for what has happened. The first couple of weeks were absolute torture, I was in complete shock, had ptsd episodes, and just felt like I wanted to die. My heart was crushed, and is still. I can’t imagine what was going on with the driver when they hit these two young, beautiful girls. I can’t for a second fathom hitting my own child. All I can say is that it is time to do the right thing for the girls and their families. It will be hard, but you will feel somewhat better when everything is out in the open.

    We don’t have all the facts as to what happened on that road. It’s easy to speculate and assume, but the the chp needs to do their full investigative report, with the driver’s account of the incident. The scene of the accident will tell the story, it just takes time to for them to put it all together. There really is no reason that I can see why they wouldn’t come forward with what has happened. It will all come out soon enough anyway.

    Blessings to the families.

  • .. You know she got that jeep fixed outa town,most likely while she was with it down south.. She is the poster child for adults these days,not wanting to take personal responsibility for their choices .

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