Vehicle Involved in Hit and Run Death of Teens Found Near Home of Mother of One of the Teens

Officer Cy May, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol confirms that the vehicle allegedly at fault in the fatal hit and run deaths of two teenage girls last night has been located near Fortuna about a mile from the accident scene. “We located our suspect vehicle about a mile or so from the scene itself,” he said. “The residence is taped off and we are awaiting a search warrant.”

May declined to confirm on what street the vehicle had been located. However, the Times Standard is reporting that the vehicle was found at the end of Becker Lane. (Read their story here.)

Marci Kitchen, whose Facebook page identifies her as the mother of one the victims lives at the end of that street. Readers are telling us that the vehicle was located under a tarp in the backyard. Officer May was unwilling to confirm that information at this time.

UPDATE Thursday: Interview with attorney of suspect here.

Latest information as of July 19, 2016: ‘Good Progress’ Learning About Death of Fortuna Teens, Says CHP Spokesperson

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  • Under a tarp … what a chicken shit piece of garbage!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Eureka Attorney Ben Okin, reached by phone this morning, said he is representing the suspect in the case and that, through him, she made contact with police yesterday. “We made contact with law enforcement,” Okin said. “They didn’t know who she was. We made contact with them. … As far as I know, at the time we made contact on the driver’s behalf, law enforcement didn’t have any information on the identity of the driver. That (call) is what led to them being able to serve the search warrant. It wasn’t something they discovered, as far as I know.”

      Response: As if the chp is so stupid not to first check into the parents, where they live, what they drive, etc…. CHP is a trained agency that is not stupid, so give ’em credit when all the charges are brought against the driver.

      A quick background check on parents of deceased reveals vehicle models, types, years, etc…

      Attorneys are such liars and deflection con artists……and to put the ole political correctness, dumbfounded phrase into the story of, “as far as he knows” rubbish” OR, “We called them” rubbish too.

      Guess what Eureka Attorney Ben Okin, no phone call was necessary if driver did not flee, but attorneys milk cases for all the wealth they can transfer into their pockets while commiting malpractice and misconducts to stretch shit out on behalf of the attorneys.

      Either mommy dearest was driver or another relative or friend, which makes mommy dearest an accomplice to a cover up, possibly harboring a fugitive in a deceitful manner, aiding and abeting the delays of the criminal being apprehended immediately, the list could go on and on. Was driver insured?

      People need to get a clue about lying attorneys at law destroying the justice system and lives of the “real victims”.

      • comecleanforonce

        Attorney Ben Okin is the same slime representing Kade Chandler for 2 counts of gross vehicular manslaughter with special circumstances….those being (MARIJUANA, COCAINE, OPIATES and being DRUNK) killing two. This guy loves blood $$$ apparently. I wonder how he sleeps at night??

        • Henchman Of Justice


          Sleep, he probably sleeps very well after dining out on the town, paying his high class bills with the blood money, whether privately or publicly financed.

          Thing is, once you retain an attorney, you get first hand experience of their slimeball ways as compulsive liars who really don’t give a rats ass about justice, but do care about covering up their lack of obligations.

        • The problem is that if no attorney takes the case, there can be no trial. No trial, no conviction.

          There HAS to be an attorney.

          • Not true. Defendants can represent themselves. They will have a fool for a client, however. It’s called pro se.

      • The CHP was aware of the vehicle make and model at the time of the 911 call, so the attourney is trying to fix the mistake of their stupid client………. the client already got an attourney………. why would someone get an attourney for no reason?

    • If they finger print the shifter knob and steering wheel they will see the last person to drive the car is the 17 year old son

  • So sorry for your loss Marci. Xo

    • she caused her own loss as it appears and all the evidence presented

      Be sorry for the two innocent lives she took

      • Excuse me? How exatcly did she cause this

      • Marci was one of the kids mothers [edit]

      • Total douche bag comment. Please keep comments like that off of here or to yourself. We still live in America, a country where you’re innocent, until proven guilty. I know these people and this family well, and seeing comments like this, just kills me. Toni is a good friend of mine, and I saw this comment earlier today from her. When she made this comment (read the time stamp), nobody knew anything We lost a mutual friend, our friend’s are grieving and the thing is already bad enough. It’s a tragedy, plain and simple. Joe and Marcy and Jevin, Stay strong. You have a lot of friends. WE are here for you guys… Internet trolls and BS comments should be kept to yourself. Go troll another topic please. Love ya Toni. I’ll call you or D in the morning.

        • Do you have a direct line to here at the county jail house? cause that is where she is right!! If she is so innocent why was THE jeep found in her backyard hiding with a tarp on covering it? You seem to know everything….please, make since of that. One of them was driving that jeep when it mowed those girls over.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Just because family is family is not a reason to censor free discussion on facts.

          Maybe people shoulda had a sit down family and friend round table discussion of the rights and wrongs in life, especially as it pertains to the public domain, driving and skateboarding.

          Sorry for your loss, but using a loss to squelch free speech is as bad , and compoundingly worse as killing a persons voice, literally and figuratively.

          Aside from the above, the expectation is that close friends and family dont blog in times like this, they console each other privately, not complain about what others say, think or do, unless the facts undermine the bs story the killer driver is about to lawyer up and provide…….which, btw, is much worse as a driving liar/child killer than a blogger discussing the facts or even a troll who only intends to insult personally another blogger.

          PC is Americas downfall in times like these when suppression of free speech is encouraged.

          • So…. Are you saying a troll
            is as bad as a killer? Figuratively speaking? Killing the messenger? LMFAO if that is the case. Trolls don’t stifle anything.

            • Nasty trolls cause alot of unnecessary pain with their careless mean words. Get a hobby for crying out loud. Where’s manners? Did your mothers not teach you any? Or common sense?

          • How dare u to tell the family what they should or should not do to justify your lack of manners and need to gossip. The facts? How would u know the facts? There’s been no trial yet, hence no facts, and the woman is innocent until proven guilty in the USA.
            So sorry for your loss to the entire family.

        • @ Chris J ~ hope you feel like a f***** idiot for sticking up for this POS Marci Kitchen!!!!!!

    • Marci is the one who did it!!! Are you kidding me. I know her ex husband she admitted it to him face to face. She’s obviously crazy to kill her own daughter and someone else’s daughter. I’m in shock and rest in piece to those girls.

      • What is sick is that she will attend the funeral all grief stricken but she wants too grief stricken after she hit them

        She was anything other than grief stricken as she contemplated how to hide the evidence

        Hopefully they’ll keep her in jail and she won’t even get the chance to plan the funeral let alone attend

        Sounds harsh and you can all b$&&h if you want but it’s hard facts

        What is harsh is her leaving the scene and hiding her vehicle and one girl HER girl may have made it if would have just stopped and helped. THAT is harsh

    • Sadly I heard from a good friend of the Fortuna police department that Marci was not only under the influence, but that she fled the scene not knowing she hit her own daughter, had she stopped, she probably would have saved her life. It is sad, disgusting, and selfish. Only after the news came out and she was contacted did she find out she killed her own daughter. This is the worst case of instant Karma. She was also driving over 70 mph to boot.

    • You’re sorry for Marcis loss. What about the dad.. the brother and the other girls parents family and friends that girl was up visiting from San Fran.. She’s the one who hit her own child and someone else’s child, fled the scene knowing she hit people obviously it wasnt even dark yet. Then covered her vehicle. And got a lawyer right away. She needs to pay for what she did. Its horrifying.

  • Looks like the police are getting closer to the basted that did it .

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Reads as if it is either the mom, a dad, a sibling, a friend, or a neighbor tied to the jeep.

    How coincidental, vehicle within a mile, and at the end of a dead end street, a dead end street where the mom lives at the end. Insurance companies always convey most tickets and accidents are within a mile or few of the driver’s home.

    Weirdly coincidental and ironic.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Wonder if driver commited suicide?

  • You can hit, but you can’t run.

  • Oh god…please don’t let my hunch be right.

  • Why announce the address? Let the police do their kids without looking loos!!! And announcing where the grieving parents live ?? Give them ALL space!!!!!!!! We font need to know Every friggin step!

    • If you don’t agree with my decision tomorrow after the press release, let me know. I made a hard decision that still has me shaking but I did the right thing. I think you’ll agree tomorrow.

      • People are gonna crap their pants tomorrow!!

      • I think you always make the right decision.i might not like them all but then I’m stoked to have you do this.and know you come from the heart like a true so hummer..the truth is in life no one is prepared for the truth.our society is based on munipulating the truth.tganks for being honest when it hurts❤️🙏

      • I’ll never envy your position in what information to/or not to release to the public.
        Thank you for your integrity and common sense that the other news sources fall short in.

      • If what I heard is correct…. I can’t even imagine the kind of person that did this is…. The worse kind of sick…..

      • Kim, what time is the press release?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        A decision influenced by the insights of another prior to the chp update on location whereabouts of jeep.

        Tough decision, nah, not really when the criticism of the event has merit.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        When does the wrong thing ever happen with ye perfect one…..never, bawawawawawawawa.

      • I really would like to know if this was your daughter or family member you would be reporting EVERY DETAIL of your grief/heartbreak and DETAIL for all of us to read. This is a horrible tragedy ALL the way around – why is it your personal mission to reveal all these details that the police aren’t even releasing yet? Let the police do their work and let them (they are trained for these situations) announce the outcome…

        • When my brother was arrested, I reported that. I believe that truth is better than secrecy.

          • I think that being truthful is always better than being a liar or a i think you are doing the right thing..and as said before if people don’t like then they can move on..

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Kudos for that Kym.

            And if HOJ had a family member that killed, covered up death tool in back yard after leaving the scene of murder/manslaughter, then HOJ would forever sever his relationship.

            Blood is not thicker than life, and HOJ be damned to forgive such haneous conduct, family or not.

            Family is given wayyyyy too much credit as a censorship reason.

        • Great reporters don’t just regurgitate press releases. Keep up the good work, Kym!

        • Well, there was another daughter involved and their friends and family want answers too so we appreciate the investigative journalism.

        • Duh, I think her job is to report the news as she gets it. And guess what ..That’s what she does!! Great work Kym.

      • Kym you do an excellent job in reporting the news. You are thorough, that is to be respected. With most of our news watered down and controlled by the big wigs, you’re reports stand for the truth. Thank you.

      • Angie Underwood

        Kym, you have always shown the utmost integrity in your reporting. But what you do on a regular basis is much more: you tell the truth, and that carries a weight that requires much bravery.

        • Thank you. This has been a rough day. My heart just keeps hurting and my hands shaking.

          • Once it’s on the scanner and the KIEM reporter is posting pics of the location, it’s almost irresponsible to not report on it. Its public info at that point, and you are a very trusted voice for how this information is given out. Its obvious you care and take the time to be as respectful as much as possible, which is above and beyond compared to some local reporters. You don’t go for the shock value and I think you’re doing a great service. Thank you!
            You can’t please everyone!

          • Kym, Please keep doing your job. To the families of the 14 year old girls, My heart is broken and I’m very sorry. When I first heard about this I started crying for the families. I only wish I could be on the jury to hang this worthless POS….

          • Angie Underwood

            I know lady, this is extraordinarily painful, stay the course, your heart leads you steady xoxo

      • amimissingsomething

        Kym, Is there a way to listen to the press conference Live….Thanks Kym. This really hits home with me as I was around everyone of the friends and family Peace

        • I don’t think there will be a live press conference.

          [EDIT: I just spoke to the CHP. There will be a written press release. It sounds like it will come out this morning.]

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Birdie says a female adult has hired a lawyer!

            Driver did not even stop, but fled and hid the vehicle.

            Driver is a loser piece of shit. Based on other younger drivers leaving hit and run scenes, maybe the laws need to punish more severely drivers who flee? Maybe drivers need more tickets? Maybe, we need less people driving?Maybe DMV needs to cease handing out drivers licenses like candy to children?

            Maybe parents need to do a better job of raising children in this overpopulated, fast paced world.

            And maybe, parents as individuals can get back to self responsibility, instead of wreaking havoc on others with their irresponsibilities.

            • Kym your doing great and please pull this nasty troll off here. She serves no purpose other than to cause more misery to the family than they already have. Be a dear and lose the troll.

  • Kym, can you please pull the address off? These are personal friends of mine, and unless someone else is listing it, it’s too close to home for me.
    I’m so sick to my stomach right now, and grieving. I know this family well, and I’m just in shock, stunned and in tears. But the entire public doesn’t need to know the exact address. I’m sure it’ll be released somewhere. A lot more news will be released on this, but don’t need the gawkers and traffic there.

    • PB, I feel like without the address (which is publicly available online) the story hasn’t been proved. The Times Standard is already giving the street and it’s not a very big one.

      • PB,
        CHP announced the address on the scanner hours ago, way before Kym identified it here.

      • I hear there maybe indoor grows in the area .That maybe a concern more then justice for some .

        • Looks like there’s a hoop two doors down. Either way, news is news, whether it hurts someone’s feelings or not.

          • so what if the neighbor has some hoops, two young girls are dead, give us a break.

            • If those are your’s you’d better chop it down before CNN gets here.

              • Because CNN gives any fucks about a hooper? Two innocent lives, gone and the tragedy that follows. I think that’s what CNN would be interested in. Sad sad shit to say the least. Hug your sons/daughters and keep them close. These are fucked up times we are living in.

                • Henchman Of Justice

                  Your right, parents should cherish their children because thinking of life all of a sudden gone is a bomb drop. Death is the shortening of life, and if one loves life and all its trials and tribulations, death is a grim reminder to love as god damn much as ya can in the hope that when we die, we did as much loving as possible.

                  Love goes out to the 2 souls whose lives were cut down short by someone they knew.

      • we found the address, very easy. Kim keep up the good work

    • Again… there is another family involved here. There were two girls, remember? I appreciate the information as i watxh my loved ones grieve and look for answers.

  • Watch the sunset in your neighborhoods,its summer time people,where were you at 14?, suns down and dark out 9pm to 930 . Know Kym there nothing truly more than can be shared,rumored ,said or best explanations to last night. Clarence Lee Still

  • Why beezy? Wtf! I love j and m.

  • Has someone been arrested?

  • Doing the right thing is hard.

  • The house in the photo, 1982 Becker Lane, according to pictures and sources online, belongs to the family of the girl. This story is so tragic already, but is shaping up to be even more horrible and heart-breaking.

  • I hope it wasn’t a close realatives to the girls .that wiped them out . that would be so tragic.

  • Am I reading this correctly that the vehicle was found in the mother’s backyard? WTF could that mean?

  • It doesn’t matter if a person dressed all in black is walking down the middle of the road, on a blind corner, in the middle a moonless night. IF YOU HIT SOMEONE, STOP!!!!

  • Henchman Of Justice

    HOJ, unfortunately on this news story, nailed the weirdness (with Rodoni’s example as a bearing of what was to come) before this tragic weirdness was confirmed.

    Seering sucks at times.

  • It’s now 9:00 pm. Can still see pedestrians. Was this anger? Drunk? Wtf. Lives are affected forever. Prison. Sorry folks.

  • Hearing the vehicle was found in the backyard of one of the victims. Makes sense unfortunately….Suspect drives dark Jeep Wrangler the same direction of the victims home. Girl are struck. vehicle continues that direction. Vehicle is located by Cops and has damage from the scene.

    Not too far fetched to assume the unfortunate possibility that they were hit and killed by a family member, who then fled.

  • Holy shit marcy, wtf…fuck

    • Bingo!! Marci….

      • Holy fkn shit! I want to barf.

      • Marci knew better, her sister Jaime was killed by a Drunk Driver 20 years ago

        • She obviously didn’t learn her lesson. Super sad.

        • Driver was sober in that horrible accident. Pull the Coroner report!! Evidence shows deceased driver under influence. People just spreading rumors, then repeat. People should know facts before spreading more hurt. Unnecessary!!

          • Hey MKK and “get facts” yeah you get your f-ing facts straight!!!!!!!!. . . .I was in that accident with Jamie, I sat right behind her!!! The driver of the other car was on Meth and going 100+ miles an hour. He had a rich family and an expensive lawyer. This has absolutely nothing do to with what is going on here and now. I’m really sick of seeing people talk about it. This was 20 years ago. NONE OF YOU KNOW’S S*** ABOUT IT. . . . you gossiping A-holes!! None of us were drunk in the car.

        • Actually the drive was on Meth.

  • Oh no, it was a relative? That’s horrible! How could you just not stop, my god!

    • The sad part is the girl was still alive obviously or they wouldn’t have flown her out. If she would have stopped and helped instead of taking time to hide her jeep, that little girl may have made it.

      Those minutes she wasted took away any chance this child had

      It don’t take a scientist to put this all together. It’s all public record, the homeowner the jeep owner etc. put it all together and it is obvious WHO killed these poor girls

      • Unfortunately you hit the hammer on the head. You never know well said

        • She obviously knew she hit SOMEONE or she would not have hid the jeep.

          What Kharma to hit anyone and leave the scene of the accident, hide the jeep, act like nothing ever happened …..

          Only to receive a call that your child was involved in a hit and run and was at the hospital holding on to life and her friend is dead

          KNOWING you did it. Yet even while talking to hospital and the police you STILL say nothing about what you did ……..

  • Dude did the mom really plow over her kids while blacked out drunk??! This is like a news blogger wet dream!

    • A friend said look at insurance sad but true.

    • $click$,
      Go back to LoCo.

      • And take “HOJ” with you

        • Henchman Of Justice

          HOJ was Kym’s first blogger to call this incident for what it is.

          Seering sucks in unfortunate times, so please don’t hurt HOJ any more today, as death is not a wish.

          • I don’t think anyone understands your particular brand of jibberish.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Thats because ya dont read the earlier comments on the matter. If the teacher eliminates that portion of the history which otherwise explains your confusion, then it is easy to understand why censorship causes confusion or laziness to research the facts on a dishonest blog site.

          • Don't repeat the past

            I’m a long time local blog reader and mostly anon commenter … HOJ, please don’t bugger up this comment section.

            I think your comments would resonate more if you would just be anon and not plug up the debate by over posting under HOJ. Also, please don’t start the 3rd person stuff. I really do enjoy reading your perspectives and I was against your ban from Loco.

            You have chance to start fresh here … you should capitalize on it!!

            • After his critique of the women’s sportswear all my respect for HOJ is long gone never to be returned.

              • Henchman Of Justice

                Sasha, too bad your naivity has poisoned your open mindedness on how adults today are still pulling advertizing deceptions like tobacco companies in order to create profits while sexualizing minor girls through tabloid style public relations.

                A business that claims it dont care what anyone else thinks, but then it cares people think its shirts use too much vulgar language, so the company realises its profits are affected, and changes because their wallets are doing the thinking.

                Bob Marley ~ “money cant buy life”.

                Hipocrisy was proven in the articles thread, but hey, southern Humboldt for that matter breefs hipocrisy no different than elsewhere.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Ya see, the problem with that is…….it is not reasonable.

              Additionally, why promote secrecy?

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Out of respect,

              I noticed that when HOJ started posting, Kym’s blog started getting a mass load of comments.


              A different perspective is always brought to the discussion by myself.

              Now, back to third person, HOJ out, 10 4.

          • This post will remind me to disregard the rest of your posts. Thanks.

            Pompous arrogance comes to mind.

  • Dear Creator watch out for the families that are hurting. This is a dark, sad, and very trying time!!!! I pray that the rumors are wrong but the pieces seem to be falling into place. Those two poor girls. There is no excuse for these deaths. Family or not, drunk or not, high or not… Let them pay the highest price!! And if it is family make them pay more! If the Law won’t I’m sure karma will!

    • Very well said..but I can’t help but wonder who in the hell does all the steps that was taken to hide the vehicle and to not once say a word to law enforcement..I am sorry I don’t care who you are but you are one sick individual and I understand that the person responsible for KILLING the two girls have family but let’s not forget that the person did not think twice about anyone but themselves and I am pretty sure the person didnt stop for one minute and think hmmm my poor family so why should everyone else..the tragedy is two innocent girls were killed in a brutal awful way and left there to lay on the cold ground alone to suffer all the while this sick POS went home and took the time to cover and hide the vehicle so it’s very obvious the person knew she did something horrible..I really hope there is no pity shown to her and she gets what she has coming from the law and karma

  • The only thing that will stop people from speculating is more information. “Nothing to see here, move along” doesn’t work on the internet. Google Streisand Effect.

  • I’ve known marcy for 15 yrs. I can’t imagine this sort of thing. She is a great mom, hopefully this isn’t her mistake. God, I really pray for this family. They need our prayers, now, more than ever, no matter what.

    • I agree, she is such a wonderful mother and genuinely good person! Praying hard for some sort of closure without it completely destroying this family anymore than it already has!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      That is an example right there with people in Humboldt – Too many lies and deceit are being believed by people and it takes an extreme event to open eyes to truth about people.

      Lack of being open minded is a mental health disorder.

  • Jeeze people are being so judgmental on here she was probly jus drunk and didnt want to get in trouble mistakes happen specially when your drunk don’t act like you are better and havent been drunk before!!! Grow up peoples!!!

    • I think growing up means that, at very least, you brake for your own vehicular homicides.

    • I’m sorry, did you really just say she was probably just drunk and made a mistake because she didn’t want to get in trouble? And that we have all been drunk and made mistakes? Yes, I have made mistakes while drunk…I threw up in the sink and not the toilet, I kissed a girl I wouldn’t have if I was sober, and I showed up home an hour after I told my husband I would be home. Those are mistakes! Running over 2 people and leaving them there alone to suffer and die and still never come forward, that is not a mistake! What this person has done is beyond comprehension. RIP sweet angels

    • Seriously? “Being judgmental”? “Just drunk and didn’t want to get in trouble”? “Grow up people”?
      I was reading through the comments and feeling the pain of the families, but when I came across this my jaw hit the floor. How can anyone excuse a drunk driver that took the lives of two little girls and then took steps to cover it up? It brings to mind what another hit and run driver said when they killed someone, “they were just a bum.” Well, “they were just drunk” makes as much sense. Not just the families, but the friends of these children will be forever changed and the futures of these girls were stolen. But I guess we should take comfort in the fact that they “were probably just drunk”! Because apparently that makes it all better. The other posts were making me sad, this one just pissed me the f**k off!

  • The mom to one of the girls was booked!!! Not sure if it was her that was driving or her 16 yr old son…..Twisted, sad news

  • This is the most horrific thing,I can’t believe what I’m reading.i think about my daughter and start crying uncontrollablely,I love her more than life.i would give my life for hers no thought about it!!it took 5 minutes to write praying for these praying for the person responsible,that their nightmares never let them sleep.and bless all of us to be safe from harm

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Kids, never be in oncoming traffic lanes cuz ya never know when a loved one could run ya down, and attempt to hide the vehicle in your own back yard where you grew up and played with Spot the family dog.

  • We don’t know anything for sure until the press release, so why is everyone saying it was so-and-so without any evidence? Wait for the press release before condemning someone.

    • “Condemning” someone and discussing current events on an internet forum based on limited information are two different things. We shouldn’t be condemning people based on police press releases, either. That’s what the courts are for. By internet forum standards, this conversation has been very civil.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Agreed, civil it has been, but if ya could reach the computer screen, civility is out the window.

        • You really need to proofread before you hit post. Your messages are so full of spelling and grammatical errors that nobody understands them but you. For instance, you used the word “seering” twice. Do you think that seering means something?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      There exists lots of flies on the foliage in Humboldt.

  • The speculation and assumption from most of the commenters is disgusting, and you should all be ashamed of your selves.

    This is a horrible tradegy that happened to this family and to speculate, assume and spew tabloid ( not the reporter) is cruel and sick.

    Those children are gone. Someone’s children. Imagine what the family is going through as well as the driver who at this point has not been officially identified to the public. I will assume nothing except that it was a tragic accident. I feel for all involved. You all should too. Maybe I will feel differently tommorow, but I all not berate the family members or assume what should be done, or what has been done.

  • I know the woman at that house. I worked in her home back in March of 2015 and she had shown me a magazing with the Jeep she was going to buy. She drove a newer maxima at that time. I spent a good part of the day with her and we talked about our families, work and life in general. I even worked in her daughters room. I can’t believe it’s her. She should have came foward right away. I feel so bad for the poor girls in what seems like a terrible accident. But regardless you don’t run and hide! I can only assume that the panic of what happened kicked in and actions were made out of desperation and not out of proper judgment. No Kim you did not give away who lived there. The pictures from times standard and my memory of the home made me go back into my files from a year ago and see if that was the address I worked at was. Sadly it was and the memories of the Jeep dealership book and all sorts of emotions and shock overcame me. I honestly don’t know how to respond except my thoughts are with the two girls who are no longer with us. 🙁

  • In any event, whether the person responsible knew it was her daughter or not…the result is sadly the same…a child was left on the side of the road dying. I cant imagine what must be going through the alleged driver/child’s mother’s mind as she realized it was not only 2 children but her own daughter and her friend whom she probably fed at one time or another and tucked into bed at a sleep over…I offer up prayers for her and hope that its not so…but with whats been reported so far, it appears it is in fact true…she ran over her own daughter and her friend and now they are taking their last journey home 🙁

  • Please remember, there very well can be siblings that are hurting and being drug through this horror. Their lives have been damaged. Their future hopes mangled. They have to pick up the pieces and move forward and survive this themselves. They have to find away to cope and start school in the fall. It is going to be horrifically difficult for them. The parents of all of these children are going to be suffering and not as “present” as they could be. Everybody hurts.

    Adults make horrible mistakes that children have to pay for. Let’s send good energy and hope to these young people. They are on the brink of adulthood, let’s help them find a positive light in all this dark horror. A living nightmare.

  • Are the siblings being drugged or dragged through this?

  • Thank you Kim for your reporting, as it appears we are all about to be served a huge crap sandwich I am glad I have been prepared with small bites. Thank you first responders and investigators, I hope you can recover from what you have unveiled. My heart goes out to the families, young souls RIP.

  • I’m numb with tears in my eyes. I actually drove around yesterday hoping to spot the vehicle. My heart and thoughts were on the families. Then to find this out……..
    There is no way a mother could do this. I just read the list of people booked yesterday and the mothers name was not listed.
    Those poor girls!

  • Why are some of you folks giving kym a bad time.she didn’t do this.shes reporting on the people who did.thats news.without her we’d know nothing.she thinks about others feelings,most reporters could give a shit.shes heartfelt,and never says a unkind word.shes impartial as well.Were lucky to have her.THANKS KYM.this sad story is hurting all of us!after all these girls were part of us all.God Bless these families they need all of us.

    • Well Said!

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Jealousy. Apathy. General blase. The only people hassling here are those that can’t do a better job than she is. Or they’re miffed because she provides a public service they feel they’re more deserving (in their reality) than she is. To them I’d say “Don’t quit your day job”, but they might not have one.

      Keep on keepin’ on, Kym.

  • Far from the city

    Down here in Leggett your the only news we get kym, thanks for everything .

  • just want to recognize our first reponders police fire and amb. Plus the er crew we have in this area well trained people who respond professionally when many are volunteers. This was a tragic heart wrenching scene to process hopefully there is in place a way for these great folks to process and decompress from what they were involved with. Bless you all

    • That night I kept thinking about them. Listening to the scanner was hard. But being there…I don’t know how they could keep on working.

      • First responders rock

        First responders are unsung heros, they don’t get the Thanks they deserve,
        To all the emergency response people out there thank you for all your devotion and all you do.

  • All of you need to get away from your keyboards. I shouldn’t even be reading all of this. Especially when the accident I was involved in 22 years ago gets brought up. Leave it alone!!!! Bunch of f-ing trolls that don’t know.

  • I know Marci….this is tragic…
    Her daughter died knowing what it was like to h loved by her mom…son will live a different path now..
    People should focus on the good…how do we prevent people from being ran over? Better speed limits…cars with avoidance systems…. Cars that can’t go faster than posted limits…all of those are easily in our grasp….
    I cared. About Marci…even contacted the cops a few times about bad driving when she was involved (but not the one driving) a few times…even wrote and gave her letters trying to help her see the danger… Is that not what we do about people we care about?
    This is sad.. But Marci loved her daughter…
    But there were two girls… And she left…that part leaves little room for …
    If she spends her life doing all she can to pay a debt that can never be paid…..
    I cared for her like Ive cared about no other woman… I’ll be in tears over this for a long time…

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