Second Person Dies After Man Convicted of Killing Humboldt County Marijuana Grower Allegedly Assaulted Two Fellow Inmates Last Week

Jonathan Watson

Jonathan Watson

A second inmate has died after an attack on January 16 in California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, and State Prison, Corcoran. The suspect, another inmate, Jonathan Watson, age 41, was incarcerated for the shooting death of 27-year-old Garrett Benson, a Cutten resident, during a marijuana ripoff in 2008.

Watson allegedly attacked and killed David Bobb, age 48 on January 16. At the same time he critically injured Graham De Luis-Conti, age 62. Today, authorities released information that De Luis-Conti had died on January 19.

Below is the full press release from California Department of Corrections:

A second inmate has died from a Jan. 16, 2020 attack at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran (SATF).

Graham De Luis-Conti, 62, was pronounced dead on Jan. 19 at an area hospital.

On Jan. 16, 2020, correctional officers responded when inmate Jonathan Watson, 41, attacked two inmates in Facility A with a weapon, causing multiple head wounds to both victims.

Medical staff continued life-saving measures while waiting for the ambulances for both injured inmates. Both were transported to a local medical center. David Bobb, 48, succumbed to his injuries while en route to the hospital.

SATF’s Investigative Services Unit and the Kings County Coroner’s Office are investigating the deaths as homicides.

De Luis-Conti was received by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) on June 21, 2001. He was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years old.

Watson was received by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) from Humboldt County on September 4, 2009 to serve life with the possibility of parole for first-degree murder and intentionally discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury or death.

Bobb was received by CDCR from San Diego County on October 17, 2005 to serve a life with the possibility of parole sentence for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years old.

SATF opened in Kings County in 1997 and houses Level II, III and IV inmates. The institution specializes in substance abuse treatment, houses more than 5,400 inmates and employs nearly 2,000 people.

UPDATE: Inmate Convicted of Humboldt County Murder Describes Killing Two Child Molesters to News Organization




  • Good.
    Huge taxpayer savings.

  • Killed 2 convicted child molesters.
    Wonder if the families paid him.

    I bet the comments here will be totally opposite of the last article about this incident now that it turns out 2 pedi lifers were the victims.
    The majority of men in prison overwhelmingly are survivors of child sexual abuse.
    Its not hard to trace back to the root of the problem. Its just not talked about enough nor are there enough spaces for men to work out those emotions.

  • well apparently birds of a feather flock together, and then get shanked together..

  • Justice served! I’m sure he will get his too eventually.

    • The comments on that FB posting, and many that follow this RHBB article, are scary, sad and telling. This clearly displays the ways vigilante justice occurs.
      Wonder how many of those people applauding the murder of the inmates consider themselves Christian, or some other religious group?
      How many of those who are offering, suggesting sending payments to the murder will give lip service to the concept of forgiveness? (“I believe in forgiveness, but…”).
      And are there some people, with ideas of revenge who are aware that inmates are regularly found to be wrongly convicted?
      Likely none know or care that there is (often) viable treatment programs for people who have the illness of child attraction.
      This is yet another ‘canary in the coal mine’, indicating the vast failures of our society, as it is currently being administered.

      • Billy Casomorphin

        I too am shocked and disappointed by the sick comments posted here.

        There is no excuse for the crimes committed by these men, and the immense waste of resources by the state to rehabilitate them.

        Whatever they deserve, the government can not allow the inmates to slaughter each other! The blow-back against this kind of inmate on inmate violence will cost us all even more!

        Please, if your comments are even more deranged and reactive than the crimes perpetrated by the primaries in these stories, try to hold them in.


        • Different Strokes

          I agree. No mention of molesting children. Sick trump[edit] spewing hate and venom. A lie is not a lie until people believe it. Only in humboldt.

          • Both the deceased were convicted of sexual assault on a minor under the age of 14. In 2020 liberals are lining up to defend child molesters. What are you going to be offended by next? Do you even know or do you just read the next headline to find your moral outrage?

            • Lies, plain and simple. That’s like saying “Dems want open borders” and “Dems support Iran.” Disgusting lies. That make the jackboot followers of the orange one feel better, I guess. It seems to let them overlook the lies and manure they are fed on a daily basis. America is screwed.

              Murder is murder. And yeah, some people have morals. The State already sentenced these guys substantially. Now the followers of the dumbest president ever cheer on murder. Great. God Bless Amerika! Midnight Moscow Mitch is winning!

              • There’s no way to know whether a person supporting murdering the two inmates is a fan of President Trump or not. That seems like an unwarranted assumption.

                • Government Cheese

                  Convicted murderers and thieves are pro-democrat because the lefts agenda protects them from capital punishment and actual jail time. (Thieves). Nice try though…..

                  • People are more complex than you allow. I know a few criminals that are vastly pro Trump. If I weren’t able to see that that people are vastly complex human beings, I might think that all Trump supporters are criminals. Vice versa, I’m capable of seeing that all who support murdering child molesters may not all be fans of Trump. In fact, I know a few that are not Trump supporters but are for death for those who molest children.

                    • Trump supporters aren’t people. Ask around.

                    • Try working on not forgiving people who have done nothing wrong but offend your sensibilities. Announcing hatred for people who simply don’t subscribe to your thinking is bigotry in spades and should raise an alarm that maybe, just maybe, the malice is on your side.

                      Supporting Trump is a complex issue but hating him is pretty straightforward like all hating. All you have to do to hate him is assume that everything he does is done from malice. And assuming that is malice itself. Lately it has become easier and easier not to care what is indigestable to progressives or ideologues of any stripe. This is death to reason and understanding both.

                      Doesn’t anyone notice anymore just how imperfect their judging is? That almost no one is wise enough be as absolutely certain as their words say?

                    • Government Cheese

                      We should all be in favor of the death penalty for child molesters, regardless of polio party favorites. If I was a career criminal/social parasite I would definitely be in favor of voting for the lefts agenda of enabling criminal behavior and making the working class pay for my room and board while passing laws to protect me.

                    • @Connie Dobbs

                      Communists are not people.

                • “liberals are lining up to defend child molesters.” When I see one, I call one. Personally, I’d probably deal with it if it were my child that was molested, but murder is murder, and I’d pay for it. That’s the American justice system under the Constitution, Federal Statutes and the laws of the several states. But they’d like to see it changed. Evil, pure and simple. Being taught that a moral compass doesn’t exist at the top of their political pile, so no need for one at the bottom.

                  So yeah, I figure Mike and your cheeseball have been fully indoctrinated. The rest of us don’t have the right, as far as these guys are concerned, to have differing opinions. They swallow and spread the lies. You’re either with them or a “liberal.” Black and white, nothing else. Filtered through truly evil eyes.

                  • I think seeing someone’s harsh comments on a website as an accurate reflection of who they are is not being aware of the reality and also is an example of black and white thinking.

                    I know several commenters in real life who are the kind of folks who risk their lives for others but write comments, in my opinion, that offer simple solutions that don’t indicate a nuanced look at life. So they may see black and white but not be “truly evil”.

        • So Billy C,

          You believe there is such a thing as an internet comment that is more deranged than the actual physical act of molesting a child?


        • My response was to someone blaming trump supporters for spewing hate and lies when they didn’t check to see that they themselves were full of shit on the fact that they were convicted child molesters. I wasn’t aware that peoples political party swayed their opinion on child molesters so much. Maybe you all should put that on your red and blue signs in your yard? It would make voting allot easier.

      • There is no cure for child molesters

      • Jesus/god/bible says there is forgiveness 77×7 BUT… there is an eternal hell fire awaiting to punish and not to forgive in case u simply dont love this god 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • This guy has murdered three people and people are giving pseudo pats on the back and wanting to put money on the books for him. Good god. What is wrong with society?

    • No he murdered one person, and killed two subhuman pieces of shit that raped children!

      • 🕯🌳That’s the way there world looks at it.⚖🖖

      • Guest I agree with you 100%. How people can think it’s ok for someone to touch a child is way off the charts! Child molesters have no sympathy coming from me!

        • No one is saying it is ok to molest and hurt children. I abhor molesters and think they should be locked up forever. But that doesn’t mean I think it’s ok to kill people who are already serving time for the crimes they committed. We don’t know the circumstances of why Watson assaulted these men. To glorify Watson for the heinous crimes he has committed is wrong. Grossly wrong. If you can’t see that then I don’t know what to say. I used to work with abused children. I know the pain and hurt they went through. The pain they continue to go through. I don’t care molesters died. I do care about people thinking Watson is a hero. He isn’t. He is a cold blooded killer. Don’t lose sight of that.

        • Agree with you 100% there is no cure for child molesters.

      • If the press release is correct, Watson murdered three people. You may feel that two of them are terrible people, but he murdered them. The legal system did not sentence them to death nor was he appointed their executioner. So unless he has a defense that isn’t apparent in the press release, he has now murdered three people. Beyond that he was a thief.

        I don’t understand how people can act like the first murder and attempted theft (and probably not the first one either) don’t matter–as if he was a pure avenging angel doing the Lord’s work instead of most likely a deeply and tragically damaged human being striking out murderously for whatever twisted reason he had. (Note: He has not been convicted of the second two deaths and there may be extenuating circumstances we aren’t aware of at this time.)

        • Wait what he did here was inexcusable, he should be on death row for that, and this, what he did to the others is justified in my book, I was a victim and the fact that people can rape children then live out their days hanging out watching tv and playing cards with their chomo buddies irks me, I feel like these two got what they actually deserved, other people are entitled to their opinions I don’t judge them.

          • I am so sorry you have had to survive such terrible experiences. No one should have to. And I am in no way defending child molestation. But when is murdering someone a solution? Even if you believe in a state sponsored death penalty, how does someone being beaten to death in a prison yard look like rational considered justice? Do we want to be a society that beats people to death?

            • I don’t however This is the exception not the norm, I’m not sad it happened to those two especially when I read that at least one had a chance for parole, i feel certain actions do warrant the death penalty when necessary, and when that doesn’t happen I guess karma kicks in sometimes. violent sexual predators should never be allowed to hurt anyone ever again period, one you cross that line you have decided your own fate, you have no right you gave all that up the second you made that decision, that also goes for the guy who killed them I guess, anyways that’s my 2cents worth, I appreciate what you do and say you are a very kind person.

          • Government Cheese

            Death row. Let’s look at that punishment in California for a moment. Large single person cells. Better food than general population prison. Plenty of outside time. No violence or gang related crimes. Tolerant staffing and yes, popcorn and TV. Since the capital punishment if no longer allowed, it’s actually favored to murder inmates and be put on “death row” so you can live out the rest of your sentence in peace and be pampered. Punishment? I’ll let you decide.

            • I’ve never heard that inmates want to be put on death row now that there’s a moratorium on the death penalty. Can you cite a source for that? That would change my thinking about the inside of prisons.

              • NoGovermentPlease

                Kym. Watch. “I am a killer.” Episode “means to an end”. It’s on Netflix. Shows you the kush side of being put on death row. I like watching it while eating a dinner of lamb chops (rare) with a side of fava beans. Enjoy

            • Wow, you don’t know anything. In San Quinten, they are locked down most of the day. Their cells are small, their all the same size. Their rec area is covered, even outside!!! They barely ever get to see the sun!!! They rot for sure. Death in California is a life sentence, since the court put a hold on them, and there is no lethal injection drugs.

        • Well…many of us think the justice system is broken…We have tried to allow the liberal compassionate rehabilitation program to work but guess what? It doesn’t! And as our civilized society fractures around us many of us now want much stricter penalties for serious criminals- like death for child molesters. Many of us also want death for repeat heroin dealers. Because all the misplaced compassion is doing nothing to protect our innocent youth… That’s what is happening.

          • Are you lauding Watson a man who killed a young marijuana grower and UPS worker in front of his girlfriend? So you do believe in rehabilitation…? Apparently, just a different kind than I do.

            • Farce did not laud this man. Nothing was said about him at all. At best (or worse) people have said the penalties for conviction of certain crimes are not commensurate with nature of the crime nor the likelihood of re-offending.

              • Guest, Farce was responding to Guest (another one than you) who said, “I was a victim and the fact that people can rape children then live out their days hanging out watching tv and playing cards with their chomo buddies irks me, I feel like these two got what they actually deserved.”

                When Farce said, “Well…many of us think the justice system is broken” that seems to me to be approving of what Watson is alleged to have done. But, I did allow for the possibility that I was misunderstanding him by asking a question that Farce could reply to and tell me I was incorrect.

        • it is a sad thing

          The legal system sentenced them to death when they allowed them to be placed with non-child molesters. Other inmates have little choice but to at least stage a convincing and significant attack. This is the culture that the prison system has created.

      • No, he is a coward, that hid behind a gun, shot and killed a respected member of the Humboldt community.

        He kill all the child molesters in the world. He still the biggest pieces of shit on the planet. Be shot someone in front of his girlfriend and never took anything in the end. POS!!!!

    • Government Cheese

      Exactly. Liberal thinking. Sorry, there’s a lot of people on this planet that deserve to die. Waste of oxygen, resources, taxes and grief. Depopulation is the cure [edit]

  • Let’s see if this gets deleted … love you kym but this is a good thing ! Get those trash can scums off the yard ! He’s there for life he’s righting his wrongs ! He took two child molesters off the earth! I’ll send him some commissary money !

  • Humboldt gangster lifestyle wannabes applaud such evil. Same people buy pit bulls, drive grow dozers, wear marijuana leaf clothing and root for the Raiders. This is what your drug culture hath wrought. Enjoy the bread and circuses while society burns.

  • I am tired of my hard earned tax dollars going to house cloth and feed some low life pice of shit. Why should my tax dollar support a cho mo. The death penalty should be used on them pices of shit. Thank u for taken these low lifes off this earth. Something the state should have done. The state should take all child molesters Male or female and [edit: kill] them. I DONT FEEL SORRY FOR THE TWO CHILD MOLESTERS HE KILLLED

    • Cancer kills a lot of child molesters, too. Maybe you should thank and venerate cancer as well, as long as you’re just worshiping death.

  • My Daughters Boyfriend was killed by this shitwad! She was lucky to get away with her life. She lives with that shit, everyday! Dont glorify this pos. He and his sidekick, Jason Belles should have been exterminated, like the vermin that they are!

    • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Omg…daddy, you must feel horrible that your little girl was associated with the likes of these characters. I hope the best for her future given the type of parents she had to be born unto.

      • “Assosiated?” She was ROBBED by this fucker, [edit], not “associated” with him.

      • For heaven sake, did you really insult the father of a victim? We all have the right to respectfully disagree. But to take a murder victim (and to have his daughter’s boyfriend killed in front of her, makes him a victim to a lesser extent, too) and insult them for no reason is…not like TQM. In fact, several of your comments today seem unlike your previous ones.

        • I have a lot of respect for your opinipn and You’re right Kym, I was wrong. I’m sorry for saying that. It was wrong in many ways. I’m also sorry about the excrciating pain Rick must be feeling about the loss of his daughter. Being the parent of a murder victim is enough punishment in and of itself. Sorry I wrote that Rick, it was a thoughtless and was not about you, it was about how sad and angry I really am about my own stuff.. unprocessed issues I am projecting on poor ol’ Rick. Sad state of affairs here. Thanks for bringing this to my awareness Kym. I ‘ll not let it happen again.

  • I can see that these two deaths are going to cost the taxpayers some money, since I feel that a couple of wrongful death lawsuits are going to be filed by the two deceased’s family members.

  • 🕯🌳Its a mad,mad world we live in now days,its a flip of the coin. I hate pedophiles, they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as we do even if we disagree with each other. 👍🏽🇺🇸

  • Wow, the fact is that you never know what a person has been through.
    So be nice.
    I believe that the story is long and painful.
    Maybe he was molested as a child and never told anyone. Then he became a bad person, confused and mentally ill from the abuse he received as a child.
    Then in the treatment facility, it all came up. He is wrong for sure. He crossed the line 3 times we know of.
    The lesson maybe to look out for all children. And what makes a person do such things, often is a outcome of childhood trauma. Children turn into adults in our community.

    • Thats a truly compassionate viewpoint. But it’s hard to picture these guys as sad and vulnerable little boys that they may have been a long time ago.

  • The state does not do much in the way of “rehabilitation” and very little to protect at risk inmates like child molesters. In my opinion the state bears great responsibility for this kind of thing.
    I have no sympathy for anyone involved other than the victims of the crimes that put these men in prison.

  • What a conundrum. While murder is definitely murder, it’s difficult to feel sorry for a couple of baby rapers. At the same time, murder is inexcusable.

  • Hmmmm….sounds like billy-jo-Bobb and italian-stallion-Conti done fucked with the wrong fucker!

  • Crazy how so many glorify this murderer. He is probably capable of child molestation also. Prison officials need to protect all inmates but they don’t. They encourage racism violence and abuse.

    • glorifying murder?

      With a military budget always refining the kill capabilities.

      The shoot em up entertainment industry, almost making it sexy, to take another’s life, you wonder why we get mad when someone does it the old fashioned way.

      “with his own two hands”.

      this guy needs to be going after some bad folks for uncle Sam, off the record.

      I have very little doubt about the darker side in all humans.

      we haven’t strayed too Far from our roots. The coliseum in Rome

      • “this guy needs to be going after some bad folks for uncle Sam, off the record.”
        Let’s just put scumbag rippers in charge of who lives and who dies. Great idea.
        What the fuck?

  • What he’s doing in there is called “work”. He’s solidifying his position in, as well as gaining respect of the peerset he has chosen. These are the machinations of the society he will be subject to for decades. Sad? Maybe. Ugly? Surely .

  • Let him who is without sin cast the first-stone. Only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgment upon others.

    • No. All we are required to do is judge correctly. Not refraining from judging. So a person has done something wrong does not get to be content in doing wrong. In fact they are told to stop and not repeat it. No self indulgence in sin tolerated.

      The people doing the judging are reminded that they will be judged as they judge so they best be sure that the punishment they assign includes the opportunity to reform themselves because they will need such a second chance themselves. And that their judgements should not be made for the wrong reasons in the first place, which leads to incorrect judgement.

  • If I remember rightthis guy is a judges son. I’m not upset by 2 child molesters being killed, but there’s another question here. So after he killed the first child molester they put him in a cell with another child molester. You think maybe the guards had a hand in killing those guys? It is common in prisons that if he didn’t do what he did there are repercussions from other inmates. The guy is a killer yes. The bigger story seems to be the prison guards as accomplices to murder.

  • Why is this guys face still on here? Hes a pile of shit. Killed my Daughters Boyfriend! Wtf? ALL YOU GOT, KEMP?

    • I’m sorry it is hard for you. Unfortunately, Watson is in the news now. However, unless something new comes up. He’ll be gone tomorrow morning.

    • Hey Rick, I’m Sorry about the pain you are experiencing with this. It’s most definitely a trigger and a few days ago when I first saw it I was wondering why it is considered news. Why the fuck do we care what this dude did in prison? Its not useful or helpful to the readers to know this info.

      • Anything that brings awareness is useful information. Certainly that people can continue in their love of violence after incarceration is something people should know.

        • I find the comments showing that people are so bloodthirsty for the beating death of child molesters that they cheerfully ignore a life that led from thieving to killing and praise the alleged triple murderer pretty elucidating about an apparently large portion of humanity, too.

        • I disagree. This artical is nothing but click-bate to get some conversation going that has nothing to do with relevant news that impacts/affects Humboldt County. Awareness in this context is useless and not helpful. It borders on yellow journalism. People who read RedheadedBlackbelt are not in prison. Why would they care about this asshole and the two assholes he killed? All this article served to do was to educate people on how the system in prison works. He’s a mean son-of-a bitch and killed to pedophiles in order to gain his status in the pen. Why would people who live in and enjoy life in Humboldt care about prison justice? All this article did was bring out the mean and angry in people who use fake names to cover their true identity. This Watson person will never be let out of prison and he isn’t even from Humboldt, so really – why should Humboldt people care? RedHeaded Blackbelt is a local news website, not State-wide news of importance that affects Humboldt, not a class in philosphy and ethics, not psychotherapy. If someone is interested in prison justice and how it all works in prison, they are a pen pal. Please Kym, stay in your lane and report relevant news. That is, unless you want to be branded as the gossip mill right along with LOCO. If that is the case, at least make it positive gossip.
          Also, lets have a discussion about ethics and relevancy in news journalism and see where this article ends up. Most likely the chopping block of any relevant news agencies or the headline of Humboldt County’s personal National Enquirer – FOX In The Morning news channel. Pick your position.

          • TQM,

            My brother-in-law is in prison. So, I read articles on what happens in prison. I want to know what he faces in there. You may not be interested. The piece may not be relevant to you. That’s understandable. But others are interested in this story for various reasons including that the suspect in the two homicides killed a local man.

            I don’t think you understand what clickbait is. Clickbait is underdelivering on what the headline promises. In this case, the headline tells what’s in the story exactly. Without creating clickbait, I could have gone for more sensational and added that the victims were child molesters which is true but I didn’t though a number of other news sites including the LA Times and the Sacramento Bee did choose to include that piece in their titles about the two men’s death.

            Why did those news organizations choose to post about this? Neither the victims nor the suspect came from LA or Sacramento… The story is relevant for various reasons to a number of people. And it obviously interested you which is why I’m puzzled. You saw the headline which clearly stated what the article was about, you obviously read the article and at least one other comment and you took the time to reply.

            Eventually, you started going after me personally (yes, calling my headlines clickbait is insulting to me as it implies I lie to my readers and I rely on my reputation as being fair and honest). When I mildly suggest that you scroll past an article you don’t find interesting, you tell me that I shouldn’t post about this but that “[you] have every right to comment and do not appreciate [me] telling [you] to look the other way.” That seems pretty ironic…

            On a website I own, I post a story that you tell me that I shouldn’t post. But when I suggest that many others found it of interest (It’s my fourth most read story this week) you say that you don’t find the piece relevant, I shouldn’t post it and that I shouldn’t tell you not to comment.

            A) I didn’t tell you not to comment. B) You told me not to post a story on my own website but you feel that I can’t tell you not to comment. Why do you get to speak what you want but I don’t…on my site?

  • Here is the comment I wss going to post but didnt until this morning: “why do we need to know about this? Is it really news?”

    • You don’t need to know about it unless you are interested in what occurs inside prisons, or what happened to local criminals after they are incarcerated. But it is news and some people want to know. If you aren’t interested, scroll by. But, 82 comments indicate that a few people are interested.

      • meh…it’s click bait – that is how you got your 82 people. I also reject your proposal for me to scroll by – you are presenting yourself as a news site in the public sphere – I have every right to comment and do not appreciate you telling me to look the other way. This morning I ended up posting a comment at the end of the thread related to the first death. This article and the previous are not news worthy, but I guess some people need the entertainment. Rick and others certainly didn’t need the trigger. Whatever – you are the boss of your own news website. Just don’t direct me to keep my comments to myself if they are critical of the content.

        • She never asked you ” to keep your comments to yourself if they were critical of the content.”

          She said ..”if you aren’t interested, scroll by,”

          Who’s swerving all over the road?

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