Australian Mother Searches for Daughter Missing on the North Coast

ashaJeannie Kreimer made a second trip to the United States  from Australia this year. She came to find her daughter. Twenty-six-year-old Asha Kreimer has been missing since September 21 of 2015.

“I feel my daughter had a mental health crisis,” explained Jeanne Kreimer.

She said her daughter Asha, who had been living in Albion for three years was taken by her boyfriend and a childhood friend to the Fort Bragg Hospital on September 20th because she was acting oddly. “She had been up for four nights at that point,” Jeannie said.

Although Asha had not previously experienced any mental illness, her father had. “Her father was special forces,” explained Jeannie. “He was discharged in Germany because he had an event of a similar nature.”

Her behavior at the hospital was so odd, Jeannie said, that personnel “called for Fort Bragg Police.” Asha resisted being restrained. “Then she was put in a 5150,” Jeannie explained. This police code indicates law enforcement believed she was a danger to herself or others. However, eventually that night, she was released to her boyfriend. “They did no blood [workup,]” said Jeannie. “They did no observations. No blood pressure. They said she wouldn’t let them do these observations.”

After a night where Asha didn’t sleep again, her boyfriend and the friend from Australia took her to the Rollerville Cafe near Point Arena. Most of the surrounding area is very rural. (See map below.) When Asha’s friend from Australia said she was going to the restroom. Asha said she would go, too. However, when the friend got to the restroom, Asha was not there. After searching for awhile, Asha’s boyfriend and childhood friend reported her missing. She had left without her cell phone, credit card or shoes.

12654476_1714280735451450_1302822243077417462_n“There was a potential sighting of her in Gualala with a surfer about 3 p.m.,” said Asha’s mother. There was a search of the area surrounding the restaurant but, still five months later, she has not been located.

“I hope she’s in with the growing community,” Jeannie said. “She probably doesn’t know who she is…[She’s] a vulnerable, attractive girl.”

Asha Kreimer is age 26. When last seen she had long, brown curly hair and weighed about 145 pounds. She has brown eyes, is 5’10” and has a strong Australian accent.

Her mother asks, if you see her, “Please don’t approach her or scare her.” Contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 961-2661 or call (707) 513-9138. You can also stay up with the case by liking a Facebook page dedicated to finding her. (Click here.)




  • Hope she’s found soon.

  • Is this the third or fourth missing person in the last six months? Something odd going on…

  • Mendocino County Mental Health will not help. I’m so sorry. I’ve been there, as a helpless family member begging for help from incompetents. I’m sorry this has happened to your family.

  • saw the facebook page , has sorta clear pics
    lots of homeless end up near me in clearlake . 2 neighbors let them stay camped in their yards and another homeless camp 2 blocks away . sometimes its like behind walmart in eureka
    i will keep my eyes open , there are a few that almost match but are covered up head to toe cause its cold and rainy

  • Good god, I am praying Mom finds her.

  • That is really creepy and scarey… says she’s going to the bathroom, and Poof! she’s gone. Like something in a David Lynch movie. I hope she turns up in this dimension again.

  • On Feb 2, 2016 at Orr Hot Springs, I witnessed a 20 something, attractive curly headed brunette. She was quiet, and accompanied a thin, long dreaded and blonde haired man. He was approx 6 ft tall, medium build, and was prob in his early 30s. She had several tattoos along her thin body; couldn’t tell if they were new or old tats.

  • For real, this lady is smart, the growing community doesn’t always have bad thig to do with people. People more than likely are paying no her and letting her live there and accompanying her mental With an ear to listen.

  • Praying for her and her family. I know first hand getting the mental health care you need in this area is impossible. Im mentally ill and after fighting tooth and nail for a year to get the help i need im giving up, During a mental breakdown you barely have enough energy or mental clarity to function let alone fight for the care you need. Im so sad the hospital didnt help, instead they scared her and called the cops as if she had done something wrong and likley led to her running off. Hopefully something changes soon, and that society quits shunning the mental ill and treating us like scum. Not everyone who twitches is a tweaker, not everyone that talks weird is drunk, not everyone who looks grumpy is a jerk. Quit judging, staring and commenting loudly and just let mentally ill people exist!

  • I think this is fishy…

    First, maybe the dadd’s “episode” was related to stress of being in special forces…in that case, the daughter would not necessarily have a tendency to that type of “episode”…

    Second, resisting restraint is far from an indication of mental problems or being a danger too oneself….it seems pretty normal to resist…

    It seems there is a push to label her with mental problems, which is perplexing…

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