8 Confirmed Dead in Mendocino Lake Complex, More Fatalities Expected, Dangerous Fire Conditions Starting Tomorrow

ooking north from Upper Powerhouse Gibson lane at 3 on the 11

Looking north from Upper Powerhouse/Gibson Lane intersection at 3 p.m. on October 11 [Photo by Hannah Foster]

As the sun sets on another smokey day, the numbers of fatalities, structures destroyed, and acres burned continue to rise in the Mendocino/Lake Complex Fires. And, ominously, Cal Fire warns that conditions will worsen beginning tomorrow. “We are expecting some very significant winds starting Friday night,” said a Cal Fire spokesperson at a press conference held at 11 a.m. today.

Eight people are now known to be have been killed the first night when fire was flung by high winds into very dry vegetation and spread rapidly through rural neighborhoods. And, more dead are expected to be found when searchers complete their tasks.

The number of structures known to be burned also has climbed. Now 245 single family residences are listed as gone in the Sulfur and Redwood Fires. Another 15 are damaged. Two commercial structures are destroyed and 124 other structures are also gone. A 1000 more structures are threatened.

This morning, Cal Fire said that 34,000 acres had burned in the Complex. By this evening they were now saying that 36,500 acres had burned.

Firefighters have a brief time period to push up critical defenses between unburned areas and the current areas burning as critical fire weather conditions are forecast to occur from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Dry weather and winds of up to 30 mph could cause the fires to spread rapidly at that time.

Looking North from Gibson Lane 9 PM

Looking north from Gibson Lane 9 PM on October 11. [Photo by Hannah Foster]

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