Good News! Hwy 101 Reopens Between Ukiah and Willits


Hwy 101 fire

Fire burning along Hwy 101 during the Redwood Complex Fires.[Photo from Caltrans]

At approximately 10:45 p.m., Hwy 101 reopened after the Redwood Fire Complex kept it closed for almost a full day. This was the first hopeful sign in a day darkened by the smoke of burning structures.

The Redwood Complex has burned about 19,000 acres and is 0% contained, according to Cal Fire. Flames burned through guardrail and swept across asphalt and even K-rail today closing Hwy 101 about 3 a.m. Closing the major north-south route caused significant problems as semis carrying supplies as well as sedans carrying people were unable to move.

The Redwood Complex continues to burn without containment but, now that Hwy 101 has reopened, it once again offers a quicker way between Bay Area and points north than any other route.

More Information on Major Fire Incident Stories From Oct 9:


  • Thanks, for keeping us updated, Kym.
    Hope you get some rest tonight…

  • Good news. But checking to see if 101 is still closed in the S Rosa area

  • Thank you soooo much Kym!

  • As usual.. Loco is not on the same pace as your coverage of important news….

  • What would we do without independent news sources, and Community Journalists, once again corporate media failed us and the entire community. What did we do? We turned to community journalists and sites like RedHead Blackbelt to stay safe, and stay informed. Does corporate media only care about profits? Where is the love and dedication? Thank you kym for keeping the community informed! You deserve a reward and recognition for your time and dedication, a sincere Thank-you!

  • Caltrans website isn’t showing any 101 closures in S Rosa. So I think we are clear from here to Bay Area at the moment at least.


    Thanks for all updates!
    My sister lost her house today.

    Wondering if flights-out run tomorrow. No answer from McK airport.

    Anyone know where to find the great infrared map that was all over during recent Oregon fires? Thanks

  • The hwy is not reopened yet. They are going to reevaluate reopening the hwy in the morning. So as of now, it is still closed. That’s on their Caltrans District 1 post from 2 hours ago, and nothing new updated since then either.

  • Thank you Kym & everyone for all the updates. Will check in later this morning about 101 opening between Ukiah & Willits. Am in central SR and the winds have calmed-thank God. Love & prayers to all affected and all helping💕🙏

  • Pinkasso??? Hahahaha I’m sorry but that’s a funny name you made for your self…I am so sorry I hope not to offend you and you ment to be funny ..or I’m a pinkAsshole who needs go to bed…
    Hahaha either way made me laugh thank you..hope your safe from fire to..

  • Caltrans is a Antiquated Agency of C California…. they waste billions of dollars on unneeded infrastructure, like say; The Willits Bypass…

  • Yeah, Libertarians can build better roads and bridges. Who need Caltrans? Who needs any government at all?

    As for the Willits bypass, that project was started due to PUBLIC DEMAND FOR A BYPASS.

    Only losers claim government doesn’t work or that it only wastes money.

    Don’t like self governing? Try moving to Somalia or some other libertarian utopia.

    Oh, by the way, all those firefighters out there work for . . . you guessed it, THE GOVERNMENT!

  • After reading most of the info it is still unclear to me whether us 101 is open all the way… From Eureka to Bay area? Is it open to pass through in Santa Rosa?….Thanks for all you do! This is vital info for some.. its all we have…..Keep up the great coverage…..

    • Quickmap by Caltrans shows that 101 is open except for through Santa Rosa. My guess, and it is only a guess, is travel sothwest on Fulton Road north of Santa Rosa and then take Hwy 12 to get back on. Note the red dots show traffic jams so prepare for a long drive.

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