EPD Wants Your Help Filling This Trailer With Donations for Fire Victims in Mendocino County

From the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka Police will be sending officers to Mendocino County tomorrow to assist in keeping their communities safe during the fires. We have a large trailer available to take over donations. We will be accepting donations at EPD, 604 C Street, today (Wednesday) until 5 p.m. and tomorrow from 9 a.m. to noon. Items we’ve heard they need are: large animal feed, non-perishable food items, N95 masks, clean socks, gift cards, phone chargers. Please do not bring used clothing at this time. Thank you! Call 441-4388 if you have any questions.

UPDATE 12:20 p.m.: Thank you! The trailer is full and EPD will no longer be accepting donations.



  • Thankful to the generous hearts of Humboldt's residents

    Are there any better helpers in this nation? Like all the helpers in Texas and Florida Humboldt is doing its share. Nearly everyone is pitching in. The devastation is real. I saw it. People have lost everything. My friend has only her car and the clothes she was wearing. She was at work when the fire consumed her duplex. Her community where she lived for 25+ years is gone. Even if she had the money there is nowhere to live or rent that isn’t miles from her location. No furniture to arrange, no clothes to hang up in a closet, no TV to turn on, no laundry to dry, no bed to sleep on. Nothing!! No place she can call her own or feel safe. Sheltering is a basic need. It is like losing your identity. No where to go, no furniture to sit on, no bedroom to sleep in, no place to shower or wash clothes, no where or way to prepare food. Everything is gone. No computer to send emails or comments on sites like Kim News. Everyone needs help and a bear hug and a glimmer of hope that this to will pass with a little help from friends. The place looks like a war zone in Syria. a large nest of PTSD people wandering aimlessly. Many sifting thru ashes looking in vain for valuables. And the fires endure and are attacking other communities. Thankful for people who help by donating.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better. The people of Humboldt CO. never fail to amaze me when it comes to helping others in times like this. I’m proud to call Humboldt CO. home.

  • People are amazing in times of trouble’s!! PAY IT FORWARD!!

  • I would also consider cat/dog food and leashes. Also, feminine hygiene products are needed. Many items can be found at the Dollar Tree. $25 worth of animal food goes a long ways! There was also a need for flashlights in Windsor.

  • Be careful about buying for others to deliver. I bought new things to bring over according to an article only to find the people that requested them would no longer take them. I donated the food to the pantry but now have a bag of toothbrushes, new towels, underwear, etc in my truck that I will have to find a local charity to take.
    It was not rejected very politely either.

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