This Weekend in Photos

Take a journey through our beautiful weekend and check in on some of our biggest stories along the way. (Note: Click the Pictures link in the upper right corner of the slideshow to see thumbnails if you want to choose which photos to view rather than watching the slideshow all the way through.)

First, Kim Sallaway, well known Southern Humboldt photographer takes us up into the snow on a windy county road.  (See more of Sallaway’s photos by clicking this link.)

Next, see two photos from the big rig wreck in Benbow. (See story here.) (Susan Fox, one of the photographers, is also a wildlife artist. See her work here.)

Then, one of our readers sent in to our Facebook page this photo of a car fire.  Read more about it on LoCO’s CHP Watch.

After that, enjoy the beautiful winter photos our readers sent in. Some of these came from our Facebook, some from our Featured Photo, some from our email, and some from our stories.

Next, a tuba picture to relive a classic Humboldt Holiday moment. (Go here to read the story and revel in Mark McKenna’s photography.)

After that, a flame filled photo from the fire that claimed a life in Arcata Saturday night. (Go here to view the photos coming in as LoCO’s readers responded with images for the breaking story. And, go here to read the detailed press release from the Arcata Fire Department–there’s a video there, too.)

Finally, take in the beautiful panorama from the Mad River boat launch. Unfortunately, our screen isn’t quite wide enough to do it justice.  (To see more of Jenni Nexus’ photography go here.)

What is your favorite shot?


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