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Doe Upclose

Daily Photo

When the wild comes close, our family calls it a Three Bobcat day after a wonderful afternoon when we chanced upon three different bobcats in a few short hours.  Today, the Untamed skittered through the edge of my morning.  First, a beautiful woodpecker scampering over the tree outside my window at sunrise hinted at the conjunction of Wild and Tame.  Then came the doe who stared back at me long enough that I captured some of the best deer photos I’ve ever gotten (only this and this come close) and finally, like the furry earth itself moving, a black bear loped across the road in front of me.  Leaping out of the car, I missed taking its photograph by only a second.

But, it was a Three Bobcat day.  A lucky day.  The kind of day that can never be duplicated only remembered and savored.



  • Oh, how lovely. And I’m glad you were able to take advantage of this gorgeous day — I was stuck indoors, except for a brief walk at lunch time.

  • Ah, to go hunting deer and bear with a camera. Really good picture, here.

  • Three bobcats in a day is impressive! It has been so long since I have seen one.

  • When blue birds start doing your dishes I am going to start calling you Snow White.

  • The first doe that I’ve ever seem with cropped ears.

    She looks about one month pregnant, and she trusts you. Next spring she will be showing you her fawn.

  • Ernie, How can you tell she’s pregnant! I could tell from seeing her whole body but how can you?

  • I’m so glad you have a camera. Thank you so much for sharing all this incredible beauty.

  • Umm…aren’t you supposed to stay IN the car when you see a bear?? Safety first, Kym! Great capture of the dear. It has been a long time since I’ve seen one up close and personal. You must live in a good neighborhood. 🙂

  • Toni, I leaped from the car yelling over my shoulder to the my little guy and his friend, “Don’t open the door–no matter what.” I figured at least the bear would only eat me.

    Seriously, a black bear loping away isn’t much of a danger. They’re pretty shy but I knew I was taking a risk–about the same one as stopping earlier on an empty dirt road to photograph the doe. Accidents can happen, a car could come around the corner going to fast. The bear could have been grumpy but mostly my biggest danger was twisting my ankle racing out of the car.

  • “Ernie, How can you tell she’s pregnant!’

    It’s called wild speculation. Breeding season passed about a month ago. She is a young pretty doe, what buck could resist! She trusts you because, even though she is looking at you, her ears are pointed to the side. If she was more than just a little bit worried about you, her ears would have been pointed straight at you.

    I’d give you even odds, if you want to bet… I told that I get a lot out of your photo’s.

  • Ernie, you had me totally bewildered. I kept staring at the picture asking myself, “Do the hairs get lighter around the eyes? Is there a tell tale streak on the nose? How can he tell she is pregnant?” She did look thick, not fall fat but thick so I’m pretty sure she was carrying.

  • Wow! Just wow! The closest circumstance to this picture that I’ve had was when my cat Squints parked his fat butt on my chest the other morning and stared at me until I woke up.

    Apparently he was hungry.

    Needless to say I DID NOT take his picture.

  • Oh wow! She is beautiful.

    I cannot even imagine seeing one bobcat, let alone three in one day!

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