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Kim Sallaway, a local photographer whose work I admire greatly, appears in as diverse media as the SF Chronicle and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  Just recently, he opened his own photo blog.   He has only a few posts up but I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’ve been receiving his photo a day for a while now and am

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Clematis Close-up

Magic in the Morning Light Daily Photo I bought this Clematis and another last year at Redway Feed, one of my favorite gardening supply stores. I loved them so much I bought two more this year (and I have a few others).  The drapery of the vines wrapped around the redwood trellises I also got at  Redway Feed gives the front of

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Unfolding Daily Photo As the poppy unfolds, a question mark forms from its pod–as if it were unsure of its beauty. Similarly, a local writer sold her first story to a new magazine–unfolding her words, offering her vision, hoping it will find readers.  The author, Kisa Rupp, wrote The Bardach while squeezing time from getting her degree, holding down several

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