Fawning over Bambi

Fawn Daily Photo Over at Archie’s he reminisces about the five scariest scenes in children’s movies.  He mentions several really terrifying moments (the childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is bone chilling) but he didn’t mention my most frightening scene–the one where Bambi’s mom is killed. I took this photo above just after the doe bounded across the road and

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Wildlife and Wildfires:Will the Lightning Fires of 2008 have Long Term Consequences?

Photo taken near Salmon Creek Schoolhouse Do wildfires still burning throughout California pose a serious threat to the animals that live in those lands? The image of a frightened Bambi racing through flaming forestlands has been seared into our hearts as children. Smoky the Bear comic books handed out by forest rangers in classrooms across the nation have just added

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