Bobcat Fans Rejoice, Commission Bans Trapping

All photos provided by Monte Merrick.

All photos provided by Monte Merrick.

At the Riverwalk Lodge in Fortuna on Wednesday, the California Fish and Game Commission voted, in a 3-2 decision, to adopt a complete ban on bobcat (Lynx rufus) trapping statewide.

“California made history!” said Judie Mancuso, President of Social Compassion in Legislation. “They took the moral high-ground to enact a state-wide ban on bobcat trapping in the state of California.”

Attendees of the hearing listened to hours of public testimony, most of which, according to the Environmental Protection Information Center, was in support of the ban.


Commission President Jack Baylis along with Commisioners Eric Sklar and Anthony C. Williams, who were both appointed to the commission by Jerry Brown in June, voted in favor of the statewide ban. Commission Vice President Jim Kellogg and Commissioner Jacqueline Hostler-Carmesin voted against the ban.

According to the Califonia Department of Fish and Wildlife, “The decision [on Wednesday] completely bans bobcat trapping in California, with the exception of depredation trapping.”

The ban is still awaiting approval from the State Office of Administrative Law and submission to the Secretary of State, but it could go into effect before the 2015-2016 bobcat trapping season starts, which is scheduled to begin on November 24 and end on January 31.

“I’m very gratified that California is finally entering the twenty-first century in regard to treatment of bobcats,” Tom Boo and S.P. Parker said. “We drove for 1,500 minutes to speak for just one, but it was worth it.”


Sources (Click the links for more information):, California Department of Fish and WildlifePress Release from EPIC and California Fish and Game Commission.



  • That little cutie on the right had a long day. He was speaking out for Trinity/Klamath salmon later yesterday afternoon!

  • Trapping of any kind for fur is archaic and should be banned entirely. I’m not a hunter nor am I against hunting but trapping is the worst kind of cruelty inflicted on an animal. The end.

  • Trapping is more than just harvesting an animal.its a tradition and a way of life handed down for generations. I think this was a very poor decision on the commission behalf. They are supposed to be educated and should no that trapping was and is supported by conservationists and scientists. For the record,i do not,nor have i ever trapped. I think i will purchase a bobcat Tag and start hunting!!!

    • Carlos, I totally agree with you about the value of the traditional trapping knowledge handed down by generations. The problem, I think, is that there are so many more humans now than when our grandparents were practicing these fine old arts.

    • Just because something is a tradition practiced in the past doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for now and the future.

  • Great news, now if we can just get people to stop using rodenticides, the bobcats, owls and all the other rodent predators can do their jobs.

  • but it’s still okay to chop babies up into little bloody pieces and sell their body parts and organs to scientist to experiment on. I know, I know, thats a right, thats a choice, I’m a man I have no business talking about it. let the onslaught begin.

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