Nearly a Half Ton of Illegally-Dumped Cannabis-Growing Material Removed Near Monument Road

Press Release provided by The City of Rio Dell:

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 4.23.20 PM

rio dellPublic Works crews were called in to clean up an illegal dumping of cannabis growing materials including soil, fertilizer, planters and other related debris. The dump site was located just off Monument Road and much of the material was thrown down steep Poison‐Oak covered embankments causing a hazard for work crews. Nearly a half‐ton of material had been removed by mid‐day on Wednesday July 15th.

“If not removed, all of this nitrogen-rich fertilizer would have eventually washed into the river, helping to fuel any green algae bloom we might see,” stated Randy Jensen, the Roadway & Water Superintendent for the City. Flows in the Eel River continue to match the record low flows from last year.



  • Like the poison oak isn’t bad enough already. Maybe the dirt was spent and low in nitrogen. Illegal dumping is offensive and inconsiderate. Could they not have recycled it into a new garden? Pigs.

    • I live here too

      These pot growers could care less about the environment. All they care about is MONEY and will step on anyone or anything that gets in their way. I hope the Feds doa good job of shutting all these illegal grows down that steal water and dump without a conscience. They said” Oh marijuana doesn’t hurt anyone.”Crime. Water theft. Home invasions. Burglaries. Environmental damage. Yeah right. It hurts EVERYONE.

  • remindmywhywedont?

    Legalize for Gods sake. Just legalize already!

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