[UPDATE: Found] Woman Missing Out of Arcata since January; Mother and Law Enforcement Seek Information

Jennifer Lynn Dulin

Jennifer Lynn Dulin

43-year-old Arcata woman Jennifer Lynn Dulin left Arcata, California, on January 10, 2020, driving east. Her travels and actions from that point would be unknown to friends and family until her mother, Judy Schwartz, received a hospital bill from a Columbus, Ohio hospital, learning her daughter had been hospitalized on January 24 after attempting suicide. To this day, Schwartz has not heard from her daughter, who she called her best friend, and hopes the public can help shed light on her whereabouts.

Dulin and her mother moved to the Arcata area in 1992. She graduated from Arcata High School in 1995 and attended Humboldt State University for one year. When Schwart’s mother broke her hip, Dulin relocated to Los Angeles to care for her grandmother. Schwartz said her daughter enrolled at Long Beach State. After her grandmother passed away, “Jennifer decided to continue at Long Beach State, and she graduated in 1999 with a degree in Religious Studies.”

Jennifer Lynn DulinAfter graduating, Schwartz said her daughter “started to do extra work, eventually working enough hours to joining the Screen Actor’s Guild and started making better money.”

Eventually, Dulin and a friend could buy a home in Valencia, California, her home base when she visited her mother in December 2019.

In mid-December 2019, Dulin was in Arcata, visiting her childhood home and mother and looking for solace from a series of traumas from the last five years (the loss of friends, a breakup with a fiance). On January 10, 2020, Schwartz said her daughter drove east, texted her the following day, and has not heard from her since.

From what Schwartz has gathered, after driving away from Arcata on January 10, 2020, her daughter received two speeding tickets on the way to Ohio.

Schwartz also discovered that around the time of the speeding tickets, Dulin was questioned by police in a motel parking lot. Dulin said, “because of privacy laws, [law enforcement] can’t tell me what or who else was involved.”

On January 24, 2020, Dulin attempted suicide and Schwartz said an “unidentified person got her to the emergency room” in Columbus, Ohio. Schwartz was told that Dulin was released on February 6 “in good spirits and ready to drive home,” though she never did.

According to records Schwartz has reviewed, her daughter proceeded to an ATM where she withdrew $400.00. From this point on, Schwartz does not know her daughter’s whereabouts or movements.

Jennifer Lynn DulinSchwartz is left baffled as to why her daughter ended up in Columbus, Ohio, because “she doesn’t know anyone there.”

Reflecting on her missing daughter, Schwartz called the circumstances “disturbing and heartbreaking.” She characterized this behavior as out of the norm: “We used to talk every other day. She’s always been with me. None of her friends have heard from her. I have no idea where she’d be.”

Sergeant Jacob McKenzie of the Arcata Police Department confirmed his agency was investigating Dulin’s case. Sergeant McKenzie confirmed the record of Dulin’s interactions with Ohio law enforcement.

Jennifer Lynn DulinJennifer Lynn Dulin is 5′ 4” and weighs 135 pounds. She has brown hair and eyes, a light olive complexion, shoulder-length hair, and a butterfly tattoo across her lower back. She is associated with a Black 2009 Honda CRV (CA Lic #6YHC011). She is also known as Jen Dicelli, which Schwartz explained was her daughter’s stage name she started using when she became a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Sergeant Mckenzie asks that if anyone has information about Dulin’s whereabouts, to please contact the Arcata Police Department at 707-822-2424.

UPDATE: Found deceased.



  • WTF, over, she’s been missing for nearly a year & they are only now actively seeking her whereabouts???!!!

    • My thought exactly…”we talked almost everyday” to now “I haven’t seen or heard from her in almost a year…?” If you we so close, as a mother, why did you waited so long to report her missing? If you new she attempted suicide 10 months ago why didn’t you go then to be with her???

    • Where are you reading that she’s just now being looked for ? The article says the mother “hopes the public can help shed light on her whereabouts,” not the mother is just reporting her missing. Seems to me after getting nowhere with the official investigation into where she might be located, she’s opening up to the local public to see if they might know anything. Shoot, this whole year she could have been basing her search in Ohio and now she’s moving it to Humboldt….So quick to judge a likely devastated and worried sick mother!!

      • That was an assumption that gets made often when it’s the first time someone has seen the poster or read my post.

        • @JUDITH SCHWARTZ, this comment section is horrendous & poorly moderated. I wouldn’t recommend you read through the comments, maybe someone can filter them for you. Reading comprehension is low in this County. There’s a lot of degenerates with severe mental health issues that feed on derogatory unthoughtful comments and project their insanity, it’s filled with narcissist psychopaths. This is a place for bigots, this site defended racial slurs against murdered children.

    • Puest, She isn’t missing from Calif. The mother last saw her in Calif. I believe the mother filed a missing person report so she could enter her own DNA to the missing person files. If the daughter shows up without a name or as a body (anywhere in USA) her DNA would match the missing person report’s family.

      • They have her DNA, we have them her hairbrush and toothbrush.

      • YES, she was missing FROM CALIFORNIA, where she lived since she was two months old.

        • Danielle Foster

          I have just been hearing so much about this case. I know some people that live around there. I’m going to ask around and see if anyone will tell me anything. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the reputation of ‘the home place’ I’m so sorry that that’s the part of town she ended up in. I’m just so sorry. It’s crazy this happened, this really isn’t a bad area. My heart is hurting for you. If I can find anything out, I’ll contact you.

    • Adults are free to be “missing” and police do not look for adults unless there is a very specific reason for concern. You are kind of a douche for your implication that “you are only just looking for her now”.
      Now there is a very specific reason to involve law enforcement.

    • No, I’ve been actively seeking her all this time.

      The poster has been on Facebook and Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn and Reddit.

      But every time someone first sees it they ask me that.

    • Hello,
      I am Jennifer’s mother, if you know of agencies that help find the missing please post them, I have not been able to find a missing organization that does more then share the posters on social media.

      Jennifer is on the following missing sites and her poster is below.


      Ohio Attorney Genera’s Site:

      California Missing:

      • Dear Mrs Schwartz,

        I’m so sad for you for all you’re going through with your daughter missing. My niece has been missing from Arcata for quite some time now. I greatly understand how painful it is for a loved one to be missing and the horrible feeling and frustration of not knowing where she is and what happened. Especially when it’s your child, and not getting any answers about whatever happened in Ohio.

        I’m posting some sites you might find helpful. Here’s one but I’ll post more.

        I’m praying for you and Jennifer.


      • Try The Kristen Foundation. They find people.

    • I must have pushed the wrong button. This comment is meant for the [edit] who made the cooment about my mom not looking for Jennifer.


      My mom tried to find my sister the whole time, this whole last year. Not that you deserve this information, but Jennifer was found last week, not alive and my mom might have been able to find her had she had the means. I was a run away and she NEVER quit looking for me, given time shed have found her, but time ran out.

    • I got so many of this one idiot question, at least one a month. You people think nobody is doing anything except when you watching, we all perform for you.

  • My heart goes out to her mother. I can’t imagine the heartache, and the tremendous feeling of loss she must be going through. I pray by some minor miracle she will be found, and hopefully alive. Trying to commit suicide at one time does not paint a happy ending picture.

  • Cases like this are so difficult because she is an adult so privacy must be respected and because she was traveling, it’s impossible to assign a jurisdiction as responsible. Police stations will keep bouncing you to another – where she was last seen (Ohio?) or to the California cities she has ties in: LA, Valencia, Arcata, or anywhere else in between or in her history… if you cant afford to travel, consult with Missing Adults agencies and make a page on Facebook. Sometimes they can help with travel expenses or to host you. They can also help you make good flyers and posters and maybe you can network with people in Columbus about getting her photos up everywhere. Sometimes they can offer a reward for info/tips. Definitely try to include that on the flyers. Get them up in all motels, libraries, homeless shelters, hospitals, needle exchanges, methadone clinics, county offices, etc. I am not judging or making assumptions about Jennifer when I suggest that but based on my experience with a similar situation, it was ultimately someone who was homeless and frequented a needle exchange/methadone clinic that made the call after recognizing someone from a flyer and a family reunification resulted. Also the police put a lot of energy after constant badgering and getting a new detective on the case but it turned out they had interacted with the missing, gathering ID info, and not made the connection. So don’t rely on them…there’s plenty you can do from home to get her face out there. My heart aches for your unknowing but don’t lose hope, ever! <3 big hugs

    • I have been sharing the poster for ten months on social media. People keep telling to you contact these “agencies” but when I search for them on Google I can’t find anything reputable. There are missing websites but they want money before they talk to you and they don’t appear to be anything useful at all. People tell me they will text these agencies that will help but they never do. MMIW was supposed to send me information about agencies but they did not.

      I’m 66, retired and living in a fixed income, I can’t afford plane tickets or a Private Investigator.

      There were three hospitals involved in the suicide attempt but they can’t give me information, certainly not over the phone. HIPAA Laws say that can’t give me any information at all.

      • First I just want to say as a mother&being in a family where my cousins babygirl has been missing since 2015💔😢
        I am so sorry💔😢
        I am emphasizing for you in abundance❤
        I know who helped&still shares for my missing baby cousin is Nor-Cal Alliance,they have a page you can find through Fb&they help&give assistance with sharing information/pictures for the missing,weather it is children or adults&share nationwide,so possibly you can reach out to them. Sending heavy prayers for your daughters safe return🙏

    • I’ve been looking on Facebook for month, I cannot find these agencies that help look for the missing

        • I would like to know if Judith has explored the possibility of using a private investigator, there are some around that know how to navigate the culture in the Triangle. Just don’t be taken in by one of the drugged out ones.

          • I have talked to several, ones that actively look are $500. a day with a two day minimum, I’m retired on a fixed income, that’s more them I get a month. I have a GoFundMe page, and eBay and Poshmark stores, but so far I still can’t afford one day

      • Plenty of agencies that list the missing and coordinate with police, and plenty of granted to make more of those useless listing agencies, but no agencies that actually do anything

    • They
      I never figured out who the they and them were who would help. Did they have an emailed address? Them a phone number? Because I certainly never found them, or they.


  • Thank you Kim for posting this, heart wrenching.

    If nothing else this is a cautionary tale
    Life can be on the edge, precarious.

  • Beautiful women in America are almost always broken dolls. feminism and liberalism destroyed women in this country. Except for FLOTUS. But she wasn’t born here. Just saying.

    • Are you the dude from The Cell?

    • Women, beautiful and otherwise, don’t want to have sex with you for the same reasons that men, beautiful and otherwise don’t, nor do nonbinary folks, intersex folks, furries, polyamorous folks, or anybody else: because you have difficulty distinguishing between a missing persons report from a distraught mother and whatever products you purchase on pornhub.

      Perhaps you should ask your doctor if castration is right for you. If you were physiologically incapable of mistaking your fellow human beings for sperm ashtrays, it could only improve your mental health.

      Ms. Schwartz, I am so sorry that you had to see this and am trying to calm myself down by remembering that you (and Kym too) probably see ten times worse than this every day in your Facebook and Twitter applications. I should probably have more sense than to feed this troll or bot or wherever the absurdly offensive sex comment originally originated.

    • Apropos of nothing. Liberalism needs to destroy you.

    • She wasn’t a broken doll, she was an intelligent human being with a degree frm Long Beach state university and she’s graduated with a 3.5 gpa

  • Will this article show up on an equivalent news blog in Columbus, Ohio?

  • I don’t know who you would contact for this but it is really hard to keep your image off social media and a person good with utilizing facial recognition software should be able to find a person on those platforms. I do everything I can to not leave a trace online and my former business partners found me this way and that was with 2010 technology.

  • It truly upsets me that she is missing. But when I read some of these posts, it makes me question both the intelligence and mental health of the general public, of whom we are asking for help. I do not want to start an insult fest. But my sister is missing. Uneducated people do not understand HIPAA laws or the lack of transparency in the assorted local governments that need to work together on such things. We have been very concerned. Yes it is sad that the police had contact with her after the report was filed, but did not act accordingly due to not realizing the severity of her needing to be returned home, or made to make contact with a family member. Even if a person is mentally incapable of taking care of themselves, they still have rights. There is no need to insult anyone. But if you are able to help, by offering some advice or have any resources to help locate missing persons, your input would be greatly valued. But to insult and cause additional frustration during a time of crisis, your opinion and thoughts are not really what this articap was made public for. Even the severely mentally ill are protected by HIPAA unlease release forms are signed. People fought to have their health records sealed, but in cases like this, it does have negative consequences having such freedoms and rights.

  • As I read this article I’m not sure maybe I missed it vet it sounds like the girl took her daughter with her back east and if she was in the hospital what happened to her daughter and where is her daughter now anyway I was just wondering about that

  • Sorry to hear of this. Wonder if she might have tried to get an acting job in the Columbus area. Perhaps this casting company might have some information: https://ohiocasting.com/public/current_projects

    • Thank you, she did extra work to pay the bills, she doesn’t want to be an actress. Particularly right now, she is very depressed. Her degree is in Religious Studies. I have been sharing her missing poster every day on Twitter and Facebook, for ten months, and I have shared it to n awful lot of Columbus area newspapers, police, schools, the universities, different businesses,
      I would hope they noticed her by this time.

  • Reading the article, I understood., Jennifer did not have her child with her. I understand Jennifer had a break in Ohio, ended up in the hospital, sometime later after her release from hospital, a bill came from a Ohio hospital. I understand Jennifer’s mother and Family are doing everything they can do to find Jennifer and are completely concerned, and bewildered, completely devastated , feeling fear, heartbreak, as any loving family would. My heart goes out to all of you, having to live with this terrible despair. I’m sorry Jennifer is missing, I’m sorry you are going though this nightmare. May the Devine spirit comfort your hearts and souls, as you continue your search for Jennifer, may the right caring people help you find answers. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Jennifer does not have a child. It’s her little brother in the photo. And I am the family, just me. She has a sister and brothers but they are busy with their things.

    • I am so very, very sorry for what you are going through and hope that you will be reunited with your daughter soon. Please take care of yourself and educate yourself about the search terms “secondary wounding” and “the just world fallacy” because these are very real and extremely hurtful things that you are probably experiencing on social media. You are very brave.

      You are living every mother’s nightmare. Jennifer isn’t a statistic. My heart goes out to you.

      • I’m going to look those terms up but first I’m going to take an educated-in-the-fire guess:
        “secondary wounding” is my wounds from the slings and arrows being thrown around and “the just world fallacy” is the “you must have done something bad to deserve what your getting” school of thought.

        • Judith, There are a lot of trolls on this website- don’t take any of their mean crap personally- they do it to everyone. I hope you find her OK soon, and wish you peace.

      • Thank you, I don’t feel brave

    • Thanks for clearing that up for me
      ….take care

  • Judith,

    A&E channel was posting missing persons on PD Live, but the left had it taken off the air during their anti police tantrums.
    Dan Abrams was the host.
    Here is his website with an email contact at the top of the page.
    He might a least be able to advise you as to how to proceed.

    A long shot but worth a try.


    He is here too.


    Wish you the best.

  • Hello. Sorry to hear about her being gone and your suffering. I hope her siblings can get involved in helping. She needs Gods help and hope. Prayer is critical in finding lost sheep. The real Jesus Messiah can help. I am sure many are praying for her.

    The mid 1990s began a fragmentation of peace and Godly laws and influences in the West. This was planned. Our youth have endured a very Godless school system as well. And the churches offer little help or truths. God is light and no darkness is in Him. I John 1:5.

    Our females are targeted for many bad things and they easily fall for such. I pray your daughter is ok and will be located soon. I will look out for her car, her plates, her as well.

    Have you tried women’s shelters? I see posts that indicate trying to find a legal adult is difficult. I pray for your success. I am sure you’ve tried all possible leads to locate her. Prayerfully. Shane

  • I had the privilege of getting to know her on my adventures through LA. She was a joy to be around and her acceptance knew no boundaries. I feel like I bonded with her so much that it’s hard to describe. She was my older brothers coolest GF. I’ll always remember her and treasure the time we experienced together.!😓

  • Jennifer, my lovely daughter, was found January 6, 2021, when she was discovered not breathing and unresponsive, in the apartment of a stranger whom she had asked for a place to get warm, in Waterville, Maine. I remain devastated and broken for the rest of my days.
    Judith Schwartz

    Jennifer Lynn Dulin
    June 9, 1977-January 6, 2021
    Bend OR to Waterville ME

    • Judith,

      I am devastated to hear this news. I truly loved Jenn from the first time we met on the Howie Mandel Show. https://youtu.be/CBPEwmkxIzA She was always a bright light and a breath of fresh air. We had spoken a few times since her move away from LA and spoke of poor living conditions and the broken trailer. I invited her to come visit and stay here in PHX for a while but she had said she was sticking around to help you. Possibly a fabrication.

      Know that she was loved by you, me and many other’s she so gracefully touched and know the sorrow we all feel in her loss. She leaves behind great memories, laughter and joy for all she touched. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. Jenn, RIP. You will forever live in my heart and mind.

  • I am so sorry for your loss.
    You obviouly did absolutely everything you could to help and find her.
    Some of the noncompassionate comments on here were unacceptable.
    Again my deepest condolences for the loss of your beautiful and vibrant daughter 😪

  • I’ve sent you his FB (which he has so far kept public) to the email in your Craigslist ad

  • Exact cause of death? Autopsy report findings?
    Exact address of death? Homeowners name who
    resided there? Homeowners criminal history?
    Cellphone records of calls “To and From” homeowner
    and deceased during that year missing?

    I need and want everything I asked for.
    I will have other questions.
    Thank you.

  • Dear Mom,

    I just called the Arcata Police Department in California. I talked to a lady intake person.
    I asked for Sergeant Jacob McKenzie of the Arcata Police Department to confirmed his agency was investigating Dulin’s case. The lady said Mr. Mckenzie was not a Sergeant. I told this lady that in the articles I am reading that his department was investigating. I told her about Jennifer and her death. She did not seem to know anything about it. I asked for Sergeant Mckenzie’s Phone number so I could talk with him and she refused to give it to me even though it involves a death in Maine. She also said he would not on duty again until Monday night March 1st, 2021.

    What a wonderful and caring police department and investigating police agency.

    I am sorry but I am done.
    Take care

  • Mark Pantermoller

    Dear Mom,

    It looks like everyone wants to cash in on your daughters death…including you. You have
    money sites that beg the public to give you monetary gifts for your loss.

    It’s a wonderful thing.

    You ask the question on Maine’s Craigslist : “Whet happened to your daughters car”? Well, you
    knew very well that your daughters car was sold in early 2020. In fact, your postings in Maine’s Craigslist are after the date of the death of your daughter….still asking…”what happened tyo her car”?
    What happened to her “teddy bears”?

    Mom, you said in a posting that you were “sisters”….you and your daughter.

    No sister, as close as you pretend to be with your daughter would ever,.. not know where she was at any time during her trip down Interstate 80. She would have called you repeatedly or/and you would have called her and known exactly her whereabouts. To say you knew about your daughter being in Ohio because you got a bill from a hospital who treated her for an attempted suicide is, a blatant lie and sickening pathetic lie that one would tell if ….they were not close at all. You did not care about her. Your trailer was terrible and falling apart and your daughter headed east, on I-80, a route I traveled on some years ago and a direct route from Arcata California to Maine…no route from there is more direct to here….Maine.

    Your daughter knew exactly where she was going, you knew where she was going…and I suspect mental illness was a big factor in her Ohio Incident and perhaps….with you

    I also suspect she met this “Knight in shining armor” in Waterville Maine, online…perhaps a dating site or from some other means that you could have cared less about. Thus…she left you, and her love sister, and straight-lined it to The wonderful, cold wintery State of Maine because it was the best place for her.

    Well Mom…your a real shitball. And now you are going profit off the daughter you could have cared less about by getting on as many money giving sites as there is and pretend you’re “mother of the year”. You’re a peach Mom!

    Your daughter cried plenty….you……?

  • Mark Pantermoller

    Dear Mom,

    Your postings here are few now, why?

    You failed to disclose that your daughter/sister was given 2 speeding tickets on her way to Maine.
    You did know by the time you posted this on Maine’s Craigslist Site. Yet, you said nothing. You beg to people that now piece of information is to small but, you post withholding the information you know that one could use.

    Mom, Where is Dad? Your Daughter is dead and you are the only one crying and in grief? Where is Dad and is he in grief? Does he know his Daughter has passed? Why do you keep this information to yourself? The Brother…’s and Sister..’s …do they know? What is their Phone number? You question their sadness but give no information on them. Therefore, you have talked with them…otherwise, how do you know that? Where are they? Where is Dad?

    You posted on Maine’s Craigslist website but you left no phone number, No email address, No home address for anyone to contact you and no contact number to the police agency investigating her death.

    Mom, are you even a real person? It would seem that you m ay be the only person really missing at all in these postings.

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