Cannabis Robberies Northwest of Hoopa Caused by Organized Criminal Gang, Claim Farmers

Armed Robbery feature marijuanaCannabis farmers in northeastern Humboldt believe that a well organized and heavily armed criminal gang is targeting them and may have done so for years.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has begun placing a team in the area in order to respond quickly to criminal activity, a lieutenant told us.

Many of the robberies went unreported, one farmer told us. However, law enforcement has been notified about a few that farmers believe may have been the victims of the gang. (One robbery in 2017 that was reported and identified by multiple people as likely to have been committed by the gang is here.)

Several growers tell us they believe a property in northeastern Humboldt that has been violently robbed twice in the last month is a victim of the gang.

Chris Martin, the manager of Old Goat Farms, told us the permitted cannabis grow he manages on French Camp Road northwest of Hoopa was initially invaded by armed robbers on October 10 and then more recently on Halloween Day.

“They came at seven in the morning,” said Martin who was at the property when it was robbed the first time. “The generator got shut off, so, thinking we were out of gas, I ran out of the house to [find] six people with guns.”

Almost all of them wore some form of face covering, he told us.

One of the first things, the robbers did was make it difficult for him to see any identifying characteristics on them. “They took my glasses and broke them,” he said. He explained if he looked in one of their directions, they would act menacing so he tried to avoid anything that might make them angry.

He added that the armed robbers made everyone lay on the ground. When they told everyone to get down, Martin said he thought, “Dying is not worth the weed.” He explained that he believed that the men were “not here to hurt us; they are just here for the weed.” He decided to cooperate to make sure no one was injured.

“At gunpoint, they made us take off all of our clothes,” he explained. Then, he said, “They made us clear out the place. They didn’t want to do any work.” Without even the protection of their clothes, he told us, the robbers forced the victims to load a number of vehicles, including two that belonged on the property, with stolen cannabis and other items.

An odd juxtaposition with the violence of having guns pointed at them while they were forced to do work unclothed was the encouraging words of the young armed robber who had a gun trained on him a good part of the time. “He was the only one that didn’t have a mask on,” Martin told us. “He was so young, he had peach fuzz…While we loaded all the trucks and everything, he kept saying things like ‘Hey, man, you are doing a good job.'”

Martin marveled, “He’s cheering me on while he has a gun on me!”

But without his glasses and with the menacing response to any attempts to look at his captors, Martin said he doesn’t really have any descriptions. “I spent four hours with the guy and I couldn’t tell you what he looked like,” he explained.

Between the robbers with guns and those driving away with stolen items, Martin believes there were a large number of individuals involved. “There had to be at least 15 people,” he said. “There were six people with guns that were crowd control. They were older by the sound of their voice…and then that young kid.” Then there were more than those though, he told us.

The robbers took not only the vehicles, but firearms and other items of value and what Martin described as about half of all the cannabis on the farm. (Some hadn’t yet been harvested.)

One of the two vehicles taken was later found abandoned in a waterway. But another, a bright blue 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 with a white tailgate, is still missing.

As disturbing as the first robbery was, the second robbery–early Halloween morning–was much more violent. Martin wasn’t there but he spoke to people who were and he is intimately involved in the farm’s operations. Below is his account of what happened. In some aspects it conflicts with earlier accounts. Please be aware that this is his account and while we believe it to be accurate, we have only been able to corroborate parts.

Martin said the farm had hired Omni Security Services. Early on Halloween morning, the armed guard was in a fifth wheeler with two of the owners of the property, there were a group of people in the home, and a third group of people in a cabin. Martin was away for the night.

Even though the initial robbery had made everyone nervous, the Farm had decided to hire security and finish the harvest. “The first time [the robbers] never touched us,” Martin explained. “And the other half of the farm was still standing…This year could not be a complete loss. Everyone involved decided to finish.”

“We were like 90% done [with harvest],” Martin told us. “Everything was into totes.”

A little after midnight on Halloween, a number of armed robbers (a smaller group than the initial robbery) broke into the main house.  “They came straight to the bedroom where everyone was at,” he said he was told. “They tried tying the workers up to a pole…They were so messed up on drugs that their hands shaking so badly that they couldn’t tie anyone up. So they locked them into a container…When they were locking people in the container, they asked them if there was anyone else here.”

After being told there were people in the trailer, the robbers went there next, Martin said. Besides the security guard who was on a break from patrol, Martin described there being “two older gentlemen”–one about 70 years old. 

The robbers started banging on the door and “yelling to come out,” Martin said. “And then from what one of the owners told me, [the robbers] had shotguns and were just shooting into the trailer…After they started shooting, that’s when security guard started [firing back].”

The robbers then upped the level of violence even further, Martin claimed. “They threw like an incendiary device,” he said. “They were prepared! Who has one of those in their back pocket?”

He paused and added, “Setting shit on fire especially right now…Fire is a scary thing right now. They could have set the whole rez on fire. There is no care for life. No care for community. There’s nothing.”

At this point one of the owners fled the building. “The older gentleman jumped through a closed plate glass door and landed at the feet of the robbers but managed to run up…to the top of the hill to the cabin where the workers lived.” These workers had just woken up, Martin explained. “They were just watching  everything unfold.”

At least one of the workers had a cell phone that the owner used to call law enforcement for help. A scratchy transmission of the beginning of the dispatcher sending law enforcement can be heard below. (Note: 1144 means deceased.)

Martin said that law enforcement and fire engines arrived in the remote area remarkably quickly. The trailer, the security guard’s car, and a rental car were badly damaged in the fire.

According to Lt. Mike Fridley, the reason the Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were able to get to the incident so quickly was because they had a team aleady in the area to be ready in case of another robbery. “We had complaints and we are taking this seriously,” he told us.

In an earlier interview, Lt. Greg Musson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office told us, ““Nobody was shot that we know…All the good guys and gals were accounted for. We don’t know if any bad guys were hurt.”

Although Musson said that as far as he knew, no drones were involved, other farmers in the area have told us off the record that multiple drones have been seen flying over private property as well as men wearing tactical gear scoping out trails. “I don’t know where they are getting all their tactical gear,” one told us. “Some of what we [saw] is stuff you could only get if you were law enforcement.”

Martin said that one of the phones taken in the robbery was traced to seven or eight totes of the stolen marijuana by the Sheriff’s Department. He wasn’t clear on how that happened but he said that it was wonderful to get even that amount returned. “[Law enforcement] brought it back,” Martin said in amazement. “I was kind of like ‘Wow! We had a really bad day but this is cool.'”

But he said he also felt like the deputy who returned it was unhappy. “I thought he felt he was wasting his time,” Martin explained. “He could have been helping society, but instead he was bringing back dope to dope growers.”

He added, “I get it…The pot growers have been fighting the police for a long time and now [we] are asking for help. But we are paying taxes. I’m not asking for [law enforcement] to sit on the property and patrol but [the robbers] tried to kill people…You play by the rules; you expect to be under the umbrella.”

Martin and other growers we spoke to feel that there is an armed and organized gang operating in the area.

One grower said that he believes the group has been operating for at least four years. That grower said, “This thing is much bigger than a couple of ripoffs. It warrants an FBI investigation done.”

Martin agrees that the situation in the area is dire. He said it is just a matter of time before someone is killed or badly injured. “It’s real. [the robbers] are not messing around,” he said.

Earlier Chapters:

Note: the initial story has been updated with information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Lt. Mike Fridley.






  • Well Mr. Chris Martin, If I were you, I would think about going into another line of work. Maybe a checker at Wildberry’s or a oil change tech, either one seems to be a safer livelihood. I just find it hard to believe that you can’t get along with your local drug buddy’s.

    • Lol wildberrys hahah .

    • Why would he do that? He paid six figures of permitting fees to have a legal business. Following all laws If he’s permitted. I don’t know what you mean by “drug buddies” but if you [edit] read a newspaper you’d see cannabis is the biggest up and coming LEGAL industry in the world. [edit] And one more thing. If that’s the kind of work you do then this guy pays WAY more taxes than you and thus contributes more to society. Sorry about your life!

      • More like “sorry about your (Festus’) ignorance”.

      • Low IQ people like fetus are a ball and chain on society… it is sad that so much money is spent providing EBT cards for the lazy, uninspired children of east coast trust funders, yet the education system is so deprived, we end up with an ignorant portion of society. Education is key. Sad to be the one to break it to all the haters, but Cannabis is legal now (News flash!). A legal cannabis farm should be protected by law enforcement as much as the local dairy, vineyard, or food farm. Steal farmers crops, go to jail.

    • You trolls are a joke. Get a life. You wanna make jokes about violent crime, ya real funny to loser haters like you. Haters gotta hate. Losers!

    • Festis Your a douche! That is all.

    • Another robbery ?! Where’s the cyclone fencing ? all over the world fencing whether it’s electric ,steel razor wire or concrete protects valuable possessions and keeps criminals confined .i believe I read some regulations the state requires your crop be confined …

  • With all the high tech surveillance equipment out there and you don’t even know they’re coming? Wow Even in the gorilla grows we had trail cameras
    The main rule is once you’re patch has been found you’re screwed. Time to move
    It’s not complicated but it is way it is.

    • Yeah. Pick up a half acre of full size full term plants in October and move them somewhere. Not complicated at all. Way to tell them how it is. Do you need a job? Because I could use a superhero like you at my spot if you can pull that off. 😂😂😂

      • If you read. It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last.
        Next year should be a good payday for the robbers Too.
        Like it’s been for the last few years

        • Government Cheese

          I said this a year ago. Wait till REAL criminals get wind of these unprotected grows that have millions of dollars in drugs and cash on property. MS-13 is ruthless. They can send 20 gang members at whims notice to rob you. All heavily armed and not afraid to die for the cause. They have every bit of technology at there disposable . Night vision,drones, manpower, safe houses, drivers, paid off police. Sitting ducks is all these places are, and duck season is October through December. Google farm. Google earth. Google maps. “You have arrived at your destination.”

          • Pissed off Marine

            G C, if it was MS-13 there might be one left alive, maybe. Good ol prop 64 supporters are just going to have to stop smoking the shit they are growing and expect anything ! If someone can pay 6 figures for a permit, they should be able to have proper security. If you dont want to lose it you better protect what you have. It doesnt take a gang to take you shit. Just some lazy ass scammers.. I think some of these rips are legit, but I also think some are scams and lies. It is a dirty business all the way around and if you swim with sharks, be ready to get bit.

    • First rule, don’t grow on or near the Rez.. period..

  • Were there accents or did English sound like their first language?

    • They spoke English without a foreign accent.

      • Thank you.

        I hope this gets solved for everybody’s sake.

      • Do you think the FBI would help? Isn’t this marijuana illegal with federal law? I’m sorry I’m being a bit of a smart ass. One would think growers would know this.

        • CBD’s are federally legal. If you can prove your paying taxes, have permits, and that you have an audit trail for transport and shipment your safe.

          FBI generally handles large organized crime as usually at that point they are operating across state lines as well. But the hard part is convincing them the investigation will have a prosecutable outcome in the 90% or great conviction chance in court. Or they just won’t bother with it most of the time.

  • stick a fork in it dude

    It is hilarious how after decades of hiding from the feds and shipping illegal dope across the country for mad tax free money, the same people want the FBI to step in and protect their grey market operations. Stick a fork in it people. Feds dont care, HCSO dont care, you are on your own.

    Some advice – Dont get your dick slammed in a truck tailgate.

    • Well chances are these people pay more taxes than you do. So yeah. They do probably want the benefits of that. Dude

      • I love how people make up facts without one shred of evidence. If you can’t show me there tax returns, STFU!

      • Especially property tax, which pays for schools. Growers and/or land owners have been paying property taxes on inflated, unrealistic property values for the past 10+ years. The counties are going to see a 50% reduction in property tax revenue, in a few years. In fact it has already started and no one on any BOS in the triangle has a clue.
        So when you want to claim growers dont pay any taxes your way wrong.

      • Significantly more taxes than that guy…

    • You pay the exorbitant fees to become legal and expect that like any other business, robbery and attempted murder would be taken seriously.
      This is a legal farm not a “grey” as you put it.
      If it were tulips would you be saying that?
      Sorry you dont get it but the only reason this county still has functioning schools and businesses is from moneys infused into the community by growers. You should be thanking them.

      Scary assholes with guns running a thieving gang who are banking on growers not calling the cops need to be dealt with.
      Some old skool justice sounds needed, a group of armed locals patrolling the roads and running assholes off. Very effective is tossing a thief buck naked into deep blackberry brambles.

    • Ya real hilarious [edit]! Cool a permitted farm got robbed hiyuk! You really need to get a life [edit].

    • Hella people around, worthless ‘security’ all the neighbors hate you. At want point is it better to just do less? even if they harvested all of it, they’re blowing out hella money on the treadmill of success.

  • I agree there is some level of organization but it’s mostly drug addicts and lowlifes. They talk to each other and share stories. The more they get away with the more it’s going to keep happening. The cats out of the bag. Unfortunately there are a lot of drug addict low lifes around our area, and it’s made worse by the collapse of the weed industry, the lack of any decent work to be found around this area and the prevalence of meth and her ion, which turns people into animals.

    The cops do have a half ass attitude in the trinity valley, when it comes to weed related calls. Cops are gonna be cops…. itd be nice if they did a little more but I can understand their frustration when the people they are protecting are on the fringes of the law (“legal” farm or not- we all know they aren’t really legal- just paying some protection money to the local govt)

  • Something is fishy…

    Martin told us. “He was so young, he had peach fuzz…While we loaded all the trucks and everything, he kept saying things like ‘Hey, man, you are doing a good job.’”

    Martin marveled, “He’s cheering me on while he has a gun on me!”

    But without his glasses and with the menacing response to any attempts to look at his captors, Martin said he doesn’t really have any descriptions. “I spent four hours with the guy and I couldn’t tell you what he looked like,” he explained.

    So he noticed peach fuzz but cant provide a description?

  • If the Feds would just repeal the prohibition on marijuana the problem would resolve itself much like with alcohol long ago.

  • I noticed a new sign in eureka yesterday- Sinaloanese or something like that, in front of a Mexican restaurant. It may be new, or old, but I don’t go up there often & hadn’t seen it before. Everything is like the Trojan Horse now- by the time we are aware of things, it may be too late.

  • Of course the deputy was unhappy returning bins… he/she probably understands how futile it is to be out risking-ass in the roughest neighborhood around.
    They can’t help you out there, even if they wanted to.
    If you setup shop in the middle of ancestral land, accept status as an easy-target & get militant… OR keep getting taxed hard by the locals whenever they want some.

    • Always boggled me why folks put up grows in those areas. Like putting a house on a flood plain and having your house flood. No shit, what did you think was going to happen. Some people lack common sense.

  • Everyone knows there is an armed gang of vigilantes in Hoopa, they are made of native Hoopa people, they burned down the health food store in willow creek and have robbed many of the legal farms in the area. they are also the same group responsible for killing various growers who “went missing” in that same area. No one will touch this because this gang has the protection of the local tribe. Hoopa nation is an ethnic gang who wants to take full control over that area of the county. just letting everyone know.

    • Thanks for the wisdom Sherlock. I think I remember river song getting burned by a homeless river bum, actually.

      • Great story and what a experience for the trimmers and outdoor team!
        All involved will look back and remember the unforgettable times!
        The grow team, the gang, who’s who? So called “bad experiences” can be turned around for the positive!
        That’s the way to turn this world around and get the climate headed in the right direction!

    • The writing has been on the wall for years IMO.

    • Came here to say something similar to this. The Sheriff and tribal police know who these guys are. A lot of the locals on the reservation also have a good idea of who these guys area, but they aren’t telling or doing anything about it. The Sheriff’s have been given plenty of images and videos of them robbing properties all over the area adjacent to and within the Hoopa square. Old 3 Creeks Road, Bald Hills Road, Bair road, you name it. Basically anywhere that has a quick escape directly back to the reservation is on the target list. Be warned.

      There is even one case where a white guy was shot sitting in his truck in the driveway of his property right on the main road in Hoopa in broad daylight. No justice was ever served and people know who did that.

      It is a sad situation. Some people on the reservation are raised to hate white people/non-natives to extreme ends and this is the result. Violence to the white oppressor and robbing them because they are white/not a Hoopa tribes person. The crazy thing is I kind of don’t blame them. They’ve been dealt a shit hand and are doing what they can to survive/make a living I guess. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      The Sheriff can’t do shit because it is a sovereign nation out there and the tribal police are useless because they are all related or have some kind of connection to the perps and they would face possible life-threatening situations to themselves or their family if they did go after this group. It is certainly an organized group of natives or peoples of native descent that are commiting these crimes. The Sheriff could post up the information they have regarding these known thieves and murders but you can imagine the response by people affected by these robberies and murders. It would be another manhunt resulting in a massacre.

      One thing for sure is the wild west and it’s lawlessness never ended in some parts. Around and within the Hoopa square being one.

      • Tech. You sound like you’re not from around hear
        Your knowledge isn’t anyway. Dam , ignorance. Pity

        • Cool story bro. Why don’t you take your progressive white ass out to the rez and see how it’s treated? Locals know their tribal, interrelated, got a chip on their shoulder, and hate all white people in or around the rez. Obviously you missed the signs posted on the rez that say “Kill Whitey”. But you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it, go out there, and find out for yourself while singing kumbaya.

        • Oh my knowledge is certainly from around here. It is not a complete picture, but I’m working on it. While I haven’t lived here my entire life, I’ve lived a good portion of my life here now and have met many people from all over the county from all types of different fields of work and walks of life. Always listening to their stories and perspectives.

      • “The crazy thing is I kind of don’t blame them. They’ve been dealt a shit hand and are doing what they can to survive/make a living I guess. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

        This is the type of asshole comment that encourages them and makes them feel justified in doing what they do. Congratulations on contributing to the problem. They have not been dealt a shit hand. They were born in one of the wealthiest nations on earth and have every opportunity to do something with their lives besides shooting at innocent people. Lots of people do it. Sorry about your white guilt.

        • It isn’t white guilt at all. I don’t fall victim to that mindset at all. It is more of the devils advocate within me and a practiced skill of putting myself into someone else’s shoes. Maybe if I were in their position of having my lands and livelihood taken from my people, either by conquest or being forced to sign a treaty, I too would have a chip on my shoulder and want to fight back. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to defend their homeland and run an insurgency/rebellion of sorts. At this point though, taking what you have and making the best of it would be the best choice. Not robbing people of their hard-earned work. In their minds, this is a war against white people and the west. In ours, they are robbing and attempting murder of innocents. There is a huge disconnect and where not everyone will ever be on the same page to begin addressing the problem.

          • Their land was taken from them by force. Their people slaughtered, children stolen and raised as slaves (forbidden to speak their own language), their women raped and murdered. It wasn’t really that long ago. Then here comes some clueless white guys who buy what they think is safe and private land next to the remaining and much smaller reservation that the white people has left for the tribe. Right next to the rez! Then clueless white guy blows up a huge and obvious weed grow worth LOTS of money- because other white guys give him a permit. Well….it’s pretty much rubbing their face in it at this point. I’m a white guy and I would not go anywhere near the rez and push my agenda while complaining about how the natives aren’t being fair to me! Not because I’m scared but because I have a little respect for them…I get it why they rip off clueless white people… Sell “your” land and GTFO. I think it’s funny that people do zero research on the area before they make a huge investment…and then lose everything. You’re an idiot. Whining and asking for help from the police is hilarious to me. Leave while you still have your life and consider yourself lucky! And let the next fool receive that lesson in comparative cultures and local history. I’m not sure I even consider this thieving… more like payback. Hoopa has been this way forever. And I don’t think white people should have any opinion about how it should be or anything, really. Clue- Probably NOT a good place to blow up a huge grow!

          • People are people. Tweaked out people are often rippoffs. Lack of law enforcement in heavily tweaked out areas usually leads to more ripoffs.

            Saying that this is understandable because it’s near a reservation is sooooo ignorant and racist. The tribe as a whole is made up of wonderful people who don’t condone this violent and immoral type of action. Don’t try to divide us more by acting like this is a whitey vs native action. It’s a tweaker ripoff bullshit move and nobody would claim to “understand” why these assholes did this if it wasn’t near the res.

            My wife is 60% native and my 6 kids are 36%. I am 1/8 native American. All of our races were scooped up by “civilization”. Conquered. Absorbed. It was a lot more recent for the native Americans, yes, but let’s not forget that it happened to all of the races.

      • Government Cheese

        Desperate people! The government hands you a check for 1500 a month because your a “native”. The casino than hands you more money a month .Free housing, free healthcare, welfare and food stamps. Not the ideal life, but far from living on skid row. They scalp white people on a daily basis with out having to literally rob them. The weed robberies are just icing on the cake.

        • Nobody definitively said this was native ripoffs. The only description is of a white guy. Cut the racist bullshit it’s showing your bigotted damaged brain

      • Tech,

        A lot of what you say is plausible.

        I think you touched on something when you said;

        ..tribal police are useless because they are all related or have some kind of connection to the perps and they would face possible life-threatening situations to themselves or their family if they did go after this group. 

        In the articles regarding Hoopa PD troubles, an official hinted at similar circumstances:

        Following his termination, Norton told the Two Rivers Tribune he believes he was fired because of corrupt political promises.

        “They wanted me out,” Norton said. “I believe Byron [Nelson] bought votes from Leonard Masten and Bob Kane. It all stems out of me firing one of Kane’s family members. I have experienced nothing but resistance from the Human Resources Department on everything I have done since then.”

        Kane was the former police chief who resigned in 2015. He was hired, and is presently employed, at the Tribe’s Human Resources Department to conduct background checks and drug tests on all tribal employees.

        • Yeah, those statements show that what I’m saying is not deniable. But I don’t need statements or testimony to make the connections. Anyone with a keen eye and an understanding of people’s true inner thoughts/intentions and how they manifest in actions can see this. It takes a jaded mind to think in these ways but reality is jaded itself and does not come sugar-coated. This type of problem of close-knit communities policing themselves is commonplace across much of the county and world. More so in tribal communities, because they are a tight-knit group of closely related peoples. It’s no different than reservations in South Daktota or in the hills and hollows of the Appalachia’s.

          • Racist and ignorant to connect this to other reservations in other areas. Meth is the connection you’re missing not native American culture.
            If you really want to “understand what these people are thinking you should do meth for a few years and listen to death metal. Going to a powwow is not going to inspire this type of action. Sorry to burst your racist bigotted bubble!

          • Amazing that somebody would belittle native American culture while thinking that they are being “understanding” of it.

            Tech you should not be trying to speak for people you dont have a clue about.

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Why not offer a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest and convictions? someone will start talking.

  • robbing someone in Hoopa is not a wise thing to do. One way in, one way out.

    • But there are a number of roads in and out, especially if you go through locked or unlocked F.S. gates.

    • I can think of 4 ways in and out on paved (mostly) roads.
      Dowd to bald hills
      Red cap to Orleans
      96 to Willow Creek
      96 to Weitchpec

      The dirt road options are many

    • You clearly do not know the area well. There are multiple roads in and out of Hoopa. One thing all these robberies have in common is they are located nearby the reservation and occur on roads in and out of the reservation. It is clear where these guys reside and who they are.

      • Clearly matches the pippoffs in honeydew. Not near a reservation. Definitely not clearly natives involved. Why the bullshit racist comments. Like I said before, meth and greed for money are your root causes here. I dont remember either of those things to stem from native American culture.

    • What if they are already in and have no intention of getting out?

  • Leos should be policing themselves

    I dont think having the fbi involved would be a good idea considering that weed is federally illegal and still is a schedule 1 narcotic according to fed guidelines. They might bust the violent gun toting guys first, but next they might go for the legal state taxpayers. Be careful what you wish for.

  • This little corner of the county is the jurisdiction of the sheriff’s department but it is surrounded by tribal land and national park which are the responsibility of the Yurok Tribal Police and the Hoopa Tribal Police and the park rangers.
    So even if the sheriff’s office was proactive and cared about this (good job on the quick response this time but they see these robberies as part of the game if you’re going to grow) the solution here is a coordinated effort, probably led by Hoopa. If the Hoopa Tribal Police took an interest in gangs rolling in and out of the reservation to the area from Bald Hills to Three Creeks to Redwood Valley, this gang would not be hard to find. Some of the individuals have been identified by name on this website and I’m pretty sure the Tribal Police knows who it is and what’s going on.
    I don’t think they want to take it on. I know I wouldn’t. But when it gets to the point where structures are set on fire with people inside, maybe someone might like to get out there and knock on some doors and do some probation searches at a few key addresses.
    I get the impression you could roll down Pine Creek Road with a stolen trailer full of stolen property to pretty much anywhere on the reservation without worrying in the least.
    It’s a shame cause it’s such a beautiful area but it is just completely lawless. Right behind Patrick’s Point and McKinleyville, as the crow flies, you can cruise around with machine guns and take what you like. And come back a couple weeks later and try again! Unbelievable.

    • The Sheriffs, Tribal Police, and some locals of the Hoopa area all know generally who/what group is committing all of these robberies. The Sheriff’s try but they normally only get guys put away from drug possession/trafficking or other low-level crimes that don’t see the perp get put away for long. Quite a few people know that if one of the known baddies in this story is killed, the Sheriff’s won’t give a shit and will most likely thank you on the side. They know how dangerous these individuals are and they know that their, and many other innocents, lives are at risk in dealing with them.

      • Here are Tribal Police Statistics since 2015.


        Calls for Service 2,368

        Reports Taken 265

        Arrests 60

        Citations 54


        Calls for Service 1,749

        Reports Taken 11

        Arrests 8

        Citations 45


        Calls for Service 2,936

        Reports Taken 152

        Arrests 44

        Citation 124


        Calls for Service 4,084

        Reports Taken 140

        Arrests 57

        Citations 128


        Taken from Kyms previous reporting on Hoopa police issues:


        • Notice the amount of calls for service went up dramatically in 2017 and 2018, but arrests were still far below the 2015 year.

          I’m sure there is a lot I don’t understand, but it seems Hoopa needs serious help.

        • A revolving door. You should read the book “How to lie with statistics” it would help you understand how groups lie to you or misinform you.

  • Very nice Kym Kemp.

    You documented a true story that is describing this area from way back in time. Today is different in the Tribes just like the rest of us, but they’ve remained loyal to the true-true.

    Local grown weed
    All local people
    Taxes collected remained local.
    No local was hurt
    Local Tribes rule
    Everybody lives to repeat the circle

    The FBI would need a crime to investigate, there was none. We could learn from this event.

    • Are you really okay with people firebombing a trailer during fire season and chasing two older gentleman and a security guard from their trailer as shots are exchanged? That makes me worry about you.

      • I hope most of us are not ok with it even in the middle of winter with no fire risks involved.

        The fires are way secondary compared to a life under a violent threat.

      • I’m OK with the tribes policing their own territory.

        I’d not want to see Newsom’s form of government to be involved.

        These are ancient Tribal lands where whiteman’s confusion over right/wrong needn’t receive recognition. We should encourage our locals to sort things out without screaming for government interpretations nor enforcements. The Tribes aren’t being secretive on $64. Their old ways actually make pure logic.

        The why for a fire is anybody’s guess, I’d call it meanness. Plus did you say the security guard opened fire?

        This message is clear, Tribes won’t protect the money growers in their space.

          • What’s your problem Brian my words can’t hurt you, you’re asking Tribes to think as you do.

            I’m saying we can’t expect Tribes to do the stuff they do, by voting in a dumb situation as is $64.

            The title “organized criminal gang” isn’t in the Tribes vocabulary.

            • The article that my comment links to shows serious problems in the Hoopa Police.

              If your idea of tribes “working out their problems”means whoever is most armed and dangerous, than I would implore everyone not to think like you.

              • You’re making stuff up as you go.

                Tribes rule the land surface within their territory. In fact when allowed, peace becomes the dominate lifestyle when their threats of retaliation for making whiteman’s laws and cultural mores dominate. The Tribes don’t normally expect help from LEO, they’re very good at facing problems from outsiders in a decisive manner.

                So yeah … Tribes can when necessary, run off the rats.

                • What the hell are you talking about?

                  I’m quoting and linking to an article.

                  In 2016 there was 2300 calls for service to the Hoopa PD, with 60 arrests.

                  In 2018 there was 4100 calls for service but only 57 arrests.

                  You say I’m making stuff up, but then you say;

                  peace becomes the dominate lifestyle when their threats of retaliation for making whiteman’s laws and cultural mores dominate

                  Who is filling the thread with opinion?

            • Your attempt to speak for the tribe is ignorant. You have no right to represent native American logic.

              This didn’t happen on the reservation. Your attempt to stand up for the tribe shows racism and misrepresents widespread native sentiment.

  • 🕯🌳They seem pretty well organized to be just drug addicts and lowlifes.

  • Yeah, definitely traumatic situation! I hope these guys are brought to justice! Acts like this really only bring about bad Karma and bad ends!

    With that said, it’s not only the triangle that is experiencing these rip offs. Didn’t a deputy just get killed in El Dorado county stopping a burglary? In Sonoma, a home invasion involving weed where the robbers killed a man in his home! Luckily the purps were caught, and brought to justice!

    Yeah, no offense but getting involved in a grow around Hoopa, does not seem like the best of ideas! Also, to me, another reason to keep things on the smaller scale.. it’s not as much of a HUGE target when it’s on the smaller scale.

    But yeah, it’s good no one got hurt! I hope these shameful bullies are brought to justice, so they don’t harm anyone else!

  • Lost a few plants... big deal

    Losers gonna lose.

    • Maybe you should get robbed so we all can call you a loser publicly too? Or maybe you just jealous cause you ain’t in the industry [edit]? Theft of property is a huge deal, maybe if you [edit] actually worked, you wouldn’t be brushing off a violent theft that could resulted in death and forest fire. Ignorant haters that think it’s ok to outlaw [edit] are actually the problem with our community and we all think it would be great if you moved back to Ozarks Oklahoma [edit].

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Surprisingly enough some of us have very little sympathy for these people. They blew up a massive grow on the rez. That’s just dumb. Don’t do that. Its pure greed to endanger the lives of your workers by setting up shop in one of the most dangerous areas around. Then after they are robbed at gunpoint, Martin decides to stick it out to finish harvest? Cut and run dude! It was october, those buds were big enough to take after the first robbery. Instead the property owner decided to risk everyone’s lives over a few more $$. Now there are people jumping to that guy’s defense? Sounds like a real asshole to me. Rob me once and endanger the lives of my workers shame on you, rob me twice and endanger the lives of my workers, shame on me.

  • Sounds like shit is about to hit the fan over there, feds frown on chumps pretending to be them…

  • They should hire security for their business like other businesses do. Police arrive after the crime not before.

  • Leos should be policing themselves

    They had armed security officers, it didnt do any good. Re read the article. I feel bad for them, all that work this summer, bucked down in bins and ready to go and bam, gone….bummer. Are they limited on the hours that they are allowed to transport it off the hill to their trim spot? If not they shouldve taken it in to town asap after being put in bins even with security gurads. That seems like the best thing to me. Either way, people better be vigilant, especially this time of year.

    • 🕯🌳Its as if someone’s been telling someone else right when the right time to rob these grows lately. Armed or not they come prepared and get away. So if it’s not some kind of organized inside job by all these grows then someone got a good track on when people are about ready to ship then they rob them. But most of them lately sound fake.🖖

    • Doesn’t work like that. Thank the state for their wonderful policies that make it difficult to move off-site. Once it’s moved though manifest into the distro system it’s out of the control of farmers who are at the mercy of testing and contacting. Before offloading one must find buyer at right price, contract, transport, wait, wait some more, and then eventually get paid months later. Unfortunately like most farmers in this country they are paid the least for producing and it’s the packager/seller stepping on it doubling/tripling consumer cost plus additional sales taxes to sell eights at 20 year old street prices. The illegal market was actually better for the consumer instead of current market being parasitically suck dry by government taxation and profit seeking investors while the producer is gouged and robbed.

      • Leos should be policing themselves

        So they have to wait for a buyer to get it trimmed? I knew they have to trim it off site but they have to let it sit untrimmed for god knows how long waiting for a buyer, have it as public record where they are located and pay a shit load of taxes, security on top of coming in to compliance? The black market is sounding better and better.

  • What happens with track n trace when your grow gets robbed? Just sayin…If I had a permit, I’d be thinkin about robbing myself, eh Martin? Then again, doubt you guys woulda torched the place.

  • Cmon 2020 elections cmon justice

    The feds don’t give a crap because there not collecting money from these farms yet,and when they start collecting the farmers won’t give a crap because it’ll be so heavily taxed at that point it’ll cost more to do than its worth. Maybe this gang sees these farms as sellouts to their community seeing their paying to wipe out everyone who couldn’t afford the permit process, or their land wasn’t zoned correctly, or flat out didn’t trust the county/sheriff’s department (for good reason).!!!!!! Bring in a different branch of government and they’ll be trying to figure out a way to rip it themselves. Seems to be RIP offs everywhere law enforcement and government included!!!!!!

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Yeah I just chalk it up to karma. People like to throw that word around. Karma for damming the creeks and choking my land off from water. Karma for clear cutting vast swathes of land to grow massive amounts of ganja at the expense of neighborhoods and the environment. Karma for driving prices so low, us small sustainable farmers had a hard time making it. Karma for supporting regulations that squeeze small, sustainable, local generational farmers out. Karma for paying into an eradication fund to wipe us out. Karma for sending armed squads of goons in blue to destroy our homes, to terrorize our families, to rob and steal our livelihoods. Its karma. Get over it. I don’t believed anybody should be robbed, but I will be about as outraged at a permitted farm being robbed as my permitted neighbor was when the sheriffs and national guard destroyed my home over a few plants in 650sqft of space. So as my neighbor said to me, I will say to you, sorry for your loss, you played the game and lossed, maybe it’s time you look for a new job.

      • You obviously had your own karma coming to you 1911

        • Two wrongs don’t make a right and an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. It’s messed up and sick that you got raided for growing. I’m disgusted that the government has been raiding farms for the last 40 years in our communities. You don’t need to spread the hate and bullshit around with blaming your neighbors. The greenrush was fucked and I’m sorry if you got stuck with a shitty greenrusher for a neighbor but if he’s your neighbor you need to try…

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Maybe I did, but y’all have made your own bed with your taxes and fees. Sleep in it. As for trying, I don’t think so. When you catch a permit patty trespassing and looking over your fence and then are raided a week later due to a neighbor complaint, trying is out the window. A bad apple can spoil a whole bunch. Maybe y’all permittees should police your own so you don’t further the divide you have already caused by getting permits in the first place. Or at least be vocal about the damage you have caused this community. No, instead you would rather allow chaos to ensue and then blame the non permittees for their animosity towards y’all. There are some of you who are cop callers! And some of you cop callers are the dirtiest most destructive players around. We have good reason to be pissed local farmer.

          • Well stated 1911.

            The first of this year 2019, 2 new neighbors bought and moved into their run-down eyesore homes located along my property edge. I asked and they both said “I intend to grow some small-scale weed” I replied “OK by me, I’ve got nothing in the ground, I miss the sweet aromas”.

            Those 2 new neighbors are the best neighbors I have. They’ve hauled tons of junk off the land, painted cheerful cottages, and shared back and forth from our gardens. We combined to improve our shared dirt road.

            My point … non-permitted seem to be good neighbors.

  • I have made a report to DOJ regarding this farm having guns. They aren’t supposed to have a grow and guns. Duh

    • IGrowMedicineNotDrugs

      [Edit] Why would you do that? [Edit] First of all- on PRIVATE PROPERTY- the owners are allowed to arm themselves by law. And 2nd- the SECURITY GUARDS ARE ARMED AND LEGALLY ALLOWED TO BE! You just stepped way out of your lane [Edit]. Educate yourself before you start calling “authorities”. You’re OBVIOUSLY THE SAME [Edit]CALLING AND REPORTING GROWS that do no harm. [Edit]!

  • we need netflix on this!

    Seriously. This is a compelling story: heavily armed tribal gang operating with impunity, inept tribal police, hamstrung sheriffs, firebombing, shootouts, weed. At least as fascinating as murder mountain. At this point might as well bring more publicity to the situation, because only death can result from this continuing as is.

    • IGrowMedicineNotDrugs

      No we do not

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Yes bring the film crew out for the sequel, Murder Mountain II: How legalization stopped crime and saved the economy

        • ~love you, 1911 I trust.

          Of course, i think the big show will be Carlotta the “Heart of the Redwoods”. I’m sickened (piled-high rock & gravel mining on the Van Duzen, GIGANTOR log deck/cemetery bottom of Hydesville hill, greenhouses popping up on the valley floor, Stack-n-pack @ B and 101 south, new construction, the usual logging parade of trucks on 36 . . . i get traumatized, i tell ya whenever i leave the protection of the forest. Yesterday was no exception -except for the most beautiful morning of traveling in and out of fog en-route to Eureka in the ‘early’ hours of the day. (The time change – i don’t want to talk about it).

          ~in Eureka, to get on a list for a cord of “old folks” wood, ended thus:

          (i’m wondering if Trinity and Mendo are same)?

          Honest to God, the CA STATE INC. is cycling the pledge for $420 (cute)? thru (DRUM ROLL) PG&E. “No wood for you, you peasant!!! Here’s a $420 credit to PG&E (that may or may not happen w/in 90 days).

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Blessings Central, the best to you and yours. Its a shame what our little nook over here has become

            • What i really want to know is, what jackass, on what committee, gave the Okay to just send the pledge amount direct to PG&E? I’ve got wood every fall, thru this same STATE outfit for five years or more.

              I have a feeling it’s Rex.

  • People's opinions are like dead whales

    A lot of pontifications. But like the Pope and Trump no facts or evidence just blind faith in their world of make believe. Or as with the aforementioned lies that aims to mudding the waters. The farther from the facts people get the bigger the misrepresentations become. Just because the Pope and Trump think they have an all knowing crystal ball doesn’t mean everyone has one. Most hear it through the grapevine.

  • When I grew weed I realized the hardest part wasn’t growing it or selling it. It was keeping all the creeps , vultures , and parasites away from it. I’m not talking turkey vultures or spider mites.

    Here’s your regulized system in all it’s glory. Failing profit margins and one shifty deal after the next.

  • An “Outlaw” is one who lives outside of the protection of the law. In addition to an individual being an Outlaw, an individual can reside in an Outlaw territory which by default makes them an Outlaw. If you do not have the skill set and lack the commitment to live in that environment it’s best you relocate.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Sounds like you actually have some salt and a little experience and know how in the industry.

    • David,

      ~i get what you’re saying -from the perception of many. I’ve stated before i’m not licensed, regis, certified, insured or identa-fictioned. That is my free will choice, based on nearly two decades of research and learning. I stand on my Constitutional protected unalienable rights. (un-a-LIEN-able).
      Outlaw? In law?
      That is the question. “Legal” notwithstanding.

      ‘Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’
      –Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Remember when farms had things like chained live tigers that patrolled during harvest? Booby traps and rigged snares? Are we going back to Shoot shovel and shut up?

  • So the moral of the story is that after years of armed robberies, the cops cannot help you, but “weapons of war” (AR’s) should be banned because why would you need an AR15? And no you can’t even have a handgun on a permitted grow because guns bad. Got it! Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • If you are having the same one sided conversation with yourself, every day, you might be the one with the disorder.

  • Even the biggest companies in Canada are failing. The challenges that face local farmers are increasing with legalization. Harbor side was bought by a Canadian company in a reverse buy back. Only a few will survive. Hint hint get out of California. Black market is the only way farmers can survive look at the taxes on legal weed anyone who does the math knows this. Head of fish and game runs a canabis company that’s fully integrated. Hello!!! To bad all you self absorbed wanna be revolutionaries are to into your monatary goals to care about what’s at the heart of this cultural movement that has been squashed. You all compete against each other instead of unifying which equals game over sorry grow Bros. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Good luck to the ones who actually are good people I know you are out there.

  • You know it seems to me we, Humboldt County s pot growers earned our reputation and lived up to that reputation much,much better before the powers that be regulated,taxed,and advertised to the whole world exactly who was growing what and how much at what address…..stupid ass selfish wantabe powers that be need to be fertilizer!

  • Cattle Great 🐂💨💩

    Hoopa 🎱

  • Well…you really should have done a little research before you thought it was fine to go next to the rez and blow up a grow scene. If you have any clue on history then you might think twice about where the res boundaries really exist- in tradition and in peoples’ minds and hearts. The Hoopa and the Yurok were allowed to have only part of their ancestral land. The rest was scammed away. You want to talk about violence?!! You are on a piece of ancestral land, right next to the res and blowing up a huge grow. It is hard to have any sympathy for your foolish investment. I’m sorry but your best move would be to try finding another sucker- like yourself- who doesn’t do their homework and so “buys” this piece of land from you. Nobody is giving up these locals. I hate thieves…but this is a different case. Who have been the real thieves here? Grow your weed somewhere else. They don’t want you there. Can’t you take a hint? I’m glad nobody got hurt. But if I were you I’d get out of there asap! You will not win.

  • What would Custer do?

  • “Dying is not worth the weed”

    If they come to my farm I hope the thieves feel the same way, because we ARE prepared and have ample warning devices to not be taken by surprise.

    I will not take another person’s life to protect my crop, but I will not be a victim either. If you come here armed, I will feel at risk of life or limb, and I will protect myself.

  • What the fuck does everybody expect to happen when our Second Amendment right to bear arms and protect ourselves is revoked because we grow a fucking flower

  • Having guns on my grow is no more Federally illegal than the grow itself.

    Having guns on my grow is as State legal as my grow itself.

    In my case, having guns on a grow is as simple as including such in an approved security plan to the County (and our Sheriff is awesome).

    These mythical “No guns on state legal grow laws” have been greatly exaggerated and are variant only on the local jurisdiction.

    • We’ll test your theory oneday.

      When “legal” opens-up on a half dozen rip-offs, the FBI and every agency under the sun will investigate. Judges will be compelled to judgement.

      “Your weed or your life” places the burden on both sides.

      The debate of armed conflict involving cannabis cultivation is old stuff, the predicted violence won’t bring a better world.

      The beauty of cannabis is still as always … innocent.

      • It’s not a theory … it’s the law.

        I won’t kill for weed — but I’ll kill to defend innocent life.

        • It’s your personal theory, not mine nor relevant to survival.

          Guns to defend pot cultivation? You could get killed.

          • So you’re saying that my personal theory became law.

            Lucky me.

            • No, I’m saying your theory is trash from 1996. We already debated this foolishness over and over, to no agreement.

              If playing guns and robbers makes you lucky, you have the mind of an 8 year-old.

              • You show the reading comprehension of a 4 year old.

                See how that childish tit for tat game works?


              • All your bullshit and not a single link to law that shows I can’t legally have a gun on my State licensed grow – which of course is my only point.


                • Do you have a CBCC “legal” grow? No, I don’t think so.

                  With permitted guns on site? The mystery expands.

                  Better check your status.


                  We compromised decades ago over the Second Amendment “taking”. On paper at least, cowboys shootin’- up the villages was not a good idea because of the positives surrounding cannabis.

                  Thanks for rekindling a flood of old thoughts and feelings about Second Amendment rights being sacrificed for political gain. There wasn’t any alternative at the time. I would fight harder today because the loss justifies a stiffer backbone.

                  I’m not your law researcher.

                  • // “Do you have a CBCC “legal” grow? No, I don’t think so.”//

                    Your capacity for wrongness is high.

                    // “With permitted guns on site? “//

                    It’s state and county legal (and as federally legal as the grow).

                    // “The mystery expands.”//

                    Only for you.

                    // “I’m not your law researcher.”//


                    • Thank you jb. Don’t worry about haters being upset that people like us will defend our property with arms. Rod cheers the ripoffs who steal from permitted farms. It’s haterism pure and simple. Employed much by bigots of all stripes. Armed people come on my land with bad intentions, herb or not, I’m Obligated to act.

                  • Folks want to perpetuate the myth that you can’t have a state licences grow with guns on premises, but no one wants to quote the statute which says so (because they can’t).

                    Your county may or may not have an issue with it (local regs vary)

                    The state has zero issue with it (I mean ZERO … look it up).

                    The Fed argument is vacuous because the entire grow is federally illegal – if you want to respect federal law, don’t own a state licensed grow.

                    It’s a myth.

                • JB,

                  Federal this and Federal that. Why not begin at the beginning?

                  What does Enumerated Powers mean? A term like enumerated powers can just sound funny unless you know what it means. Do you?

                  If you do, do you know how many enumerated powers the federal government has? Even a bigger question, why is it important for us as state nationals (‘citizen’ gags me), to know the answers to these questions?

                  Hint: their powers have to do w/commerce ON THE HIGH SEAS –with only 1, uno, one regarding commerce between the states. If you have something that lawfully says otherwise, please bring it forward.

                  Conclusive Presumption may be defeated where its application would impair a party’s constitutionally-protected liberty or property rights. In such cases, conclusive presumptions have been held to violate a party’s due process and equal protection rights. [Vlandis v. Kline (1973) 412 U.S. 441, 449, 93 S.Ct 2230, 2235.]

    • Right on JB.

      I think you’ve done a good job of stating your case regarding guns and grows.

      I hope you never need to use them on anyone.

      And, though I see you as winning in court, I hope you also are not put in a situation of going to court.

      Best of luck.

      Good job on keeping your County a semi-secret too. I tried to place it from the picture you posted a month back. I have a couple guesses, it looks like beautiful country out there.

      Get a sprinkler system on your roof and house perimeter for fire defense is my only 2cents to you.


      • Thanks RB

        We’re sandwiched between 10,000 acres of DFW designated wetlands and a few thousand acres of irrigated Alfalfa and Timothy hay (center pivot irrigated), as well as being within an arrow shot of our valley’s fire station, so we’re safe on the fire front.

        Drop me a line at my junk address ([email protected]) and I’ll give you real contact info in case you ever want to drop by. It’s beautiful here — I call it Cannabis Caanan.

  • A fairly recent update on the myth — even contains a quote from the CBCC.

    The bizarre part about this myth is that not only are armed guards regularly allowed at licensed facilities all over the state, there are actually local jurisdictions in CA that *require* armed guards as part of an approved security plan at licensed facilities.

    Again, perhaps your local jurisdiction prohibits firearms at your licensed facility – but it’s not a state restriction.

    The weirdest part of all this is to be having to have this exchange in the comment section of an article where it is publicly exposed that firearms where used to defend a licensed grow and there’s not one iota of reference in the story (let alone evidence) that the defenders were arrested for illegally possessing a firearm in the facility. Not one iota of reference (let alone evidence) that the license has been suspended by the BCC for a firearm violation. Ya wanna know why? … because there is no such state law.

    • Bullshit on you.

      I said from the beginning, we’ll test your theory someday.

      Some cowboy will either get shot and killed or will kill someone else. Then we’ll be privy to the interpretation of the law by judgement. Maybe a SCOTUS judgement on the Second Amendment/marijuana could be included.

      Hearsay and rumors are rampant.

      You proved nothing other than you need a better law researcher.

  • Rod thinks he’s immune to the laws of evidence. LOL

    He’s not – he just needs to get out more.

    Meanwhile, countless license holders across the state will continue to have firearms as part of their law enforcement approved security plans (some as *required* parts of their security plans).

    Small world syndrome.

    You see Rod, there’s not a law enforcement jurisdiction in the State that gives a rats ass what you think when it comes to firearms and licensed cannabis facilities.

    Nope — the don’t come and ask you for your position, they just approve (or not) the security plans based on the local and state laws as written.

    (Hint — that’s why you see so many firearms in licensed facilities all over the state)

    Oh lookey … a state licensed distributor who received state certification to train their own people to carry firearms.

    • I doubt the hay farmers next door need to defend themselves from ripoffs.. maybe growing hay is a better lifestyle. If you’ve got to have guns and possibilities of shootouts with thieves, what kind of life is that? Time to look for a better way to make money.

      • The hay farmers have way more guns than we do. LOL

        If you don’t wish to grow cannabis and be prepared on the slim chance that someone wishes to do you harm for it, then you definitely should not make money that way.

        For me it happens to be a very enjoyable life — a life I have chosen.

        I’m not here in any attempt to convince someone to do something they are uncomfortable with. I’m merely here showing through evidence that for those who wish they could exercise their 2nd amendment rights in a licensed cannabis facility, don’t believe those who tell you it’s against the BCC regulations or state law. It’s not.

        To each their own.

        • Black Rifles Matter

          I will concur that the hay farmers and ranchers DEFINITELY have ALOT more guns….. they are good hardworking honest people. some people like guns and others like tofu and soy milk and march around wearing pink vag hats. To each their own I guess.

        • As far as I can find there is no state statute that prohibits possession of a firearm on a permitted grow. Theoretically possession of a firearm on an unpermitted grow can be “possession of a firearm in commission of a felony.”

          One conflict is purchasing a firearm by a cannabis user. The ATF form asks if you are “controlled substance” user, including cannabis. If you answer yes you are denied. If you lie you’re committing perjury.

          And, of course, if the feds raid a grow site it does not matter if there is a permit or not, a firearm on site exacerbates any federal charges.

          The federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms sent warning letters to gun dealers in 2011 warning them they could not sell to known medical marijuana users. When buying a gun, you may be asked whether you are a user of illegal drugs and/or medical marijuana.

          Answering yes makes you ineligible to purchase; falsely answering no is in principle punishable as perjury. This should not affect current gun owners. Although California law does not prohibit medical marijuana users from having guns, using a gun in connection with an offense such as cultivation or possession for sale can result in additional criminal charges. Users are advised to keep their guns in a location that is separate from their marijuana.”

          • Yep — all true.

            There is simply no restriction from a State standpoint regarding firearms on a licensed grow or other licensed cannabis activity. Zilch.

            From a local perspective, some areas have restrictions, and some actually require armed security.

            From a Fed perspective, it’s all illegal – firearm or not.

  • Guns are good. Pots growers have them but don’t know how to use them in a high stake situation. Thankful for that

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