Camp Fire Now Deadliest in California (Maps, Photos)

Burned out vehicles at the intersection of Elliot and Sawmill Roads in Paradise, Ca.

Burned out vehicles at the intersection of Elliot and Sawmill Roads in Paradise. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

An additional six bodies were found yesterday on the Camp Fire which continues to spread in Butte County. This brings the total found dead to 29. It is now the deadliest fire in California history matched only by the Griffth Park Fire in 1933. The Butte County Sheriff reports that one of those deceased was found in a vehicle and five were found in homes.

Over 200 people are still missing.

“Firefighters worked through the night to hold perimeter lines and provide structure defense in areas where the fire was impacting structures,” Cal Fire states. It reports that the fire has now spread across 113,000 acres and is at 25% containment. The fire mainly spread to the east and is now surrounding much of the upper arms of Lake Oroville. It also spread northwards.

See below for maps, more on the plan to fight the fire, and what firefighters are facing.

Images by Mark McKenna:

The Atria Paradise, a senior living facility sustained heavy damage when the Camp Fire burned through the town.

The Atria Paradise, a senior living facility, sustained heavy damage when the Camp Fire burned through the town last Thursday. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Wheel chairs left outside the Atria Paradise, a senior living facility, show how fast people had to evacuate as the Camp Fire burned through Paradise.

Wheelchairs left outside the senior living facility show how fast the elders had to evacuate as the Camp Fire burned through Paradise. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Amigos De Acapulco and neighboring businesses were destroyed when the Camp Fire swept through Paradise, California.

Whole areas of town were leveled. Amigos De Acapulco and neighboring businesses were destroyed. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Paradise Tire and Wheels was a victim of the flames of the Camp Fire.

Paradise Tire and Wheels was a victim of the flames of the Camp Fire. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Paradise Tire and Wheels was a victim of the flames of the Camp Fire.

Paradise Tire and Wheels from the outside. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

A swimming pool in sustained heavy damage and the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV park surrounding it was destroyed.

A swimming pool sustained heavy damage and the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV park surrounding it was destroyed. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

The shell of a destroyed home on Skyway on Paradise.

The shell of a destroyed home on Skyway in Paradise. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Several vehicles and a school bus were abandoned on Skyway in Paradise, Ca last Thursday as residents fled the fast moving Camp Fire

Several vehicles and a school bus were abandoned on Skyway as residents fled the fast moving Camp Fire. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Part of a house still burned on Friday evening on Honey Run Road north of Chico.

Part of a house still burned on Friday evening on Honey Run Road north of Chico. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

The Weather:  

Though the weather is predicted to be windy and dry, the incredibly dangerous winds of the last few days are over.

The weather is predicted to reach the high sixties through the rest of the week but drop to below 50 degrees at night.

The humidity could drop into the single digits still which makes for difficult conditions for firefighters especially with dry fuel conditions on par with that usually found in the summer.

The Plan:

The Humboldt Strike Team prepares for their assignment at the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds in Chico.

The Humboldt Strike Team prepares for their assignment at the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds in Chico two days ago. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Cal Fire said, “Today, firefighters will continue to fight the fire aggressively, provide structure defense and strategically be prepositioned in the case of any wind shifts.” They have managed to hold the fire at Hwy 99 to the southwest. But the erratic and strong winds of yesterday pushed the fire to east.

Firefighters are working to keep the fire west of the Oroville Quincy Hwy (162) and south of Stirling City, which in spite of its name is a town of less than 300.

Humboldt County at the Butte Fire:

Some of the strike team dressed warmly tto deal with the chilly overnight temperatures.

Some of the strike team dressed warmly to deal with the chilly overnight temperatures. [Crop of a photo provided by the Humboldt Strike Team]

Yesterday, Humboldt County had an extra large presence at the Camp Fire. Not only was the strike team fighting fire but Guy Fieri, Ferndale’s celebrity chef surprised everyone by cooking a large meal at the law enforcement staging area at Butte College.

Curt Watkins, Battalion Chief for the Arcata Fire District said that the crew was first sent to Branch 10, division MM. “But, dynamic systems with wind shifts” caused the crew to be reassigned about five miles out from the fire on Hwy 162 near Brush Creek and Mountain House.

“Yesterday we were assigned to prep structures,” Watkins explained. “Cleared brush, cut small trees…and worked close to the houses so the dozers could do their work preparing contingency lines.”

Today, they are headed back to base for 24 hours off the fire lines after being on for 24 hours. “Our crews are doing great and everyone is healthy,” Watkins said. The next few hours will be spent checking and cleaning equipment and then resting before going back out onto the fire tomorrow morning.

Last night, Guy Fieri, made a visit to the Butte College staging area where he cooked a pulled pork dinner for first responders.  “Thank you so much Guy for filling our bellies and lifting our spirits,” tweeted the Butte County Sheriff’s account.

Guy Fieri made a surprise visit to serve dinner to everyone at the law enforcement staging area at Butte College.

“Guy Fieri made a surprise visit to serve dinner to everyone at the law enforcement staging area at Butte College.” [Photo tweeted by Butte County Sheriff]

The Roads:

Caltrans District 3 is reporting these closures as of last night: (For the most recent information go to

Caltrans closed roads Camp FireNumerous county roads are also closed.

The Maps:

  • Camp Fire Public Information Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.


Camp pio 4

  • Camp Fire Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.Camp 0ps 5
  • Camp Fire KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or, for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program. Warning this imagery was captured around 6:48 p.m. last night and does not show the latest borders.
Heat map from yesterday at 9:10 p.m. 

Heat map from yesterday at 6:48 p.m.

Evacuation Information:

For the most up to date information, click here.

Earlier Chapters: 



  • And no rain for a week! Wow.

  • These events should be called firestorm not just fire. It moved 6.7mi per minute. Think about that. In 2.5 minutes the entire area between eureka and arcata would be gone.
    Get your emergency kits ready, its a when not if situation in our county. Its been since around 2008 for us just like paradise area.
    Have evac plans ready. Lets hope our emergency services alerts work as well as they did in last test.
    There are no wordsthat capture the heartache i feel for those affected. Beyond awful.

    • Are you sure this is correct? 6.7 miles per minute is around 400 miles per hour. This is faster than most WW2 fighter planes can fly. Could this be 6.7 miles per hour?

      • I cant find the place i saw that 6.7 number, youre right i think, apologies, heres a different estimate that ive seen multiple places in acres so that previous number could obviously be wrong, 80 acres/minute = …

        “The Camp, Hill and Woolsey fires are expected to continue burning for days. The flames from the Camp Fire in Butte County, California, were spreading at 80 acres per minute Thursday, which is equivalent to burning an entire football field every second, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain.”

      • I cant find the place i saw that 6.7 number, heres a different estimate that ive seen multiple places in acres so that previous number could obviously be wrong, thank you for being civil in asking! i have no desire to share incorrect info.
        80 acres/minute = …

        “The Camp, Hill and Woolsey fires are expected to continue burning for days. The flames from the Camp Fire in Butte County, California, were spreading at 80 acres per minute Thursday, which is equivalent to burning an entire football field every second, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain.”

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          That number is across the entire fire front boundaries, not just one spot. That rate has slowed considerably in the last 24 hours. The spread was very fast, but not airplane-speeds fast.

    • Heartbreaking,
      do you think we should just run to the bay or the ocean around here if the roads get clogged? The 101, the 299 and the 36 are the only 3 ways out.

      • But there’s marsh and rivers and creeks and sloughs all over in which to shelter. Certainly on the flatland and quite a bit in the first foothills.

      • Im no expert but reading peoples stories it sounds like getting into water is the best option tho you have to be prepared to suck in as much o2 as possible as the fire will suck it out of the air as it goes over you. A friend survived riding out a fire by getting his canoe off his car and into the swimming pool of his apt complex, got in water and turned it upside down over him to hold in oxygen. Also read a woman rode out a different fire in big horse watering trough and put her wet jeans over her head/face as it went over her.

        As guest said, waterways, creeks, whatever. Tho we dont have very deep levels in most rivers right now, it may be a good idea to scout out river spots that still have enough depth.
        Seems like in malibu people went to the beach and were safe, and beyond scrub catching fire or something Id hope it wouldnt be hot enough to melt sand (?!)
        Anyone out there who knows of such things please chime in!
        I think in earthquake head away from coast and in fire head to nearest water if youre trapped.

  • Unbridled phillistine

    Fire was up to colter rd on Saturday so thats a half mile further up in magalia then the maps show. That was two day ago.

  • What’s wrong with this picture ?

    Vehicles are melted !! Yet a dead / dry power pole still stands and trees remain green… Unsettling

    • thank you for your comment, Kym we need a serious investigation into these types of fires. this is not normal. this type of technology being used against us rural people puts all of us in jeopardy.

    • Remember that vehicles contain gas and combustible materials like foam and synthetic upholstery.

      • There is no normal. Vehicles are burning everywhere these days.
        I lived pretty long and I am from CA, and the rain usually gets here before Nov.!

        • political moderate

          Agreed. A LOT more vehicle fires last few years. Don’t reasonably blame global warming and drought for this. Modern gasoline vehicles should be safer. Is this trend due to manufacturing defects, poor driving, or laser beams?

          • its due to global warming which is causing weather change. the ponderosa belt in the foothills is very very dry. the embers flying horizontal in the 50+ mph winds find there way into places they would not normally fall into without the wind. same with the houses. the large trees in the forest do ok as we can see. this isn’t a forest management issue.

            • political moderate

              This does nothing to explain vehicle fires.

              • new vehicles have more electrical fires than old vehicles due to the amount of new electrical in new vehicles. my mom had one in 1984, ford Granada. I saw it, it was like a fire ball near the motor in some wires. the FD pulled the battery terminal and it went out instantly.

              • Cars now are made of a lot more plastic than they used to be.

    • This happens when the winds are very strong I believe. I went to Redwood Valley afterwards and it looked like that. Cars and houses were burned as the wind blew embers in- high winds forced embers through cracks and soffit vents I think, but a lot of trees were almost untouched. Patches of unburned houses and lots. Plenty of lots where the house was burned but not the trees. Here and there massive trees were uprooted and the wind paths had more burning than the rest of the areas. They said 60mph winds that day, but I suspect some of the gusts were stronger. & PAINT might be more easily flammable than green vegetation in very high heat.

    • Look into DEWS, and more info in Rosa Korire’s book called Agenda 21. Debra Travalis has info on the internet about the Santa Rosa Fire, which was very similiar. Richie from Boston talks about how the metal gets super heated in cars, the steering wheel starts to get hot, the plastic melts and before the confused driver tries to get out, the doors and car is melting around them. Thermasol. They want the land….

  • Someone is attacking our country with laser weapons and Direct Energy Weapons. These fires are not normal. People are having the satellite on there cars turn off there engine and then They are being locked in there vehicles and microwaved to death, there cars will burn to a crisp. meanwhile trees right next to the car will be left un burnt. Search you-tube there is plenty of stories about these fires, people are seeing lasers before and during the fires being fired from the sky. This doesn’t add up, ask yourself how could be now suddenly be having the worst and most intense fire season on record. Are we supposed to thing this is just a coincidence? This is not a normal situation. We are being attacked by some sort of military weather modification weapon. This is not a joke, please inform yourself and read about these subjects.

    • I have . And was laughed at.

    • political moderate

      Interesting. Which military?

    • Wow, someone needs to go back on their psych meds.

    • Please, oh please, provide us all with the sources of your information.

    • The “Big Blowup” of 1910 burned 3 million acres in 2 days. No lasers needed.


      Here are images from 1923 Berkeley fire. No lasers needed there either.

      Trees left ok next to homes.

      Stop with the misinformation people.

      Get some facts in ‘dem ‘der brains.

      JoJo, stick to the permitted farm comments!

      • Try another search engine besides goo goo.

        • try understanding hot ambers flying horizontally thru the air at 50 mph. its similar to horizontal rain if that helps. Google is the most trusted search engine there is. be careful who you let prey on you, evil is repeating itself just like the French guy said the other day.

        • Try using any search engine for the same topic and the same images are there!

          You’re ridiculous!

      • You can believe it’s a conspiracy or not, but the fact remains the weapon systems these people are talking about are real. whether or not they’re being used is a different argument. Same thing with Agenda 21, believe it or not, it is in fact a UN action plan that the United States has sign on to sense 1992. Our government has Declassified and admitted to manipulating weather (code name project Popeye) since the 70s.

        • I recommend laying off infowars et al. for the rest of your life. fishing is a good hobby, it keeps me sane. if we destroy this planet, I can assure you that only adam and eve are going to the next one.

          • Cheers and amen to that!

            • Yes, were sure you took the agenda 21 diatribe from infowars.

              Alex Jones is worse than crack. Get off it.

            • It appears you’re over the target there THC, the shills are out in full force to tell you what you can and can’t say. Good work!!
              I wish I had the URL to that clip “You can’t handle the truth!”.

              • THC, Shak, and HumCo;


                A discussion about trees not burning near homes is “evidence” of your hopes. But i point you to facts that there is no “evidence”, just your hopes.

                So then, instead of thinking, you start to babble away from lasers and into agenda 21.

                Its such a rabbit hole your in and it’s really frustrating for anyone who can think objectively. Your circular language of fear and fiction is very clear to us all.

                We are not shills, just like you aren’t educators.


                Go volunteer at a fire dept. and learn something.

                • I am not saying these fires were caused by lasers. I’m simply pointing out that these systems exist, the agenda is real and the government has been modifying weather since at least the 70s. I provide you with government url links to unclassified documents yet you still insist on insulting me and calling me a liar.[edit]

                • Why lie?

                  “I’m simply pointing out that these systems exist..”

                  This isn’t a tech article. This isn’t laser-beam weekly.

                  You are insinuating, conflating and confusing your own issues with these fires, and the articles comment thread.

                  You are misinforming and misleading.

                  Its tiring and ridiculous to see this crap on every important fire article Kym writes.

                • That was so sweet of you to include me in your insult tag. I must be over the target also. How about that.
                  The research is there, to be had by all who seek truths.
                  The conclusions are a grab bag, each person holding their own, depending on how far down the rabbit hole they go as well as the documents that are still to be released.
                  It’s all documented.

                  I do agree that that those who chose to blame the military have stopped digging and are resting on their laurels. They need to dig deeper and faster if they genuinely seek the truths.
                  A few questions to stir the inquisitive mind might be appropriate. Posts that demean, belittle, insult, and dictate only stir up more hardened opinions. Opinions are like … well, we all know how that quote ends.

                  Here’s a few questions that might stir the stuck out of the ruts.
                  Who sold military secrets to foreign countries?
                  Who gave military secrets to foreign countries?
                  What is the most disgusting part of the agenda 21-30-50 plan?
                  Is the agenda 21+ plan global? Who benefits if countries depopulate?
                  Why are foreigners from other countries being promised ‘sanctuary’ in disaster states and use fear porn if they try to leave?
                  Why are the political forces obstructing the path for them to live here legally and without fear?
                  Why do the past administrations, both R & D, attack POTUS?
                  Why do some of the other foreign leaders attack POTUS?
                  What has POTUS accomplished in such a short amount of time that all the other politicians insisted was impossible to do?
                  Who owns the Fake news?
                  Who sits on the boards of every agency and media platform that sways the public to attack POTUS?
                  How many MSM are owned by how many corporations?
                  Which media outlet does Carlos Sims own?
                  Who owns most of the corporations who own the media? Which country do they pay loyalty to?
                  Why is there fear and panic over the potential release of the unredacted FISA Docs?
                  Why aren’t all the politicians demanding for the release of the unredacted FISA Docs?

                  Conclusions after connecting the dots, at this point are feeble.
                  Not asking the questions is insane.
                  Connecting the dots into a conclusive concrete theory is delusional.
                  Not connecting any of the dots is delusional.
                  Staying open and non biased is extremely difficult.
                  Staying open and non biased in any direction leads to answers to the questions that we may or may not wish to conclude with.

                  Question all authority use to be the American motto.
                  The new motto seems to be silence those who question authority.

                  Never stop researching even though the search engines themselves have become censored beyond belief.
                  Which begs more questions.
                  Why are they censoring? Who owns the engines? Who is related to whom? How does this company tie in with others?

                  You get the picture. I’ll rest up now while I await yet another stfu post.
                  Just so you know, thousands & thousands across the world have already asked these important questions. You can shut one person up, but thousands more take their place. The gig is up.

                • Holy moly, you’re amazing.

                  Sorry Kym, i made you edit. But let my self criticism go please;

                  I can be a Pr!ck, as THC said.

                  But I mostly am not. I dont want you to STFU. I want you to talk about something useful or relevant.

                  When you can’t say something without 5 links and 15 paragraphs that have anything to do with these fires – than what are you really doing?

                  Try breathing and not relating every event today to agenda 21 or lasers.

                • So then, it’s okay for the posters to share their conspiracy theories about Global warming (for the tax funds it raises), or the blame put on PG&E for the rate hikes that will follow, for just a few of the other scenario’s spewing forth that haven’t been ‘scolded’ by posters such as yourself? (if you have scolded them too, I apologize).
                  All of the above may or may not have applied to the fires, but you go out of your way to hush up only one of the ‘theories’. The one that doesn’t raise taxes or rates.
                  I took my breath, now it’s your turn to take one, but make sure you’re wearing your face mask lest you get that Valley Fever that’s becoming too common in Calif.

            • You can't argue with Ignorance!

              No one can argue with ignorance. Just let them sleep, they will wake up eventually to the truth. FYI, infowars was taken down off youtube and fb, because they were posting up the truth, and the govenorment cant have that. It’s sad because these people are believing what cnn says and completely ignore the facts. They are more and likely young adults in their early 20s or teens to be this IGNORANT. Or they are the mainstream lamestream medias media puppets.

              • Id love to be 20 something again!

                But when I was in my 20’s I wrote articles online.

                Infowars carried some of my work. So that’s the reality twist for you.

                F infowars. Back then and still now.

                There are 2 extremes:

                Those who blindly trust and those who blindly distrust.

                Somewhere in the middle you would find me, but with my eyes wide open.

              • It’s not our govt doing it, it’s the other one doing it.
                AJ woke a lot of people, by hosting interesting people to interview. But as far as trusting AJ himself? That’s a laugh a minute. As far as trusting all his guests or any guest fully? Another laugh a minute.
                But he did awaken the masses to research everything they find ‘interesting’ enough to look deeper in to. Many faux sites out there to back up many of the claims, … so the first thing the investigative majority learned to do was to research the sites themselves. Who owns them? Which shell companies are listed? Who, what, when, why, where and how. Then on down the line of each important editor, journalist, shareholder, the board… and then, of all things, have to do it all over again because it gets sold to another mystery buyer.

                Dig until your nails bleed, then dig some more. Compare notes with others who are diligent like you.

                Never trust any source, especially the sources that exude such quotes from un-named “sources”. Track them all down. Every lie holds a truth and every truth holds a lie.

                I wish that ensigns man would create an ensign group that could separate the bull from the s#%t, like he does the oil from the water. Maybe next year. We can always hope.

        • Yes, and even a fire chief admitted on camera that these fires can only be caused by DEW. Look at the stright-line burned football field in Santa Rosa. Look at the house in middle of circle grove that is demolished by a straight, tiny burn line in to where house was. Research/read outside of the major media for once!! Especially if you are making snarky comments to those that know truth (referring to other comments below/above) [edit]

    • its called Santa Anna winds compounded by global warming and poor residential planning. if those billionaires have hired geo-engineers to give it a go and try and make it rain, its because they are heavily invested in what grows in the valleys.

    • I figured out who is behind it

    • It`s the Russians! It has to be those evil Russkies. They`re the ones who developed the strain of marijuana that turns you queer. It`s all part of their plan to take over the US & they can do it without firing a shot. They`re dropping seeds of their special strain of marijuana from stealth drones all over CA.

    • California firestorms are false flags and engineered

      No one is saying that these biannual wildfire seasons haven’t threatened California every year for many decades. However, what the geoengineers are doing now is significantly intensifying each successive period of these out-of-control and massive infernos. The recent firestorm calamities have never taken place with such speed and ferocity, even during the worst wildfire seasons.

      It’s what they are doing between the fire seasons that is particularly offensive to the people of California. The geoegineers have been overseeing a regimen of chemical geoengineering that rains downs a tremendous amount of aluminum oxide onto the land below. This chemical compound (‎‎Al2O3) comes from coal fly ash and is eventually incorporated into the plant structure of all vegetation. See: U.S. Government Spraying Tons Of Toxic Coal Fly Ash Into Atmosphere Via Chemtrails

      In the aftermath of the unrelenting spraying of the skies across America with chemtrail aerosols, forests are slowly dying as the grasslands and brush are drying out at an unprecedented rate. 1875f mobilized aluminum has never been so prevalent throughout the atmosphere and it’s contaminating everything on the earth and in the seas. Vegetation of every kind is particularly susceptible to dehydration and therefore vulnerable to blight.

      Then, after months or even years of droughts that are purposefully geoengineered, it doesn’t take much to trigger these telltale firestorms. Especially when the perpetrators are employing arson drones and satellite-based laser weapons is it quite easy to start a spate of fires like the “Camp Fire” that just destroyed Paradise, California. California’s Camp Fire: “Most destructive fire in state history”

      • Wow. Put down your pipe. But don’t wander too far. You might fall off the planet you live on.

        • Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering/ Solar Radiation Management
          It’s real, and it’s being discussed in mainstream academia at length. There is visual, chemical and written evidence. Turns out manipulation of large scale hydrological systems gives the perpetrator incredible power, there are many different things at play here. Search “Owning the weather by 2025” by our good friends at the us air force. Also, research the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”

          Some more info here:

          We know how most of these fires started, today pg&e and southern California edison”s stock crashed. It was not lasers and drones. Radio frequency manipulation is a part of Geoengineering, but only on a macro scale. Localized effects from lasers and microwaves would require incredible energy even without the dissipating effects of smoke and tree cover. As stated elsewhere, there is visuall evidence from much older fires before this technology existed. Energy weapons do exist on the battlefield and are under heavy development by many countries.

        • It used to be a conspiracy theory to think that cigarettes cause cancer too. Doctors also thought forcing women to have orgasms would make them less emotional… we used to bleed people to cure the common cold. Why don’t you people try reading books instead of burning them for a change.

        • Maybe you should pick up the knowledge pipe and smoke a bit…find out what’s really going on in the world…ppl like you are the problem: closed minds/brainwashed into your safe comfort zone. Instead
          Of reading, maybe researching for yourself, [edit]

      • That’s definatley what’s happening but unfortunately people just want to stay in their little bubble and not accept how bad things are.

        I’ve seen the most politically aware people who actually have a decent understanding of how the world works just totally go into denial when I talk about geoengineering. It’s just too much for them to accept even though it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world for anybody who looks up that sky or remembers normal weather patterns that existed not that long ago.

        • they are trying to geo-engineer the opposite of drought, but every time we ‘the animal that doesn’t seem to belong to this planet” tries to manipulate nature, we fail and the outcome is always horribly ironic. I can assure you that the powers to be that may be funding this last ditch attempt, are doing it to save their investment. California is the 6th largest economy for a reason and its not something that anyone wants to destroy except maybe the Russians. but I doubt because we feed the Russians also.

          • There is nothing benevolent or good about geoengineering. Creating drought in California is just another engineered catastrophe for the elites to profit from. Check out for more info.

            • their intentions, and I don’t exactly know who they is, is to create rain for the multi billion dollar farm industry that feeds most of the USA and parts of the World. to me their actions are just as fruitful as the war on invasive weeds locally. fruitless with some horrible irony.

        • There are plenty of maps that show the ‘corridor system to protect biodiversity”, or just plain old agenda 21 maps search pulls up many. Then there’s the agenda2050 dot org maps and on and on.

      • It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind. -T.S. Eliot

      • You done gone around the bend….

    • Sadly our environment is so contaminated from the extraction and use of hydrocarbons
      it’s burning now. The time has past to fix it, money and greed it causes have ruined a really beautiful planet!

    • I seriously doubt it’s ‘laser beams’, but be sure and keep that tinfoil hat on ok.
      While it is true, that the Japanese in world war 2 attempted to light the Pacific Northwest on Fire, I seriously doubt that is happening today. These are climate change driven fires. GLOBAL WARNING. We are our own worst terrorist. Climate change is the biggest threat to America and the world right now. It’s a bigger threat then Iran, NK, or another foreign country at the current moment. It’s killed more people than any other terrorist attack. And it doesn’t help that the acting Cheato in chief wants to deny the problem exists, and continue to cover for his greedy coal burning, oilly polluting buddies.

    • [edit] Using small words, so you can keep up.

      Cars burn these days more than they used to, because cars are no longer made of metal. They use far more plastic and foam. This makes them safer in a collision, yet more susceptible to fires.

      Vehicles are not generally designed to sustain damage from wildfires. Most are engineered to sustain damage from MVA’s (Motor Vehicle Accidents). They are far more likely.

      There are no “laser beams” starting fires. This is a “prepper” fantasy. When a 110,000 volt line falls into a 12,000 volt line, the sky will light up like Hiroshima. It’s not a F*&@ing laser, it’s an Arc Flash.

      If you think wildfires are bad now, read some history. There were some wildfires in the 1910’s that completely wiped out COASTAL towns near Trinidad. This isn’t new. There was merely an entire generation that lived with nothing bad ever happening to them, and so they think that this can’t be normal.

    • Muddy Black Dodge


    • Hey jojo, Nothing. Treated poles are more resistant to fires. Not fireproof, but more resistant

  • So glad the winds have died down

  • I’m having a sale on tin foil hats. Go to, They stop the lasers and e.m.p. weapons.

    • We’re not in third grade.

      radiation -(1570) energy radiated in the form of waves or particles. 4 : biological evolution in a group of organisms that is characterized by spreading into different environments and by divergence of structure. (a “group pf organisms/Order Follower$).

      divergence –(1656) a drawing apart (as of lines extending from a common center). DIFFERENCE. DISAGREEMENT. A deviation from a course or standard. The condition of being mathematically divergent.

      divergent –(1696) a diverging from each other. Differing from each other or from a standard: DEVIANT (the ___ interests of capital and labor). Relating to or being an infinite sequence that does not have a limit or an infinite series whose partial sums do not have a limit.

  • The government has lasers, no joke, I just saw it on Fox News. In case you are not aware we are all just cannon fodder/slaves. Why wouldn’t they use them on us? People are so naive, its sad.

    Are people aware that before the deep water horizon catastrophe a group of insiders made tons of money shorting Exxon’s stock? I can guarantee you a group of people made a lot of money shorting pge right before these fires.

    • hindsight is a very misleading place to exist.

    • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Links to facts persuade better than empty assertions.

      I’ve watched some of the “laser fire” videos. They show some interesting anomalies but are probably showing static discharge. This is common in volcanic eruptions in the ash cloud and probably occurs in extreme condition in forest fires.

      I have no doubt there are some people out there who have a controlling hand in world events with ill-intent, but to apply that idea to every bad thing that befalls humanity is a bit naive.

      “I don’t know if the world is run by smart people putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”
      -Mark Twain

    • “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” –T.S. Eliot

  • All I know… if it doesn’t rain this winter. Next summer it might be a repeat of 1954 ‘burn’ year.

    North of Trinidad the fires burned though the Redwoood and Spruces right down to the ocean.
    Same thing happened to the town of Tillamook. (Tillamook burn).

    • especially since the main factor was just repeated. GD has been hammering it, 1,000s of acres this year of 2nd growth, even some old growth. the 54 fire was also a slash burn, just like the 47 and the 14. the redwood belt has never naturally burned in our history.

      • >” the redwood belt has never naturally burned in our history.”

        Why do you find burn scars on the old growth redwood then ?

        • >”the 54 fire was also a slash burn, just like the 47 and the 14.”

          why do you feel the need to cherry pick my comment?

          put a 19 in front of those numbers if it helps. there were many more. it is hard to imagine the amount of slash from old growth redwood clearcut logging. I have seem pictures and its still hard. at some locations they even peeled the bark.

          • >”… why do you feel the need to cherry pick my comment? ”

            Not picking cherries… but you just made a comment that I felt wasn’t true.
            Those burns (’54) started in logging slash, but then made their way out of the logging shows.
            Redwoods (Coastal and Giant) do burn in extreme condition.

            You might read John Muir’s chapters about the big fires in the Sierras.

            • >”but then made their (sic) way out of the logging shows.”

              Due to incompetence and really no rare what so ever for the area.

  • Good donation site, critter helpers

    This group is on the ground in neighborhoods helping find and tend to animals, if youre looking for somewhere to donate I highly recommend them. Check out their site and share with others please!!!!!

  • Anybody have any ideas of how to get out if something like that happened here, and the roads were clogged.

    Maybe head for the bay or the ocean?

    • Have a box or something to put pets in (cats for sure), and get in the closest river. If you get in a car, you’re more apt to be fried. The rivers flow to the ocean – float there.

      Wait a minute – there’s 3 blessed Rock & Gravel mines between me and the Eel/101.

    • artist formerly known as wildman

      Thats the nightmare. There are many in the hills of Humboldt and Mendocino that live deep in the backwoods with only one avenue of escape. If an extreme wind driven event happened locally it would be very dangerous. Planning ahead is very important. If one couldn’t escape then knowing how to survive such an event, like creating a black burnt over space to escape into or having a fire shelter, is imperative.

      • By the way things are going, it’s either the humongous tree stump in my yard, that six people could fit in, or the river, 2,000′ or so. The forest protection could work -IFF the power is on for the water pump, and provided you shut off Rothchild’s possible dirty electricity power-surge into your home.

        i don’t know what a black burnt is.

      • You are absolutely right, artist. One partial solution is to treat the fuels on the sides of the roads and create shaded fuelbreaks. If done properly, these will reduce the intensity and rate of spread of an approaching fire and provide safer evacuation routes. I have a crew that does this work and for about 10 years we were getting grants from the feds to build these on major roads and ridges. We’ve done about 20 miles or so from Honeydew to Salmon Ck, mainly in SW Humboldt. But when the economy tanked in ’08 they changed the rules. Formerly we had to come up with 10% non-federal “matching” funds. That was doable. But then they changed it to require 50% and that’s really thrown a stick in our spokes.
        The good news is that there are subsidies ($X/acre to cover part of the costs) available to support this work through the county, state, and feds. We’ve also done jobs where all the landowners along a stretch of road just ponied up and chipped in. An added bonus is that if the fire suppression personnel do not feel secure about the escape route (in case they need bail out) they may refuse to deploy their people to defend a particular house or neighborhood. Similarly, the better the escape route is, the longer they will stay with a home if they’re starting to feel threatened.
        Kym, if anyone is interested in these subsidies, feel free to forward their email addresses to me and I’ll hook them up with info.
        I think it would be difficult to burn out a sufficiently large enough safety area by an individual without a decent amount of training and experience, and potentially extremely dangerous to other residents and/or first responders. Having a fire shelter and knowing how to use it is a very viable idea. They don’t take up much room in the vehicle and they have saved lives. They cost around $400.

        • Another factor to consider is the poor condition of our roads locally. Inadequate and ill-informed maintenance has resulted in chewed up running surfaces being the norm around here that most folks seem to be resigned to. That slows down both evacuation and response times. It does not have to be that way. The knowledge exists to set roads up to drain properly so that they mostly maintain themselves and need far fewer inputs of gravel over the longer term. That also results in less frequent need for grading. How’s that for a win-win proposition?

    • Look into building a fire shelter.
      We’re looking into those and the things firefighters use if they have to ride out fire going over them, as well as full mask respirators.

      Read peoples stories online, folks from all over the country have taken the time to write up their experiences&things they wish theyd thought of. Big one is carry a watch! And take pics of all important documents esp those needed for insurance&store them on cloud or somewhere accessible if you dont have your phone.

      Im concerned about the poorly managed at&t fiber line potentially being burned up by the poorly maintained pge poles (no offense to those who work for pge its the corporate heads and the monopolization who seem tobe the big problem).
      How will we communicate if 911 goes out again&theres abig emergency? & internet/cel?
      This happened in Mendo last year, no one could get info anywhere but radio so go get an emergency radio or one you charge by cranking a lever, electricity may go out.
      I guess we should ask OES if they have plan for that?

      Keep your vehicles as full as possible, have emergency kits ready, stash enough food for 2 weeks in case you do get stuck, have backup water, etc.
      Theres tons of info online and we are lucky to have multiple community radio stations, amazing people with lots of skills, and many volunteer fire depts.
      A friend says just pack all your camping gear,first aid&some food like youre going on a backpack trip into a big backpack you can just grab on the run.

  • Thanks for the updates Kym! I have family members fighting the fire and it helps to occasionally see them in photos and know they are safe. My heart breaks for everyone going through this. It is not something they will ever completely get over. I’ve experienced this. I can tell the people who think it’s a conspiracy because trees weren’t burned, when cars were. Fire is a cagey bitch and will take out an entire house and not touch the trees by it or even the house right next door. Instead of blaming lasers or the government, how about donating clothes and household items to these displaced people. That is what’s needed.

  • Can a fire expert explain to us “firenados” or appearance of laser like light beams? If we can get an expert explanation of this phenomenon I will rest my case and admit to being misinformed.

    • with a source being a cars fuel tank or some other flammable liquid source.
      A fire whirl – also colloquially known as a fire devil, fire tornado, firenado, or fire twister – is a whirlwind induced by a fire and often made up of flame or ash. Fire whirls may occur when intense rising heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form whirling eddies of air. These eddies can contract into a tornado-like structure that sucks in burning debris and combustible gases.

    • “Fire whirls, also known as fire devils and more colloquially fire tornados, are whirlwinds produced by fires that contain flames or burning embers. They usually start out as a small swirling movement of smoke and then transform into destructive burning whirlwinds. Under the right conditions, these destructive forces can reach thousands of feet tall and upwards of 10 feet wide.

      These bizarre and destructive phenomena form when hot air rises from the ground in vertical columns, called chimneys. This hot air eventually cools as it rises in altitude, which in turn pulls more hot air from the ground. The continually rising columns of air eventually swirl into a vortex.”

      • The word I take away from the Funk-&-Wagnall-influenced-diatribe, is, ‘colloquially’. local observer’s comment quotes Wiki. In both Ullr rover’s post and local’s –“colloquially’ is right there, upfront, AS IF, we know “colloquially”, but we don’t.

        As would happen I have a 1909 booklet, titled, BETTER SAY. Basically, it’s all these hard –s colluding and conferring (like mental health and Beanie Babies’ values), the transcontinental “wise ones” stomped all over Webster and declared their lingo as STANDARD EDUCATION, to be hailed throughout the land.

        Anyway, the word ‘colloquially’ is repeated, in the BETTER SAY booklet, as much as today’s climate-warming-global-change-fossil-fuels-industry

        colloquial –adj. (1751) of or relating to conversation. CONVERSATIONAL. Used in or characteristic of familiar and informal conversation. (motion and movement -you and me).

        colloquaism –n (1810) a colloquial expression. A local or regional dialect expression. (No motion or movement. A place -noun. )

        It wants to sound like “We” count . . . but we’re not even a part of the ‘colloquial” conversation equation. now that’s funny.

    • I think you can easily do an internet search for that. Maybe erase your browser history first so you can actually get some scientific articles.

    • artist formerly known as wildman

      Small firenados have been observed for many years in a hot burn. Usually small, ten feet diameter. However, in recent fires like last years north bay fires, and this years Mendo Complex and Carr fires massive firenados were observed. This is especially true for the Carr fire. Below are links showing the almost mile wide firenado that did so much damage to the outskirts of Redding this year. Scientists were astounded when they saw this. Its not normal, or wasn’t till now. The first link is the firenado from the air. The second from the ground. The third from many angles with stories about what it was like. Under these conditions there is no safe place to hide. Either you’re not in the fire zone or you’re dead.


    Empire State Building honors Ca. tonight with color.

    That’s touching, thanks ESB!

    • Finally it looks like the two are actually talking and comprising a little. A few hours ago POTUS tweeted:
      “I just approved an expedited request for a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of California. Wanted to respond quickly in order to alleviate some of the incredible suffering going on. I am with you all the way. God Bless all of the victims and families affected.

      5:19 PM – 12 Nov 2018”

      • Thank You, Mr President! These are the words we need to hear from our President.

        • @KYM, did you see the posts by THC and self that led to the thank you post that I’m responding to?
          Also, in another thread, someone posted a reminder to wear face masks in the smoke, especially during clean up. They asked you to do a write up to alert people. There’s too many threads to keep track of, but it’s out there somewhere.
          Speaking of updating info, I see there are even more threads to read. Keep up the great work!

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    There was an account on Reddit I can’t find of a guy that took video of finding friends that didn’t make it in a convoy of escapees he was with. He survived by running and hiding in a creek for an hour. And he managed to take an aftermath video. I did find it elsewhere:


    “Greg Woodcox, who led a caravan of vehicles that was overcome by flames, said he heard screams and watched a friend die as the heat blew out the vehicle’s windows. Four other people also died.

    The 58-year-old told the San Francisco Chronicle he was in a Jeep ahead of the other vehicles and ran when the flames overtook them. He followed a fox down a steep embankment and survived by submerging himself in a stream for nearly an hour.”

    And I believe this is the video he took:

    *****WARNING****** It is disturbing and graphic.

  • Hey Kym- I just saw a FB post about “Valley Fever” from “Totally Local VC”, about the importance of wearing a face mask of some sort (for protection of one’s lungs) while working to clean up after a fire, and what Valley Fever is. Can you share the article/story. Please and thank you!

  • Any South Park fans here?
    half man
    half bear
    half pig

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