[UPDATE] High Winds and Dangerous Conditions Continue at the Camp Fire as More Dead Are Located (Maps)

Forest Service personnel fight one of California's many fires.

Forest Service personnel fight one of California’s many fires. [Photo from the US Forest Service]

Yesterday, another 14 bodies were discovered on the Camp Fire east of Chico bringing the total so far to 23. Firefighters admit privately that more are likely to be discovered.

The fire continues to grow and is now 109,000 acres and only 25% contained. Around 6,453 residences are believed to have been destroyed and 260 commercial buildings are also believed to have been destroyed.

Another 17,500 structures are considered under threat as the dangerous fire conditions continue today.

Burned cars on the side of Pearson Road near Paradise.

Burned cars on the side of Pearson Road near Paradise. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Huge swaths of the communities of Paradise, Concow, and Magalia have become smoking heaps of rubble strewn with wrecked and charred vehicles unable to escape the oncoming flames.

Today, more high winds and dry temperatures will continue to try to claw more land from the grasp of firefighters.


These images may be disturbing to many:click on the lower right photo to have the album enlarge. Then click on individual photos.

And, yet, among the horror and the devastation, people do small acts of kindness and great acts of courage. Here is Weaverville Fire Chief Todd Corbett feeding carrots to an evacuated homeowner’s animals.

Fire Chief Todd Corbett feeding evacuated homeowner's animals.

Weaverville Fire Chief Todd Corbett feeding evacuated homeowner’s animals. [Photo from the Weaverville Fire Department]

The Weather:  

A Red Flag Warning has been issued until tomorrow at 7 a.m. which means that again conditions for fire spread are at their most dangerous. The wind should be high until noon and then hopefully die down some overnight. Humidity could be as low as 5 percent today.

Wind from the northeast will push smoke and fire to the southwest.

The Plan:

Placer County Sheriff brought its Mobile Command Vehicle to assist with Incident command and communications.

Placer County Sheriff brought its Mobile Command Vehicle to assist with Incident command and communications. [Photo from Placer Sheriff twitter feed]

The southwestern tip of the fire is still holding strong along Hwy 99. Firefighters are protecting structures and putting in fire lines ahead of the fire to
“improve roads and provide barriers to the fire,” according to Cal Fire.

Cal Fire is now working under a unified command with the US Forest Service.

Humboldt County Strike Team:

Yesterday, the Humboldt County strike team had 24 hours off. Today, they are on a 24 hour shift, according to Strike Team Leader Kent Hulbert. Hulbert said the crews are assigned to south of Hwy 70 in steep, rugged terrain near Drop Point 40 which is near Brush Creek.

“Everyone is heartbroken about Paradise and Magalia,” he said. “We had a minute of silence at the briefing.”

The Roads:

CHP, National Guards and Caltrans continue to man the closure at Hwy 70 and Pentz rd. Camp Fire

CHP, National Guards and Caltrans continue to man the closure at Hwy 70 and Pentz rd.

[caption and photo from Caltrans District 3]

Caltrans District 3 is reporting these closures as of 8 a.m.: (For the most recent information go to http://QuickMap.dot.ca.gov)

HWY 191 full closure
EB HWY 32 at Yosemite Road
EB/WB HWY 32 from Butte Meadows to SR 36
HWY 70 closed from HWY 149 junction in Butte County to HWY 89 junction in Plumas County
EB HWY 162 at Forbestown Road

Numerous county roads are also closed.

The Maps:

  • Camp Fire Public Information Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.


  • Camp Fire Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.

    Camp fire operations map 11/11

  • Camp Fire KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or, for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program. Warning this imagery was captured around 9:10 p.m. last night and does not show the latest borders.

Heat map camp fire

Heat map from yesterday at 9:10 p.m. 

Evacuation Information:

For the most up to date information, click here.

UPDATE Monday: Camp Fire Now Deadliest in California (Maps, Photos)

Earlier Chapters: 



  • I pray not, but the final body count could be in the hundreds. Thank you fire fighters and LEOs! Hard to imagine that 6400 families not only homeless but they have lost their source of income as well. That is mind blowing!

  • When I heard the body count today 23 that’s unbelievable all we can do is pray for the survivors and firefighters please be careful we don’t want any more lives taken we lost enough firefighters earlier this year if you can help the people in that Community please do I’m way too far away to help

  • While I agree that this is pretty devastating, for perspective 6000 familes are evicted every day in America. I am not minimizing the horror of the fires, but pointing out some reality many are unaware of.

    • It sure sounds like you’re minimizing. Paradise has a population of 25,000, so imagine if one in four houses on your street burned, leaving you quite more than just homeless. Grief needs to be held communally for these families. We need to hold their losses with them and not go on with platitudes and so on. The best you can do is listen, hold space and show up for your neighbors in this time of tragedy. Yes, there are plenty of other injustices in our country, but today we’re grieving with these communities.

    • Seems to me that one huge difference is that eviction isn’t something you don’t know is coming.

    • [edit] Eviction isn’t natural disaster. [edit]

    • Pretty devastating???

    • There’s a chasm that separates being caught in a fire and not paying your bills.

    • Those who have been “evicted” still have their possessions to take with them. Those who have lost their homes to the fires, most likely have lost just about everything they possess, if not lost all the their possessions. If they are lucky, they have their lives left.

    • Probably no one is going to read this as it’s from yesterday, but White Rabbit brought up a good point. Many people are homeless because they have lost everything from fires, floods and from medical expenses. It doesn’t end when the news stories end and people forget about a particular tragedy. The housing crisis is an added trial for victims of these tragedies.

  • This is sad ……and omg white rabbit have some respect ……

  • For those of you talking about holding pge accountable and breaking up their monopoly, you are not alone….
    State Sen Jerry Hill in response to
    report that PG&E line might be tied to #CampFire:

    “Revoking their charter, their license, their ability to be a monopoly … I think that should be under serious consideration.”

    Says he will look at legislation to break up utility.

  • Terrible.
    How can another 17000 structures be threatened if it already got most of the town?

    • I think those 17,000 structures are the city of Chico.

    • Theres also a few hundred homes immediately threatened just north of Magalia. Thats their biggest concern. People would be surprised how many homes and homesteads surround that area. Its like cities or towns in the emerald triangle. The towns may be small but thousands live in the surrounding hills. Same over there. Thats what was so frightening about this fire, knowing how many live down dirt roads covered in dense forest and brush .

      On the positive side they have now contained the line of fire that was threatening Chico as well as Bidwell Park (one of my favorite places on this planet), so tomorrow we may see the number of threatened homes diminish considerably.

  • Our prayers are with all of those who are affected by this fire 😢 thank you firefighters and first responders praying for your safety

  • My parents live in Paradise and managed to evacuate. While they assume their house is lost, they are not sure. Does anyone know if there is any satilite imagery that would show updated information? Thank you!

  • State Sen Jerry Hill in response to
    report that PG&E line might be tied to #CampFire:

    “Revoking their charter, their license, their ability to be a monopoly … I think that should be under serious consideration.”

    Says he will look at legislation to break up utility.

  • State Sen Jerry Hill in response to
    report that PG&E line might be tied to #CampFire:

    “Revoking their charter, their license, their ability to be a monopoly … I think that should be under serious consideration.”

    Says he will look at legislation to break up utility.

  • This is live coverage from a Chico CA news station.

  • My ex wife lived on lower Pearson Rd. Her house burned, she lost everything, she said all of paradise is pretty much gone. It’s going to be without power for weeks, so if your house made it it’s going to be a long time until you can live there again. The schools are also gone, lives interrupted.
    Chico has been over whelmed by the sheer numbers of people who have lost everything, all the grocery stores and even Walmart are running out of stock. There are zero places for the victims to go, people are camping all over town.
    When we pray for rain, save some for the folks who have to live outdoors in the rain. For months.

  • Came across this article about how much of California has burned in recent years. Theres a map showing these fires from the last five years. Northwestern CA has been the most hammered and it makes one wonder what forests are left.


  • FB groups Pay it Forward Humboldt or Southern Humboldt for Change have information on how to give donations to our neighbors, the victims of the Camp Fire. They are connecting with the evacuation centers and getting regular updates on what is most needed. Clothes are not. They have plenty of clothes, but there are many other items needed urgently like diapers, masks, blankets and so on. There are also ways to donate monetarily.

  • One thing that should not be overlooked is the fact that, again, things seem to be pointing to this fire being caused by PG&Es’ continuing negligence. Whats it gonna take for the 26th largest corp. in California to maintain their power lines in a safe manner. At least this time the actual transmission can be heard “live {in real time} on line of the calls from PG&E employees to the CPUC investigations officials. This conversation is the smoking gun if ever there was one. Fire victims should retain counsel as soon as possible because this could be the straw that broke the camels back after San Bruno, Redwood Valley, Santa Rosa, etc., and the ole “Belly Up” may be floating around the PG&E boardroom.

    • Seriously, you can’t have two people with the same name. Not cool. Especially in the same thread. should I change or you. Even though yours is capitalized it’s still not right.

      • Who was first? Does it really matter? Perhaps a new form of trolling? Same thing happened with me here. Doesn’t really bother me.

    • And what were they suppose to do? Everytime the fly check there lines they get shot at by alot of people thinking its people looking in on what they might be doing illegally, not all people out there fall in this category but alot due,so spot checking is far and few in between.

    • >”Fire victims should retain counsel as soon as possible because this could be the straw that broke the camels back after San Bruno, Redwood Valley, Santa Rosa, etc., and the ole “Belly Up” may be floating around the PG&E boardroom.”

      Likely ‘ratepayers’ will pay the losses. Get your checkbooks ready.

  • Wow, .two wildman. That’s not right. One of us is going to have to change their handle. How come you decided to use my name?

  • Sorry pal, I read Kym all the time and swear I’ve never seen your tag. My problem is that’s my only name and here in Mendo and Sohum, I’m rather well known. Ask around!

    • artist formerly known as wildman

      Dear friend. I have been well known, not just rather well known, in Mendo and Humboldt since the early 80s. In the late 80s and early 90s it was my DJ name when I worked at KMUD. It is sad to think someone else is now using it. Sign of the times. Since you refuse to change it, from now on I am “artist formerly known as wildman”.

  • Thanks for all this work Kym. I’ve been all over the net tonight looking at this and yours has info I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Great job on this!

  • I just want to add this thought to my suggestion to ‘flip the switches in your circuit box’ as soon as the power goes off . . . after watching a video of the July/August Redding fire, when Hwy. 5 was closed because partial vaporized semi-trucks and smaller vehicles were all over the highway, I wouldn’t jump in my car and think of escape. Get to the river, and get in. This is how the guy who videoed the “charred skeletal remains inside shells of vehicles” stayed alive.

    Godless, and later on the 10th, Rule of Law not Leftists, thank you both for posting your comments.

  • https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/camp-fire-california-wildfire-butte-county-video-firenado-evacuations-a8625801.html%3famp

    Firenado = directed energy weapon

    Don’t call me a conspiracist or insensitive to the associated deaths. Seeking truth is more important than political correctness or ‘being woke’.

    Sheep no more.

    • You may be suffering from DEW syndrome. Seek help before you think your parents are grey aliens.

      Lasers to light dry forests on Fire?

      Your logic….is not sound.

    • So I see in some of the photos (from other articles) that the houses along the street are burned completely, yet the nearby trees are not. Same thing happened in Redding last summer. Quite strange, and not normal fire behaviour. While I don’t believe the government is directing that houses be burned to forward Agenda 21 or 30, I do believe it is possible we are witnessing a new kind of fire behaviour, quite possibly caused by something “we” are doing. Years ago I read an article of a low pressure tornado type system that nailed a harbour in Taiwan. Winds in excess of hurricane strength suddenly appeared. It caused a Sealand containership to drag anchor 0.6 miles, then disappeared (the system, not the ship). This was around 1980, well before global warming and climate change were the leading villains of blame. The system was called “the finger of God” as there was no current explanation. We’ve all seen the static electric bolts going off someone’s hand or head in the experiments of scientists demonstrating electricity. Could this be something like that?

      • Only if you’re in Oz.

        “Something “we “are doing”? Or, something “we” are not doing? InmyHumboldtopinion, “We”, @ 40%, are still sitting on the edge of the bed, not quite awake – refusing, or afraid, to look behind the curtain. Where’s Toto when you need him?

        Before we go any further with parroting slave-speak i.e., global warming, climate change, please consider the following:

        red flag -(1602) something that incites to anger or vexation.

        The “Red Flag” of disarmament is up in thirty-some States of ____(Inc), where it has been spelled upon the people as meaning “We’re the government, and we’re here to help you.” Those States of ____ definition of Red Flag means to disarm you and me.

        60yr old man shot dead by police trying to confiscate his guns

        They said gun confiscation could never happen here in America, but it’s already in process…

        According to multiple news sources, two Maryland police officers were following orders to confiscate guns from a 60yr old man under their “red flag” law that took effect October 1st.

        This law allows practically anyone to file an anonymous court order (behind your back) to have your guns confiscated if they think there are “red flags” that show you’re dangerous.

        Details on what happened next are still being confirmed, but one thing is clear…

        A 60yr old man answered his door at 5am and Police told him they were there to take his guns because an anononymous person filed a “red flag” court order against him.

        And now he’s dead.

      • these are all interesting questions, which I expect CalFire or any of our local VFDs could answer. The scenes of the S Rosa fire showed whole neighborhoods wiped out except for the trees.

      • Historically, there is nothing new about some trees surviving fires next to burned out houses.

        These images of a 1923 fire in Berkeley show exactly that. Google images of other fire damage of any year, it’s always been the same.


        Many factors contribute to why some things burn and some don’t, listen to firefighters explain it.

        • Most firefighters have no idea what they’re up against. Trees burning from the inside out – come on now.

          • From the first letter in your comment to the last period, what are you talking about?

            You ever been in a wild Fire?

            Fires burn underground as well. Many holes from tree roots burning post fire.

            I’ve seen a logged unit, all the stumps smoldering or on fire from a wildfire – 2 bulldozer lines away. Zero brush, it all came from the underground, son .

            • What have i printed in here that you need an explanation for? Be specific.

              I haven’t been in a wildfire.

              wildfire -(12c) a sweeping and destructive conflagration.

              conflagration -(1656) FIRE esp. a large disastrous fire. CONFLICT.

              conflict -(15c) FIGHT, BATTLE, WAR. Competitive or opposing action of incompatibles : antagonistic state or action (as of d i v e r g e n t ideas, interests, or persons). The opposition of persons or forces that gives rise to dramatic action in a drama or fiction.

  • Lets call it what it is. Lasernado performed by Order Follower$.

    The Matrix does Not define our words. Just leaves it up in the air –ideology. I MEAN, where’s the Supe’s aka BUMS (Bar Union Members), definition of –for example – “Medical Marijuana”?

    laser -often attrib [light amplification by simulated emission of radiation] (1957) : a device that utilizes the natural oscillations of molecules between energy levels for generating coherent electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared regions of the spectrum. Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1984.

    • Oh no, next will be the Flat Earth Theory.

    • if they did exist, we would already be in a post WWIII scenario. Russia invented microwave technology and it never panned out the way they were hoping, a few sailors got a rash and probably cancer later in life.

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