[UPDATE 12:40 p.m.] Never Fear, Netflix Is Here

Netflix in HumboldtWondering why the Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles are amassed along with a film crew at the Chevron Station in Garberville?

Don’t worry. It isn’t a raid, says sheriff’s spokesperson, Samantha Karges. The film crew members are making a documentary for Netflix, she said.

“From what I understand they are doing a ride along,” she explained. “They are talking with us about a lot of things. They are talking about missing people and the marijuana industry and what we are doing specifically in Southern Humboldt.”

Sometime next year, she said, we can all watch and see what they think of us.

UPDATE 12:40 p.m.: Annick Monk-Goldsmith, a reader, spotted the crew with law enforcement on Alderpoint Road filming one of our better aspects.

Abandoned vehicle on Alderpoint Road.

Abandoned vehicle on Alderpoint Road. [Photo by Annick Monk-Goldsmith]

“There’s an incredible viewpoint like 5 feet to the left…,” she said. “But that’s what they were filming. 😞




  • Yay! Just what we need (Satire)

  • Saw them at KMUD yesterday morning filming.

  • unbridled phillistine

    I have seen the statistics, and IDK is there an epidemic of missing persons in SoHum? Maybe some body should be shedding some light on the issue…?

  • Just the line, “They are talking about missing people and the marijuana industry” is enough to ‘fear’ the profile they will (again) try to sell about (So) Humboldt. NOT what we need being fed to the (gullible) public in the era of USAG Sessions (a story of this kind would be similar to saying to Jeffy, ‘Fetch Boy! Go get ’em!!!”).

    • Even though it is true?

      • It’s about comparing deaths/ missing persons in this area to other places in this country. Is this the worst place? Doing that here, it’s just about trying to PROVE that the ‘outlaw marijuana community’ is bad. (Oh, like most communities, we got warts, for sure!).
        It’s also is shining a light on things when the ‘climate’ is ripe for reaction. Raw meat to the dog(s)!
        With Netflix or some other production entities, it’s ALL about rating (= $$$!), people!

        • When SoHum has something to be proud of, besides great weed, it won’t be on Netflix…

          Sex and sleaze sell, and phony news makes good copy.

          You can see houseless and street living persons anywhere in CA, and also the wreckage of drugs, and the detritus of the poor and those with no culture or future.

          This is a pretty sad occurrence, and I hope someone will guide those doing the filming to try to cast the region in a better part.

  • The picture does portray an accurate view of what is happening in Humboldt. Like it or not. We have the most beautiful scenery in America, but it’s trashed. People here no longer seem to give a shit. Look at all the missing cases. How much landscape has been destroyed or polluted due to illegal greedy grows. Look at all the liter everywhere. It’s very sad. Maybe the show will be titled “Look at America destroy itself”. So sad!

    • Sorry but this BS.
      Take a flight over Humboldt. Yeah there’s trash and some fucking big greenhouses but NEWSFLASH, Humboldt is fucking huge and beautiful and we as a community have fought to make it that way (thanks EarthFirst and treehuggers! The loggers would have logged it all away if you had let them.
      This county is huge and fucking PRISTINE compared to eh rest of the fucking world. Sorry to cuss so much but seriously, get out more and pick up a little trash down on the river bar and maybe you’ll realize it’s just leftovers from beautiful humans trying heir best to survive by camping there because this community DOES have a heart for the houseless and while you’re down there look up at the big ass sky and breathe our fucking perfect air and tell me again how fucked this beautifully perfect place is.
      Luckily, weed is being regulated just in time. We have not totally killed all of our salmon yet so hopefully they’ll all come back if HC can take a tip from Mendo and get their laws into better shape. F**king greedy a**holes in county govt trying to get theirs when they think growers haven’t given back to this community. Fuck all that bullshit.
      And seriously sorry for all the cussing, just stop complaining, if you think it’s a shithole, please do us all a favor and sellout and leave, and we’ll clean up the messes without your help.

  • It’s a shame the cops can respond to Netflix about the missing people but they won’t call back the families of those who haven’t been found.

  • Asset Forfeiture and Missing Persons

    Netflix has been tipped off by local residents that there are numerous uninvestigated missing persons, unsolved and uninvestigated homicides and many reports of human smuggling and Cartel Operations taking place in Humboldt and Mendocino County, Netflix is focusing on the reaction from Humboldt and Mendocino County Sheriff’s; they do nothing to help find missing persons or solve local murders or homicides because they are focused on the revenue production from assett forfeiture and solving murders and missing persons cases do not produce revenue for the department or county coffers. In fact murder, homicide and missing persons investigations take time and cost money, this is why the Humboldt and Mendo Sheriffs never solve these cases, too busy busting pot growers and seizing their assetts. This is what the netflix documentary is about according to one of the producers.

    • The continuously presented view that the local LEO’s are somehow corrupt is becoming extremely tiresome. Local paranoia, folks with a low startle point, and the tendency in SoHum, at least, to engage without being in possession of any factual information has caused the local citizenry and the few LEO’s that we do have, to fear for their lives during their everyday routines.

      Most of us can get up and leave the place, even if we love and revere it. LEO’s on the other hand, feel impotent against the tide of craziness, and can only warn citizens to “arm themselves”.

      Please, if you want to improve Humboldt, promote sobriety, sanity, treatment, and referral to services. Get the help you need, don’t sell drugs, and don’t give law enforcement a reason to explore your current life and situation.

      The game has some rules. Try playing by a few of them. Meanwhile, love your partner, don’t kill them. Don’t burn that abandoned car. Don’t hate your neighbor. Don’t love a pile of money more than your family.

      Help Netflix to see something good, and if you don’t want to live in a mess, clean it up! Set a good example and help your peers to do so also.

      Donate some money to the Hospital, the Hospice. Support your LEO’s. Love yourself and be someone that someone else can love.

      Finally, Humboldt persons, stop blaming everyone and everything. The abuser is almost always the one doing the blaming…

      • It’s not nearly as tiresome as the fact that it’s so effing true. Who murdered the old man in AP and left him dead on the road twenty miles from his home? Who killed the hippie twenty years ago who had the nerve to demand his legally prescribed medical marijuana? Who assassinated Stephanie Galboy?

  • LabeledaNazi pimp

    Sweet. It’ll be The Hills Have Eyes 3. I love how these county is portrayed as how fuked up it is. Cops,missing people,murder,thieves, etc. yep world ….humboldt is a loser. Welcome!

  • People come to Humboldt because they are already lost or missing or because they are trying to disappear. Its not like we are luring them in.

  • That’s wonderful, people need to know the truth about Humboldt. It’s not peaceful, respectful hippies living in the woods anymore. It’s predominantly greed, litter, disrespect, murder and shisty people. But I still have hope that now that prices have dropped all the people that farm for wealth will leave!!!!!

  • Let people know

    Why is everyone worried that Netflix is gonna show the bad things in Humboldt? By all means let’s make it look really good so kids like Garrett Rodriguez can come up here and never be seen again. Let people know what’s going on here maybe we can get it stopped. Just saying…

  • A friend of mine was a part of this Netflix program. I can’t say his name. I talked with him every night of the shoot. He was portraying a major vigilante of one of the stories. He used to live in Humboldt, and suffered great tragedy there as a boy. It took a lot for him to go back as an actor. Things were said, and we stopped talking. This is a reach out to him. I think of you everyday. Your a good man . I wish you love, and healing. I miss you always. Find happiness with yoga pants. This message is solely for you because I know you monitor forums, stories and videos. I will not answer questions.

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