[UPDATE: Moved to September] Redwood Run 2018 Moves to August

Redwood Run 2018For many years Redwood Run has been held the second weekend in June and for much of the last 20+ years it has been held at River View Ranch in Piercy. This year both the date and the location are changing. The Run is moving to August 17 through August 19.

At this point, the host of the non-profit event, Kiwanis of the Redwoods, is not yet ready to release the location but rumor is they’ll be able to make an announcement soon.

Hopefully, soon after that, they’ll release the band lineup.

Meanwhile, check these photos from earlier Redwood Runs to get in the mood.

naked woman on a motorcycle peace sign

Peace [Photo by Kym Kemp]

UPDATE: Redwood Run Persevering and Wrinkles Smoothing Out



  • Long overdue they moved it… early June had too much wet weather.

    Don’t know if will ‘save’ the festival or not, baby boomers are getting old,
    and young folks aren’t interested in Harley’s anymore.

    Harley is coming out with an ‘electric’ bike… dunno what sort of sound it will
    make, unless they provide it with an amplifier and speakers.

    • Riiiight. So much better when it’s 100° and the river has turned to scum. As a 34 year attendee, June is better. One year it was in July. If you were there, you hated it.

    • In the entire history of the Redwood Run, it has rained exactly twice. Are you in danger of melting? I think not.🤣🤣🤣

      • It’s rained at least 3x since 2007, my first year, rained that year. Poured last year and I know for sure another year because I remember saying why does it always rain this weekend…?

  • It would be nice to camp at frenches camp.

  • That instrument cluster on the tank has got to hurt.

  • The river is full of algae by then

  • Better it should just MOVE😨☠

  • what a shame the new members of that club have stomped the festival into the ground. A shame indeed.

    • That club?
      Their name must not be spoken?

    • Are you referring to Kiwanis? Because that’s who organizes and puts on the event. The MC’s who attend have nothing to do with putting on the show.

      • The Kiwanis work their butts off every year organizing this event beginning months in advance! The government and f*cked up economy, unemployment, high interest rates, high fuel costs, $100 for Motel 6 to leave the light on! Demographics, technology (no WiFi in Percy), location, cost, what do you do with the kids for a week…? There are a number of factors affecting attendance, the Kiwanis are not to blame!

  • As a motorcyclist, I stay away from drinking, drugs and sexist shit.

  • Don’t know if I want to go to a party with the ____’s____’s could end up being your last oops I mean the northern chapter of the _________’s oh the club’s I’m not supposed to say their names good luck with it anyway I don’t want no pickle

  • Red and White on my left and right , it’s out of sight..love pack ride.

  • I remember in the 80s and 90s it was a really big run now it seems to be geting less bikes every year

  • The RR organizers were left high and dry when the new property owners decided to 86 the RR.

    Guess they had no choice other than August or suspending the RR until 2019.

    That said, June is my favorite month for road trips. Moteling it in Fortuna by Eel River Brewing Co and riding in Humboldt County works for me.

  • The seven years that I have been to the redwoods the red&white have always been great

  • This year will be 40 years for me red & white have never been a problem they put on the best show of the run. If you don’t like it you probably should just stay home. It go’s up and down maybe it will go back up this year. If they don’t over price it when I first went it was $20 you got a pin a patch dinner breakfast now it’s probably 150 bucks or more And you get in and maybe a pin.

  • well I just wish they would set a permnant date and stick with it it is hard for bikers to chance thier dates to come and make resverations

  • Some times you should just leave things alone or just shut it. Down ! Or maybe, change the name. Not location or date.

  • Robin Evingham

    I seen that the Kiwanis redwood run is labor day weekend. Sept 1st, is this true or is August 17 – 19 a different run?
    This is our first year and are pretty confused with the dates and locations changing!!

  • You might want to update this. Same place as Northern Nights, its been there before:


      • Which dates are the current ones? Sept 1-3? August 17-19?

        • September 1-3. That’s on the UPDATE.

          • The only problem, they don’t have permits to have a 3 day event at Cooks Valley Campground; either in Mendocino or the Humboldt County side. Their permit in Humboldt is a one night only concert @ County Line Ranch. And in Mendocino at Riverview Ranch in Piercy they have a 3 day event permit. I reached out to Kiwanis of the Redwoods and got an interesting email back from Kenny Willis; in part it said:

            “So why don’t you shut the fuck up and clean up your own back yard”

            This permit issue can all be confirmed with:

            Robert Dostalek ~ dostalekr@mendocinocounty.org
            Michael Richardson ~ mrichardson@co.humboldt.ca.us

            There was a rumor circulating that the Redwood Run was being considered at the Southern Humboldt Community Park this year, it was during the Rodeo; since they are permitted to have large commercial festivals and events now; with camping and up to 5000 attendees, staff, performers, volunteers and vendors during a given weekend. Guess that didn’t pan out (no pun intended). And if it did, Wow, the uproar would be deafening…

  • I must be stupid

    Does anyone know the entertainment line up for this years event? Ya, I must be stupid to purchase tickets not knowing what the music will be if any.. The “Fried Brothers”will PROBABLY be the headliners. You can see them play for FREE next Saturday (6/23) in Carmichael Park , Sacramento. Say goodbye to burn-out hill. No biker games. How does that work?

  • People, don’t worry about the “electric” bikes and the new location and the new date and the weather and the attendance, forget about all the politics and don’t worry about the 1%’s. We are all there with the same goal and same interest👍🏼
    Just roll with it be yourself and have fun!!! Life is short,to each their own.
    Be safe🤘🏼

  • bout time someone did something, that place was getting old and crust ie like the music lineup. I’ve been to a lot of the runs and it just got boring. GORGE THURGOOD AND THE DESTROYES . WAS the last good band they had there. Who wants to hear PUDDLE OF MUD when we walk through it 6mo out of the year….THE real party moved(in case you didn’t get the memo) THE 101 RUN @ELK CREEK CAMPGROUND. IS the NEW PARTY….LAST year they had 38 special, AC DC ,TRIBUTE TO LYARD SKINARD. With a lot better food vendors ,and ALOT better regular vendors…The campground was a lot nicer ,hot showers, flush toilets and wide open flat places to camp(no steep hill) and just a fresh change. with the same FUN LOVING CROWD…….tickets were only $100.00 bucks for 3 days(well worth-it) considering the music line-up…….(NOW YOU GOT THE REAL MEMO)

  • P.S. IT WAS REALLY GOOD TO SEE THE YOUNGER CROWD STILL RIDING HARLEYS…….THE LEGEND RIDES ON !!! these kids are ever bit as fun to party with, And ride with then a lot of the older crust ies we are use to seeing….BESIDES THERE WOMEN ARE ALOT CUTER TO LOOK AT

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