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Redwood Run 2009

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A  wave of metal and black leather swept over Humboldt and Mendocino Counties this last weekend.  Converging from across the United States,  motorcyclists came to the North Coast for the 32nd annual Redwood Run.  Pulling off the freeway is like entering a biker playground.  The small country road winds down to the river where an large stage juts up at a bend in the Eel River.  Sheer cliffs rise in the background.  Colorful tents cluster beside Harleys.  Brown armed bikers with tattoos swirling up their arms and necks stroll past booths and beauties.

Below the fold are photos from Friday, the first day.


A Wave of Riders



Scarf her up

The Scarf Girl

The vendors are part of the decor…

in her hand

In Her Hand

And a pretty girl has the men drinking right out of her hands.



Sometimes the locals are a little startled by their visitors idea of a good time.  But the party mood soon has everybody laughing and getting into the spirit of anything just might happen.



Everyone has such a good time that their tails just start a waggin’!


Seeing the Sights

The Riders put on a good show for each other and the locals.rider

Ride ’em, Cowgirl


Token Toker

Of course, the bikers like to taste the flavors of Humboldt County and the sweet smell of marijuana wafts faintly from the shadows.

cannabis creature

Cannabis  Creature

After the long ride to the North Coast, its good to slip into something more comfortable…

Butt its uncomfortable


something that lets a little breeze in.

chaps my ass

That Chaps My Ass

loinly hearts club

Loin Cloth

Then its time to get out and see the sights.

girls, girls, girls

Girls, Girls, Girls

The cardinal rule at the Run is No Shyness allowed.  Strut your stuff and have a wonderful time.

No Shyness

No Shyness Allowed

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