A Short Drive on Hwy 299 Shows Some of the Devastation Left by the Helena Fire

Cathy Danel rode with her husband westbound on Hwy 299 today through some of the burned over areas from the Helena Fire. She shared the video with us telling us, “I started at Lime Point just past the Bigfoot Campground and went by the Trinity Canton Lodge which was destroyed.”

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  • Oh no. Was such a beautiful spot on the highway.

  • I couldn’t hear the name of the motel that burnt. If anyone knows I’d appreciate it. My Grandparents honeymooned their 85 yrs.ago.im in tears wondering.Big flat?

  • Curiosity killed the cat

    Was that in the area of the Staw House?

  • Maybe all the people who protest the cutting down of trees should get out there and help with clean up and replanting… oh wait, thats right, they only protest if they get paid… too bad they don’t actually care about the earth enough to help with clean up and replanting!

    • Most of what burned is digger pine, ponderosa pine, some oak(mostly the poison kind) and scrub…. not marketable timber.

    • Laya, ignorance doesn’t justify spite. People who protest cutting down trees don’t protest thinning for fire protection, they protest clearcutting and poorly planned cuts in general, that results in scrubby, poorly thinned tinder like is left on much of these slopes. Also, how much clearing and thinning have you done? I’d guess none, but who knows, maybe you are an environmentalist at heart.

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