Some Schools Closed Due to Smoke or Wildfires

Sorry we're closed signBecause of the Helena Fire and smoke from other wildfires schools across northwestern California are grappling with whether to close or open tomorrow.

Below are the schools that we know are closing. We’ll update with more when we receive new information.

According to the Trinity County Office of Education, “Trinity Alps Unified and Douglas City Elementary School District have canceled school for tomorrow, Sept 5…[Other schools] will notify parents by tonight if closures will continue.”

These are the affected campuses:

In addition, “the Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District is canceling school tomorrow Tuesday, September 5 due to unhealthy air conditions,” according to an employee.

These are the affected campuses:

UPDATE: Schools in Southern Humboldt Unified School District will all be in session on Tuesday.


Earlier Chapters on the Helena Fire: 



  • Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District

  • If schools actually practiced safety instead of just preaching it for money, the schools would be outfitted with the necessary air filters to keep the children safe. Get off your soapbox and get with reality people.
    Most people don’t know what Tar in a cigarette is. It’s the particles from all the ingredients burned. Trees, houses, tires, .. all make far more hazardous tar, especially when thick and non escapable for weeks on end. Montana has been under siege by forest fires since June.
    Get some hepa filters people.

    TAR IS: ” the solid particulate element that can be extracted from smoke produced from tobacco, pinelogs in your fireplace, cooking in your oven, or candles on your dinner table”

  • Stephanie Steffano-Davis

    Southern Humboldt Unified Schools are OPEN tomorrow.

  • Smokeing not allowed in school

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