Missing Southern Humboldt Woman

Leann EllerPosters of Leanne Eller began going up in Southern Humboldt yesterday. Her mother reported her missing to the Sheriff’s Office yesterday also.

Eller was last known to have been on property off the Twin Trees Road in the Benbow area where she was living for the last two years, according to her brother Ricky Loyd.

Eller, age 40, was last in touch with her family about a month and a half ago which is longer than usual.

Eller’s mother received a call from Eller’s boyfriend yesterday asking if she’d seen her saying that Eller had left the property over a week ago. Her brother said she reportedly left most of her property behind.

The call prompted her family to ask for help from the community.

Eller is 5’3 or 5″4″. She weighs about 130 pounds. She has dyed her hair ash brown and cut it to just longer than shoulder length.

If you have seen Leanne Eller or have any information, please call (707) 382-2654 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.




  • Did her brother live with her too? How did he know she left her stuff? Confused

  • might be a good idea to interview the boyfriend.

  • This story has more holes than swiss cheese. And it sounds fishy. I find it disturbing. Saying a prayer for her.

  • Blacktail Addict

    She wasn’t hanging out with Jimmy Jones was she?

  • Seems like there are allot of women missing from that area in the last year. Police need to do their job and start investigating this correctly. Bring in the FBI, they are more than just “missing”

    • I agree. There is indeed a huge number of “missing” women throughout CA and yet there seems to be no attempt to investigate these disappearances as possibly connected. I don’t understand this either. I thought of investigating missing/abducted people as one of the FBI’s main jobs.

      • Police around here don’t care. Y would the FBI??

        • Case # cops don't care!!

          Yes, they’re lazy!!

        • Case # cops don't care!!

          My dad n my brother were murdered by different people at different times n nothing was done, n it was not investigated! That’s why I moved from there, they don’t care!!

      • Kathleen Marcotulli

        The FBI only cares about their pensions and ruining lives of people like Brad Pitt, Angie reported him for pot smoking. So FBI opens and investigate. Meantime…I’m looking for Jones to cut his grass and I find out dude grass is wide….oh no..then people missing does chronic weed use make guys think killing women is ok? FBI does not give a shit about pedestrians.

    • I fully agree. Humboldt is dealing with a serial killer. I do not understand how the authorities haven’t figured that out yet.

  • Leanne has been missing for over a week and the boyfriend that she lives with, and after her missing went public, is just now calling her family to say he hasn’t seen her? What’s wrong with this picture? Her sister Debra Loyd posted she has been missing since about July 20th.

  • As a resident of Twin Trees rd I have given her and her boyfriend rides to and from town. They were usually super drunk. They have told me stories about going on hikes on schofield peak and getting lost for days. Usually ending up hiking down to the river and walking back to the road. Also another “neighbor” is being investigated for human trafficking. I hope she is found safe but the possibilities are not good.

    • Human trafficking in Benbow?!!? That’s a terrifying realization! Scary to think this is going on just up the road.

      I hope she is not a victim & just cooling off from a fight with her bf. Anyone with information, please come forward so this women can be safe or her family & friends can have closure.

      The Redwood curtain should never be used to cover up horrible crimes but rather just the marijuana side.

  • Allmans $950 an Hour Helicopter Rides

    Sheriff won’t be solving this missing persons case, just like they ignore most missing persons cases unless they are from a masonic or predominant family. The reason why this missing person case won’t be properly investigated is due to the fact there is zero asset forfeiture $$$ to be made. Why would they allocate precious resources away from the focus on cannabis gardens to solve a real crime or a missing persons case when there is no money to be made, no chance of slipping away jewelry or crisp $100 bills into each other’s pockets…. shhhh don’t tell anybody! The Sheriff Department has made a criminal enterprise outta raiding canna gardens and ripping off growers and growers safes, there is no incentive to solve real crime since real crime doesn’t make the department money, and real crime doesn’t fill deputies pockets with crisp $100 bills….. Shame

    • Truth. Most folks don’t want to acknowledge that asset forfeiture determines priorities in many law enforcement jurisdictions. Local law enforcement leaders have agreed it is a priority to bust marijuana growers for this reason. Meanwhile we have a serial killer (and others) killing women in the Emerald Triangle. This mentality that people who grow marijuana are disposable criminals needs to stop. Sure there are criminals involved in growing but reality says many local growers are families, legitimate business owners, City Council members, firefighters, ranch owners, and EVEN some law enforcement. People. Regular people.

    • You do raise valid points that need to be addressed by the community.
      The cops are forced to hold jailed persons past the normal time. Over night drunk tanks and sass back idiots are now required to be held for years, while they let the real criminals go through the turnstiles, thanks to that ridiculous bill/law that was passed.
      They also suffer from lack of funds from the “evil doers in legislation” who force them to hold them longer.
      The finger pointing gets worse, while the community suffers.
      Why do they do the bidding of the DC rats? Because they signed their communities away for grant money.
      Every grant comes with a stipulation.
      They joined hands with the feds. The feds don’t pay our depts for their help, but instead WE now pay the Feds to join forces.
      But it can be restored, once somebody finds the US Codes.
      Unfortunate enough, the courts also need the extra money that the cops rake in through asset forfeiture.
      Unless we somehow convince them to knock it off, it will only get worse. The jails will forever be filled with weekend warriors, while the real criminals are back out on the streets.

      Listen closely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV-bgMqEoeM

      Listen even closer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuTwpNWuhLA

    • And that’s why I am rewarding $10,000 to anybody that can give me proof of her whereabouts because I do have money and I can pay someone whether it be the cops or not she needs to be found. It’s amazing what the cops don’t know about her family I’m Amazed

      • Thank you so much amen

      • Thank you…

      • U Should get s private investigator that is not from here of ond that just moved here from somewhere else. The weird part is that they rated people for drugs all the time.but can’t find none of the lady’s. This town is scary. U can’t trust nobody cause when u go up a hill sometimes u probably won’t come back it’s super sad an they don’t update us who’s missing in this town. Kind of weird. This is the first time seeing another beautiful lady missing. Hope her family gets justice

  • How many blondes do you know who dye their hair ash brown and cut it to just longer than shoulder length?

    • I am sure more than one. Not every woman likes blonde hair or long hair. LoL

      Hoping she is found safe and soon!!

    • She often dyed her hair and so does her sister, doesn’t mean jack. I know Leanne enough to know that she wouldn’t have just up and left unless she had a backup plan. I’d definitely be looking at the bf. It was rumored he was abusive towards her. I don’t know for sure but when you hear that then this happens…. makes me want to question his him myself. Why isn’t his name even open to the public??? I find it strange to with hold it. :-/

      • The names of victims are rarely given. As far as we know the boyfriend is a victim because a loved one has disappeared. Unless there was significant proof otherwise, we wouldn’t be releasing his name.

        • Okay, I apologize I understand. I am a friend of the family so I only know what I’m told. Thanks for the response appreciate it 🙂

      • I was a friend of the family and every time I saw Leanne she and her boyfriend were having a major fight.

        • Not surprising one bit. She and alcohol DO NOT MIX, apparently the bf wasn’t a good drunk either, so anything goes at this point. Something about the whole story doesn’t sit right with me. Unfortunately I fear the worst I hope to ANYTHING, ANY HIGHER POWER, that I am wrong and she is safe and sound. I’d rather her be on the run or something than dead, I truly truly truly HOPE SO. I’m not just a friend of the family, I’m an actual blood relative. That’s how I know she wouldn’t EVER just up and leave without any of her belongings. I know she would not. I really fucking hope so much that she’s okay. This is horribly shitty to see in the news. And that’s why I want to speak to the bf. Because I know things about her, no one else would. I don’t care what anyone says anymore, I know her better than ANYONE else and I know for a fact she would have had an escape route, a plan, something to fall back on if she left on her own will on her own terms leaving nothing behind………….not like this. She’d not leave everything this way unless forced to.

          • It sounds to me we got a bunch of copy cat crimes hidden under the Vail of one original crime. The way this has gone with the investigation or the lack there of……..anyone could come out there and walk away free as sad as it sounds

          • I agree with you a 1000%!!! She was Awesome and you are right her and alcohol don’t mix. Seen in many times. I am so freaking sad about this…
            My husband and I met her when she was working at the Deerhorn Market in 2012/13. She helped is find a place in Phillipsville. She became a really close friend of mine and my family. I was just telling my husband she wouldn’t leave nothing begging look that and she loves talking waaaaaaay too much for us to have not heard anything from her. The last time I saw her was in Garberville at Ray’s in July. She was so excited to see me (we hadn’t seen each other in a while). She was telling me that she was living in Benbow and doesn’t get out much because of no car. We didn’t get to talk long because her boyfriend canned out of the store and his friend. She wanted to stay and talk, but had to go. We are now living back home in New Orleans, so if there’s anything I can do from here to help, please let me know.
            I hope and pray that she is ANYTHING, but the worst! If you hear anything PLEASE let me know….
            Kimberly Zuller
            And I’ll do the same…

      • I sure dont have a problem putting a persons name on blast if people suspect foul play if there innocent they will prove it, dont expect the police to do anything

        • 10,000.00$ reward for the information leading to her whereabouts.

          Its now been a year July 7th she officially went missing…..a name would be FANTASTIC to family members and friends dedicated in knowing SOMETHING, this has been an extremely difficult time for the sister she is shocked that she STILL HAS NO IDEA WHAT the boyfriends name is! SOMETHING is wrong with the entire story. Sweeping it under the rug won’t be allowed. Kim a question if the boyfriend was the one that reported she left all her belongings behind why is her brother’s name being used rather than the boyfriend? How do you know he’s a victim? I’m not trying to be rude simply just saying

          • I would think since the family told me that the boyfriend had called them, they would know his name.

            I didn’t speak to the boyfriend. I spoke to her brother. So I used his name. The boyfriend was the significant other of a person that went missing so I consider him a victim unless we learn otherwise. Just like if your significant other went missing, you would be considered a victim until there was proof otherwise.

  • Praying that she is found safe & unharmed. I hope my gut feeling on this one is very wrong. I’ve seen the posters up all over Benbow & Garberville so I truly hope someone comes forward with info on how to find her.

  • My father was a sheriff here in humboldt for 45 years he patrolled from hwy36 to garberville…he flew in the first camp planes taking pictures way back in 1982 and the corruption,stealing,favoritism,corruption,corruption,corruption was something that truley devastated him… Sheriff Bob,we miss you!

  • Had anyone heard anything new about Leann??? She was actually a really good friends of mine. I moved back home to New Orleans and haven’t been in touch. I just saw this and I’m so heartbroken….

      • I’m so heartbroken about this…I know she has a daughter in Santa Rosa or Santa Cruz. She is one of the first people I met when we moved there from New Orleans in 2012. She worked at the Deerhorn in Phillipsville. I ended up taking her place there when she decided to leave. We ended up being really good friends. Like I was saying I saw her on Garberville at Ray’s in July. Uggggh this is so upsetting…
        Please if you here of anything, let me know….
        Thank you…

      • Ugggh…I look on here every so often hoping to see that she had been found… I’m not giving up hope. If you have any new info please update me…
        She was one of my good friends and co-worker at the Deerhorn.
        Thank you…

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  • Hi, I’m Leanne’s daughter and currently in Santa Cruz, the only information I can get is through my phone and social media. The only way for me to know what happened is if the word spreads like a wildfire. Whatever social media content you use, please share this article! It means a lot to our family, and we miss her so much. I feel that our family is falling apart and my mom’s been the only thing keeping me together.

    • Put it on the news never give up you need closer so dose your loving mom in heartbroken I wish I could fly over and help she was my best friend growing up we spent all the time together Please find her so sorry sweetie be strong never stop fighting for her ….

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