Here Are the Gatherings Locally to Mark the Inauguration of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump‘s official Inauguration Photo. See the invite here. 

Mourning or merrymaking?

Tomorrow is the…er…Don of a new presidency. Groups are gathering, celebrating, marching in recognition–for better or worse–of the momentous change for the next few days.

The North Coast gatherings open to the public that we received notice of so far tend towards the non-celebratory but all are welcome to enter their Inauguration community events in the comment section below.

Here are the three we know that have been organized:

List of Inauguration gatherings:

    • People in Black Inaugural Day Vigil
      • Where:Arcata Plaza
      • When: 8:30 to 10 a.m.
      • What:

        Participants will stand in silent solidarity to express their concerns about the incoming administration. All people are welcome to participate in this peaceful gathering.  Silent witness, in the spirit of Woman in Black, will be respectfully maintained. Signs and banners are welcome. Black clothing is encouraged.

    • Inauguration Day Action for the Rights of Communities of Color
      • Where: Humboldt County Courthouse, 825 5th St, Eureka, CA
      • When: 9-11 a.m., Friday
      • What:

      A coalition of North Coast grassroots organizations is signaling its intent to oppose the incoming federal administration’s harmful proposed policies on immigration, health care, women’s and LGBT rights, and more. On Inauguration Day 2017 these groups will reaffirm their values and map out the path for the years to come. “It is important for us to publicly express our intent to organize in the next few years around basic human rights and dignity for those communities targeted by Donald Trump and his Administration,”

    • The Women’s March on Eureka
        • Where: The rally and march will begin and end at 1st and C Streets in Eureka and proceed roundtrip through Old Town.
        • When: held on Saturday, January 21, 2017, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Carpooling & arrival between 12-1 pm encouraged. (We are setting up between 10 am – 12 pm)
        • What:

      AFSCME Local 1684, the largest union in Humboldt County representing more than 1,100 county employees, is sponsoring the event by providing financial support and outreach for participants. Their generosity and dedication to the cause of social justice and public engagement has provided the financial support to make this march happen



  • When are these people and groups going to grow up and adjust to the fact that there is a new Person in Office and they need to stop their stupid and idiotic rantings. Maybe a bunch of us ought to get together (with signs and bull horns) to protest them at their so called rallies. I guess us Caucasions, Native Americans and other nationalities don’t mean much with our ideas. I’m really feeling “so sorry” for these people that they can’t give the new incoming Administration a chance to prove or disapprove that they CAN MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. If you can’t adjust, than maybe another Country will make a better place for you to live in.

    • classic rape mentality… shut up and take it, this isn’t a democracy.

      • Black rifles matter

        Yes it is. If you dont think this is a democracy, you need to do some traveling outside the states.
        Really?? Rape mentality? Wow.

    • I’m glad to see someone pissed off about freedom of speech . How about keep your comments to yourself with that attitude.

    • Wow your comment disgusts me, not only because it’s so contradicting but because it’s the apitamy of Trump supporters. You say, “idiotic ranting needs to stop” isn’t that what you just did? And what Trump supporters do and did at ever rally? I feel sorry for the fact that you have faith in such an unfit president.

      20 minutes until Obama is no longer our president, no more amazing and moving speeches. Just phony, twisted and awkward trump moments. WE ARE SCREWED. 😭

      • Obama was the WORST president in history. Time to take the country back. You and cowards like Jared Huffman can move to Canada now.

      • Hahahaha hahahaha
        We’ve been screwed

      • yep I have noticed that too..they insult you while telling you to sit down and shut up….it’s not gonna happen

        • As Scared as most

          Are you a taxpaying, employed, self sufficient, voting person? Let’s get rid of the drug infested, welfare TAKE TAKE TAKERS, non-voting people who have nothing better to complain about than the loss of the cushy public assistance that they are about to lose.
          Power back to the people that work for a living!

      • I quite agree, Viceland [edit: Republicans] are ALWAYS right, & think they are correct all the time too!!!

      • Make California Great Again. Nationalize the Guard.

    • liberties w/o oppression

      You sound like a communist with insecurities Eldon. Just in case you have forgotten or failed to care this country came about because of protests of one sort or another. Have become stonger because of protests and the freedom to do so. You sir should consider moving to a country that protests are not part of constitution rights post haste. For there has many many a solider that have died in this country to protect those rights and many people have died protesting in other countries trying to gain those rights.

    • Another country? How ignorant is that!!! Ignorance is how we got here. Eldon, [edit] do some homework on your boy, trump. I’ll be marching on sat. and while I am, click around, check out Rachel Maddow and everyone else who refuses to kneel to this very mentaly ill man.😉

    • This president encouraged people to rise up if he did not win. This president said he would not accept the election if he did not win. His supporters called for pitchforks and torches if he did not win. The Governor of Tennessee said if Hillary wins we must take up arms and reclaim our country. Deal with it beotch.

    • Your the reason why the government gets away with what it does

    • “Stupid idiotic rantings”……LOL

      • Here’s as good a place as any to note, in the inauguration speech, Trump never uttered the word
        “liberty”, never said
        “democracy”, did not mention
        “the Constitution”, and did not state
        “all men are created equal”.

        Never before has an incoming Prez not mentioned at least two of those words or terms in his inauguration speech.

        He did, however, say “carnage”, “ravages” and “destroying”.
        The surreal semiotics are simply seamy.

    • I think you missed the point of the March. We are marching for equal rights for every single person in the U.S. We are marching for our constitutional rights and the right to keep them. We are marching for sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters and every generation following. We are marching for the planet. We are marching for you.

      • You’re marching for things that you already have? That’s great. Now respect this Country and this process.

        • I would, if our Commander in Chief wasn’t planning on stripping a good portion of the population of them!!! Take your false flag elsewhere find someone who will belive the crock of crap your BOY Trump spews!!!!

        • Marching for things that are about to go away. If you think grabbing womens crotches and hating anyone different than you is ok, which trump supporters must if they voted for him, then i respectfully ask you to move to the middle if the country to be with your like minded folks. I dont feel safe with you in our community and neither do the teen girls being groped at local high schools and then shamed when they say no. I dont want to have a country run on hate, theres plenty in the world already.
          And really i dont care who it is, appointing people to jobs who have no experience is riduculous and filling only 29 of the 660 posts thst need filled damages our country and national security. How funny that now trumps keeping a bunch of obamas staff to fill those positions, isnt that what u trump supporters didnt want? And if trump lost the electoral college but had almost 3 million more popular votes, his supporters would b starting a civil war with guns. In a few months when you realize the rugs been pulled out from under you and you too have been bamboozled by trump like everyone else whos dealt with him, dont come crying.
          Have fun watching your elderly family members have no more medicaid/medicare and slowly die in agony and your kids have no school books because you cant afford to buy them (schools will be going private or get no funding) & theres no more national emdowment for the arts, etc. Oh and if your kid gets cancer youll have no way to help them. Have fun being a slave in the new white majority!

          • As Scared as most

            Please people, If you voted, If you pay taxes, If you have a Midwestern work ethic, If you are educated and can spell, If you have never been burglarized, then by all means, go ahead and criticize the people that are tired of the money grabbing, dishonesty, heroin addicted robbers of are society. Most REAL hardworking individuals are sick of corrupt politics….BILLARY will NEVER be back. GET A JOB

          • Those are all progressive liberal values you’re speaking of.. And the votes of millions of illegal immigrants do not count.
            Your agenda for chaos and social decay ended Jan 20th.
            Suck it up buttercup.

          • Hundreds of thousands marching/protesting for rights they already have and have always had. These marches are only dividing this country more. Stop acting like the bully just stole your lunch, nothing bad has yet to happen. Your all standing around hoping Trump will let us all down so you can say you were right. Well, I for one believe he will start making some changes very soon and they will be to the benefit of our country. But for God sakes people stop your F****** whining seriously this shit is OLD.

        • This whole us vs them, everyone fits into a liberal or conservative box thing is out of control. Guess what, i would be considered a liberal by box standards, but im not against people having guns and i get into debates with friends about it all the time. We listen to one another and agree to disagree and move on. Lets try a little more of that!

          Really i dont care who it is, bernie hillary trump or jesus himself, you dont appoint people to jobs who dont understand the job description and have zero experience or skills for that position. Especially when those jobs involve making serious decisions that affect billions of peoples ability to survive. To me this is the equivalent of cheech and chong being elected by the “left”; maybe interesting to watch them on tv but would not want them as govt leaders as they have no experience. And it would be nuts.

          Its sad that reality tv has gotten to the point that folks think what they see on tv is who these people are in person. Many of those shows are really just big commercials. Like how trumps ex got the daughter to wear a bracelet to a press event and afterwards put those bracelets up for sale for 10,000 each.
          Cmon trump folks its ok to admit that not everything he does is ok. A leader that is so one sided that you agree with everything they do and say is usually a dictator.
          America will never be great if we cannot have reasonable respectful discussions and debate. If a president ran saying lets get all white dudes kicked out of the country or round them up, you guys would probably be pretty emotional and upset too.
          Plus within a year he will be impeached, so we all have a responsibility to make sure our republic does not become a fascist state. Do you really want a putin in power here?

          • Well said- I think a lot of people in humboldt and other rural places are rational and have their own opinion. I personally think Obama will be remembered as a great president. Listening to him, you get an idea of his intelligence and humility. Trump is a terrible contrast, belligerent and rude, uninspiring and ugly. I for one think words really matter.

        • And want to ensure we continue to have. This isn’t a March of trump haters. It’s a March of people who care about everyone’s rights. Why can’t people understand that?

      • Last I checked Obama was the one trying to take away our Constitutional rights. But you probably don’t agree with those right hu? But illigals should have their rights?

        • THC, It’s ILLEGALS dummy, buy a damned dictionary or use dictionary .com to find the correct spelling!!! Poor spelling makes your post look even more ignorant than it already is by supporting this Man Child who won the election with the help of Russia!!!!

        • THC, Holy smokes you got a twisted view on humanity, and a horrible view on the legacy of Barrack Obama. Please seek help or try to talk to a minority in need of help. If you still feel the same way after a talk with someone with true struggles, than you have no hope of understanding what’s going on in our country.

          Also, this is the most polarized election that we’ve ever seen. With that said, if you are a TRUE American, without hatred for others/ also enjoy’s sharing this beautiful country with the beautiful other races’ we have in this world, this question is for you, isn’t it just sad that we, (as a country) are letting this man who is a reality tv show host COMPLETELY TEAR OUR COUNTRY APART? I mean think about it he has our country in shambles because of his own ego. It’s sickening, Isn’t that the worst part of this whole thing?

          Dan F, I totally agree with you buddy, the Russian influence should scare everyone right now, did you see that Russian hackers have been cutting power to live news feeds (only when Russian influence is brought up) and relaying to Russian tv and creepily looping it to repeat what was said in a scary fashion.


          • I have no problem with minorities. I have a problem with illegal immigrants who come here and take without putting anything in. I don’t care what fucking color they are.

            • You are a sad person, being fooled into the whole “wall scheme” of a plan your president elect has proposed.

              P.s change your fucking name, THC and racism don’t go, “hand and hand”.

              Unless it stands for Trump Hates something, I mean that would make sense.

              • Please avoid personal attacks.

                • Sorry kym, you are right. I shouldn’t resort to personal attacks, it gets us nowhere. It’s just this whole thing gets to people that have loved ones that are being affected by the hatred that the new president has been spreading. Alot of people believe in protesting any way they can, rather than sitting back and doing nothing while they’re loved ones are being looked over and “dissed” by the man in the most important position of our country. I believe that’s the answer to people’s question when they wonder why these protests are happening.

                • It’s a frightening time for at least half the country. Every time one person lets their fears goad them to personal attacks instead of reasoned action, we’re that much further down a path most of us don’t want to be on.

                • As Scared as most

                  Kim, I have followed you and believed that you on equal terms with comments, both pro and con. However, this particular post seems to favor the more liberal side. Why have you deleted all my posts?

                • Not deleted.Just your comments are held because I wasn’t on the computer to approve them.

              • Exactly what racism are you referring to.?

                It’s so nice to come on here and read all the loving, unifying, tolerant open minded comments from you holier-than-thou mine is the only opinion that matters close-minded liberal. And I am such a racist that I voted for Obama in 2008. Yes I due pay taxes, I would also agree that there are a large number of Citizens that are abusing our welfare system that should have their benefits taken away. We are over 20 trillion in debt. we can not afford to give people free shit that don’t earn it, regardless of were they come from or what color they are. There are plenty of hungry, homeless people already in this country, if we’re going to give free hand outs we should start with them first anyway. Then once we get our debt under control and get everyone here already squared away we can start taking care of the rest of the world.

                • Vineland, obviously I’m the one full of hate.

                • There is so much BS in your post I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just present you with a question…
                  Did you or do you know anyone who lost a home, rental, property, anything…because of the recession and the housing mortgage crises?
                  If you do/did and you voted for Trump, you may as well go up to those people’s faces and spit in them. Trump just appointed what, 4-5 former goldman sachs employees…the VERY PEOPLE who are responsible for our recession were just brought into office. But he “drained the swamp” right? No. He let the predators in and gave them even more power.

            • C'mon, read a little first

              Please point out who those are?!? In the housing crisis latino families were the only group who kept their payments up. They pay taxes on everything they buy&use. The big corporations say like United airlines paid nothing, zero, zip in taxes last year. Offshore accounts for walmart and apple had upwards of 150 billion untaxed dollars hidden away.
              Are you then referring to chinese immigrants who have birthing houses all over so cal where women pay 30-40,000 each to come have a baby here? Or canadians?
              I dont get what you think theyre all taking from our country. You obviously have never had to use social services or you would know that even as a documented citizen its difficult to get any assistance.
              And whats with the sudden stance that communists are ok and our buddy now? Just wait til they release those photos of him!!! I have been called a commie multiple times when i worked at a few non-profits so im baffled why its suddenly ok?

              • You’re right I’ve never had to use Social Services I actually work for a living.

                • Things aren't always what they seem!

                  Good for u. Here’s you gold star sticker. Stick to you job n stop judgin others that need help vs u. Maybe take up some hobbies, like knittin, cause you rant as much as my great-grandmama.

            • Obama was a continuation of policies from Boy Bush’s years, in some ways even more fascist. A person doesn’t need to be on a side to see that. And yes Trump will cater to the same policies now he has the position, we need to resist all of them as they all lie. . . Continuously.

            • They pay taxes. That’s “putting in”. Do you pay taxes THC?

        • Bush, nixon, carter, johnson, other bush, clinton, obama, all piled on to a climax. The only part left is a brutal citizen against citizen all out war, while the congress lays back in hiding until they can claim the spoils.
          I feel bad for the hopeful immigrants who want to become citizens.
          I feel fear for those who are being terrorized by the felons who not only are catch & release daily from our own wacked out communities, but are welcomed here across the borders with open arms too.
          I feel bullied & depressed on a daily basis, for defending people’s right to safe, secure, neighborhoods & jobs.
          After listening to Trump’s speech today, I finally have hope again for the desperate among us. I didn’t vote for him, but I will support him as long as he shows sincerity in healing the nation.

      • The constitution does not grant us our rights. We created govt to protect our rights. The constitution limits the govt. The president has very few authorised duties. He has the power to veto unconstitutional laws & acts, but he does not have the authority to create laws & acts.
        Only YOU have the power to govern you. Trump in his speech today, said YOU will regain your stolen power back. Almost every right has been stolen from you this past few decades. Since 1913 it’s been blatantly stolen. Trump wants to give the power back to the people, not take more away. The media wants to get rich, they don’t care whose rights they tread on.
        He does not want to end the planet. He wants common sense to return. Zero toxic levels is impossible, unless we are all willing to stop breathing. Returning the acceptable toxic levels back to the original OSHA levels is a life saving move. Even the trees need our toxins for survival, for turning into pure oxygen for all.
        It is not an all or nothing.
        Step away from the twisted media.

      • Black rifles matter


    • Fuck EVERYONE who thinks I have to shut up because I don’t agree with your fascist, mysoginist, racist Prick Elect!

    • Eldon, dear, your slip is showing.

    • Who are “these” people and “these” groups that you refer to? You have a right to voice your opinion so come on down to the March. You are welcomed. You will be treated with respect and consideration as long as you do the same. See you there sir!

    • As Scared as most

      Eldon. Thank your your opinion. I VOTED. And some of these comments are offensive.
      They claim “freedom of speech”, just NOT yours.
      RHBB never published my reply to Sharon, just a deletion of her mouthful of hatred.

    • I say around 8 years from now. The same time it took republicans to grow up after Obama took office. Oh wait, shit they haven’t grown up yet. That’s why the Don got elected.

  • Just because the AFSCME is backing something it doesn’t mean all members agrees. I so wish I did not HAVE to belong to their union at times like this it’s embarrassing!

  • Protesting democracy?


  • Like Obama said” the sun will come up in the morning”

  • What? Your eyes are absolutely bleeding and so is your whatever. I’ve voted for trump and stand by that vote. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. WE The PEOPLE ARE Who voted him in. You’re probably someone who bitches about it, but doesn’t vote. Right? Your excuses are it would not make a difference. Am I right? If you have a problem with the new president, then get off your ass/highhorse and drive the FOUR or five miles to your precinct and VOTE OR SHUT YOUR MOUTH. This man might surprise you. Have a good day and GO TRUMP.

    • Nice usage of the classic reference, “and so is your whatever”. Crescent City clickbait!

      I completely agree with your original statement, “this man might surprise you”.

    • We the People didn’t vote him in. He lost the popular vote by 2.8 people. He won the electoral college that hinged on 80-100k people in 3 states.

      A friend said he would give me a red hat with ‘Make America Great Again’. I asked him if he could get the same hat in Russian, please.

    • Black rifles matter

      Doesn’t matter he lost the popular vote. This is the same way our elections have been ran since day one. Our fore fathers set it up this way. You don’t like it, BOUNCE!!!!

  • Goodriddanceobama

    The Liberals biggest fear is that Trump will succeed

    • Or that we will be assigned tattoos and a striped white & black suit

    • I mean, no, I have a hope he might be a good change. There is a small chance he will do great things. He has proved to be EXTREMELY lucky. Chances are, though, that he will go down hard in scandal. He has a serious ‘blind spot’ for conflict of interest and corruption, whether real or perceived. I do think he has good intentions and I do wish him good luck, only because I love this country.

  • The biggest fear of the Liberal is that Trump will succeed in doing exactly as the right has been talking about doing since FDR instituted the New Deal Reforms. These reforms are based in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs. Programs that we all pay into and deserve to reap the rewards of at retirement.

    The biggest fear for Liberals is that those who duped themselves into believing that Trump was somehow a champion of the working man will follow along with his policies now that he has been elected to the detriment of themselves and our nation’s most vulnerable classes. Trump has lied at every turn during this election. And not in ways that were obscure or questionable. He tweets impossibly naive rants against everything and everyone who disagrees with him. He has marginalized millions of people through his bullying tactics that at the very least are unbecoming a President Elect — let alone a President.

    The list of examples of his complete lack of integrity, knowledge, professionalism etc is near endless. He hasn’t the fortitude to be an elected official — especially not the most powerful person in the world. I fear for our ability to recover from whatever damage he does in the next four years. Have you ever heard Trump make a laudable assessment of any agency in the United States government? I doubt it. And yet, I highly doubt that even the Paul Ryan sect would argue that not a single agency is doing a good job. Trump just isn’t the right guy for the job and while I have my reservations regarding Hillary, I know for a fact that any damage that she might have done would be readily fixable and handled without the fear that she would have destroyed and/or eliminated every agency that provides a service that is personally unimportant to her. Trump very much has the attitude that everything not suited for him, is not suited for the rest of the country.

    • Said very well. Now I gotta get ready for work and as i watch the morning news, try to not puke. I feel bad for the Obama’s having to even be near trump. Blaaghh!😔

    • GoodNightAmerica, Exactly the problem!!! Common Sense sadly isn’t as common as it used to be!!! The Sheeple believe all the CRAP he peddles!!! They eat it up with a great gusto!!! God forbid they should actually fact check some of hs wild stories!!! They don’t want a little thing such as the TRUTH getting in the way of God Emperor Donny

  • I think we should all take up a collection so we can provide little puppies and massages for all those little candy-ass snowflakes so they can ‘feel’ better. And maybe rope off some ‘safe-spaces’ for them while we are at it.

  • How refreshing an actual adult in the White House time to get some serious big boy stuff done !! I just love all these tender little liberals heads explode on this awesome websits thanx for the political story Kym . Would like to see more of them. It’s a delicacy for me seeing all these lib commentors cry and whine .seriously it’s so delicious !!! There tears are truly so sweet !!!!!

    • Trump’s naracisstic ass probably has serious wood right now. So gross…he even looks a little scared…

      • I just can’t wait till Trump supporters realize how much of a fuck up he is. I actually laugh at the fact you guys have so much faith in him. I would be holding off on all that, “serious big boy stuff that’s gonna get done” if I were you guys cause you sure will look stupid when things don’t go your way and he does non of the things that you guys voted him in for. Be ready for it. He played you trump supporters like the pawns you are. Also, I don’t think it’s as simple as getting some serious big boy stuff done. It just doesn’t work that way, you Trump voters act like it it’s some simple task for him, news flash! It’s not! You need to deal with things properly and have a good temperment at all times, this is our country we just threw it to a grown man who acts like a teenager. I don’t know how everyone doesn’t see that he has no idea what he’s doing, or what he’s going to do.

      • As Scared as most

        Your rude comments are not even spelled correctly.
        I hope you are not a teacher.

      • As Scared as most

        KYM, Please remove posts from this woman Sharon, or post mine.

    • Why is every pro trump comment so bragging and ungracious? He really brings out the worst in people. Like the st Bernard’s sports parents haha

    • every pro trump comment reminds me of st Bernard’s soccer parents.

  • This has nothing to do with liberals not getting their way. This is about the Republican party and the Electoral College Electors failing to put forth a competent Presidential elect.

    • Compared to who, Hillary? Please. The reason Trump won was because there were no good candidates on either side. I remember laughing in 2008 when Trump was talking about running for president. I thought ya just what we need a cut throat billionaire as president. I then went out and voted for Obama, because at the time I didn’t think it could get any worse than George W bush. But after 16 years of broken policy, broken promises and political corruption I’m willing to give any person that’s not at Washington DC Insider a chance. Will Trump do any better, will he help this country out at all? only time will tell, but if Hillary Clinton was elected for a certainty nothing would have been different we would have kept down the same path we’ve been on since Reagan was in office.

    • Coastal liberals combined with illegal immigrants cannot have complete control over the fate of al Americans. That’s communism.

      • You Trump supporters are so dim, why can’t you look at the bigger picture? Every Trump voters comment doesn’t talk about any issues that are going to change our country. Every issue you think is the brink of our existence or has been destroying our country is not what’s going to help us. It’s much deeper than the illegals or Obama, do you remember what Obama brought us back from? A time that wasn’t seen since the Great Depression if you don’t remember. What about the illegals they came and did all the work no one wants to do making the white business owners rich. Exactly like what your man trump has done his whole career, except he doesn’t pay them, fires them after it’s done, and says they did it wrong and sues them. Should’nt the people that got rich off the “illegal” workers be the ones punished? Or no?

        Trump fed you guys this shit and you ate it and felt nourished than you started praising him and standing behind him while he lies and spews hatred, than that hated was repeated constantly. If you think about it, that sounds just like the beginning of Hitler’s ruling.


  • It just boggles my mind that any one actually voted for Hillary how is it possible? Have u ever listenened to her talk ( lie)??

    • What boggles my mind is how many dope growing, welfare cheating Trumpanzees there are in Humboldt. And no, I’m not moving, because I don’t believe in the bullshit you believe in.

    • I did NOT Vote for Shillary nor would I if she was the only candidate nor did I vote for the Man Child, he of the 3rd grade mentality!!! WAAAAHHHHH he called me a bad name, NUKE HIM!!!!!

    • You say lies? And you haven’t seen trump lie over and over again. Even when he is on camera saying it, he lies and says, he didn’t say it. It’s like you were on camera dude!! That’s as childish as it gets.

      He’s not fit to be president atleast admit that!

  • It should have beeb Bernie. The statiatics were there. He would have left Trump in the dust. The DNC screwed us with no vasoline, Thanks a lot Debbie! Now we have to listen to these smug sheep 🐑 knuckleheads for another 4 yrs

    • Just like we had to listen to you for 8. Payback’s a bitch.

      • You got that right. I’m gonna Bitch the whole short 4YEARS and show him the same respect he gave Obama all 8! You all act like an older sibling who isn’t in trouble, standing behind mommy, even though they misbehaved too. You’ll be speaking a different tune when the kool-aid wears off. What will be worse is those who proudly supported this smoke screen take over. They might be hiding there support in the future, when they realize,they were not sold a Lamborghini but a Pinto Lemon, wait make that an Pinto Orange.

        • As Scared as most

          What I find funny is that the so called Hillary liberal supporters can not spell.

          • I find it funny if you disagree, u must be a Hill liberal. The DNC screwed me. I voted Bernie, F*** HILL & Trump! What i also find funny is the attacks on spelling. What’s mispelled? I do see I needed a space between words, but i believe that’s only a Grammatical error, not a spelling error.

            What i also find funny is this lame & unoriginal trend of attacking ones intellegence to be on top. WIN WIN WIN! CHEW CHEW CHEW! SPIT SPIT SPIT! Cause thats how we make America Great Again. LMAO We are all going to Hell in a handbasket together. Hope you enjoy the ride with us!

      • Your version of “payback” is someone who is tearing our country apart and then is going to destroy it, all because of his millionaire ego. I would be very worried about the future of the kids in that picture of yours. Cause I am with mine. (You do have white privilege on your side tho). Yes, you truly are a proud deplorable. Do you even know the definition of deplorable or do you just like the sound of it?

    • Hooray!, what little I can understand of your post, with the terrible spelling in it I agree with!!! However if you want to influence more people correct spelling works wonders!!! Otherwise they think you’re just another moron like they are, except on the “Wrong side”!!!!

  • Today is inauguration day? Huh, just another day in America, go to work , go home , get up tomorrow and do the same, no change, no change .

  • Wow just heard the pro Hillary peace and love Party are smashing windows right now at Trump inauguration

  • Set back for a few months and allow President Trump do his work. After a few months we will be able to see what his intentions are and what he is doing to enforce them. But, please do not hate before he is even given a chance. I didn’t vote for Obama nor did I ever like him but I did NOT let my dislike turn to hate.

    • I don’t hate him, YET, give me a while for his cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, not to mention Veterans benefits, disabled retired or WTF ever!!! I trust DJ Donnie (He’s ALWAYS Spinning something, usually out of control) Then we’ll see when the top 2% get a tax cut while the rest of us get a “Trip to The Barrel”!!!! Bend over & Grease it!!! NO N/M greasing just BEND!!!!

  • I’m not hating, I’m fearful: fearful to think of what will happen to our environment, our education system, our healthcare system, our Supreme Court, and every other regulatory agency in this country under a Trump administration. The people he has put in charge, if they are indeed confirmed, are billionaires who care little about the well-being of the planet, unfortunately. They are oil executives and their supporters/ paid political lackeys who will be in charge of the environmental policies that will benefit them, not any of us. Rolling back all regulation will be dangerous, if not a disaster. I cannot sit back and watch this happen to my children and grandchildren. I will stand up and be counted as one who treasures this beautiful planet and wants to see us all survive. If that sounds crazy to you, I would ask you to look at the science based information that is out there on our global climate situation. Educate yourself to what is really going on. Look at the weather every day, here and elsewhere on the planet. Think critically, and above all, do not close your minds and hearts to those who are less fortunate than yourselves. We all need to do this.

  • DumpTrumptheChump

    That’s his inauguration photo? Screwed up the comb-over, eh? Haha.

  • Good riddance to Obama & his corrupt regime! I can’t wait until all the Obama phones are shut off. The Obama IRS actions are a national disgrace along with the 5th amendment pleas from our govt employees. As usual swept under the table like all liberal corruption.

    Trump wants to unite the people in this country but the liberal hate is overwhelming & senseless as always.

    It would be nice to go back to a country that may disagree but cooperate to make things better for everybody.

  • Hair to the throne.

  • Example from today…

    “The statement also said that murders in Washington, D.C., have “risen by 50 percent.” In 2015, the nation’s capital saw a 54% increase in homicides from 2014. Last year, however, the homicide rate decreased by 17%.”
    … regarding a statement made by trumps administration as reported in time magazine.

    Take some time to verify info on all sides, raising hell over some information thats false is a waste on many levels.

  • I truly hope Trump does succeed. I hope he becomes a classy, respectful president we all can be proud of. I hope he takes his new job seriously and backs up his goals and dreams to make America a better place to live for everyone. I hope there is follow through of positives for this country. Only time will tell. He needs to be a president for all this country and not just his supporters. His words can bring us together. His actions can bring us together.

  • So many ran by perceived fear.
    Instead of worrying- get off your butts and make changes. Be the change you wish to see. Walk the walk. Don’t just talk the talk.

  • Why is it that the most intolerant want tolerance, but only for their point of view?

  • I don’t know if this has anything to do with all the replies ( I hope that’s right Dan ), but some person smarter than me said;

    Ignorance Brings Chaos Not Knowledge


  • Agreed. Gypsy rose. I look at today’s events in D.C with the rioting and your last little statement fits. Ignorant and entitled. So sad.

  • Trump is the right man for this country. Let’s support him and hopefully he will be the one to get this country back on track for a potential 8 years!!!

  • Why have 21 days out of the mandated paid for 365 days been wasted on protesting & fear mongering, hate & unrest, instead of on sensible gatherings to form co-op healthcare, fundraisers for transitioning patients, & private health insurance paperwork guidance?
    Form your own socialist type insurance companies, welcoming all, but not forcing anybody. Incentives seem to work.
    Even if they completely cancel the socialism healthcare, aca, it will take time to get the laws changed, replaced, & will be phased out, like all other bills.
    Ask for extensions, set up emergency accounts, help others get their prescriptions.
    The good news is, after all is said & done, if things go according to plan, the FDA & big pharma will no longer charge the outrageous amounts of money which causes healthcare costs to sky rocket.
    Big reminder: those who yell the loudest, are hired to protect their boss’s interest. Money.

  • George Soros…The liberal unifier and background man for the Criminal Clintons including paying for these protests to take place across America. Our country has a chance to turn it around, especially our military which has been depleted of top commanders and in my opinion, weakened to some extent. We will and already are returning to the Ronald Reagan era.

  • I’m not afraid for the future of our country now. Trump isn’t perfect no doubt. However I do feel that he is the lesser of two evils. I served my country with honor. 7 months in the middle east. Iraq, Kuwait all through the Persian gulf. I’ve seen the way it is in other places. Poverty, civil war,religious intolerance. Danger close for any American. And I thank God for being an American. So all the bickering and griping about this and that and who’s better and who’s not. From shore to shore this is going on. Kinda sickening. Shows how divided we really are. Look I don’t think Trump can fix all the problems we face. I don’t think any one man can. That’s just not reasonable. However I do feel he’ll protect our borders, bring jobs back, strengthen our military and protect our people. And to me that’s far more important. Then our domestic issues. My opinion only.

    • Black rifles matter

      God bless you, and thank you for your service!
      America is the greatest country on the face of this earth.
      Love it, or leave it.

      • Okay I’m not sure if you realize your comments are bashing black, brown people and women! Do you realize that. Also I am not white I’ve delt with racism from people that sound just like you!!! Almost all my life!!! How the fuck do you think that make me feel seeing rascist comments then I see your name black rifles matter. That seems like a threat toward the BLM movement. What makes you think I know if you’ve served, also you call me Toby and kunta.

      • You know what I let myself get out of hand. And you didn’t deserve that bashing I gave you. Truth is we will never get along I guess we both have to accept it. Maybe I am just another Toby. pps. I have friends who served in the marines and in Air Force. My father is a veteran as well. Don’t think for one second I take that lightly. And I have the upmost respect for vets, so much that I as an American thank you for your service. It’s much easier hearing the harsh thoughts from someone that served than someone sitting on their couch.

  • And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free and I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me and I’ll proudly stand up next to you and defend Her still today,cuz there ain’t no doubt I love this Land,God bless the U.S.A.
    Lee Greenwood…

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