Timelapse: Carnival and Fireworks

Fireworks and carnival

Didn’t get enough of sparkles and shimmers? Here’s local videographer David Wilson’s timelapse capture of the Eureka Carnival and Fireworks. Wow!

He wrote,

From just before the fireworks, to a little after, this timelapse sequence covers the period from 9:34PM to 10:44PM in 2/3 of a minute. In all, the sequence comprises 955 individual stills, shot with my digital SLR. I had first gone out to the boardwalk to take a look at the fireworks barge out in the bay so I could eyeball a good angle for filling that empty part of the sky. It worked out!

A similar timelapse from July 2, 2016 (two days before) is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/204289636296713/permalink/1137278382997829/



  • Awesome Photography! This guys knows his stuff!

  • Thanks, Kiddzz 🙂

    NOTE: if it is stuttering, hit pause for a while to let it load up.

    When watching, it is easy to get distracted by the fireworks once they get going. But there is so much other action starting and stopping throughout the timelapse that I can still find something new going on when I re-watch it and take a look at some other area.

    To my left was the drinks and snack booth, and for a good part of the time you can see that the line is generally sliding to the left. The place got a lot of business. It was an absolutely great night for the fireworks and the carnival together. Clear skies, though a touch chilly. I was wishing I could leave my camera to go grab another long sleeve from the car, but…

    I was sitting next to my camera & tripod in my Niners chair right beside the kiddie merry-go-round. The kids’ squeals of delight as they sped around in their cars or motorcycles kept a smile on my face the whole time. I had nothing to do but engage in the fascinating activity of listening to and watching all of the people around me, imagining how it would all look once I put it together.

    While the result is a video, it actually comes from a long sequence of still images that I shot with my digital SLR (955 still photographs in all). I strung the images together and presented them rapidly (20 frames per second), much as you would create a flip book animation and then flip through the pages rapidly. Each still image was a three-second exposure, and the interval between images was one second.

  • WOW years past I never went because of the fog,this year looking at the coney island atmosphere.I really wish I had gone, looking at all that, someone really did a great job with that. I really regret staying home,but next year if it’s like that, I’m going for sure

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