Our Hearts Are Aching: Dax Brown 1997-2015

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Jan Carr, a North Coast resident, remembers Dax Brown, the recent victim of a shooting in Eureka.

Although, I didn’t know Dax very well, I remember the first time I saw him, he must have been about twelve or thirteen. He came to a McKinleyville Youth Football practice, and if I remember correctly, he played on the team that year. His mother had just passed away, she was a homeless addict, and Dax had been living on the streets with her. We heard rumors his father was also an addict on the streets of Eureka, and had no interest in raising Dax. At the time, Dax was staying with a young woman and her husband. They weren’t related by blood, but they stepped up and offered to parent Dax. I remember my own sons and I went shopping the very next day after meeting Dax, and bought him his school clothes for that year. It seemed Dax’s story touched all of us in youth football, very deeply.
During that football season, the young woman and her husband began having some trouble with Dax. At least three other families also stepped up, and volunteered to give Dax a safe place to live. He went home with a few of those families, but one by one, the pattern seemed to repeat itself, and things never worked out for Dax. Don’t get me wrong, these families tried, and I believe Dax tried, but difficulties plagued this child.

I mostly lost track of Dax in the following years, but had brief glimpses of him from time to time, as he moved from family to family, school to school. Having sons his age, it became common knowledge Dax was enamored by the gangster life, and whether it true or not, he claimed to be the founding member of the “Mack Town Gang.” This didn’t surprise any of us, but saddened all of us. I remember about two years ago, when Dax was stabbed by another teen at the 76 station in McKinleyville. Again no surprise, just a deepened sadness.

This mornings news of Dax’s violent death brought me many messages from old football moms from youth league. None of us surprised, but all of us sharing grief. On some level we all failed Dax. On some level he failed himself. He’s with his mother now, in peace. Our hearts are aching.



  • Thanks Kym for the update. I was not sure why Chief Mills was keeping such tight lips on this murder. May Dax forth into Light.

    • Chief Mills is right in keeping tight lipped about this for now. I know there are leads being looked at. There were alot of witnesses that evening. The truth will come to light real soon. I stand behind the EPD on this one. Wouldn’t want to jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

  • “Homeless addict” are you freking kidding me! His mom was his light and day and he ALWAYS came first before anybody. I grew up with dax. Our moms were best friends and seeing all this bull shit makes me sick. Dax had his problems yea….. alot of people would if they were abandoned by there only parent/family died. Dax had NOBODY but his mom!! And everyone gave up on him cause his attitude….. a pathetic excuse for not trying to help him

  • Well said the Games like grand theft auto don’t even let you play a good guy .
    What ever happened Im sure its a shame.

  • You are crazy …..I know dax. He is not a member of Mac town gang. There is no Mac town gang. Our society is so quick to jump to any thing bad. The truth is the officer that branded these kids the Mac town gang should really look in the mirror and cus that guy out. All you have done is create a world of missery to these boys,in fact most of the boys being acused of this including dax ,graduated last year. …..with cap and gown. Most of them worked real hard. But you dont hear anyone talking about any of that do you u…. Dax was a great great guy. Its too bad all you assholes should think about what you are saying. I mean really……..

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