[FOUND] BOLO: 1985 Red Toyota 4Runner Stolen From Rio Dell

20150415_153637Update FOUND!


Can you help look for this red 1985 Toyota 4Runner with 3.4 V6 engine, a black hood scoop and white fire extinguisher attached to back roll bar? Keep an eye out for its blue license plate with the designation #2L52126.

The vehicle was stolen from Rio Dell on July 1. If you have any information, contact the California Highway Patrol at (707) 822-5981.



  • This is my son’s truck,he put a lot of time energy and money replacing the motor and some Damn thief just walks into the driveway and pushes it away,….you aut to be ashamed of yourself and if your not,you will be …karma

  • I love my old toyota truck so I chain it down and block it in with another vehicle. Crazy I know. How easy it is to steal it because of 30 year old wing windows, door and ignition locks. It would be a real set back for me monetarily .

  • ya and of course i had the top off. i have to much faith in man kind i guess. they stole my new induro last year. this yota had the 22re forever and me and my buddie just got done putting a tacoma 3.4 vs in it. tons of sweat and beers. some one thought they deserved it more than me. main thing that pisses me off is hunten season is fast approaching.

  • This shows how methed out the north coast really is, I mean you gotta be high on crack or meth to steal a truck this old.
    I’d rather walk then be seen in that rig, but hey in humboldt anything goes

  • we cant all be as cool as u jogger. some people build stuff. some yuppies buy stuff. now jog your yuppie ass down to the homeless camp and find my 4 runner. i pray someday your prius goes missing, then youll feel my pain…

  • i got a tip that someone seen it on the safety corridor twice in the last three days. said they also seen it by the McKinleyville bar. no other 85 4runner has a black hood scoop….

  • found my truck with time to spare before hunting season! its filled with bullet holes and 1 severed the plug wires but after replacing them it fired up and i drove it home. there was a little camp near it. it was located on the eel river off of blueslide road. gona go down there again in my truck and see if i can locate any of the stuff missing from it. they took the stereo and my gps.

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