Baby Blue Eyes: The Humboldt Version

baby blue eyes

Baby Blue Eyes

Daily Photo #25

Named for a much bluer variety found throughout California, our local version is white with azure veins streaming through each petal.



  • This flower looks so delicate and beautiful. I’d like to have some in my yard.

  • Thanks Kim, I’m going to let you continue my “North Coast Wonders of the World. You are nailing each of the flowers that I grew up with, and you are even calling them the right names. When are you going to capture the perfect field full of Meadow Foam for me?

    I watched a pair of quail today darting in and out of a blackberry bush and It occurred to me that I haven’t seen any baby quail yet. I came home this evening and was starting to barbecue on the deck, and my dog was alerting at something under the deck, I went over and checked it out and it was a nest full of baby Blue Jays on one of the beams just under the planking. It is about six feet off of the ground. I’ll just leave them alone until they fledge.

    We have had several Blue Jays nest on our house beams and it is fun to watch the parents go crazy trying to get the baby to go back to the nest when it leaves. The baby will hop around on the ground and fly to some of the lower limbs. The baby knows that it’s parents are right there, so they get pretty carried away. The chick still begs them for food, and they continue to feed it even though it’s being bad. One parent will stay with it while the other hunts bugs for it and feeds it.

    One year, I thought that the chick had left the nest too early and tried to catch it to put it back in, but it evaded me, and after two or three days it was doing well, so I stopped worrying. I know, you are not supposed to mess with Mother Nature, but the way I figure, Mother Nature wouldn’t have sent me a nest full of Baby Blue Jays if she didn’t want me to help. I don’t know what happens to the other chicks, but usually there is only one that fledges.

    Keep doing the wildflower thing, you have no idea how much I like seeing someone else appreciate the things that I was raised with. Sometimes I think that I’m the only one.

    I tried to post this earlier, but your site has been crashed. I’m sooooooo glad that I had it in my word processor. Or I would have lost it.

  • Aunt Jackie, the Baby Blue Eyes are available as seeds in a bluer version online for sure and maybe even in local nurseries. I think our version is quite sweet but I have to admit that occasionally I yearn for the bluer flowers.

    Ernie, Our Meadow Foam hasn’t really started. We have blooms here and there but no cascades yet. I’ve been trying to capture my favorites. There is a tiny yellow flower on dry well drained sunny areas and sprinkled amongst them can be tall buttercups an poppies. It is like sunshine blanketing the ground. I always feel my dark moods disappear when I see these areas but I have yet to capture them.

    I think it is still a little early for the baby quail. I’m love watching them scatter like leaves before a breeze.

    You are so lucky to have a Blue Jay nest. Some people think they are pests but I think they are beautiful. I would be glued to the window watching their antics. I think we have a yellow breasted bird (whose name has escaped for the moment) nesting in the branches of a tree not 30 feet from our house. I’m hoping to get pics!

    I love your comments. They are like posts in themselves.

  • You folks have some lovely flowers your way. And that combines very well with photography!

  • April and May are our most beautiful months. If you ever get the urge to see the Redwoods, this is the time to come. The redwoods are unchanging but the beauty around them in the Spring is especially delightful.

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