Headsup, Travelers, 101 Southbound North of Peg House Is Stop and Go


Traffic on southbound Hwy 101 is backing up near the Peg House north of Leggett. [Photo provided by Lori Ford]

If you are heading southbound on Hwy 101 through the Leggett area plan some extra time into your commute. Traffic is backed up due to the stoplight that is south of the Peg House. Lori Ford who sent in this photo tells us there are “2 to 3 miles of stop go traffic before that light. North bound traffic not busy at all!!”

UPDATE: the original report came in about 2:30 p.m. As of 4:15 there were still reports coming in.



  • Stoplight? What stoplight?

  • Glad to hear it’s not because of another grisly accident!

  • Thank god its not from another wreck,I’m with you jackie

  • Jinx let’s hope it doesn’t happen there now .

  • I’m waiting in this traffic! 40 minutes so far

  • This is taking the “Never Don’t Stop” thing to extremes, no?

  • Love these reports, Kym! Thank you for the service! I think it might be improved if there was a time stamp on your initial report? I’m interpolating back from the 1st comment so….sometime before 3:13 pm is all I get for when this was happening. Not sure if I should add on the 30 minutes for a comment to post? Thanks again!

    • I’m sorry. I should have done that. Added it to the main story now.

      • The stop light must be for the weekend. When I went trough on Friday there were flaggers and it was backed up for miles. Maybe a 15 min wait. I heard they are replacing the guard rails and one land is closed. The general area is in very narrow section with a sheer drop to the river. New guard rails will be a good.

        • Incorrect, they just happend to be paving that section of rd at the time. The stoplight has been there for over a month, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… except when paving this last week

  • Bronco lol

  • This has been going on for a week at least. Area between Benbow and Peg House is a mess.

  • Ernie Branscomb

    I came back from Laytonville today. The traffic was backed up to just north of Bell Glen. My sister said that earlier it was backed up to Smythe Grove. My mother stopped counting cars at 200.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Summer construction on all the major arteries. Folks should check out CalTrans Quick map and plan to have enough gas, water, TP for the long delays on weekends.

  • Maybe there was something wrong with the traffic signal system? Hopefully it either got fixed or a couple workers were sent out there to manually flag.

  • Hope the peg house got lots of business.

  • veterans friend

    CALTRANS info #

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