Did You See the Big Ball of Light?

Big white ball of light, UFO,  meteor…people have given it various names. Whatever it is called though sometime between 6 and 6:30 p.m. this evening numerous people reported seeing “it” cross the sky.

Even Senator Mike McGuire tweeted about seeing a white ball of light.



Some folks in Southern California posted this video.

We are currently passing through the Taurid Meteor shower but the video looks much different from that. However, we aren’t sure whether the light shown in the video above is the same as the light seen in northern California.

UPDATE 7:26 p.m.: The Orange County Sheriff Department’s public information officer posted that the light seen in southern California was a “Naval test fire.”



  • huge sonic boom 10 minutes ago south of shively and holmes

  • Yes i did (edit: on avenue of the giants heading south out of Miranda)
    Very weird.
    Like a spotlight thru the clouds it lasted a few moments.
    My thoughts:
    *”Cue the sun” lolz #trumanshow
    *law enforcement search? (It was that bright!)
    *damn! moon full again already? Haha..as it faded into the mist of falling night.

  • We def saw a large solid triangular shaped light coming from a center point and ending abruptly without ending on an object like a mountain ect.. The light retracted around a ball then disappeared leaving only the clear sky and stars as a back drop.. It was not normal, the light didn’t disapate it just stopped. This was seen near Dinsmore Ca. 6:00pm

  • I heard a.huge kinda. Long boom that echoed at Rhonerville Park in Fortuna it was different from the other Booms. That. Ive. Heard. In. The. Past

  • Update sounds like a cover up. Weapon of mass distraction.

  • Nooooooooo! That’s my relatives from my home planet looking for me! I’m up here, you guys! Hurry! I can’t take it much longer….

  • I saw something down here in the Bay Area – it looked VERY local – like a helicopter (it may have been) with a spot light that didn’t reach the ground, but, then, disappeared through the clouds – or, sort of faded away. But, I don’t think it was cloudy here. Weird.

  • Somebody is going to get probed tonight.

  • It may have been a meteor but a spokesman for the navy says they test fired an unarmed Trident missle from a submarine off the coast of Southern California. So that is also a possibility depending on how far away such a test can be seen.

  • We def saw that in Mendocino this evening on the way back from the brewery. Really though. What was it?

  • We wouldn’t have seen the SoCal trident, but maybe they’re shooting them up here too.


    You look at that map and wonder where along this coast anyone’s safe from them.

  • YerKillin'MeSmalls !

    Oooh man…can’t wait too read the posts on this one ! Conspiracy theorists, Bigfoot hunters, everyone void of logic and common sense.. Ya can’t buy better tickets to a comedy show… OK, SHOWTIME.

  • North Korea launched an emp weapon that was shot down. Advance infiltrators are ashore and moving towards their objectives.

    Game on people.


    A message being sent, to whom and why.

  • Is this a photo of the ball of light or just a stock photo?

  • The navy claims it tested a Trident 2 missile. Strange thing is they leave an orange trail, while Russian ICBMs leave a blue trail. Same thing happened in Florida two months ago, and this launch was two years to the day of the last blue light seen over LA.
    Factor in the LA launch the navy claimed was a contrail, along with the South Padre Island launch, and it appears some type of message is being sent.
    The blue trails from Russian rockets could be seen in the Norway spiral just as the potus was giving a NATO speech.

    Lucky for us to be living in these times. We’re going to have front row seats to ‘it’ going down.

    Skynet is active and planning its move.

    • Identical sighting over China back in 2011.

      Did someone launch a surprise missile while the navy had their war games going on that moved air traffic from LAX?

      Some type of message being sent…

  • Three China war ships docked in Florida.
    West coast practices shooting big balls of light.
    I picked a great time to watch “The Man in the High Castle”. I want my mommy.

  • When I lived in SoCal saw a number of launches from Vandenberg A.F.B.. They are spectacular. They begin as a rising ball of light and when they reach a certain altitude the exhaust fans out suddenly into a large umbrella shape. They are visible hundreds of miles away.

    • They announce them, though.

      This rocket was blue. Trident is red.

      • I grew up in SoCal around the same area and would see the launches from vandenburg and whatever they launched would have a blue exhaust

    • Now, don’t go taking all the fun out of it for the aluminum foil hat crowd. After all, maybe it was just the Baron’s underwear balloon out for an evening’s sail….

  • LAX is now rerouting flights; no flights over Pacific ocean. Could you inquire with the Humboldt County Airport to see if they have any changes going on?

    What ever that means

  • It was a test missile according to the Navy Sacramento’s news agency even picked up on alot of stations did abc7 bay area even picked up on it

  • ACK!, ACK, ACKACK! Don’t run, We are your friends. ACK, ACK. ACKACK!

  • Maybe it was the uss enterprise

  • The BBC says they are unarmed ICBM test missiles, launched off both So and No California. They speculate the tests are possibly political messages in response to North Korea in general, and/or the Chinese building airstrips on the reefs in the mid-Pacific.
    Whatever, we should receive advanced warning of these war games (dream on.) Some relatives living in a retirement village in Marin thought we’d been bombed! Rough stuff for old hearts…af

  • Dolor eum distinctio. Odit est, itaque tempore, ad sed voluptas.

  • So obviously there was more then one of these since I really doubt people here in humboldt were seeing the same one that people were seeing down in LA?

  • And old friend of mine posted this on FB.

    “Last night I was listening to a conversation about a big government “UFO cover-up.” I guess the military industrial complex would prefer we talk about that big government conspiracy than the actual fact that we test launched a Trident missile,which I’ve seen costed between $30m and $66m from a submarine that cost us about $8.2 billion – and didin’t provide shelter to a single homeless vet or healthcare to a single child with that money.”

    • Not with that money, correct. But they have spent 35 BILLION in FOREIGN aid. Your tax dollars are being spent on the new global world order.

  • If you know anything about our technology now a days when it comes to the navy of Air Force, you would understand what happened in that video. It’s not the 60’s any more were using gravitational pull to redirect spacecrafts/missiles, really tricky stuff. One reason it was so visible is because they didn’t test it over the water this time, and the fog is illuminating even the smallest light. Just like when you turn your high beams on when it’s really foggy and it’s too bright to see.

  • It was all over the news.its a missile test with no weapon aboard.just a test.you guys kill me !!!

    • Don’t believe the govt orchestrated news…besides, “best case scenario” is our government launched an unarmed 130,000lb missile directly over our heads from a nuclear sub? Were they trying to splash down in the Atlantic? Any of been under mortars during the 4th of July? I don’t think its acceptable for our government to be launching over U.S. soil. Could have been catastrophic. Still think its a cover up.

  • The hipster video above is fake. But the Norway, China etc. spirals are to do with aerosol dispersion, as are “chemtrails”, which have only over the past few years become a regular characteristic of our Humboldt skies.

  • All I can say is, we saw exactly the same thing as what was in that video, between fort Bragg and Mendocino at 6:30ish. It was more cloudy, so it just seemed like a really bright spotlight coming from a helicopter. It was definitely local because it shone through low clouds and we could see the source, which seemed stationary. We didn’t think too much of it, honestly.

  • I wish I had seen this post sooner. I didn’t see anything the night this happened but I saw some strange things the next night. I posted something on another site and nobody responded.

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