Miranda Resident Saves Dog and Helps Deputies Find Deceased Owner

Idaho VehicleToday, Miranda woman saved a dog from distress and helped law enforcement find the body of a man who may have committed suicide

Helpful Sidebar for Suicide

Aimee Maccarthy-zambo said she had noticed a vehicle parked on the Avenue of the Giants for a day and a half, maybe two days with a window partially down. “It was a nice car,” she said.

This afternoon she decided to check and see if everything was okay. “There was a small dog huddled on the floorboards in distress,” she said.

She took the dog out of the vehicle and called the Sheriff’s Department to report the situation

When the Sheriff’s deputy arrived, they looked around to see if they could find the owner. “As soon as we took a step–about 10 feet from the vehicle, we found where he had hung himself,” she said. “He was wearing a suit…He had a flashlight next to him. It was obviously something he had been planning.”

Suicide what to do

From paperwork in the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle, she said deputies were able to determine the identity of the deceased man. “They were super awesome and respectful,” she said.

“I will go to sleep tonight knowing I saved his dog from any further distress and I hope [the deceased] sees that,” Maccarthy-zambo told us. She said she hopes that others will take the time to check on vehicles that are parked alongside the road in the future. “While it is not uncommon for a vehicle to pull over, there comes a time to just check on a vehicle,” she said. “I’m thankful I checked.”

Animal control has taken charge of the small dog and the vehicle has been towed.

UPDATE 2:27 p.m.: Sweet Senior Dog Gets New Home After Being Saved Last Week by a Miranda Resident



  • Sad, but in a very strange way a heartwarming story.

  • Thank you Aimee. I’m happy you saved that dog. These are difficult times. Many are hurting. Peace and love to all.

  • Thank you for taking time out to check on this situation. How tragic!

  • Good job Aimee.

  • how is the little dog? Does the little dog need a home? How so very sad… There is so much sadness and despair in our world right now.. And innocent animals get caught up in this.. Please, let us know how the little dog is. He?she may have a home . Thanks … Blessings to the deceased. Prayers for an afterlife relieved of this world’s pain

  • My girlfriend did that, locked her dog in the car, walked down to the ocean, stripped down and went swimming in the ocean at 1030pm. I would like to believe that she knew someone would look in her car and find scruffy. It was the most bizarre behavior and definitely unlike her. Sometimes suicidal people aren’t thinking about anything but themselves.

  • I have been in the unfortunate position of being the one to find someone who committed suicide. I have also been a part of the recovery crew for multiple deaths of both accidents and suicide. It is good for closure for family and friends, but each one leaves a mark on those who make the find and those who assist in recovery. I thank Aimee for her part and hope she can make peace with this situation. I know first hand how hard it can be.

  • Aimee,

    Thank you for your awesome gesture and kindness

  • True.. but if he was in the mindset to kill him self we can’t really go off about the dog being in the car. I hope he thought his dog would be found… . He was obviously in serious mental distress.

  • Thank you for checking. So tragic and sad.
    Let me know about that dog.
    If it needs a home, I will find one for it or adopt it myself.

  • A permanent solution for a temporary problem GOD bless his sole

    • Looming impoverishment and homelessness etc. are not temporary problems but chronic ones as is our lack of mental health care and social services etc. We have unnecessarily created more cruelty than the rest of nature already provides.

  • What kind of turd kills himself and leaves his dog essentially locked in a cage without making advance plans for the care of the animal?

    • And what kind of turd makes comments like this? Obviously one that has never been caught up in a whirlpool of despair.

      • If I was going to kill myself, I’d get my dog’s future care arranged first.

        Even Hitler had a plan in place for his dog before he killed himself, and he was turd supreme!

        • He knew his pup would be alright, left windows open and frankly you have no idea what provisions he made, perhaps a will with the dog going to a good family member. You’re about as arrogant as hitler to judge so quickly and with so little consideration. Hitler had a staff and was a cold hearted sick man – a quick call and his dogs were off to kenel, taken by staff memebers. Hitler was unable to connect emotionally to anything or anyone ..his dogs were pretection devices and nothing more and even if he connected with him it was easy for him to let go and have others do the deed for him. Likely the man who killed himself couldn’t bare to give up his pup without falling completely apart, I know I would, I’ve rehomed many pups and when connected to one during a suicidial period that pup was life itself to me. The man probably had to rush to do what he did for fear he’d change his mind again and regret it.

          • Put on a suit, drove to a secluded spot in the dead of night (flashlight found with him), hung himself from a tree… yeah sounds like he was super spontaneous. No pre-planning that at all… he was probably just driving around in his wake-clothes when something rubbed him raw.

          • You are kind and perceptive .

        • Thinking this, okay. Posting it for his family and friends to read is tactless, and classless. RIP. And condolences to his family. Truly a shitty year.

    • That’s pretty ignorant to think someone in the throws of suicidal depression will make good decisions. I love animals too but I find this comment cold hearted and uncalled for.

    • He probably cried his heart out leaving that pup. The windows were cracked and the man knew someone would check on the car and the pup would be alright. Hope you muster up some care for humanity one of these days cause the pups depend on people who are not criticized to the point of killing themselves.

    • Shame on you!!

  • Prayers for the poor man whose only solution was to hang himself. There is, unfortunately, an epidemic of suicide going around. Nobody cares about that.

  • The “What to do list” is a sad sad sad…would be joke if not so sad. Pitiful!!!! That is all we are to do if someone is about to end their life? There are people who abuse animals and here a lovely person who cared for theirs and others per their bumperstickers yet all that would have been given him (probably already had) was a phone number where he could have talked to a stranger (Ted Bundy used to answer calls on the suicide hotline…his supervisor said he was “Good’ at it) maybe 10 min or max 20 and they’d likely have sent cops. SICKENING. No wonder our species is going to hell right here on Earth. We do so very very very little to ensure quality of life that really we do no deserve it. The director of that National Hotline was interviewed just months ago on NPR and was saying people aren’t calling. WELL OF COURSE NOT CAUSE REAL PROBLEMS
    THAT ARE SO BAD THAT SOMEONE KILLS THEMSELVES OR EVEN SERIOUSLY ATTEMPTS TO ARE NOT ADDRESSED BY POLICE “WELFARE CHECK” (Worsened by them) nor pharmaceuticals (Often worsened by them or no better than a chemical lobotomy) nor 50 min a week speaking with a random stranger therapist (independent entities with no independent reviews/accountability etc.). COMMUNITY HEALTH IS A SPECIES WIDE RESPONSIBILITY but we’d rather have a million distractions, binge watch shows and awkwardly walk away from discomfort of others if who are depressed are deemed “Toxic ” by so much pop psychology’s addition to positivity. (Than God Trumps niece wrote of toxic positivity in her description of Trumps delusional world). WE are loosing such good people, maybe the best among us who are weary of the worst among us and trying to help this world alone.

  • Heartbreaking …for his family too and our community. Why isn’t it some sex trafficker. or some jerk with a jacked up peace shattering unnecessarily loud monster truck or motorcycle that doesn’t give a f for anyone but themselves? Like the redwoods we are loosing vital caring people our species needs more of.

    • Yeah, someone deserves to die for blaring music? You have a odd view on who deserves to live or die with that comment… and “losing” not “loosing”. Prayers and love to those who may have known the deceased, I hope that little dog recovers and finds a loving home. Thank you Aimee for your action of concern.

    • So to be clear, you promote certain components of society killing themselves, specifically people who drive lifted trucks and motorcyclists?

      And can you attest to the absolute fact that this person was not a sex trafficker? Or, god forbid, owned a Dodge with a lift kit?

      At this point all we know is he couldn’t apply bumper stickers straight. Everything else is conjecture.

      • You are a g-damned downer. Yes, you. So to you I dedicate the late Toots (& the Maytals) tune “Pressure Drop”. Enjoy the lyrics.

  • Thank you Aimee.

    So very sorry you experienced that.

  • Looks like Idaho plates.

    • Yes, noted Idaho plates too. Was wondering if they didn’t know anybody out here and were devastated by many things including loneliness. He also left the car unlocked so a kind person could easily save the pup.
      Thank you Aimee.

  • Thoughts and prayers to the family. Suicide in my experience adds a whole other layer to the grief. I still hold guilt and blame myself. There hasn’t been a family member, friend or therapist that can convince me otherwise. Like Alf stated earlier, finding the person most definitely leaves a mark. The cherry on top of the sundae. You’re just never the same after something like that.

  • September is Suicide Awareness Month folks…

    Often it is us random strangers or friends that can offer the most help…the hotlines are basically useless…

    Judge not lest ye be judged

    Reminds me of the guy who shot himself at Semprevirons when they wouldn’t help him for being suicidal

    His dog was in the car too

    RIP and much love, stranger

  • Did they list cause of death as COVID?

    THIS bullshit shutdown will be responsible for many more dogs and cats and families left without good people who just couldn’t breath in a mask.

    I wonder if there were any underlying issues he may have been dealing with.

    I wonder if the shutdown may have had a hand in this…that wouldbe unfortunate.

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