Sweet Senior Dog Gets New Home After Being Saved Last Week by a Miranda Resident


Senior dog and new owners

Banks and new owners. [Photo from the HCSO]

A week ago, a Miranda resident checked on a car that had been parked for a day or two alongside the Avenue of the Giants. To her dismay, she discovered a small dog in obvious distress. She opened the door and called law enforcement. When they arrived, they discovered the body of the man nearby.

The dog was taken to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and has now found a new home.

Information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page:

After experiencing a tragedy, this “good boy” has a brand-new life and we’re so happy we could help make it happen!

Banks was recently discovered inside of a vehicle by a nice lady who noticed the vehicle abandoned on the side of the road. The woman called the HCSO and we discovered that Banks’ owner had passed away leaving behind Banks in the vehicle. Banks is believed to have been in the vehicle for several days.

The Humboldt County Animal Shelter was able to locate Banks’ next of kin, who live out of the area. Banks’ relatives told us that he is approximately 15-years-old and they requested that we find him a nice home to spend his golden years here in Humboldt.

This is where the story becomes the best outcome ever! Our shelter assistant Jeanette remembered an approved applicant who was looking for a nice senior dog. She gave Meredith from Six Rivers Brewery a call and it was love at first sight.

Jeanette shared that: “We are so very proud and touched to do the work that we do here at the shelter providing a safe landing spot for so many pets in need and either getting them back to their owners or on to their new lives.”

If you see Meredith and Banks at the Brewery or out and about, be sure to say hi!

Learn more about adopting your forever friend athttps://humboldtgov.org/2658/Animal-Shelter

Earlier Chapter: Miranda Resident Saves Dog and Helps Deputies Find Deceased Owner



  • Very cool! Good humans!!

  • I adopted an older dog from the shelter about a year ago. He’s still going strong and even had a few tricks to show off – knows how to get warm & comfy under the covers all by himself. Highly recommend senior pooches, they appreciate their new life.

  • A happy note comes from a heartbreaking story.

  • Its so heartwarming to see someone take an older dog. Thank you for giving Banks a home!’,

  • A beautiful ending, a beautiful doggy, and a beautiful woman! I will definitely eat at her establishment next time I’m up North! And yes…Senior dogs are full of heart.

  • old dogs rule !

  • I big thank you and pat on the back must go to shelter assistant Jeanette, who “remembered an approved applicant who was looking for a nice senior dog”. She, along with Miranda resident Aimee Maccarthy-zambo (who stopped to investigate and noticed the dog inside the car), were both instrumental in Banks finding a loving, caring home. And we gotta thank Kym for bringing stories such as this to us in the midst of such tumultuous times.

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