[UPDATE 6:02 p.m.] Multiple Fatalities After Car Crashes off Hwy 1

fatalities smallAt approximately 3:39 p.m., a vehicle went off Hwy 1 near Juan Creek and landed on its roof. According to scanner traffic, there are multiple fatalities–possibly four, according to one report. The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, confirms there is at least one fatality.

A helicopter is coming in for at least one patient. It will land at the turnout just south of Juan Creek.

UPDATE 5:37 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates that the vehicle is in the water and the only way out to it is “rappelling.” The dispatcher reports, “The water is rising.”

UPDATE 5:43 p.m.: At least two bodies are still in the vehicle, according to a dispatcher over the scanner.

UPDATE 5:55 p.m.: A photographer sent in multiple images of the accident to Mendocino Sports Plus. Below is one we have permission to use. See the rest here.

vehicle crash near the ocean

[Photo from Mendocino Sports Plus]

UPDATE 6:02 p.m.: Three bodies have been removed and two are unable to be removed until a tow truck arrives on scene, according to the scanner.

UPDATE Tuesday: Five Fatalities in Hwy 1 Accident Yesterday



  • Praying for the family. God bless you in this tragic moment

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Please keep us updated, thank you Kym.

  • It`s always best to keep the rubber side down.

  • I desperately need to know what kind of car it is if anyone hears anything.

  • It appears to be a grey in color mid 2000’s Chevy pick-up, possibly 2005,06 or 07.

  • looking at the picture it is a chevy tahoe/suburban. Early 2000’s. Same rear lights as mine.

  • Crap that’s a rough one, many blessings to all involved. These situations are hard for the first responders too.
    May the ocean carry you

  • Heartbreaking

  • May God be with them and their loved ones! So sad. Prayers.

    • The god of Abraham is omnipresent, and is thus always with everyone, at all times (according to the mythology) This was part of his plan.

  • Veteran's Friend

    Per Press Democrat:
    Ford explorer
    5 victims

  • That is a popular turnout to park and take pictures, watch the ocean or I’ve seen people eat lunch and make dinner there, also camp overnight. And a lot of them park real close for a better view wonder if was a case of wrong gear or hitting the gas trying to put the brakes on. Also if your going north and nobody is coming south across the bridge you can actually go into that turnout at a pretty good speed if nobody is parked in your way.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      “A pretty good speed” is probably too fast on Highway One anywhere. In a hurry? Use 101. Very sorry for all involved. I hope Kym will publish the CHP analysis of what went wrong in the interest of public safety. Condolences to families and friends.

      • I always wishedI knew what happened and why accidents like this occurred. Just so I can use the information to adjust what I do. I have a friend who pulled into a gravelled turn out that collapsed and sent her 200 feet down a cliff. Ever since then, I look at turnouts before I decide whether they are safe to use- something that never occurred to me.

  • Everyone should be careful.
    Life can end quickly, we are not daredevils.

  • I have never been to this specific area, so I apologize if this matter has already been addressed. However, it appears from these few photos there are no log barriers nor any other type of railing stopping any vehicles from experiencing this same type of horrific accident. Perhaps it is time to make these changes in this scenic parking area?

    I, too, would like to express my sympathy to the family of all the people lost in this terrible incident, and to thank all of those that responded to this scene.

  • Please let us know vehicle type as soon as possible. My big brother frequents this road and I cant seem to reach him

  • THIS! “if your going north and nobody is coming south across the bridge you can actually go into that turnout at a pretty good speed if nobody is parked in your way.”

    I frequent this spot for the fantastic views and agree with Skymaster, heading North at the lawful speed limit then entering that turn-out may not leave enough space to slow down unless one brakes hard before… they leave the pavement, otherwise the loss of braking traction on the dirt could prove fatal.

    It happened to me there many years ago, same scenario, lawful speed and if I hadn’t braked straight away, I would have skidded right over the cliff, scared me bad and I thought about it happening to someone else not so aware of their vehicles braking dynamics.

    It’s quite a high cliff there, perhaps 70 or 80 feet to the rocks below?

    If someone had the presence of mind to photograph the scene before it got trampled, I suspect one would see evidence of skidding all the way the the cliff’s edge.

    CalTrans might consider placing some large boulders near the edge of that particular turn-out to prevent another terrible accident like this one.

    Tragically sad, R.I.P. the unfortunate family.

  • DerekX sounds like he knows what he’s talking about and from experience at that. The question is, why does caltrans continue to allow this to be a hazard for motorist. This sounds like a very easy fix with the large holders being put in place. It’s way past time to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy and time to save lives. Where’s the leadership in this state? Who’s in charge??

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