When a Heat Related Illness Sent a St. Bernard’s Cheerleader to the Hospital, Family Asks Could Anything Have Been Done to Prevent This?

Adrianna Franceschiv

Adrianna Franceschi in her St. Bernard’s cheer uniform. [Photo provided by family]

On Saturday, September 2, Eureka was hot. Temperatures reached 87 degrees which tied for the all time hottest day on record. St. Bernards High School was hosting a football game and, Paul Shanahan, the Principal/President said the school knew they needed to prepare the students for the heat.

“We were coaching the kids to hydrate as much as possible beforehand,” he said. “We rented an industrial fan and set up a misting station.” The school also set up a tent to create a cool space, he said.

But, Adrianna Franceschi, a cheerleader for the team had to be taken to the hospital with heat stroke, said her family. Another cheerleader “got hot and was able to recover by resting,” according to Shanahan.

Franceschi’s family believe the school should have protected her and the other athletes more. “There should have been have been someone watching these kids and making sure they were taking breaks,” said David Franceschi, Adrianna’s father.

He and his father, also named David Franceschi, charge that the cheerleaders didn’t receive adequate oversight. Adrianna’s grandfather stated, “Fact of the matter is a senior cheerleader was in charge, while the cheer (adult) coach sat in the stands.” [Edit: Shanahan states that “the cheerleading coach is right in front of the girls in the stands by design and coaches/directs from that location.”]

He added that the “senior cheerleader would not let the girls break formation while the game was in play to seek shade or hydration…[T]emperatures exceeded 90 degrees coupled with high humidity and unhealthy air quality.”

When the Franceschi’s arrived at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, Adrianna’s grandfather said they were told she was the third student victim of heat stroke  seen that day.

President Paul Shanahan St. Bernards from their website

Paul Shanahan, from St. Bernard’s website

Shanahan denies that the cheerleaders were kept from breaks. He said, “It was on a break that [Adrianna] said she wasn’t feeling well….The coach and captain were very clear that hydration was a key part,” he said adding that he spoke with several cheerleaders who said they had breaks and liquid available.

“Every time our kids compete there is an element of risk,” Shanahan said. He added that the school has plans to improve their response. “Safety can always get better,” he explained. “There is the ability to increase the amount of comfort for our athletes….Instead of one misting station, we will do two.” He said that efforts will be made to further make sure that students grasp the importance of hydration.

Adrianna’s grandfather said he hopes that telling this story will bring “awareness to the severity of situations like what occurred [so that this] does not happen again. This could have easily turned deadly.”

Below are some tips from the Center for Disease Control on what to look for when exercising in the heat and what to do if you or someone you care about may be suffering:Center for Disease Control's poster on heat illness



  • Also on this matter, once your inner thermometer has experienced this it is much easier for it to happen again so always be aware that this person could experience it again.

    • Bonnie Cook–you’re exactly right! After the first incident of heat stroke, it’s very likely to happen again if the individual is exposed to warm temperatures–and this is true even if the individual IS well-hydrated. The best thing the person can do is stay out of the heat. My own doctor has told me not even to consider living anywhere that has mostly warm temperatures (as he knew I was planning to relocate to AZ.) Heat stroke is terrifying–dizziness, disorientation/confusion, difficult to breath as the air seems “thick” and damp, and losing consciousness or going in-and-out of it.

      Most people when properly hydrated and not overly-exerting themselves will never experience it and far more likely for most people are other, lesser, heat-related illnesses. Heat stroke, however, can and does happen to some people even when they heed all of the basic precautions against it. Just relating here what my own doctor said about it and actually: the school was not at all negligent in this case. Adrianna had a likely predisposition to heat stroke and all she can really do now is AVOID heat.

    • Social conventions Vs. common sense

      So the school should have known the cheerleaders would be at risk for heat stroke…WHILE THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS WERE CRAMMING INTO EACH OTHER HEAD FIRST?

      • Wearing protective devices. Taking breaks. Drinking fluids.
        Adrianna is my granddaughter and I KNOW HER! This was a young girl who wasnt properly attended!
        I Thank God every moment that she is ok. She’s an awesome girl who, as a 15 year old, was doing what she was told and given hydration breaks.

        • The cheerleaders were aloud to take breaks just not all at the same time because it wasn’t very professional. 2-3 cheerleaders went at a time and as soon and one was back in the another went. They were told all week to hydrate because it was going to be hot. There was a cooler provided with water and they all were told to bring something they could put in water and put around their necks when cheering if necessary.

  • I hope she learned a must important lesson in that She is the one that needs to be foremost responsible for her personal health and well being. No one else can really know what’s going on inside of her. Blaming others for one’s well being is, in part, a cop out. I get it – she;s young, Peer pressure and driven, but that won’t do anyone any good if you are ill or unable to care for oneself.

    • Agreed. Our soccer team played in 103 & 106 degrees two days in a row. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate was the mantra in the days before, days of & days after the games. They did just fine.

    • She’s 15!! As of April! She was doing what she was told and was not allowed to get adequate hydration.
      Don’t you DARE blame the child for the cheer coaches negligence!!
      Adrianna is my granddaughter. She is smart and follows rules.

      • It sounds like an important lesson in social responsibility was learned here. Not all rules are good and should be followed. It is up to each individual to follow their moral compass and determine what is right for themselves.

  • All the other girls survived. It’s time to bring back personal responsibility! Stuff happens.

    • Agree. It sounds like the school did everything it could. Where were her parents? You can’t abdicate responsibility, especially if you know a senior cheerleader was supervising them. It would’ve taken 30 seconds to go down and ask her yourself how she’s feeling, parents know best how their kids are feeling. I smell a pending lawsuit.

      • Her Dad and Grandpa WERE there, they are the ones who took action.
        I dont know what you “smell” but I doubt it has anything to do with my grandchild, Adrianna.
        The article clearly states it is basically CAUTIONARY ie to make other parent aware of what can happen not just to kids, but to adults.
        Btw, watch making baseless accusations and quite blaming kids ch or EVERYTHING.

    • She was instructed on what to do by the sounds of it. She seems old enough to be able to follow instructions. It was her responsibility and no one else. My son just broke his leg jumping off a climber at school. I took him to the Doctor. Got him a cast and crutches. It was his decision to make that jump. It is not the schools responsibility to pay for his actions or hers.

      • She WAS DOING WHAT WAS ALLOWED! Adequate hydration for HER ( we all differ in our needs and tolerance to some degree) was not allowed. Dont want to break formation, Heaven forbid.
        Your son made a bad decision, kids sometimes do, Adrianna was following instructions, bad ones, from the people in charge.
        Gosh people are quick to blame kids.

    • It’s the coaches responsibility to overlook the kids! The coach left the headcheerleader in charge and she wouldn’t allow the girls to break formation to drink water!

      • Sounds like the adult was close by. This is typical for the coach to not be right on the field. There is a head cheer leader but it’s not Their job to make sure your child gets enough water. It’s unfortunate this happened but not fair to blame the school or anyone else because your child didn’t follow directions. Take some responsibility instead of pushing it on to others.

        • Yeah, they do make it SOUND that way. I believe Adrianna, I believe her Dad Dave, I believe her grandpa David. I know them all.
          Adrianna is my granddaughter. She’s an awesome kid. She’s honest and very bright. Dave and his Dad David are good people.
          I am SICK of seeing people here automatically believing the school, and discounting the FACT my granddaughter was in the hospital for many, many hour being hydrated and getting her temp down. Her Dad and Grandpa were there!
          They have NO reason to lie. Adrianna’s medical condition speaks for itself. She’s in great shape. Very fit AND HONEST, plus you can’t fake heat stroke and she certainly wouldn’t.
          Cheer coach blew it, endangered her squad, left another, albeit older, kid in charge. WRONG.

      • Thats actually untrue

    • So her ” surviving” makes it ok??
      Heat stroke can KILL. Would that have made you care about this beautiful, very young girl? WTH is wrong with you?
      Obviously she’s not a member of YOUR family because THEN you’d care. Well she’s my granddaughter. I KNOW HER!
      I LOVE HER! She is VERY smart, like A’s. I am a retired RN so she has been exposed to the impotanve pf proper nutrition and hydration.

  • I swear by the towels you buy that you put in cold water, wring them out and put them around your neck to help keep you cool. I live where it has been hot and I use them so I can work outside. They might not match the uniform but who cares.

  • how many other kids from around the county got heat stroke? If it was 90 in eureka it was 110 in the rest of the county, I haven’t heard of any mass heat casualties lately.

    • She was the third brought in at 3:15 that day.

    • The hospital said they had 3 cases, virtually unheard of around here. She was engaged in strenuous activity and another girl on her squad suffered from what, symptom -wise, sounds very like heat exhaustion (I was an RN for 22 years).
      My grandaughter, Adrianna is a great kid and heat stroke can and does cause brain damage and death.
      People need to wake up and stop blaming the child!

  • ….ambulance chasers!

    It’s the parents responsibility for their children.
    And what about the kids in the valley…triple digit temperatures, they seem to survive.
    Another frivolous lawsuit…wouldn’t be surprised to find out that daddy or his daddy are attorneys….or got their nose real close to one.

    • Nobody said a thing about a lawsuit[rfiy]! The headcheerleader wouldn’t allow my daughter to drink water!

      • Thats not true! I was there all cheerleaders were told that getting water at any point was okay i heard the coach announce it

        • Well it didnt happen and Adriannas very SERIOUS illness shows that. She is extremely bright and has a ton of common sense. She would NEVER decline or put off hydration of her own volition.
          I am really getting sick so called ” responsible adults” blaming a kid.

      • Those comments sound like they are coming from litigious people who could give 2 poops about a beautiful youngster whose cheer coach let her down and truthfully since it wasnt their kid their first wasnt reaction wasn’t “is she ok” its “LAWSUIT” (and its not me who’ll get the cash, darn it).
        Adrianna is my grandchild and there has been not word one about a lawsuit.

    • Her Dad and Grandpa WERE there, they are the ones who took action.
      I dont know what you “smell” but I doubt it has anything to do with my grandchild, Adrianna.
      The article clearly states it is basically CAUTIONARY ie to make other parent aware of what can happen not just to kids, but to adults.
      Btw, watch making baseless accusations and quite blaming kids for EVERYTHING.
      NO GENIUS, they aren’t attorneys nor are they “amulance chasers “. Maybe take a class in empathy. A beautiful, smart, funny, WONDERFUL girl could have died and all you can do is make ignorant assumputions that are miles from reality.
      Better watch that posting libelous statements. There’s something you can worry about, except thats not what the family involved is about.

  • And what about unusually cold temps in the winter..?
    Is the school to take unusual action and provide steam rooms for their little darlings too..?

  • Maybe this story will encourage parents to be more proactive in educating their children and teens on staying hydrated and taking breaks during hot weather.

    • It matters not how well hydrated you are when your live cells are being destroyed by the smoke filled skies that schools are encouraging the kids to exert themselves in while preaching about the dangers of “nicotine” that actually multiplies healthy live cells, according to non biased studies.

      • Please post a study that shows cigarettes are good for teens. I’m begging you. Please.

        • Nobody said that, especially not I.
          What I said is, the miracle drugs lay in hiding, prohibition.
          But thank you for your uniformed knee jerk reaction instead of educated response.

          • That doesn’t look like a study to me.

            • Also, I had no idea nicotine was prohibited.

              • It is being banned from cigarettes, yes. Soon, all smokes will contain nothing but the tar and the smoke. Compliments of the anti-smoking nazi’s and their partners in crime, the fda.
                They tried banning vapor juices for over a decade too. No smoke at all in that.
                Hitler would be proud.

          • To be honest it kinda sounds like your saying smoking cigarettes might possibly be good for you.

            • That’s an interesting concern, when we are so brainwashed that we automatically assume nicotine & TAR is only derived from cigarettes, and that nicotine is as evil deadly as TAR is but forest fire TAR is quite the norm.

      • She doesn’t smoke. Where did THAT comment come from??

    • Thats point of the article, not non existant lwasuits and not blaming kids of the failure of the school to protect kids during unusual weather.

  • As a parent, you are responsible for your child. Everyone knew it was unusually hot that day. My son plays on the SB football team. I personally gave him 9 gatorades that day to make sure he was hydrated (because I as his parent know that he rarely will drink water from the hydration station). I know my child… I am his parent… that is my job. I can tell by looking at my child when he isn’t feeling well or doesn’t look right. The dad and the grandfather were there… what were they paying attention to? Obviously not the well being of their own child. That girl is old enough to know to get a drink of water. I on many many occasions have watched the girls have water bottles right there with them that they drink from all during the game… not just during designated break times. There were at least 24 football players and 20 cheerleaders that day… they all were just fine. The school did what they could to help everyone… you can’t force water down a kids throat. As far as I am concerned… this accident is the fault of the girl and her parents, not the school. Its unfortunate, and I don’t like to see any child hurt or in pain, but the girl is old enough to know better, as are her parents.

    • The grandfather and father were not there. Please think before you speak.

      • Her Dad is always at her events. Usually at least one of her paternal grandparent. I (her maternal gramma) try to get to her events to, I already had a plan that day

    • It’s the coaches responsibility to overlook the kids! The coach left the headcheerleader in charge and she wouldn’t allow the girls to break formation to drink water! There were no fans or misters at the game from what I have gathered.

    • You can’t always believe what administration tells you. I see first hand the crap that goes on. Wake up parents!!

      • There can be a “ton of water” but she needed to be able to get it. as a “fan” you were hardly privvy to everything going within the squad, or the team for that matter.

    • Of course. Blame the kid.
      I can’t believe such a responsible parent would even say that in this situation.

    • Really? At 15 how much did you know about heat stroke? Did you follow the instructions of those in charge, thinking that had your best interest at heart?
      That’s nice you have you kid all that gatorade (wonder why you didnt trust the school to make sure he was adequate cared for). It also well know the athletic team is always given preference.

  • Yeah give me a break… ridiculous. The rest of the community should throw shame on this family. If they sue they will be taking away money from our educational system. Stealing from our youths future. Greedy p.o.s.’s

    • They ought to sue the Church or the Pope. It’s totally ethical to sue someone that lives in a giant, golden castle.

    • You know what…. nobody said anything about a lawsuit! Awareness! [edit]

    • NEVER pursue a career as a psychic or mind reader, because you suck at it. You are beyond wrong.
      Also NO ONE needs to shame our family, for God’s sake, Adrianna could have DIED! She also one of 3 people in the hospital with heat stroke so you can retire your crystal ball and stop trying to make what happened to a child HER fault.

    • ANYONE tries to shame this child for the cheer coaches neglect by putting another kid in charge needs a seious dose of REALITY.
      And where EXACTLY did the family, the article or anyone beside a bunch of BAD mind readers come up with a lawsuit??
      Seriously, learn to read and STOP picking on kids you dont even know.

  • Well people should know that she only had a Dutch Bros to drink that day. No food whatsoever. And she wasn’t drinking any water. The coach provided a ice chest full of water for the girls. And I’m sorry but you are in 10th grade you should know when it’s 87 out you need to hydrate! And her parents and grandparents weren’t even at the game. My daughter was cheering and she drank water all through out the game. Take some responsibility

  • Smoke kills live cells.
    The body needs healthy live cells.
    The lungs produce live cells. Plus oxygen.
    Certain drugs produce and multiply healthy live cells.
    You exert the lungs in smoke filled air, you kill more live cells.
    The schools never address the incredible dangers of forest fire skies. There are more than just brush and trees going up in smoke people.

    Yes, IMO, they are responsible. Oh how they are responsible!
    Schools are suppose to teach, to educate. Instead, they indoctrinate.

    How many children are being taught that the community doesn’t care, only government cares? All.
    How many children are encouraged to use capitalism to raise money for their government ran schools, in order to provide “free” stuff to the kids in the community who suffer due to lack of community support & government funding which is why they worship socialism?

    • Sounds like I need to get my 216 medical cigarette card.

      • Your conclusion does not fit the scientific conclusion. Did you not also learn that smoke kills? Propaganda kills. Prohibition kills. Stunted science kills.
        Enjoy your smoke, if you’re dumb enough to light up a cigarette.
        Cigarettes contain Chlorine. Glue. Toxins that the government insists must be kept to standard. No improvements are acceptable.
        Pipe tobacco, now, that’s a different story. Eating lots of tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and other rich in NICOTINE foods, might help afford a better solution.
        Insisting on non biased, non propaganda studies would be another better solution.
        But, hey, if you wish to knee jerk stupify, that’s your prerogative. Enjoy.

        • Do schools have anti-tomato propaganda? That’s new to me.

          • Schools have anti cigarette, anti-tobacco and anti nicotine propaganda.
            They ignore the reasons why they are anti, because they only think about the money, awards, grants and power trips they create when brainwashing the students.
            Students don’t know that TAR consists of the burned particles in anything burned, from candles to toast to cigarettes to house fires. They are brainwashed into thinking that TAR comes prepackaged inside a cigarette, like a special ingredient or something. They have no idea of the TRUE hazards of breathing smoke filled skies 24/7.
            Then the strawman arguments that try to distract away from the TRUE hazards of TAR and the many ways the TAR is created, is truly despicable.
            Schools, if honest, would have prepared the students, their class rooms, their communities with decent education and the proper methods of filtering it, for a safe, clean, & healthy environment.
            But, hey, let’s get a strawman argument going about dumb tomatoes. Yeh, that’ll do the trick. The kiddies & their parents don’t need to learn about TAR & smoke killing their live cells. They sure as hell don’t need to know about the benefits of nicotine that the big corporations are hoarding all to themselves.

            • Maybe it is genetic or caused prenatal? Maybe we should look at her genetic susceptibility to heat related problems? That would ultimately be on the family and directly on the parents. I’m thinking the child might have a case…

              • Which again raises the questions. Why aren’t the students taught to seek non biased research? Why aren’t they being taught how to read the entire research data and conclude for themselves? Why are students being taught that only government is gospel and king? Why are non-political, non-biased, non-propaganda studies hushed, smeared, and denied funding? Why isn’t the public curious about the possibilities yet undiscovered or undisclosed, that can potentially heal a vast amount of afflictions? Why do we knee jerk react to anything that opposes the mainstream propaganda? Why do we insist on ONE way, and ONE way only?

                • The best legacy we can pass on is, in my opinion, this question: If I believe this, who will profit?
                  Critical Thinking is not taught in “our” schools. There is a reason why. Add in the religiousiters, and the answer will come clear.
                  Home Schooling is one way out of this, if one is confident in one’s own way of seeing the world. I was, with an 8th grade education, and the pay-off was so great. We learned together.

              • She vacations with her grandparents every year in Benbow, where it gets hot. This has NEVER happened to her or anyone on eithe paternal side nor on my (maternal) side.

  • Family ASKS if anything could be done to prevent this.
    Well, that seems like a fair question.
    What if she had died?
    Other kids have died. Would you all be so glib?

    • “The family asked what could be done to prevent this”…you’ve got to be kidding..?
      The answer is obvious…keep your kid in a bubble, in a secure room so a feather doesn’t fall out of the sky and hit them on the head and knock them out…or in this case a airconditioned padded room.

      The reality is that the parents/grandparents have just made this girls life miserable because of all the flack she will receive…unless she’s looking at the $ signs as well…and doesn’t care..?

      • Mandated commercial quality HVAQ hepa-filter systems to catch the cancer causing particles aka TAR would suffice.
        But, hey, forest fires only happen every year. In the meantime, let’s attack a relaxed smoker and raise more tax money.

        • It’s also known by the “experts” that there is risk involved crossing a street…could be fatal…but we do it…some of us safely…others–(mostly the brain dead, or just plain stupid) do so with their electronic device in their hand and don’t look before crossing, and continue to be observant while they cross and make it safely to the other side.

          You can’t teach common sense, and you can’t fix stupid!

          • Ah, yes, the notorious non-tar, non-smoke, electronic gadgets that have reduced smoking in not only our youth, but for adults, too, raises it’s pathetic head.
            OMG, it LOOKS like smoking, so therefore it MUST be smoking, so let’s TAX it like smoking and let’s FORCE the ex-smokers back to smoking by banning it or making it unaffordable.
            It’s saving lives, so it must be really stupid.

      • EXACTLY! They doing this to help other kids, even adults, be safer.

      • Where in the article was a lawsuit brought up.
        Reading may be fundamental, but comprehension is critical.

      • Adrianna is happy to be alive and well. She has no interest in $. Neither does. WE are feeling bery blessed she recuperated well, largely because is so healthy and well cared for by her family.
        The only reason the public have to feel bad for her is the schools lack of intest in her well being, while throwing her under the bus to make themselves look good.

    • EXACTLY! They doing this to help other kids, even adults, be safer.

  • There are tons of breaks and clock stopping events in Football. I do feel sorry for this kid. It was a hot day (weekend) in Humboldt and the ash/smoke didn’t help things either. Could there have been anything else done? Yah, stay hydrated. All the schools were on high alert ensuring that kids were getting enough water breaks. There were several different sporting events happening that weekend. Seems like the only students who were hurt are from St. Bernard’s. Coincidence? Was it arrogance? Or just typical St. Bernard’s family behavior?

    • Typical entitled behavior….

      Same school thinks scratching, gouging & hitting players on the opposing soccer teams their girls play, when the refs not looking is just, “part of the game!”

    • NO ONE in the family are looking at $.
      Did you even read the whole article? It is meant to be a LEARNINGtool, a CAUTIONARY true story.
      Where all of you getting thos lawsuit garbage from? It sounds there lots of people out there who jump right to suing, Adrianna’s family arent any of them, and she’s my granddaughter, so I would know long before did…..in fact, you wouldn’t know at all. So you and many others jump right to that conclusion and also blame the child.

  • Let me just say I hope the girl is OK. Heat stroke is a dangerous situation.

    • She’s better. She went swimming with us the following weekend.
      She’s a great kid, wonderful granddaughter and i am immensely proud of her.

  • It happened to me on trinity lake one year.Scared the crap out of me. We did exactly what that sheet said,cool shaded area,water and rest. This can happen fast before you know what’s happening. Sounds like the school did what it was supposed to. The parents need to take action too.Like make sure they have water,Gatorade and that if the become over heated or tired to rest a moment.So glad she’s ok!!

    • Campaigns for proper HVAQ and other proper hepa-filter systems instead of campaigns for raising taxes, would be a bonus.
      They scare the heeby jeebies out of the community with all their tobacco talk, and then they refuse to alert the community about the particles in the smoky forest fire air that is known as TAR. Tar & smoke is what kills, not the nicotine. If it weren’t for the nicotine, not a single smoker would have lived to see another year. It’s called the smoker’s paradox. Smoke kills, TAR kills. Not tobacco, not nicotine.
      Big Pharma grows their own tobacco for the nicotine they use. Everything from ebola to alzheimer’s (neurological disorders), to memory recall are being helped by nicotine. Yet, the schools are on a propaganda kick to ban it from every day citizens. Where do the schools get their propaganda and campaign slogans from? Oh look!

      • This poor girl would have been fine if only she had worn a nicotine patch!

        • Not quite. She would have suffered less if her school literally prepared against TAR and smoke instead of just profiting off it.
          But, then again, she might be a candidate for a patch without the disgusting additives that the big corporations add. You might be on to something. Maybe she lost too many live cells.
          I know, I know! Maybe someone who actually cares about life, will perform a series of NON BIASED Lab Tests and discover new things about bashed products.

  • Really my kids are under 5 and tougher than these supposed athletes suck it up buttercup!!! I wonder if maybe there was a little party the night before sounds like maybe a little case of a hangover!!! Poor little kids these days they have it so rough!!

    • You should know, there wasnt.

      • Oh yeah, how are athletes supposed to suck it up when they’re DYING?! You tell me that! She didn’t know she was having a heat stroke until she was passing out in the middle of a routine when an ER nurse caught her!

        • Dying LMAO it was 90 degree’s these doctor’s around here suck they probably told her it was a heatstroke to make her feel better!!! So there was no party explain how you know this! There’s kids in the valleys that play ball in 100 plus degree weather almost all year and have no problem with it. Flat out these kids are babied to much these days they sit on the couch all summer smoking their brains out while the parents let it happen. Let’s see a UA on these students up here in Humboldt and see how many of them pass you want to be a athlete pass a test no pass no play!!

    • Really?
      Another wannabe psychic doing another big, fat FAIL.

    • I sure hope you can back up you libelous claim my granddaughter was hung over.
      What a rude, inappropriate thing to say about a kid you dont even know.

  • How about getting rid of the utter idiocy that is cheerleading?

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    I am sorry the young girl had to experience this and her family too for that matter. But she is almost an adult. She was instructed what to do. She knows when she is hot. Placing blame on the school is just not responsible. Unfortunate situation but come on parents!

  • We had our own experience with St Bernard’s in the past. Although it had nothing to do with heat stroke which I agree parents should have checked on their child also. We found out years later after our child (who played football) graduated that there were “Injections” given to students in the locker room so they could keep playing. He was not one of the recipients BTW but did witness the event on several occasions. Ever wonder about the young all star athletes? Now I do, where are they now? And what did St. Bernard’s teach them? Although at the time We felt that St Bernard’s was a great choice for our child I would be leary about the “Ethics” involved in sports behind the scenes when parents are not around even today. I hope the family thinks twice about a lawsuit regarding their daughters choice and theirs. I also hope the young gal is doing well and will still go on cheering her team on.

  • Here is the thing, everyones body regulates slightly differantly. Having been deployed to many differant places in the world ,i have seen people heat stroke in 60 degree weather . It is all about knowing the signs and proper readiness. Sounds to me like the school provided the resources needed to properly address the heat, and instructed on the importance of taking breaks, drinking fluids and cooling off. They mentioned the tempture as being 90 degrees , was anyone montoring the heat index for that area with a humidity meter and adjusting for heat index, and following the adjusted work rest times based upon this ? Often drinking water is not enough you need salt as well, and as a warning to folks when you are working on heat and you stop sweating that is your body no longer able to regulate heat and you need fluids asap and to cool yourself off . Also high sugar drinks and food are not healthy to consume in high heat index areas. She could have been drinking sodas thinking it would help , but infact it was just making it worse. The best way to avoid heat injuries is to know signs and have battle buddies checking each other for them. It isnt a weakness to ssy hey i need to go cool down, or say hey friend you needbto go cool down. One more thing tight restrictive clothing is also a nogo in high index areas or times lose light colored clothing is best as it allows air to flow around your body and reflect heat. It is why deseart tribes in the middle east wear those long white robes.

    • Well Stated

    • Finally someone with a bit of reason. Blaming the kid or victim shaming that most of you are doing is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s face it, kids in coastal Humboldt don’t usually have to worry about heat-related injuries. I have had heat stroke twice in my life and neither time did I know it was happening until it was too late. Student athletes often push themselves farther than they should because of peer pressure and not wanting to hear some of the BS many of the so-called adults are spewing in these comments. Nobody has said anything about a litigation yet people are assuming the worst. Y’all need to grow-up yourselves and actually understand what you are talking about.

    • What is the chance you are all believing a liar, Shanahan?

      • Well then she lied to her whole cheer team. She told my daughter she has nothing to eat or drink that day except a mocha

        • Who is your daughter? She doesn’t even like mochas and she didn’t go anywhere that day so that’s bs!!!

          • Ahhh. That’s the sound of a parent’s entire reality cracking. The moment they realize! They remember all the things they hid from, or about which they misled their parents….. You still turned out alright, didn’t you?

        • I know Adrianna, being her gramma and all.
          Maybe YOURS is lying.
          No, not YOUR kid. LOL.
          The blame game continues. Mocha, no mocha…ADRIANNA ended up in the hospital with a VERY serious medical crisis. THAT is the tske away.

        • Maybe your daughter wasnt exactly honest.
          Adrianna got a lot of attention for a very serious reason and that attention makes some girls, quite simply, jealous.

    • Being deployed, and watching people drop in 60 degree SMOKE FILLED weather.
      Ah, but let’s not add that element.
      The school did everything for “heat related” warnings. TRUE.
      The school did nothing for “TAR AND SMOKE” warnings. TRUE.
      The media pushes the “HEAT related” debate. TRUE.
      The media downplays the hazards of “Tar and Smoke”. TRUE.
      The schools fail to educate about TAR AND SMOKE, unless it earns them award money from CORPORATIONS who promote the banning of a product they want full control of. TRUE.
      The schools fail to prepare the community for bad air days by installing HVAQ, tar and smoke education, memo’s to parents, memo’s to media. TRUE.

    • She tried. Head cheerleader, another youth, but older, a senior, would let her leave formation. Cheer coach was in the stands

  • Why or how can this be the fault of the School’s? If her parents were there, they should’ve been paying closer attention. If she was there alone then she should be responsible enough to know that she needs to stay hydrated. My 3 & 5 year olds know to drink water when they get thirsty. Also, why not get an account from someone who was actually there and witnessed what happened? Was the Principal there? Were her parents there? This article seems a little shit stirring and frankly I’m disappointed.

  • Sounds about right…nobody can take responsibility for their own actions,it’s always the other guys fault.

    • Been there, done that.

      Thank you! Never your fault for not taking care of yourself. Never your parents fault for not being there.

      • Single parent was working to pay tuition and make ends meet (works 6 days a week). The school is charged with the students safety and security during any and all school functions.

        • Been there, done that.

          Whaa! Figure it out. Single parents everywhere! There is also public school. No complaints there and they all played in hotter temps.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Really? Victim blaming. Nice. I was told the head cheerleader would not allow them to take breaks. If you live here on the coast? Then you too are used to cool temps and hot weather is a rare thing. Easy to be caught off guard. I blame the adult who was charged with their well being. If its a school function I expect the school to be responsible for my child in the event Im not there. Thanks

  • Lol call it what you want just take responsibility for it

  • it appears no commenter here has ever been on a team. this is the coach’s responsibility.

    • Been there, done that.

      Been on plenty of teams. Played in 115 degree weather, multiple times. Never blamed my coaches for Mother Nature. Grow Up Sweetie. Your family is doing you no favors in life.

      • I have played on various teams for 30 years and have been a coach. but I have learned over the 15 years here that it is common for locals to never accept blame for anything they do. when you are on a team you give it 110% until the coach tells you to take a break, end of story. it is common knowledge that when your blood is used to 60-70 degrees and all of a sudden it is 30 degrees warmer that there will be problems when exercising. again coach’s responsibility.

      • Other letting a child drink water during 90 plus degrees should be a crime!

        • Been there, done that.

          Daddy once complained to a construction company for delaying his trip to the casino. Hmmm…. seems like this scary world is just too much unless it revolves around your family.

  • The school did the right thing,they had misters,water,a cool down tent and warned them!!! We coached for over 25 years and always had water.and Gatorade.even at practice. The parents have responsibly for their child as well as the school. This is high school the students are old enough to know as well.just saying

    • shawn the fisherman

      The misters and fans were not set up til after they went to the hospital in a ambulance. Shanahan lied. They were kept from breaks and a off duty E.M.T saw her fading and took appropriate action by calling ambulance. Did not happen on break.

      • No the misters and fan were up during the JV game, I helped put them up!

      • Thats actually false misters were set up sense before the jv game at 11 30 and I know because I was there and she started “over heating” on a break when every Cheer leader had to side out in the shade because of her they were all given equal breaks for water, food, and bathroom at no piont were they denied breaks!


    • Yep g-mas. I agree. Everyone had drinks this day. Everyone was sharing. Lots of ice chests across the county. Lots of sports being played this day. This is the first we hear that an athlete had an issue. Sucks for the kid. I know I always yell at my student athlete from the stands to drink water. Even on normal cool days. That Saturday I was yelling a lot. Referee even called water break time outs during the game(s).

  • Look you Monday quarterbacks.. I ‘ve fought forest fires in this state for 13 years and my father gave his life for this state. You want to say that she should of said something?? she did. Ibe been on fires to where you can drink gallons of water and still get sick. This family of which I have known for 30 years all they want is awareness. If we are going to keep getting hot weather then make sure your kid, team, or whatever hydrates.. A..holes.

  • What kind of school is that don’t they teach them anything my God that’s why they go to school right to LEARN if she’s Haveing problems with the heat she should go inland and train Wher the real heat is

  • Well done Dad and Gramps, way to humiliate the kid beyond humiliation!!! Are you pulling her from SB now…..I mean your making comments about the president/principal lying to cover his ass!!?!?!? And YES, she should have known to hydrate throughout the day! And yes you are responsible for your child. Im sure your daughter is beyond embarrassed due to your ridiculous behavior regarding this issue. 👏👏👏

    • My family was trying to make people aware of this. This article also doesn’t state the whole exact story with every detail so before you come bashing on my family, you could figure out EXACTLY what happened first. Thank you all for being so rude about everything and making this worse than it has to be and making me feel embarrassed. I hope you’re all happy and feeling accomplished that you made a 15 year old girl feel bad for something that she couldn’t control.

    • You are one trying to humiliate mu grandaughter. Her dad and grandpa are SUPPORTING HER AND TRYING HELP POPLE WHO JUST DONT UNDERSTAND OR CARE, you know, like YOU

  • Awe poor stupid thing, maybe she should consider a real sport that is not based on crappy correogrophy. Some conditioning and checking the weather would also help to be prepared. As for the parents shame on them for raising an entitled moron.

    • Wait…did you just call a 15-year-old kid who was sent to the hospital stupid and a moron? I’m pretty tolerant of different opinions but that should be a level that any decent adult would think twice about stooping to. I would hope you would take a minute and think about your childhood, and yes, a 15-year-old is a child. If you did nothing worse than not hydrate enough, then you are a better person than most of the world and, in that case, should have learned some dang compassion.

    • My grandaughter is an A student. How DARE you call her names, shes a kid! A SMART KID.

  • All of you blaming the girl and her family are the ones playing the blame game. You sound just like leftist democrats. The school accepts no responsibility, no matter how responsible they are.

  • Hey, lighten up on this guy! It’s easy to lose your cool when something bad happens to your kid!

  • Holy crap.

    1) I was in the stands that day. Hottest day I’ve ever experienced here. I’m not surprised there was someone who succumbed to the heat, less surprised it was a kid, even less surprised it was a kid who was being far more active than I am by sitting on my ass typing this comment.

    2) It’s not the school’s fault, or the principal’s, or the coach, or the head cheerleader. Accidents happen, and I’m sure this poor girl was scared to death when it all went down.

    3) I don’t get the motivation of this family to put the school on blast, but by doing this, unfortunately, it will be this poor girl, and her alone, who ultimately feels the most pain from all of this.

    4) These kinds of ultra negative-attention things can change the course of a kids’ life. This family needs to stop commenting, educate or re-educate their kid on the importance of listening to their bodies/staying hydrated/eating well etc. and stay the hell off the computer for awhile.

    5) She’s a minor and didn’t choose to have this story- and her face!- blasted, judged and smeared all over the internet. Leave her be for f’s sake! 🙁

    PS- Cheerleading is more of a sport than typing. Just saying.

    • Blame Kym Kemp for a poorly written article aimed to insight anger towards a group of educators. Maybe she is the real problem.

      • Dang, BB, can you point to where I try and “insight anger?” I tried very hard to lay out both sides–even alternating points of view and starting with that of the school.

        You, on the other hand, incited my anger by attacking a girl that was guilty…at the very worst, of not drinking enough water. A fairly minor infraction in the scheme of life that is vastly overtopped by the cowardly act of attacking a child from the safety of a fake name.

        Go ahead and insult me. The attacks of someone who has no more class than to attack a child over something as minor as not drinking enough water seem to me badges of honor. But attack the child personally again and I will ban your ass.

  • I was there that day, on the field. There was a huge fan on the field, there was an ice chest full of water, the cheer coach purchased handkerchiefs for each girl telling them to wet it and put it in the ice chest so they could use it to cool off. There were breaks in the shade. It was hot but there were many opportunities to cool off and hydrate. She was very vocal about the fact that all she had had that day was coffee. This was not the coaches fault or the schools fault.

  • Cheerleading is an athletic sport that requires training, skill, and hard work.

    Some individuals are more susceptible to heat related issues than others individuals, entirely apart from how much one hydrates.

    A little less blaming, a little more learning experience on all parties would be helpful.

    Speaking as one who has a child (now adult) who was very susceptible to exertion + heat reactions. Took us more than one soccer game on a hot afternoon to realize he needed to be pulled early from the game, even with all the hydration in the world. I feel badly for the cheerleader, especially with the flak she’s getting. The coaches probably do too, but even though no lawsuit has been filed or suggested, the litigious society makes all employees careful in accepting blame.

    Side note– Coaches are generally SEVERELY underpaid for sports like cheerleading.

  • Water u dumb ass's!!!!!!

    🖕🏻here’s my comment then, fuck ur website 🖕🏻I always stood by ur blogs but when I post something not even worse then what u post of others comments and then you don’t post my post, fuck you and ur website, I love freedom of speech!!!!!!!

  • They were allowed to take breaks for water just not all at the same time. No one told them they couldn’t have water and they were told all week to stay hydrated. The coach sits in the front row of the bleachers right in front because there’s not much room on our sidelines. She still suppervises them. And didn’t the dad say he was there but in a different comment he said he was working to pay tuition at that time hmmm.

  • I was there that day on the field! Breaks were give water and everything else needed was provided the fact of the matter is, is she didn’t hydrate well enough for this game! It was announced that it would be hot and that it would be a good idea to stay hydrated and get bandanasome to put in ice cold water like the football players do! The Cheer Coach provided bandanas, water, and an ice chest to keep everything cold! She should have listened to advice around her and maybe wouldn’t have gotten into that situation

  • I coached soccer for 6 years, and served on the Board for two years. The parents were so into the WIN that they ragged on me every time I called a “time out” for my over-heated team. It’s not the team, or the coach, it’s the G-D parents!

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