The Girl With the Red Triangle Tattoo

asha KreimerToday, Jeannie Kreimer is driving north from Laytonville to Arcata. With each poster she puts up in the small town post offices and stores along the way, she is hoping someone will stop, look, and watch for her daughter. She is here from Australia looking for “bread crumbs” as she calls them–clues to where her daughter, Asha Kreimer, might be and what might have happened to her.

Almost exactly, two years ago, Asha went missing in Point Arena. She is in her late twenties. When last seen she had long, brown curly hair and weighed about 145 pounds. She has brown eyes, is 5’10” and has an  Australian accent. She has a red triangle tattoo on her right wrist.

As reported here last year, Asha had some sort of a mental breakdown just before she disappeared and was taken to the hospital. She was released and went with friends to a restaurant in Point Arena where she disappeared. (See the earlier article for a more in depth description of what occurred.)

Jeannie Kreimer is beginning to fear she might never see her daughter again. But, still, she said in a phone call this morning, “I have to keep looking.”

If you have any information for Jeannie, contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 961-2661 or call (707) 513-9138. You can also stay up with what Jeannie is doing trying to find her daughter by liking a Facebook page dedicated to Asha. (Click here.)

Asha Kreimer

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  • Good luck to this mother. There can’t be many things worse than a missing child. Anyone with any information should have the decency to offer this woman succor.

  • This reminds me of another missing young woman’s story who also was hospitalized immediately prior to disappearing. Can any possible connections between these two be explored? Kym Kemp, do you recall that Story? I’m sorry I can’t remember her name, or what area hospital she went to? Thank you.

  • I’m praying she’s alright.Humboldt is so vast it’s easy to get lost.

    • She was in Point Arena which is only about 40 miles from Sonoma County, yet still in Mendocino County on Highway 1.

  • Thank you Kym for continuing to shine light on this case, I realize we have many missing persons cases here in NorCal, I pay extra attention to the more stranger ones and for some reason along our coast there has been several, certain things like people going missing with out shoes or having some sort of mental issue or odd behavior before the disappearance or even some missing being found in or around areas previously searched….raise red flags for me. Im working on a website having to do with other topics but plan to put a section for these types of cases for our areas, my heart goes out to her mom and Im willing to help anyway possible. Has there been any updates on the young lady who was camping ⛺️ on the lost coast last year I believe and never was heard from again?

  • I really feel for the mother of this woman, I hope she finds something more about her. I wonder if she has looked in the Mendocino County/Willits area? Many people come from there (Humboldt) to our area here, especially if homeless or looking for work. I don’t know why I keep flashing on Willits, but thats just a thought. Tell her to look in the Ukiah/Willits area of Mendocino County.

  • My heart breaks for this mother and for the parents of all missing children no matter their age. I pray she is alive and well.

  • Mendocino County has many missing person cases as I am sure Humboldt County does also. You can no longer feel safe in either county, especially during the fall harvest season. This needs to change and it is bigger than local law enforcement can handle.

  • It’s because there’s so many creepy freaky people in the Hills. I have worked for a bunch of them over the years and several times I’ve had my skin crawl. Never went back, couldnt pay me enough ever. One can get away with letting your freak flag fly around here but sometimes a freak is really a FREAK! The unique Northern California counter culture of unusual people draws more unusual people from all over the globe. Unfortunately, they aren’t always all nice. Sorry for her Mom 🙁

  • There are so many missing people here THAT are not listed on police web sites…just do a search. Imagine the numbers of missing that there would be if it counted ones who traveled here unknown to their families and friends… Looking to work on a farm or live a hippie lifestyle…. Never reported because no one knew where they were heading

  • I never realized what an epidemic this had become until I attended a presentation here in Mendocino County by Elle Snow. Please take the time to check it out and educate others. Game Over is an Anti-Sex trafficking Organization started by Elle who is a survivor. Elle disappeared from Eureka and thankfully was able to escape and live to tell, as well as help others.
    Like them on FB @ Game Over

  • Hi everyone and thank you for continuing the search and keeping Asha in the spotlight.
    means a lot for family and friends here in Australia as a lot of us cannot be over there and looking ourselves 😇
    As posted above there is something odd here and thinking there is some sort of link. Unsure but am going to be following and doing more research.

    • I have a feeling that this will be a good outcome, I sense her with another girl, slightly shorter with straight dark hair getting picked up by a truck, not a small one, a big one. I would widen the search area….

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