Four Missing Southern California Men: Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Releases More Information

Four Missing FriendsTrinity County Sheriff’s Office indicates that four missing men from Southern California originally thought to have last been seen in the Mad River area may have last been in Stockton. (Click here for a story based on an interview with a family member of one of the men.)

According to a press release, the four were seen in the Barry Creek area (misspelled as Berry Creek in the press release) east of the Ruth airport between May 16 to the May 18. But “their cellular telephones all popped up in the area of Stockton, Ca on 05/18/17 and 05/19/17.”

For reasons unclear in the press release, Butte County deputies have been “dispatched to several properties where it is believed that the four had been.” However, according to the press release, “All properties appeared to be recently abandoned and all were associated with Marijuana Cultivation.”

Authorities in San Joaquin County where Stockton is located have also been notified by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office according to the press release.

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  • I exchanged emails with a woman claiming to be the mother of one of these guys. She was clueless about what goes on around here re: dope growing. I told her if they were up here they were involved in the illegal biz, probably wanting to sell back in SoCal. Never heard back from her.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Oh so they were not up in Mad? Fake news, Prolly in Vegas living it up. Positive vibes man!

    • Read all of the article. Witnesses saw them near Ruth Lake, which you can spit and hit Mad River.

    • OnlyOneInTheRoomWithAGasmask

      Barry Creek is just beyond Mad River, past Ruth and near the Flying AA Ranch. To those who live here, it’s not close, but it’s still recognized as part of our… “Town.” From Dinsmore to Barry Creek, though it’s around 20-25 miles between points as the crow flies, is basically the span we claim as whichever town we live in. Whether it be Dinsmore, Ruth, or Mad River, it’s home. One of us may live down Buck Mountain, another resides in Brown’s Camp, Upper Ruth, and yet half an hour of driving doesn’t seem to constitute the idea that we aren’t in the same town.

  • Did their actual “cell phones” turn up in stockton?

    Or was there a cell tower ping to their “cell phones” in stockton?

  • Thanks for the update. Sad to read they are still missing. Seems no one knows for sure who brought the phones to Stockton.

    • Phones could have been taken there to throw off the true trail.
      Sounds like the investigation has ramped up; likely that idea has occured to investigators.

  • Good riddance

  • I live near garb, and spoke to Verizon customer service about my crappy service, my phone was showing being connected to a tower in sacramento.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    Weed + $$$$ + missing people = bodies buried somewhere… Marijuana= Healing of the Nation? Ha! Think again Lettuce Heads!!

  • So sad their still missing.what about GPS on the phones?I hope something happens that lead to their where abouts SOON. I’ll be praying🙏

  • I feel sad for all of their family members. Lots of broken hearts.

  • They were seen near Berry Creek which is to the east of Oroville, CA . One of the men called home from there 5/16/17. There is a lot of marijuana cultivation there too. That is why Butte County Sheriff’s Dept is involved. One phone was found in Stockton and some of the other ones pinged in Stockton. That is why San Joaquin County is of interest too.

    • I have heard some narly stories about the crazy dope growers in Mad River…interestingly enough the person I heard them from has not been seen or heard from for a very long time.☹️

    • “One phone was found in Stockton and some of the other ones pinged in Stockton.”

      Are you saying that one of the phones has been physically located and in possession of the authorities? Where did you come upon that info?

  • Jacked someone in BC. Ran the load down to stock town. Got re-jacked. Probly in the sewer system. Whole town smells like death anyways. Always bad news around face tattoos.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      There were days when these were innocent children, only filled with love and wonder.

      As parents, retaining and nurturing that energy is our only mission in life.

      I pray that every marijuana plant will wilt and fall over.

      Eve ate from the tree of life, her name means sunset, or the end of innocence.

      So sad…


      Do anything you can to keep marijuana exposure from the most prized glory you’ll know….


      • marijuana is fine as long as you don’t drive up to norcal and get enganged with the crazy tweaked out gun holding growers

  • These missing people have family’s that care about them,love them,missing them everyday. I’m so sorry for the family’s. I’ll be praying for all of them to be found safe🙏 please folks remember they are people and this could happen to your family! Hug your children today before they go out that door it could be your last hug🙅

  • Has the auto rental company been able to track the 2017 Jeep Cherokee? It should have a GPS connection. Has there been any signs of the jeep?

    • They rented the Jeep off a TURO rental app where you deal with private party owners. He said it didn’t have GPS supposedly.

  • Police and Theives

    Like we said before, these crimes will go uninvestigated because the HCSO doesn’t have enough manpower to pull deputies off the focus on Cannabis Gardens where the deputies and department makes $$$ from asset forfeiture and stuffing each other’s pockets with $100 bills. Everyone knows real crimes like kidknappings and missing persons cases go unsolved since there is no incentive and no money to steal or seize. House burglarized? Car stolen? MISSING person? One deputy will show up to take a report but that is all that will happen, that will be the end of the investigation, but plant a cannabis seed and they will “gather up the good ole boys” with helicopters, quads and paramilitary gear and go out in force! Maybe the Sheriff’s incentive isn’t to solve crime and create a safe community for residents and community, maybe the only incentive is the money these departments and deputies pocket and get from busting and stealing from cannabis farmers.

  • Feel very sorry for the familes not having assurance… and for the family members trying to act like they were innocent boys and not weed smokers and about the street life, cut the crap! They were all about that life and have records. Tony Sysavanh has weed priors that can be viewed publicaly

    • One weed prior showing and no details included to suggest that it was anything other than a simple possession bust, as per the charge.

      You’re inflating the facts as we know them and sprinkling them with conjecture.

      • I have no problem with him having a weed prior, shit even I have a weed prior in my records. Point is to prove that this “mission” was indeed marijuana related

  • Jerbaliyah just bcuz a person has a record makes it OK for them to go missing… ?Have some compassion, [edit] Thoughts and prayers for all families involved.

    • No it’s definately not okay ! I just remember last post people saying they looked like they were doing something marijuana related and everyone got so defensive pretending like that wasn’t the case.. when in reality that was the case

      • That is not yet “the case”. Unless you have some inside info that we readers don’t have access to here on RHBB.

        • Um yes it is the case, marijuana smokers going to marijuana county to pickup or dropoff or steal or do something marijuana related. If you can’t put the facts together and you sincerley still think it was NOT marijuana related then you must be brain damaged or have somes sort disability , anyone with a healthy brain can put 2 and 2 together

          • Anyone that I know with a healthy brain would reserve any and all judgement on what they were doing, and would show compassion toward the families and friends of the missing men as well as to the missing men.

            • well no one knows where they are so all we have to go by is judgement, and I did show compassion, I clearly stated I felt terrible for the families

              • jerbaliyah – “all we have to go by is judgement,”

                Incorrect. All we have to go on are scanty facts.

                jerbaliyah – “for the family members trying to act like they were innocent boys and not weed smokers and about the street life, cut the crap! ”

                ^That is not showing compassion for the family members.

  • I’m the one who turned anesi’s phone over to his family not realizing how big this case was , a friend’s coworker found it on way to work n gave it to my friend about a week later my friend remembered me say my phone broke n I needed another phone, neither of them bothered to mess with the iPhone cuz they didn’t have a charger for an iPhone but i had access to one , it was locked I couldn’t get into the phone but a brief text message came across the screen from anesi family member witch stated they haven’t herd from him n was worried to I wrote there number down n sent a message back to them n they came down the next day to Stockton where I live in picked phone up from me ,,,

  • Sense I was given the phone and contacted the family returning the phone to them n not realizing the seriousness of this guy’s missing , I been curious bout if the ever returned home yet or not so I been on line always seeing if the returned home yet or even anybody been herd from yet , I’ve been telling everybody I know about this whole missing persons case and post something on my Facebook from time to time hoping somebody will hear something or cross paths with any of the guys n get them returned home where they belong with there familys

    • Right on; thanks for explaining that and for your concern.

      “get them returned home where they belong with there familys”

      Wishing for ^that^, too.

  • Dang almost 4 months now, you would think one of them would have gotten in contact with someone by now?? Seems like they’re either being held captive or were killed

  • one of these men is a fugative on the run, bounty hunters are on the lookout

    • He may not have been able to meet certain conditions of his bail release if he’s missing. For example, missing a court date or failing to check in if he’s out on parole. This would subsequently make him a fugitive and cause a particular dilemma for whoever posted his bail.

      • “This would subsequently make him a fugitive and cause a particular dilemma for whoever posted his bail.”

        Exactly. Plainly explained in that twat post:

        “Tony has been out on Bail W/ Lipstick since 2015.
        He is Now MISSING”

    • He’s not on the run. He wasn’t wanted by the bondsman until he went missing.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Are there any updates? All of the information that I can find ends in August. Just hoping against hope right now and hoping for a safe return.

    I do own a dispensary in SoCal and I frequently ask my grower in the Trinity area about them. I am sure he knows where they are but I am outside of the loop. Just a person that buys from him. As others have stated the local sheriff department is a joke. I wouldnt be surprised if they know where they are as well.

    I guess this story has pulled at my heart a bit because I have three sons. I have a a military background as well. I know from military experience and living life that its not easy to take four men. Every scenario that I can come up with that allows for that to happen, the ending isnt good. So it just breaks my heart.

    Prayers up!

  • Why have all the families stopped sharing and posting the missing 4 men? Are they dead?

    • Like myself and other family and friends we are still posting. They are still missing and the families need closure.

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